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greenbean, at my last job I survived FOUR pregnant bosses - one after another, it was like being in that office was a curse that forced you to immediately procreate. And yes, it truly was survival to make it through, and I had to keep reminding myself, that bitchboss.v1.v2.v3.v4 dropping their shit on me was not about me, but the hormones. Thank cod for their 3mos absences after their births - almost made it worth it. Almost. None of them were very nice women to begin with, but the pregnancy sure didn't help.

However, I will say that having kids really helped all of those bosses to behave in a more understanding, human way once they were back at work, and they became better managers - still not GOOD managers, but better.

On another note, I went to go see Knocked up this weekend - funniest movie I have seen in a LONG time!!!
GoKayte - That's a really good question about why there isn't "kid rent" charged. I have seen what some parents allow their children to do to a rental and it's insane - stained carpet, holes and gouges in the walls, smeary fingerprints. I can gaurantee that my dog hasn't ever caused anything like that or my cats for that matter.
my bf was telling me about a VERY pregnant customer when he worked at Starbucks, who, when politely asked when the baby was due by a male friend who she'd run into, FREAKED OUT at him, screaming and railing at him for implying that she looked fat, even though she was like, 8 or 9 months pregnant, and the only thing he said was "when's the baby due?". She had some female friends with her, who had to pull her away when she began to swing her purse at him. It's not like she was just overweight and he assumed she was pregnant, he was actually a friend of hers, and knew that she was, besides the fact that she obviously looked pregnant.
I've experienced the nasty emotional effects of artificial birth control hormones, I can't imagine what the real stuff would do..
Turbo, I'm interested in what you thought of Knocked Up, from a CBC perspective. I have not seen it yet (so no spoilers if's a comedy, so I'm sure there aren't too many plot twists, though) but it's by the guy who did Freaks and Geeks and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, so I figure it must be good. I'm going to see it ASAP, it just wasn't going to happen this weekend.

I know some people posted earlier and scoffed at it; from the trailers it didn't look like pro-child propaganda to me, and I can't imagine Judd Apatow doing that, so maybe you can clear up some misconceptions about it.

Also, just something to add about a "kid deposit" on apartments- it would make sense to have something like this, I agree, but the other side of the coin is that I've know several women (usually this happens with single moms,some of them happened to be minorities, because it's assumed they'll have less control over the kid(s)) who were turned down for housing because they had kids. I had a co-worker, who happened to be black, but had two sons and a daughter, between the ages of 12-17 (they were all some of the most well-behaved, respectful kids I ever met) and she had several instances where the landlord took one look at them and said no.
I heart the idea of a kid deposit. I have a dog, who, on occasion, can be yappy, people can complain to the police about this, but if someone's kid is screaming out loud at the top of their lungs, "we" just have to live with it. Of course, with that said, people can comment about my pet ownership, if for example, my dog were to hump other dogs (which won't happen, b/c my dog is female! Anyways...)but if someone's kid is behaving badly, the rest of the childfree population has to live with it. Isn't that nice.
heh, you never know, friend had a female pug who loved to hump other dogs' heads as soon as they laid down! tongue.gif It was the weirdest thing ever!

i'd totally be down with that, though. when my dog was a puppy, like 5-6 mos. old, i had just moved into a new apartment and the deposit was $600, though you got half of it back when you left. but still, that other $300...ugh. i just didn't tell them i had him, and he was a good little guy, so the front office never knew!
Faerietails, I wanted to do that because, who's gonna notice a wee hedge?? But having a pet there without paying the deposit is grounds for eviction so I didn't wanna risk it. At least there's no monthly pet rent. My boyfriend's mom has 3 cats, a dog, and my bf's bro's wife (who is living there) has a dog and a cat, and it's $50 per animal per month so she pays an extra $300 a month in rent!! That's just ridiculous. They do have too many animals though.

I LOVE my friends' kids. I'm just glad they're not mine. I was on the phone with my friend while he was at burger king with his two toddlers and the boy kept yelling my name in the background and my friend said he was doing the "Kayte Dance"! Cute.
There should seriously be kid deposits, I say that all the time. Kids tend to be way more destructive! Back when I rented I never mentioned my turtles, fish, or gecko. I just fail to see how a gecko can trash an apartment. One of my old landlords actually told me that she would have never known that I had dogs, if I hadn't paid my deposit, because the place was so clean and smelled so good when I moved. And I always got my deposits refunded. Wonder how many parents can say the same?

