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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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I have to report having absolutely no impulse control, and so with AP's endorsement, I ran out to the grocery and got me some goat ice cream...Molasses Tipsycake is the flavor, and for this dairyfree gal, it is absolute heaven, and so far, no tummyache to report. the goaty goods (and it doesn't taste goaty at all, but what do I know, I've been off the cow for so long...)
Goat's milk generally will only taste of "goat" if the females are within several hundred yards of male goats. The males give off pheromones that the females respond to, and that gives the milk that musky scent/flavor. It's okay in the cheese, gives it good flavor, less desirable in the milk, and fairly non-existent in the ice cream as the dairies know this and keep it out. My friend's male goat snuck out of his pen once when she wasn't home and was found 100 yards away from the females, and the milk she got directly after that was really only good for cheese and/or cooking. But the commercial ice cream rocks! And requires no lactaid. It's enough to make a goat faint!
ok, but why does ALL goat's milk taste like that to me. meh. no sir, i don't like it.
but i'll try the ice cream. i don't do much cow either, it makes me snotty. rice milk in tea, a splash of cream in the occasional coffee, butter, not much cheese. there is a box of ice cream in the fridge right now though. vanilla, 'cause i made rootbeer floats for the kids the other day. foamy goodness.
Someone has registered (but not yet posted) today with name Kickminehard. What is the big obsession? Women don't post asking if anyone else has been kicked in the cunt and do they get off on it.

Goat's cheese - mmmm. I want to go back to tapas place solely for their goat's cheese with orange marmalade which is to die for. Probably my favourite cheese. Love it on a bagel with buttered spinach.
Thank you wbj, the Lounge Lady got rid of the porn thread in WG. Hopefully Ludmilla the mail order bride will be next. She uses () not @.
bunny, it's just the asshat i'm certain. he had a kind of severe obsession with the site for a minute, posting as several people, the harrassing and impersonating and passive /agressive snits he got into. flipping wierdo.
who cares, that ignore function has no limit on posters so they haven't got a hope.
I think I'm going to develop a fetish for kicking certain guys in the head, actually.

What is up with all the fucking spammers? I'm getting pissed. It's easy to put a troll on ignore, but spammers create these one-off threads and then disappear. I wish they'd have to get REAL jobs. Fuckers.

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Aug 16 2006, 12:54 PM) *

Thank you wbj, the Lounge Lady got rid of the porn thread in WG. Hopefully Ludmilla the mail order bride will be next. She uses () not @.

I saw that! What the hell was that all about? I noticed there were 2 of them, both with the same awful pidgin english.

I actually just looked and there is ANOTHER ONE in there! Somebody needs to fire whomever does that porn company's market research person. A feminist women's forum isn't exactly the best place to advertise porn.
..Not to say that some of us don't love our porn as much as any guy, but we do tend to be more discriminating about how we procure it.
Oh lordessa. What a pathetic loser "amazing_bass" is. *rolls eyes* Just keep ignoring, sisters. He's only trying to provoke a direct response - don't satisfy his inner masochist.

Hey, is anyone else into those Drumstick ice cream cones? You know, the ones that are lined with chocolate, and are covered in chocolate and peanuts....and the best ones have a caramel centre? Mmmm....of course, I had one after eating fast food, and I'm up very late paying the price for it all....
I almost sampled a nutella and cream cheese combo on a bagel -market research for this thread- but went for penaut butter and jam instead; the thought of the cloying sweetness turned me off.

word, doodle. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction and besides, it's laughable is all. Loungelady will deal with him soon enough.
Doodlebug, the only reason I don't run out RIGHT NOW and get some of those drumsticks is because my freezer is already jam packed!

I love how the cones are lined with the chocolate. And I totally agree about the best ones having the caramel center.
Um, excuse me, but *I* am the most awesome troll that ever lived -- I don't know why you're paying any attention at all to any other psychotic losers but me. I AM THE GREATEST TROLL WITH THE MOST AWESOME TROLL MANEUVERS EVER, AND YOU ALL WANT TO SHOVE ICE CREAM DRUMSTICKS UP MY ASS. Why don't you admit that all the food talk was secretly about ME? ME ME ME ME ME REAL NAME JANICE ERLBAUM EMAIL ADDRESS GIRLBOMB AT GIRLBOMB DOT COM! ME ME ME!




Girlbomb, thanks for giving me my first laugh of the day! Me love you long time wub.gif

Drumsticks. Holy moly. Nuts & chocolate & ice cream & caramel & mmmmmmm. Soooo evil in suuuuch a good way!

Bunny, the Nutella & cream cheese combo is super ultra rich. I think the richness is more of a kick in the pants than the sweetness. A little goes a long way. Consider yourself warned.

