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I think it's a carry-over from the jokes they're making in the This Just In thread.
I know, but it was in response to the article I posted~

i think you might be reading too much into it. look at the last line. i think it was a response to no hope's post before your post.
That's kinda vague--nohope isn't mentioned, nor is anything specific that he posted about, and the last time he posted before she did was in response to someone else. It just seemed out of place. I read the last line as a general reminder of non-discrimination.

Again, I'm not trying to start drama or draw stupid attention to myself, I don't want this to turn into some THING-I just want it clarified. misslady?
Humanist, it's totally not about your link! I can guarentee it.
it had nothing to do with your link. faerie referred to my alter ego from another link where I suggested that instead of spend time discussing nohope we discuss more important things , like my farts. Yes yes I know totally juevenile but it just cracks me up. check out the this just in thread to get the whole story.
this is totally ott but I'm getting an IUD!!!! YAY!!!!! *does IUD dance* does anyone have any advice for an IUD newbie?

*goes to bumb the general health questions thread.*
hey deschat-there is a whole thread about iud in the our bodies ourselves forum-check it out-what kind are you getting?
whooops-my bad~

GOD I was at a bar the other night with four other people, two of which work in daycare-and they inevitably start yammering back and forth about all the kids they work with, all the adorable and disgusting things they do, and the other three of us are just staring at each other..and I say, "Isn't this conversation a little exclusive? Not to mention the topic always degenerates into baby poop." My non-daycare friends were relieved that I said something, but the other two thought this was hilarious and of course began talking about baby poop. I had to beg them to stop. I hate it when they start talking about their daycare kids, and they often do.
Speaking of baby poop, I was talking with le man, and I told him I had never changed a diaper, ever. And I don't know how to do it either. The thought actually grosses me out.
I helped my sister a lot back when she was a single mom. And I managed to get through a year of babysitting my oldest nephew without ever having to change a poopy diaper. Pee diapers sure, but that's not big deal. But then she had her second child and I had the horrifying experience of a poopy diaper....I paniced, it was so gross....I wasn't sure diaper wipes would be enough so I threw him in the shower and tried to rinse him off....he cried and screamed the entire time....mind you I was only 14 so I definately didn't have parenting skills....but it was awful.....I never wanted to change anouther diaper and after that I never understood how parents talk about it like it's cute or endearing....diapers are just freaking gross.

Sorry for the diaper story.
ginger I feel exactly the same way. I gag when I have to clean up dog puke, I can't imagine wiping a baby's poopy bum.
ewww I think dog puke is way grosser than poopy diaper. But I have a sister that's 7 years younger than me, and lots of much-younger cousins that I babysat constantly, so I have dealt with my fair share of baby poop. Even the kind where they shit a LOT and it fills their diaper and goes all up their backs... wink.gif
Ugh, those are the worst, hello! I did some babysitting and helped friends out with their kids and those were so gross. The other bad thing is as they get older and get solid foods, especially a variety of solid foods...regular (as in not when the baby's sick) baby poop, while disgusting, doesn't bother me that much in terms of smell, but once they start eating all sorts of stuff, you may as well be dealing with an adult because it just smells awful. I haven't changed a diaper in about six years and I couldn't be happier about it.
My other thing about babies, is that I loooooooooooove sleeping, and doing things for me. I like to go out with my friends, clean the house when I want. Do whatever, whenever. A baby would just throw all that to shit.
OK, does everyone else totally love Helen Mirren? I read her interviewed recently, and she said that she never wanted children, ergo, she didn't have them. But also, she said something along the lines of "I don't think I'm that unusual. Lots of women don't want children, but they go on and have them because they think it's expected of them". I LOVE her for actually saying that! (I'm paraphrasing, but that was the jist.....)
My big thing about society and women having children is that woman are constantly told we should have babies, you are a bad woman if you don't have babies, how dare you be so selfish.

