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Full Version: BUSTing Trolls, Part Deux
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My friend makes a similar appetizer, and calls it Italian Sushi- Genoa salami with a thin layer of cream cheese, then rolled around a pickle spear. Put them in the fridge for a couple hours so they firm up a little, then slice them into rolls. Very tasty.
hey polly - yeah, you're friend is right - she does *not* want to live in the Farcroft, aka "the gothic tower" as we call it...its too expensive, and some of the tenants are super sketchy. But I do love all the gargoyles and scultures on the outside- they're all different. I was out of town, and just now returned, otherwise, you should've buzzed and stopped by for a beer!

East Lake Terrace has some nice apartment buildings too, if she's interested in this particular area.

Ooooh, I want a nutella jacket! I think we need some kind of crest on the back, like a jar of Nutella with two crossed spoons over it....and definitely nicknames embroidered in gold on the front!

I just bought 10lbs of blueberries on our way home from Michigan. My tummy hurts now, from eating them all the way home....I'm chucking most of them in the freezer for smoothies all winter long.....*rolls slowly out of the thread*
I am SO trying to resist the Nutella craze. Although I will be making myself bitter chocolate dipped strawberries tonight.

I am afraid I may cave in to the nutella thing though. I've never had it. I'm not much on sweet this stuff terribly sweet?
As sweet as I am! Sweeter, saccharine in fact wink.gif.

Raspberry beer and Chunky Monkey ice cream=dodgy tummy.
Mmm, I don't know if I'd say it was super sweet, actually- the richness of it gets to me before the sweetness. It is a lot sweeter than peanut butter, and velvety creamy, though. Oh treehugger, you could melt some Nutella and dip the strawberries in that!! Ha ha, come to the dark [and creamy] side!!!

Turbo, I wondered if I'd see you and Turbo out for your evening constitutional (with you in a face mask....yes, I've been lurking in the Okay'ers thread biggrin.gif) Yeah, it looked like a cool building, but like you said, "sketchy". The place they've applied for is the graystone right next to the Heartland Cafe....mmmm, like I need more excuses to go there! I hope they get it! East Lake Terrace- is that the name of a building or a street? I tried to stop by Humanist's but we couldn't find parking and we'd only be able to stay for a minute, so we didn't want to circle the block too much. Thanks for the beer offer, though!! I recommended that store where you get your fruit and veggies box from to my friend!

Hee hee, Nutella jackets- I'd go for one.
hee hee, doodle, gettin' feisty!
i feel that way about red wine. really, my only vice anymore. 'cept sex of course. that is for sure the worst vice of all. i'll Never give that one up.
has anyone heard that song by lambert hendricks and ross called "give me that wine"? it's really, really funny.
I love the idea of the Nutella crest on the jackets. Hilarious!

Treehugger, I think Nutella is rather sweet. The word that best describes it is "fudgy" in my mind. That's why I don't eat a lot at a time. But it's still nice & creamy. It doesn't have a grainy texture like lots of too-sweet hings out there. If you're a fan of dark chocolate, then you should certainly check out Green & Black's if you haven't already. Good stuff!

I think we should declare G&Bs the official chocolate bar of the Bust Lounge! Or at least Kvetch. And Nutella can be the official chocolate product of this particular thread biggrin.gif

the cause of many of my waistline issues.

that's really all i can add right now. smile.gif
Can Ben & Jerry's be the official ice cream?

Perhaps nutella is the devil's shit.
I've been away for how long and you're still talking about nutella... nooooooooo. I want some and I don't even like it.

I used to melt chocolate spread (not nutella) over ice-cream. But only when we didn't have any mars bars to melt instead... now that was some good stuff.

I discovered that lipton iced tea is belgium is fizzy. This is wrong wrong wrong but soooo good. I have iced tea cravings again.

Maybe we could have patches, like girl guides - one for nutella, one for G&Bs, one for B&Js, one for pickle... blink.gif
yes yes YES!!! Patches for the fave foods of BUSTies - I love it, mornington!!!

polly - I love the area by would be dangerous indeed to live there - I'd probably never cook, and I'd be sitting in the bar all the time. heh.

Interestingly enough, kittenb is the one who reminded me about the organic grocery in the 'hood!

Who's got the G&B's this morning - I want somma that!!
I just found a post by one of our trolls in here that I had on ignore and I need extra BUSTIE power not to comment on it! grrrrr mad.gif
*psst* GGG it's easier if you just don't read the posts of the people you have on ignore, but since you did:
~*~**~* do not post to ignored users vibes for GGG~**~*~*~*~

I was talking to someone this morning and I just randomly asked, have you ever tried nutella? They were like yeah, I just picked up a jar about 2 weeks ago for the first time! They said they spread it on vanilla waffers.