A co-worker was telling me her sons punched holes in all the walls trying to catch a mouse they thought they heard. She thought that was so funny, I was just horrified to think what her home must look like.

culture, your exactly right about the just having to live with kids thing! That can be so irritating.

I am curious about Knocked Up, too. I adored Freaks and Geeks, so even though the movie doesn't look like something I would normally see....I want to check it out.
HEy Ya'll....for the CBC review of Knocked Up, I'd say, if anything, it really makes the case for being ready when you choose to become a parent...its not sappy and romantic about pregnancy, nor is it in any way pro-child as CBCer, it did make me thankful that I don't have kids - as we all know, its damn hard work to be a parent. And it was freaking hi-larious, and far more about relationships than it was about pregnancy or kids. Judd Apatow is a genius. I saw it twice, and I *never* see movies twice in the theater.
I saw Knocked-Up too, and while it wasn't pro-life propaganda I do think it was pretty pro-baby though. In fact it was Apatow's own wife (Leslie Mann) and their daughters that play Paul Rudd's family, (btw, Paul Rudd, never been hotter). I'd say the story is about stepping up to plate to be a parent eventhough the chances are you will goof it up, which, isnt exactly a CBC mantra. But it is damn funny, if for the drug jokes alone. There is a stoner chick I wish was in every scene. She was fuckin hilarious. Even more funny than when Lindsey Weir got stoned on Freaks and Geeks.
punching holes in the walls and hilarious? Um no.
Okay, I have to bump this thread up because I love it.

I was at a festival for dogs on the weekend (yes, perhaps a little sad - I travelled 4 hours to stay the weekend where this festival was so I could take my dog). I have no problem with kids petting my dog because she is very friendly. I like it better when kids ask first if they can pet her, more for their own safety - but whatever. So I was sitting with my dog and there were two little kids sitting nearby - I don't know where their parent's were at this point. They kind of move closer and then the girl takes gum out of her mouth and throws it on the ground near my dog. Now, my dog will eat gum, it's awful and hard to get it away from her. So I'm holding her by the collar at this point as she is trying to get at it as the kids watch. I finally told the girl she had to move it or my dog would eat it and she did - but geeze - where are your parents?

On the other hand, sometimes there are parents I think are great. I was in the drug store the other day and I could hear a kid having a huge tantrum screaming that he wanted some candy or something. I kind of sigh to myself and come around the corner and his mom kind of catches my eye and gives me a smile as she continues to refuse to give in and then walks away. I don't know why, but on that particular occasion I thought she was pretty cool. I like parents who don't give in!
This weekend, my friend's sister and her baby were hanging around with us, The kid was not horrible, and about as cute as one can get in my cold, dark little heart. But every time she wanted attention and was not getting it, she let out this ear piercing shriek-a sound straight from the pits of hell, and every time I had to cover my ears. I felt a little bad because her mother didn't seem to notice it one bit, and looked a tiny bit bothered by my unavoidable reaction.

Then earlier tonight I was waiting in line at the grocery store, and saw a woman who must have been 40 years old, pregnant, she had a stroller with a baby in it, and also maybe a 4 year old boy. It was 10:30 at night, they all looked exhausted. The kid drops something on the floor, and it breaks, spilling liquid. He starts bawling, because he obviously thinks he's in trouble, and she yells at him to stop crying, and when he doesn't, she SMACKS him HARD, TWICE-across his face. It was more of a *whack"-she didn't bend her wrist, she used her arm. It was awful. And of course the kid cries harder. There are probably 30 people standing around watching in horror, and no one says a damn thing to her, probably for fear of being smacked themselves. I can't say I said anything either, but wish I had the guts to. Why do people think I am crazy when I insist people need licenses to have children?
What is it with kids and dogs? Not all dogs like children, my puppers is terrified of them.

Humanist, that is disgusting that that woman did that. Like, you can birth control for FREE. I agree on people needing some sort of test and licence to have kids, just because you can have sex and get pregnant doesn't mean that you are going to be a good parent.

*grumbles to self about some breeders*

I went to the park later than usual yesterday, and I went into the parking lot and there were mini vans all over. I freaked, then I saw a much of crotch fruit on bikes, and I'm pulling into a parking spot and these kids seem to think it's okay to just whip in front of my car. I have to slam on the breaks, thus sending my poor pooch into the back of the seat. I was thinking, do parents tell their children that cars aer bigger than them, and if you get into a shoving match with a car, the car will win.
Howdy all...

I haven't peeked in here yet because last time I was around, the CBC thread was infested with moms bitching at us all about how terrible we were, so I was wary, but it's Sunday so I figured why not. Seems like a lovely CBC thread! Excellent.