Then when women do have children, when a woman wants to return to work and puts her child in daycare, she is a bad mother, but if she stays home and takes care of said child, she is a bad woman.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Mar 16 2007, 10:43 PM) *

ginger I feel exactly the same way. I gag when I have to clean up dog puke, I can't imagine wiping a baby's poopy bum.

When Mr G3's girl was a baby, I did it once and puked during into the trash pale. Never again. When she would get dirty, I would gag and that was how he knew it was time to change her.

I gag with pee pee diapers too.

I do NOT do vomit clean up.

I find it weird to not be able to change a dipper. I don’t know how young I was the first time I had to change a dipper. I guess nine. It’s not exactly that difficult or that disgusting.

But I guess growing up on a farm changes ones perspective. Once you have been helping animals give birth, brought ones friends home to animal intestines in the front door from butchering…. Or participated in the millions of life sustaining and life affirming activities which let you know that you are mortal…. Then changing dippers just blends in with the mix.

There are lots of good reasons to not have kids, but changing dippers doesn’t rank up there for me.

It is diaper, not dipper.
Diapers (Or nappies as we refer to them in Blightly) ARE gross. If I never have to change one, frankly, I will die happy and utterly non-curious.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Mar 17 2007, 01:21 PM) *

My other thing about babies, is that I loooooooooooove sleeping, and doing things for me. I like to go out with my friends, clean the house when I want. Do whatever, whenever. A baby would just throw all that to shit.

culturehandy -

I want children but what you said about loving to sleep and do things for yourself has always been a concern of mine. I love sleeping, having days in bed with Mr. Pug, cleaning when I want to clean, eating when I want to eat and I too worry about loosing that when I have children. I mean that carefree way of life is part of my identity. I'm content to just have dogs sometimes. I'm also afraid of being a bad parent and fucking my kid up. I think my parents did the best they could from the lessons they had learned from their parents (who were assholes). But still, I have issues. I mean I know that there is no such thing as the perfect parent but I'd like to get as close to that as possible. Being a good parent in todays society seems unobtainable. Which brings me to your next post...

QUOTE(culturehandy @ Mar 18 2007, 10:55 AM) *

My big thing about society and women having children is that woman are constantly told we should have babies, you are a bad woman if you don't have babies, how dare you be so selfish.

Then when women do have children, when a woman wants to return to work and puts her child in daycare, she is a bad mother, but if she stays home and takes care of said child, she is a bad woman.

I don't feel like I must have a baby. I'd like to have a baby. But, like you said, if you stay home, your a bad woman. If you work your a bad mom. I admire those women who get married and choose not to have children. My cousin and her husband have been married for years and they don't have any children. People give them shit all the time. I hate that. They like to go on vacations together and they have a few cats. THEY DON'T WANT CHILDREN!! What's the big fucking deal. It's their lives and their choices. Back the fuck off.

Sorry about that little rant. That shit just makes me angry.
There is so very little that any woman can do in this world that society will ever wholeheartedly approve of, especially if she's living for herself. The powers-that-be cannot abide women not nurturing something or someone, putting something or someone else before her own needs, worrying more about others' well-being than her own. It's the whole construct of the female gender as maternal; the claim that women do all these things not because they are socialized to, or because their "choices" are mostly false ones pushed on them by circumstances directly related to gender, but because "women are just naturally like that."

I think that's why the selfish label is hurled at women who do unwomanly things far more often than it will ever be leveled at men who occasionally or temporarily buck the system (the rare stay-at-home dad, for instance). Like bustygirl said earlier, men practically get knighted for doing the exact same thankless grudge work that women are somehow just expected to do (and do because knowing how to is just inborn in females).

In that vein, I remember reading something once by a stay-at-home dad, very much a "woe-is-me, women at the playground don't fawn over me and make me the center of everything," sort of plea for sympathy since he was doing something so daring.

I agree, the fact that woman do every day what one man does sometimes. Give me a break. I remember one time I was reading in People magazine about this kid who went to school, worked two jobs all to care for his daughter. I was reading it think, oh yah? There are so many women who di this every fucking day! Someone ended up writing a letter that said the same.