By the way, I work for Girl Scouts which is the same as Girl Guides....I know the hook ups to get patches made! wink.gif
I have this to say: *head/desk*

pixie, do it do it do it... I can see it now, the feminist girl guides patch collection. tongue.gif

turbo, I don't have any G&B, but I do have these funny little belgian mediant things. They got fruit on 'em. *proffers to thread*

don't tell me that, ggg, now I want to read it and test my own (limited) patience.
*total drive-by*

Noooo! Don't look!

~~~~~~~~~fortitude vibes for tempted BUSTies~~~~~~~~~

Here, distract yourselves with these....

*passes out G&B Maya Gold bars to everyone*
Florentines, that is all (think there's a recipe in my G&B cookbook or How to be a Domestic Goddess that I must try out).

Oh my goodness, can you imagine what thi thread will be like come Christmas?!

ooh, we could have a Christmas in summer like they do at camp...
Hee hee, food patches!

Turbo, they got the apartment! We're going to be Heartland Cafe barflys now! We were going to start alternating cooking weekends with them....I have a feeling we'll end up there most of the time.
i thought all the trolls went the way of the dinosaur? was this actually a New post? amazing. tenatious little buggers then, aren't they?

~~~ignore ignore ignore~~~

my ass got bigger. for the first time in my life, i am so not joking. my sister agrees, i gained weight. i swear it's just from reading about the goodies in here. awsome.
that's awesome polly! You just let me know when you're hangin' down at the Heartland, and I'll stop on by!! And be sure to tell them to check out New Leaf Naturals Grocery - those folks are so nice, and the $15 produce box is pretty good size for 2 people.

pepper, I feel the same way. I've eaten more chocolate products in the last month than probably in the whole rest of the year! Damned G&B's is just too good...although, I do really like the milk chocolate offerings of Endangered Species chocolate quite a lot too. Ok, sorry about that...another chocolate endorsement before 8am. blink.gif
well, to be honest, I have yet to break the seal on the nutella and have not indulged in any chocolate -except for chunks in ben&jerry's- for quite some time. Oh, except for the nutella melted on strawberries a couple of weeks ago! I don't know, some lovely other things to eat and maybe it's too warm? Also, the summer makes me feel flabby - in the winter I can indulge then hide in cosy jumpers!
I was *thisclose* to buying Nutella. Never before have I even gone down that aisle except for chicken stock. I hate you all for encroaching on my grocery habits. Bitches.
I bought a piece of carrot cake yesterday. It was okay, but I wish I had an actual kitchen so I could make my own...gooey cream cheese frosting! Hmmm...cream cheese frosting + nutella = ?
WICKED lucizoe! WHY would you suggest such an uber-sweet-must-be-to-die-for combo?
Y'know, I don't like carrots so much. I make zucchini cake w/cream cheese frosting.
oh, zucchini cake. Love it. recipe?

but, you know, I Like Carrots. heh.
I feel nauseous just thinking about the possibility of cream cheese frosting + Nutella. Bleargh.

I just bought some Haagen Daaz triple chocolate something, 'cause they didn't have my favourite Ben 'n Jerry's New York fudge chunk or whatever it is. And I have to say, by comparison....I'm not impressed at all.

I just got a wicked urge to make some of my secret recipe cream cheese brownies.

Totally O/T, but I just put a giant handful of catnip on base of the cat treehouse. Let the games begin!
oh, i love nip for the cats, it's so much fun!
i just got a new mini frog for the fish tank and moved our three original wee fish in too with their new brothers and sisters. they are swimming around like maniacs freaked right out by all the space and other fish. the frog i haven't seen at all since i let him go in there, wah! i want to see the teeny froggy! so cute.

There is a grasshopper in the house, and the cats are high.

I think I'll go turn off any paper-shaded lamps.

Excuse me.
mmm... carrot cake... we really need a drooling smiley face for this board.

frogs! the madness! I toddled to the petshop to buy a brush for the bun (the new bun is a hairy bugger) and... I want a catfish. They're cool-looking.
Mornington, I live in Catfish country. People claim the Ohio River has catfish in there bigger than dolphins.

Everytime I drink wine, I get my cats high. I like everythign equal.
Mornington, my favorite of the catfish are the panda catfish. The way they wiggle when they swim is adorable & I love how social they are & how they even like to nap together at the bottom of the fish tank! The adorable black & white markings are fabulous too, of course. Super cute! We have two of them & are wanting a few more.