Although, I must say (and I was telling PixieDust this on the phone the other day) I don't see the point of putting Nutella on bread. It's as if you're trying to convince yourself that the Nutella is actually just a condiment or something when, in truth, the bread is just an excuse. I find that I'm better off just being honest with myself & eating the delicious goo with a spoon.

As Sheff says, "You can't spell 'good' without 'goo'!"
turbojenn bring sunshine to this cloudy, humid day!!! tongue.gif

Ok, I am resisting the nutella toast urge this morning, and instead, I am reaping the benefits of my freezer full of frozen fruits and having a strawberry mango smootie...I will admit to being *this* close to pouring some tequila in, but I did resist. for the moment.
well, if i wanted a boozy smoothy for breakfast ~ there is the HUGEST bottle of vodka in my freezer right now. part of the confiscated liquor booty from the 5 day outdoor festival that my ex just worked at. we made vodka mojitos, fresh mint, lime, raw sugar, soda water and a LOT of wodka. my neighbour got all slitty eyed and had to go home and lay down. the ex confessed that he misses me, and i cried and said "well that's your own damn fault then, isn't it!" all in all a great night. tears and laughs and charbeque, my favourite.

hey girls, remember that how many views a thread gets is plainly listed for all to see. don't even go in to read that crap, i'm sure the poster totally gets off on seeing how many girls have caught a glimpse of what he's trying to waggle about in our faces. i don't hear those trolls anymore, or see them either. total ignore.

i want coffee. it's cold in my apartment from the windows being open all night and the fans on (they're mostly on as white noise 'cause my neighbours are noisy Assholes!), i'm chilly and sleepy and i have some Oso Negro in the freezer, cream in the fridge, and a french press in the cupboard. oh, i also have vanilla ice cream in the freezer, anyone ever put ice cream in their coffee? a trick i learned from a girl friend, it's SO good! better than a boozy smoothy for SURE! i'm doing it...

oh yes, girlbomb, we ALL want to fuck you in the ass with a jaggedy drumstick for sure. how could you ever doubt it?!? ;D
girl bomb, you ARE, truly, the bomb, girl!

i wanted everyone in here to know that today, for the FIRST TIME EVER, i ate nutella. on a bun. oh, my.

let me join in on the nutella love!

for the record, i miss tommy nomad, antiotter, speedy, billy bonka, bellisaurius, northpole......hey, busters!! we'd love to have you back!

eta: why do so many of you keep drumsticks in your freezer?? is this some sort of weird bustie ritual that i was never clued in to???
Tes, Drumsticks are a frozen confection hence the freezer. A chocolate dipped sugar cone filled with vanilla ice cream, caramel, & nuts. The best part is that when you get to the bottom of the cone it's filled with thick chocolately goodness. I wait until I hear the ice cream man's jingle to get a single because I'll eat the whole box by myself.
Augh! You bitches know I can only stand NEGATIVE attention! What are you trying to do to me?

Must...recover...from...onslaught of awesomeness...from...evil...BUSTies...
I challenge your mantle & display my collection of proudly abused genitalia! I will smear it with Nutella! I *started* the food talk to keep you all interested in the glory that is me! Do you think you're fooling anyone with your bragging, pathetic girlbomb shmirlbomb?? You are a tiny, insecure little woman & I am a heap strong BFB!

I have a direct line to white baby jebus & he's sending me a flaming sword that I may smite all ye fornicators, abortionists, & feminazis! Sex is only for procreation! How would you like it if your mommy had *chosen* to kill you, you pack of rug-munching, pinko, commie, hairy-legged man haters!?! To hell with you all! Damnation awaits you all!

Note that I am so badass in my trollishness that *I* don't need to shout. Unlike *some* people. Ahem. Bitch.
"you pack of rug-munching, pinko, commie, hairy-legged man haters!?! To hell with you all!"

oh, that shit is so funny. fuck, it hurts to be this amused.
i feel like kramer, "I'm out." i can't even keep a straight face over here.
The best insult I've heard in a while! Although IRL "forget the vibrator, she'd fuck the batteries" had me in stitches.

"my collection of proudly abused genitalia" rocks too wink.gif.
Of course you can't keep a "straight" face, you snatch-snacking, baby killing, castrating slattern! You're twisted like the cork screw you use to open your devil-brew wine! The only good spirit is the holy Spirit, sinner!

Concede your defeat Janice! I own you!

Bunnyb, I think I may have some Promise Keepers pamphlets that you may like to peruse...
Oh. No. You. Di-hunt.