Believe me, the cult of the Yummy Mummy is HUGE in Britain, especially in London or the South East were women are better off financially. You're apparently a failure if you can't bring up 4 kids, hold down a full-time, high-stress job, and also be in bed by 11, waiting for your other half with your yoga-toned body in sexy lingerie, ready for an all night long sex-a-thon. I hate it. It just seems to me like yet another way to make women compete with each other and/or feel bad about themselves. Meanwhile, if your signifigant other takes the kiddies to the park for 2 hours each Sunday, he's some kind of God. Give me a fucking break.
married for seven years and no kids. Yee Haw!!!

Now my older sister is pregnant and I am totally stoked to be an aunt because it now means the pressure is off me and hubby , my parents finally will have a grandkid. I am looking forward to having a new member of the family. When my sis emailed me to tell me it was a girl, she mentioned how now her and her husband would have to start loving pink. I quickly reminder her of bedroom growing up with my pink carpet, pink curtains, pink walls, with white furniture and how I really believe it warped me. It's unfortunate that the kid isn't even born and the gender stereotyping has already begun. but the kid will have me and hubby to model feminism for her.

I was talking about being married to my students. And reminded them that you don't have to get married. One young women said Oh I have to get married. I said you don't have to do anything you don't want to. That is the shit that I love about teaching. That is what they will remember. I am okay with that.

people forget about the choices they have sometimes
missladyj: Nice job reminding folks they do have choices and rights! (If we ignore these choices and rights, they do go away, after all ; )

Also, congrats on the new addition to the family!! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE my nieces and nephews (the first one was def. the most exciting and the one I am SO close with - my sis raised him alone and he's SUCH a sweet boy - LOVES women and is a GOOD PERSON, he'll be 12 soon ; ) Nieces and nephs have been great for me...I love children and it's great to see them and babysit once in a while (I simply am not cut out for nor do I desire the full-time responsibility of any of my own, of course.)

On another note, I see people I work with imposing those gender restrictions sooner and HARDER than ever. All that "princess" stuff and pink for girls, and all the army men & stuff for boys is back as though it were the 70s or 80s again. It looks to me to be very homophobic and a backlash from homophobes to a culture where gay people are open and asking for domestic rights.
Oops, after I posted my last comment, I wanted to clarify: I don't by ANY means believe that ALL of the people who buy ultratraditional-girly stuff for their girls and ultra-traditional-manly stuff for their boys are homophobic!!!!!! In fact, probably MOST of them are NOT - all things pink, and retro are very in vogue right now, so most people are just going with the flow. There are actually only a FEW people I was referring to who spoke to me personally who gave me the impression that, clearly, they are trying to make certain that their female children grow up to be girly girls and their boys grow up to be manly men and it was people who I personally know to be homophobic, people I work with who have "broadcast" their ideas to me (apparently mistaken that I was of the same mind).

I hope I have not offended anyone. If so, I apologize.
Ugh!!! The breeders at work were talking about thier kids, and poop, giggling and carrying on. One girl was telling me about her son being constipated. Why would I care about that? Why share that? I long for adult conversation in the work place.
People I work with do talk about thier children, on occasion, but not in thes sense of; awwww my kid is so cute because they shit all over themself. Uh, ew.
Spotted in today's university paper - a great editorial about why not to have children, how expensive they are and how others should refrain from telling people to breed. It warmed the cockles of my heart.
Over the weekend I was at my folks' house for a get-together for my mom's b-day. All my bros and sisters were there with their kids. I brought my guitar so I could sing Happy B-day for mom. Then dad requested I play some Johnny Cash which he loves so I ended up playing for a little while. My bros and sisters were gushing all over me and saying how they wish so much they had a "talent" or a hobby. I responded that these are the wonderful types of things that the childfree have the time and energy to do and that it does make me very happy.