So does anyone have any personal experience with vasectomies? My boy and I have discussed this for-evah, and have decided this is probably the best way to go, since it's a much easier procedure than me getting my tubes tied (outpatient, no general anestetic, etc.). Not to mention that my fear of becoming pregnant has become...problematic for our sex life. I've become very semen-o-phobic (no relation to my screen name, but hey, that works!), and it's hard to stay in the mood when I am contantly running off to wash the toxic splooge off me. It's also really irrational -- it's unlikely that some super-strong sperm could teleport from my hand to my uterus! But still...

So anyway, he's discussed it with his doc, and the doctor has no problem referring him (which is a relief, since I was afraid that the doctor would insist that he'd "change his mind" grrrr). Now we just need to do a little more research on cost, insurance coverage (probably not, right?), and what to expect. I was going to check WebMD, but every time I go there I get convinced I have like a brain tumor or a pituitary tumor or something. Anyone have any experience?

Oh, and on the topic of out-of-control breeding, I was at the grocery store once and I saw this harried-looking woman with a baby in a snuggli, two somewhat older kids, and she was toting two full grocery carts!!! TWO! How many more precious precious bayyyybeeez did she have at home?! I bet she drives a giant-sized van or SUV or something. I wonder how much detergent and water her household uses. I'm a geologist in the environmental field, and I can tell you, if we don't chill the fuck out, we're in some serious trouble. Clean water, clean air, food... Who's going to provide for all these people? STOP MAKING PEOPLE!!!! Please!
There's been a recent study that links vasectomies and a form of dementia. That's one study, and who knows who funded it but I know it's enough for my boyfriend to not get one (he has a family history of Alzheimer's, so he's a little paranoid about it.) Can't you just picture Jon Lovitz, "Vasectomies cause dementia....yeah, that's the ticket!"

There are other options. I know I've brought this up in here before, and, no, I'm not a paid spokesperson, I swear- my plan is to eventually get Essure. It's permanent, it's completely internal (the two issues I have with the IUD). I know, the website's really cheesy with the "Essure Women", but I was thrilled that they recently put up a testimonial (although, who even knows if these are real people or not) from someone who was childfree by choice, not just someone finished having kids. I'm still concerned about finding a doctor who won't give me a hard time about it, but at least I know the manufacturer isn't only marketing it to women who've had kids.
Hi all...this is a quick post as I'm on my way out the door, but I'll be back later. I want to post on sterilization, anyway, 'cause I've told my gyno to book me a tubal!

But right now, I wanted to post this article from (you may need to watch a brief ad to get to the article). The guy, a dad, wrote an amusing piece about how the kid-honeymoon is kind of over for him....what stunned me are a huge number of the letters people wrote in responses! People started making these HUGE assumptions about this guy's character (i.e.: the "you trophy wife-seeker" comments, and more), just because he professed to not being starry-eyed over parenting a second-time around! I even signed up to just to write my own pissed-off letter. (ETA: and here is a pissed off one from one of the writer's kids...I think there are more, but I need to go!)

Anyway, I'll be back later, to catch up and post!
Nice letter doodle! Well balanced and calmly) said, with the perfect final sentence.

Just because so many aspects of parenting are mundane doesn't mean that parents don't love their children. Infantilising your reactions to match those of your, say, 5 year old to Barney or similar simply reinforces the use of babytalk, for starters. They get excited because they are young and learning; adult parents are not required to display the same amount of (faked) wonder IMO.

This is exactly why I stopped reading salon's advice page and particularly the self-righteous letters that inevitably ensue, especially on issues around family. I love the letter from his son, too.

Salon awards letters it deems articulate with a star. When I checked, out of 193 letters, only 6 had stars. Not that I need salon to tell me what's articulate, but I found that interesting. (I'm sure yours is awaiting one doodle!)
doodle, Call be daft but, I am not sure what the point of the guy's letters was? Is he just venting a bit or whining about fatherhood?

Anyway I was watching The Daily Show, the other day, and Angelina Jolie said she was hoping to have somewhere between 8 and 13 kids. I was floored, yet somehow not really surprised coming from her. Personally, I can't relate to the desire for a giant family like that. (I guess that is obvious since the mister and I have decided to be childfree for life) But I just had to share.
We went to LeBoy's parent's house yesterday for Father's Day. Found out his sister is pregnant with her second baby. It was a little unplanned (well, when you're not using any protection, you have no one to blame but yourselves!) and she's due 2 weeks before her son's 2nd birthday, next February.