Um, did you read the thread title, oralpoisson? Is this Flamewar? New. New it isn't. This is BUSTing Trolls. TROLLS. Like ME. ME ME ME ME AND MY JESUSBALLS. Here is where we talk about "nutella," which we ALL KNOW is code for MY NUTS. Fighting is supposed to be confined to the FLAMEWAR thread. So you are OH TEE, baby -- you're like that store in the mall, Off Topic. But, you know, welcome to BUST! Hope you'll learn your way around here one of these days.

:rolling my eyes until my ocular nerves are macrame'd:

I'm going to go start a poll about WHO IS THE AWESOMEST TROLL -- ME!
Oh, excuse me, you ignorant skanks. *I* was the one who brought Nutella into the discussion in the first place. The ONLY motive was to addict thousands of newcomers to this substance and see my Nutella investment stock SOAR through the ceiling, AND to make people in the Lounge so nauseous from sugar overload that they didn't have the energy to argue with ME. STOP taking credit for MY ideas, you cheating bitches.

AND for YOUR information, girlbomb, if that is indeed your name, Nutella was named in honour of my girlcat, CarmELLA, who was named after ELLA Fitzgerald, and who OWNS the NUTS of my boycat, George. If he still had any nuts. (She owns them metaphorically.)
Step OFF, doodie-head! For your information, poser, I happen to have brought nutella up and if you are profiting from my SUPERIOR BRILLIANCE I demand restitution immediately, else throw down right now!
For all of you Nutella whores , I bring you Nutella Merchandise.
Oh, excuse me. My most *sincere* apologies. *harumph* It was DARK chocolate Nutella that I brought into reference. Of which NONE of you inferior idiots have managed to track down and taste yet, because you all couldn't even find your boobies if you were feeling your own chests in front of a mirror. Fools.

Anyway, lucizoe, you only mentioned it because I secretly hypnotized you in order to advance the value of my Nutella stock. So it was really my idea in the first place. You only THOUGHT it was yours. Who's the poser now, beeyotch?

yuefie, did you check the FAQs on the website? It's like they've been following this thread...

I like to eat Nutella out of the jar with a spoon. Is that OK?
While we agree that the creamy, chocolaty, hazelnut taste of Nutella is delicious all by itself, we suggest not to "double dip," as it reduces the shelf life of the product.
OMG, you *trolls* crack my shit up! nutella cos of your obsession with your nuts!

Nutella is made by Ferrero? As in Ferrero Rocher? I love those! Now I think of it, the content is Nutella! woot. There's a restaurant I want to visit soon because it has ferrero rocher ice-cream on the menu.

wait ... could we make nutella ice cream? could we combine my two favourite things? Mmmm, nutella and G&B vanilla white chocolate ice-cream...

yuefie, I WANT that spreader!
Would now be the right time to yet again remind y'all that Nutella contains partially hydrogenated oil and that our bodies can't process digest this chemically-produced junk? It just stays in your body and doesn't go anywhere. Really, this is how we should really kill off the trolls. It would be... sweet revenge.

And no, I don't have any stock in it, but Trader Joe's makes a decent substitute. It's not perfect, but at least it won't stick to the walls of my arteries because I ain't no troll roller, yo.
mm, nutella ice-cream
I broke down. I bought some. I love it. I'm such a fool.

*goes back to trying to find her boobs*
You crack me up. All of you trolls do.
FRELL. nutella is BAD for me. godfrelling dren. dren dren dren. now, what am i going to do with this tub of it that i JUST bought?

doodlebug, darling? i CAN'T find my boobs. will you come and help me?? *flutters eyelashes at doodle*
tes, here are some things you can do with that tub you've just bought. I like the sound of the french toast baked with nutella.
bunnyb, i posted the ingredients list here a while back, nobody cares. just me and you girl. standing united against the nutella craze...
"Oralpoisson" How clever! I bet you only know poisson because a smelly Frenhcman told you that your ginch smelled like it. You probably thought it was a compliment & you are now leveling it at me with much endearment.

I am the head troll, hurlbomb. I'll post what I like, where I like. See, it all feeds into my superiority as a troll. If I wanna post my recipe for creme brulee french toast in Flamewar, you bet I fucking will. Career advice in the slash thread? You betcha. Why? Because I am *THEE* Troll supreme & I am highly annoying! Everybody loves me & wants to read my posts, they don't care where they find them. They seek them out high & low. Because. I. Am. The. Troll! I wear a big burnished troll crown on my massive cranium (The bigger to aid my fiendish trollery!) & a testicle leather coat with the softest golden pubic hair collar & cuffs! I've got the fanciest bridge in town & I can grill a goat like nobody's business. Bring forth the cloven hooved bastards, I've got some jerk spices! (Get it, you dumb wimmins? *Jerk* spices! Hah, troll humour!) Lavish me with attention, poitive or negative. You *KNOW* you want to. You can't get enough.