(I'm sorry but it gives me a small thrill to flaunt my childfree lifestyle and its advantages any chance I get, especially to folks who otherwise can't seem to comprehend *why* you *might* not want to run right out and start breeding wink.gif~ Peace out & enjoy it girls and boys!! ~
Yes Jan it is a thrill. My friend just had a baby, yes it's cute, yes I had to admit I liked her, but my friend can no longer leave the house without planning a month in advance and...I get to leave the house whenever I damn well please.

I would also like to announce that I am now barren, I have an IUD, got it put in on Tuesday. (Even though I don't have sex with men it's still nice to gloat.)
deschat, congrats on the IUD!

jan, I totally flaunt my childfree status when people annoy me. I'll cringe and maybe say something like 'oh yeah, you have kids'.....then trail off, and continue, 'I have a lot of free time to do what ever I choose.' Or, 'Wow, can't imagine not getting do whatever I want whenever I want, I'd be really depressed if I had kids.' And I don't feel like a jerk, b/c breeders can just on and on about thier freaking kids, and I wonder is there nothing else to you?
This woman I work with is getting on everybody's nerves today. She's very loud and bossy. She yells questions back and forth between her and someone she's working on a project with who sits in an office across the hall and it's very distracting, you can barely hear a client on the phone when you need to. She's been complaining lately about being overworked, apparently she runs her 2 toddlers back and forth in the mornings and evenings to daycare, holds down a full-time job, and has a husband who she says does nothing to help, complains she has no time to exercise or have fun.

(*I feel for her, I do. Precisely why I didn't plan a motherhood career to coincide with my professional career and marry a man who I did not discuss fatherly/family responsibities with beforehand. But in the meantime, she's so bitter and aggressive toward me and others in this office, I wish she'd figure out a way to work less and be happier so her negativity wouldn't be the disease that it has become.) She actually had the nerve to call me "slacker" today. All because I sorted the mail and left a piece in her pile that actually belonged to someone else. (Sorry, but did it have to be a day ruiner?)
This is an interesting article on (you may have to watch a brief ad to get to it)...

...but something always strikes me in these conversations about women's "choices"....while I believe that women can successfully combine work and motherhood (in fact, most have no choice in the first place BUT to do both, and could do so much better with family-friendly workplaces, more accessible childcare, and equal parenting participation by male partners - who, btw, are never called on their ability to combine fatherhood and career), WHY are the choices always limited to motherhood and career?

Maybe it's the American "work(aholism) ethic" issue, but I just don't understand why women's choices are thought of in such narrow terms! It's like, yes, you can be childfree/sacrifice time with your family for your career, or you can sacrifice your years on the career track to be a stay-at-home mom....aaaand that's the whole dialogue.

But what makes so many people so convinced that childfree women have to be all about our jobs? I mean, yes, we all want/need to make money and support ourselves, but if we are childfree, is our life only allowed to exist inside the workplace?

I have to say, I've done the career thing for the last 11 years, and while my non-profit paycheque wasn't exactly the big bucks, the work was important and, for awhile, very empowering. I took it seriously and accomplished some amazing things. BUT, the work was also very intense: it sucked up all my energy and creativity, it ate away at my ability to sustain relationships, it stopped being in any way satisfying about 3 years ago, and in the end, it almost killed me (and I do mean that literally). So frankly, I'm not convinced a career is all it's cracked up to be.

I am childfree because I want time for ME. I want to paint, to make music, to create, and to do whatever the fuck I want without having some needy children taking over my every free second and sucking up all my hard-earned money. At the same time, I would like a job that pays the bills, but that I can also leave at the door at 5:00 PM, so I CAN do my own thing without sacrificing all my time, my energy, and, well, my life! THAT'S what I want. It's not an either/or, career or motherhood situation. Motherhood doesn't even fit into the equation for me, but unless there's a way to make money doing exactly what I want creatively, then I'm honestly not convinced a career fits into the equation either.

I think that's where the selfishness accusations usually come in for us childfree women. We are unselfish (i.e.: self-sacrificing, "good" women) as long as we are giving to someone else (child, employer), but as soon as we want something for ourselves, and maybe even discover a calling outside those two narrow realms, then BAM! Selfish bitches.