This will be grandchild #4 for his parents and at least every kid takes a little more pressure off if us. Sort of. We've flat-out told his parents that we're not having kids, but it doesn't stop his mom from making comments. Yesterday when she was giving gifts to LeBoy's brother and brother-in-law, she turned to me and said, "if you guys had kids, you'd be getting gifts too, today!" I smiled, rolled my eyes, turned to LeBoy and said, "but being childfree is the gift that keeps on giving!" I don't know if she heard me. Yeah, because a $50 gift card to Home Despot and a mousepad with my kid's picture on it makes up for all the misery I'd be in if I had a baby.
I had the mom-in-law over on the weekend. Joyboy's sis in law was talking about how she sold/gave away their high chair (second child just outgrew it) and the mom makes some comment to me about... unless someone else needs it. I just said, "I don't".

Also, on the radio this morning - they were talking about how there might be an arcane law in the books in Canada where if you have 12 or more kids you get a free 10 acres of crown land - the hosts were joking about how it would probably be in northern Saskatchewan. This woman calls in and says how she had 5 kids by the time she was 26! The hosts were kind of mocking her though - made comments about how she was like a human clown car (snort) and how after that many you don't need a doctor to deliver but a catcher.
Polly, I love that last comment!

I've seen women who are in their early 30's and have 8-10 kids. I've seen it before. A few times. Gah.

I'm going to a baby shower this weekend, and I really don't want to hear any questions about when some of those of us who are childfree are going to be having babies. I don't want kids. seriously, why do people have issues with this?
That’s funny polly – I got a similar comment from Prophecy_Guy’s mom on Mother’s Day: “Now don’t you wish you were a mom, too?” I just laughed – cuz that is one hilarious question. We have started to feel the pressure a lot more lately – I think it’s because we’re approaching our five-year wedding anniversary and the BIL & SIL’s youngest is 3 now. We’re getting a lot of “so when are you guys gonna start?” Plus, there have been some very offensive implications about my age and how we’d better start soon – I’m 28 for Christ’s sake! Grrr . . .

Saw Knocked Up this weekend myself and loved it; greenbean is right, though – it’s definitely “pronatalist.” I had some very minor problems with how childfree people were portrayed (immature and/or completely self-involved) and the fact the film sort of suggests that reproducing is an essential part of “growing up.” I would say that they’re minor problems because turbo is also right that it’s more about relationships than it is about kids and it’s absolutely hilarious and very intelligent. Definitely worth seeing!

culture - I've decided that the reason why people have a hard time with CBCers is because they're jealous. They wish they would have thought more critically about having children, so instead they want us to share in their misery, or at least affirm that they made the right decision.
Lately, I keep on reiterating to my mother that I don't want children and I can't stnd them. Then she says that will change, and I was the same way when I was your age.

Yah, well ma, I love you, but I don't want kids! Here's the other thing, you were also married when you were my age, and that isn't going to be happening any time soon. Bah.
Cultrehandy -- I hate that totally invalid comparison between older generations and younger. Yeah, when my mom or my gramma was "my age" she was married with kids, blah blah blah. We've come a long way since then, and it is no longer required for women to get married, and it is certainly no longer neccessary to procreate. Our lives are different now, and I strongly suspect that my mom at least would probably not have had kids if she could be 29 in 2007. Gah. It's just not an apt analogy, you know? Grrr.
QUOTE(missjoy @ Jun 19 2007, 10:09 AM) *
The hosts were kind of mocking her though - made comments about how she was like a human clown car (snort) and how after that many you don't need a doctor to deliver but a catcher.

O.M.G LOL!!!! seriously! that is the funniest shit I've heard all week. Human clown car! I will be laughing about that every time I think of it. I hope someone else finds this as hysterical as I do..I mean it was really mean of them to say that right to her, but the thought of a human clown car is hilarious, not implying that a woman is merely a baby machine-but referring to women who have like 12 children laugh.gif
Vagina: It's Not a Clown Car