On a side note, I won't eat Nutella either. It does taste good, but yeah, I stay away from hydrolized anything. I bet I could make a good scratch choco/hazelnut spread if I really tried...
I have to do a little double dipping myself and go back to the Drumstick discussion. Outside the cafeteria at work there are vending machines. One of these vending machines is full of ice cream. ICE CREAM WHENEVER YOU WANT IT, BITCHEZZZ! Are you jealous? Well, you should be, because in addition to the Drumstick, we have...

...the Choco Taco:

IPB Image

Have you ever SEEN such a thing? I have been living under a Choco Taco-free rock, apparently!
That pidgin english chick is back again except now she's Valinka. She still no credit card can't use date site. She use @ now!

They sell those at the Burrito Express back home. Not quite as good as a Drumstick, but adequate. I had to plug my ears so I couldn't hear the siren song of the ice cream man. Who knew that "Round the Mulberrybush" would be Pavlovian?
Hoooo-eee, I think I'd like to have dinner under AP's bridge....jerk spices, goat roasted on a spit - sounds yummy...lack of nutella notwithstanding!

Ah, the choco-taco - source of many high school jokes and supreme deliciousness.

I did see some organic choco hazelnut spread at Wild Oats yesterday, I had to pass on it, as I went for the ridiculous $7 tub 'o goat cream instead....which I've now decided still makes me sick, just not as bad as cow cream. Oh well.
Nothing beats the Drumstick. Sorry gals.

Anyone ever had Baci chocolates? Anyone ever had Baci ice cream? Mmmmm.

I'd like to drizzle Joaquin Phoenix's torso with Baci ice cream and lick it all off...oops, wrong thread.

No it's not!

*goes off to help tesao find her luscious boobies, grabs container of Baci ice cream on the way*
I can't even imagine the street harassment the "spreadably delicious" t-shirt would get. I'll stick with the spreader.
I figure that since I don't eat mayo and lots of other scary condiments out there, I am perfectly within my rights to have the occasional spoonful of Nutella.

Yup. That's my story. I'm stickin' to it.

[turns nose up at trollish behavior & struts out of thread]
what's wrong with mayo, exactly? it's not hydrogenated, just fatty. good thing too 'cause i LOVE it, but then again, i'm a skinny bitch. heh.
Real mayo is what? Oil & an egg. Mmmmm... whipped oil & egg.
real mayo is oil and egg? no wonder I prefer salad cream. Oh yeah, baby, I said it.
I have a fear of condiments.

There. I said it.

But seriously, I just don't like things like mayo and ketchup and such. My friends pick on me about it, but I can't help it. I blame it on this little public service cartoon that used to play on TV on Saturday mornings when I was a kid, warning us of the dangers of condiments. There was a song that went a little something like this.
"Don't drown your food
In mayo or ketchup or goo
It's no fun to eat what you can't even see!
So don't drown your foooooood!"
What can I say. I'm easily impressionable.
Roseviolet, "Watch out for the munchies, they can make you snack & snack even when you're not hungry!" "Bean n' rice, beans n' rice, beans n' rice is nice." "Look its'a a wagon wheel!" Seems we watched the same crappy ABC cartoons. I believe they're by the Conjunction Junction people.

I don't use ketchup at all. Too surgary. I only use mayo on BLTs & in salad dressings. Mustard, though. Mmmmm. I loves me some champagne mustard on a good brat.
I don't like eggs.

I don't use condiments a lot, very rarely in fact and I never drown food but have whatever it on the side.

I do, however, make a fantastic marie rose sauce for prawns using ketchup and either salad cream or mayo and some worcester sauce. I prefer the tangier taste when made with salad cream (has to be heinz) but the boy prefers mayo (helman's).

Is vinegar classed as a condiment? cos I love vinegar.

eta: "on a good brat"? as in a child?
I found the ad! Check it out!

That poor drowning radish haunted me for my entire youth. It was the reason why I didn't try salad dressing until I was 17. I am soooooo not kidding!

Hey AP ... look! A wagon wheel!
BAHAHAHA! I hanker for a hunk of cheese! I totally remember that. Conjunction junction, what's your function?

There's something about mayo that gives me the heebie-jeebies. I think it's the combination of its texture and smell. I've never bought a jar of mayo or a bottle of ketchup in my life.

Bunny, "brat" is short for "bratwurst." I don't hear it said too much in jolly New England, though.
OMG Pepper, I'm dying here!

Extending this convo out to other fine TV moments from my/our childhood with catchy songs:
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