And in the interest of research, I took the plunge; I ate Nutella mixed with cream cheese. Ooooooh my. Soooooo rich!
oh my, rose, I want one. I use to have a catfish called Solomon (cheers for that Matron) but he kept jumping out the tank...

I just like the whiskery ones.

and what the hell is with all the spam threads. seriously.
I sent a PM to the Lounge Lady about the Spam threads. Here's hoping they're deleted soon.
Hmmm, nothing seems as popular as food, does it?

I had tapas AND greek food last night ... oh goodness, it was good. Especially the tabbouleh and the halloumi stuffed peppers with olives (made by my Greek tutor), mmm garlicky goodness.

eta: oh and the highlight of the tapas was definitely the aubergine (eggplant) with cheese, tomato & herbs
i have discovered that Gu (with an umlaut) make brownies. nnnggh. This stuff is amazing. Just thought I'd share.
Ahem. There's a new "poll" in the F Word.
Seems kinda familiar doesn't it? As pepper said, I have taken up the torch (couldn't copy and paste because the threads have been cleaned up!) and it's een dealt with and will hopefully disappear in a puff of white smoke. Oh, lounge lady, where are you?
Oh, Gu make the most amazing stuff. Their warm toffee cake is almost better than Marks + Sparks' toffee puddings.

Now I want one *shakes fist unconvincingly at thread*
Why are the trolls (and people in general, on the slim chance that isn't a troll) so fixated on ment and their testicles? Who the fuck needs a poll to tell you that getting kicked there hurts? And who cares whether or not a person has kicked someone there before? I don't get it!!
Polly! You just made your #666th post!!!!

Just thought you should know happy.gif
Polly's post was the post of the beast!
.....OR, was it the post of the beast's 'nards?? tongue.gif
Sooooo, jack67, troll right?
So, is it because this is a feminist board that some people are obsessed with testicle-bashing?

Or does anyone think the newbie is a particular oldbie-troll all over again?

Christ, I'm so sick of people trying to impose their fetishes on people who have zero interest. It's no different than the religious evangelism, really, because they think they have every right to pester others as long as they're into the thing.

Oh, and by the way, I almost bought the Kraft peanut butter with chocolate to sample it for us all, but I changed my mind at the last minute and put it back. Sorry. I really hate Kraft and Jif and all those icky PBs. I only buy natural PB, no sugar, no salt.

I did find my Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream, though.
Ooh, doodle, I had a 150ml tub of that B&J at the cinema yesterday! Was delicious. I think I may be addicted to Ben and Jerry's and have considered changing which cinema and supermarkets I regularly go to in relation to their variety of flavours ...
Oooh, I meant to tell ya'll that at my grocery they're now carrying goat's milk ice cream...I may have to give it a whirl and report back - goat & sheeps products are a bit easier on my tummy. They have a black mission fig flavor that is just calling my name.

Currently, I am wolfing down a slice of vegan chocolate peanut butter cake. I think its right up there among the finest desserts in the area...
Goat ice cream is so good & so creamy! As I've mentioned, I go to the fainting goat fest every year & I had me some of that tasty ice cream. Also ate some roasted goat at my friend's party, but a coworker of hers crashed the shindig with a bunch of Latin American friends that were like, *ravenous* for something that wasn't processed American food. That shit abounds in TN.

What's up with the person that posted porno sites in WG? What would make somebody decide to suggest porn in a thread about jobs? I think they were around before.
porno threads in WG?

wtf is with boblink randomly quoting posts made by BUSTies some time ago? and no comment, just an unrelated post. Creeps me out.
that's it AP, now that I have an endorsement, I'm going to get somma that goat ice cream tomorrow on my way home! Watch out you ornery goats - I'ma commin for your milks! Deep chocolate or Mission Fig...that is the question....
it sucks so hard that the few busters who were actually NOT asswipes won't touch this new site with a ten footer. all's we got left are the random slightly creepy wierdos and mr sarcastic 'gator (sorry, i know some chicas love that dude). if we can't have the good guys, the rest can just bite it too. bugger off i say. it's not as if i don't meet enough pervy freakazoids in rl. enough already.

goat ice cream sounds, um, i dunno, kinda goaty. i like the cheese and all but it's Strong! and the milk is just so Blech! my friend tried to pass it off as cow in a cup of coffee one day and had me running to the sink almost hurling. it was so nasty i thought the milk was off, but it was actually just the hoary goat. not my thang. good in curry, from what i remember. boney though. i don't miss it.

ate ice cream today on the way to pick up the kid. butter pecan, yum! i grew in the boobage and booty over the past month and am trying to hang on to it. i swear, i come in here for eating inspiration. ha ha.
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