I think it should say uterus, not vagina, but it's still amusing. That's the Duggar family, who we talked about a few weeks ago.
heehee, Human Clown Car tickles me smile.gif
Article about a child-free beach. And it's relatively close to my house! Ha ha! Must figure out where it is!
Off on camping trip with our dog, another couple and two little one's that are their kids - 1 and 3 years old - we shall see!
You guys need to watch this foreign commercial! I would have posted it in the youtube thread but I figured it would be more appreciated here:
I have to go to a baby shower today. Eeep.
Why the hell do people take their ankle biting, mouth breathing, ill behaved spawn to a PG13 movie? I tried to watch Pirates at the theatre and some idiot decided to bring her 4 and 9 year old to the movie!! They graced me with their presence directly behind me and talked throughout the ENTIRE movie. I turned around several times and gave the mom a dirty look, but the behavior continued. Finally it got so bad that I had to move to a shitty seat to get any peace. It's a almost three hour long, PG 13 movie - what in the 7 hells possesed this "parent" to think that this was a good idea? Hmmm? mad.gif

Had I gone to see a "kid" movie i.e. Shrek or Ratatoullie I would have expected this. dry.gif
i went mini golfing last weekend and yes it is a family activity and yes it was Saturday night. We were standing in que for the next hole and this kid was swinging his putter around and hacking up the lawn near a safety sign that clearly stated no swinging above the waist. His mother just stared at him. He came very close to us so I had to go over and tell him he was being dangerous. Only then did he mother say anything to him. On this very same mini golf course some breeder was letting her toddler roam all over the place. I have decided I'm not going mini golfing on weekends I'm only going during the week.
i went shopping today. as if i wasn't already annoyed by having to look for a proper interview suit 30 minutes before the store closed, while i was in the dressing room i saw this kid's feet stop right outside the door to my room. mind you, the mom was in her own dressing room screaming at him to settle down and stop running around. i just froze because i knew what was coming next. he got down on his hands and knees to stare at me from under the door (the door ended at a fairly high space, you know, like slightly below knee-level). so first i loudly said, "you've GOT to be fucking kidding me." (no, i could not control the obscenities.) the kid just stayed there staring. so i started snapping my fingers at him as if i were scolding a dog (LOL, it's all that came to me!), and i was just hissing "go away. leave." and glaring at him. but no, he just stared. i wanted to kick his fucking little face in.

and it's not as if he was a toddler or something. no, this kid was at least 5 or 6 years old. ugh. if i'd pulled that shit when i was little my mother would have murdered me.
Oh Faerie, I admore your restraints, I would have told that little fucker to get his head out from under the door and then perhaps kicked him, then I would have said something to his parent. Shit like that isn't cute or adorable, there are such a thing as MANNERS!

Parents have to realize that children to not learn on their own, this is why you are a parent, if you don't want to be responsible then here's a radical idea, don't have children!
OMG, faerie, that's awful. I would have kicked him. Okay, maybe not kicked, per se, but a firm nudge with my foot, as I have done to my dog when he pulls his diva routine and won't walk on the grass if it's damp....

ETA: I've had two dreams in the past week that I'm pregnant. It's not even remotely possible, but in the dream, I'm all happy about it, then I wake up feeling creeped out.
JoyBoy and I went to our local outdoor patio the other day because it was hot and we wanted beer. We brought our dog because she loves to come along and the staff like her and we tie her so she is technically not on the patio (even though she usually scootches inside under our chairs). She is a basset hound so a lot of people stop to pet her and perhaps ask a couple questions - fine by us.
So there are four women at a table a few away from us with a girl who looks about 6 (I'm bad with kids ages). She comes over to pet the dog - fine, and asks us questions - but then wouldn't leave. She stood there for about 10 minutes calling our dog and hovering beside our table. The mom looked over a few times but never did anything. We we obviously having a beer together - do you think we want to babysit your child? Also, I looked at one point and she was pulling the dog's tail (who was smartly hiding from her at this point) which I told her not to do.
Finally she called over to her daugher who screamed "WHAT?" right beside us, the mom repeated herself, the kid yelled again, the mom repeated herself, the kid yelled again - my god. I don't find your kids cute - keep them away from me!
I volunteer for an animal shelter, missjoy, and on the weekends we have outreach events at the local mall and kids do that stuff all the time- sometimes the parents don't seem to be around, sometimes they are; but these kids just hang around, ask you a million questions and get in the way of people who are actually interested in adopting. I'm all for educating people, especially at a young age, about pets, but we're not a babysitter and they just tend to annoy the animals- "look at me doggie, look at me, oh you're so cute [getting in their face]" And they wonder why they get bitten, or at least snapped at.
thing is when a dog snaps or what not it'[s always the dogs or the owners fault.

What would you do if I was pulling your hair and ears yah little snot?
Poor Faerie! You were very patient with the little monster. Culture, maybe I am evil, but you mentioning kicking the kid made me laugh!

Polly, I had a similiar dream a couple weeks ago, that freaked me out. I was so complaisant in the dream that I was really unnerved the next morning.
Another dog story - I was at a park on the weekend with my basset and a kid came up and said, "I like your dog", "does he bite?". Odd, usually they ask if they can pet her (not him as everyone always assumes) - but whatever, still good he asked. He seemed to be about 8 or so. He sits down on the bench beside me (I'm waiting for Joyboy who is in a park information booth). Already I'm thinking - I don't really want to have a conversation - where are your parents? He asks about her eyes - about them being red - it's a basset thing. Then he says, "how much did he cost?". I was shocked. I'm used to kids asking her name or how old she is - but how much does she cost? It seemed very rude. I actually did pay a bit for her to the couple that couldn't keep her anymore (I think they needed the money) but I told him I didn't pay anything cause she was adopted - lots more questions after that - eventually I just walked away. Again, where are your parents?

Here is a excerpt from a local story about a family that wants to build a huge garage and how her neighbours are fighting her that it is too big and may kill a large tree on the property line - possibly newsworthy due to the fact that she is in a government position:

She says:

""It's a single car footprint with a lift to accommodate one car and a bunch of strollers and bikes ... you can only imagine ... how much stuff twins come with."

The squabble with neighbours has raised eyebrows at Queen's Park, where no quarter is expected or given with the election coming.

"I saw the famous stroller on Saturday at an event, where the two very cute little boys were in the stroller, but there was nothing about that stroller that struck me as requiring a 19-foot garage to house it," quipped Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory.

The fact that the environment minister's family of four has four vehicles – a Ford Escape hybrid, a low-emissions Volvo SUV, a Mercedes and a Porsche – did not escape the attention of NDP environment critic Peter Tabuns."

Ummm... I don't think twins "come with" anything - it is the parents that buy all the crap. Plus, I don't think they "come with" any more stuff than your average family with two kids.

Reminds me of something that happened over the weekend- I was walking the dog in the courtyard behind our building and there were two little kids, brother and sister, maybe 5 and 3, respectively, playing on the pathways back there. They must live in one of the other buildings in our complex. I've seen the little boy out there before and I've avoided him because my dog has issues with kids- he's unpredictable; never sure if he's going to just sniff them or snap at them, so I am always on the defense with him.

Anyway, so both kids were out there this time and I couldn't make it back to the door of my building quick enough (dog was taking forEVER to poop!) and the kids were up the path to me while I was trying to unlock the door. The little girl tried to hold the door open after I went through and I wasn't going to block a little kid from getting in the building, I thought maybe she's going to visit one of the other kids who do live in my building. So now they're both following me in and I'm trying to keep the dog distracted, which was working until the little boy got in front of me, shoving what appeared to be a scratch-off lottery card into my face and yelling, "look I have a card, look, I have a card!" Then the dog gets interested and lunges towards the kid, who looked petrified, and I yanked the dog back before he could do anything. Jeez, didn't your mother ever teach you not to go running up to someone with a dog?

I just rolled my eyes at the kid in frustration and went out the front door just to get away from them. When I went back they were gone. Argh!
When children ask to pet my dog I tell them she doesn't like children then walk away. Cruel yes, but I'm not going be held responsible for a dog bite, although houndish doesn't bite.
I was getting on the train the other day, and I saw two separate families with several small obnoxious children going towards the car that I was going to get on. I looked them all over and quickly moved to the next car down. There was a guy boarding the same car as the kids, and he looked at me, looked at all the kids, looked back at me and sort of smiled and laughed, wagged his finger at me in a friendly, "you know what you're doing" manner, and then he too moved down to the next car. There were no words exchanged between us, but complete understanding. That made my day!
This reeeeeeally bothers me, and it really hits home because my dog is a basset.

I would adopt her dog - I bet I would be more sensitive. Poor dog doesn't know why he doesn't get the attention anymore.

Okay this is the original article - and much worse,00.html
Y'know, I'm not even a dog person, so much, I'm more of a cat person, and this pissed me off. Poor puppy.
People's complete and total stupidity never cease to amaze me. Poor dog. Poor kid. I just think the author is a bitch. But then again I hate most people.
I think inflicting your dog upon co-workers is as stupid as inflicting your kid upon them. And people who get dogs who aren't compatible with kids and then get pissed at the dog have no one to blame but themselves. That's how I ended up with my dog- BGP and husband didn't think that one through. Planning on having a kid anytime before the dog's expected lifespan is up? Get a lab or a golden retriever. Morons.
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