And of course, historically (and even today), it has been much easier for men to pursue careers and/or be artists and/or "do their own thing" even when they are fathers, because women (if not the children's actual mothers, then other female family members or second wives) could always be counted on to do the child-rearing and caretaking. And the phenomenon of divorced/widowed men re-marrying and dumping step-parenting responsibilities on the new wives is nothing new, but it's still going on. (I joined a dating site on a lark for about a month, and I swear, half of the guys who responded to my ad seemed to be desperately looking for a stepmommy - who'd bring no "drama" of her own, of course - for their children.) And while there may be a slight paradigm shift beginning, the reality is that until now, men could count on not being dumped with the responsibility of childrearing if their marriages broke apart. For the most part, they can still count on that - men may CHOOSE to seek custody of their children, but the responsibility rarely defaults automatically to men when their female partners seek separation - unlike the reverse situation (i.e.: you birthed it, you take care of it!).

/rant o' the day
Doodle, my sister, as usual, I am in complete agreement...and as I ponder the new job opportunities before me, my main concern in negotiations is that #1 I am able to work flex time, so that I can still do the things in my life that really fill me up, and keep me healthy and balanced. That means getting out early so that I can go to my classes at the gym that I love, and so that I can get to the youth center around 4:30pm so that I can teach kids to use computers for creativity and art. Salary is truly second. Its lifestyle and working for an organization that I am passionate about that are what I'm after.

I'll let ya'll know if I get it. smile.gif
I agree, with what your saying, doodle. Another thing that I noticed in that article was the statement:

First and foremost, it reminds women that marriage usually isn't a lifelong paycheck[i]

As a married lady, that just didn't sit well with me. I have never considered my husband as a paycheck or a free ride. It seems insulting, in this day and age.

P.S. turbojenn ~~*~~*~vibes for the career opportuninty~*~~*~~
Wow, I am SO very glad I am not alone in feeling I have options for my lifestyle.

Doodlebug...thanks so much for your rant...

And I quote you: "But what makes so many people so convinced that childfree women have to be all about our jobs? I mean, yes, we all want/need to make money and support ourselves, but if we are childfree, is our life only allowed to exist inside the workplace?"

Yes, YES. This woman yesterday called me a slacker. But I have another perspective - on what I would consider myself if I were HER - and that is, a SLAVE. To family, husband and job, and life in general. This is someone who works too much, leaves no time for herself, is aggressive and resentful toward others as a result. In my humble opinion.

I do not have or require those expensive *luxury* items such as children, suburban home, expensive car, etc. Therefore, I did not sign a contract to live off the corporation and work EVERY DAY of my life doing what others want/need me to do. If my lifestyle choices aren't the same as theirs, then why should I spend my time going after the money the way they do when I don't need or want it?

I did the 50-hr. week career thing for 12 yrs. I ended up with more money than I needed, yet no life outside work -as the job sucked all of my creative energy out of me completely. I decided to downscale my lifestyle - no car, use the library for media resources, buy nothing new, everything used/recycled, cook at home & do not eat cheap, fast food. I have a job now where I make my own hours so that I can have enough time for me to create and to do my music - things that *are* what I want from my life. I simply *cannot* apologize for the way I choose to live the one life that I have. But I swear - I do not get respected for exercising those options. But these people with babies act like life *revolves* around them and their choices (i.e., kids)~.?

It's as though it's great to run all over town taking your kids to sports, birthday parties, friends' houses, whatever. But when an adult woman is doing her own thing with her own time, for her own needs & enjoyment, their jaws drop as though she's IN THE WRONG, in many cases...or at least WEIRD in some way-?

Turbojenn ~ good luck with that job. Negotiate and do not give in! A job is a contract - *both* parties should have their needs satisfied...and more people should look at it the way you do. You do *not* have to blindly make it all on the employer's terms. I don't anymore! And I find that *some* office managers are willing to tailor a schedule that fits my lifestyle. Let us know what happens!

Peace out sisters, take care of yourselves, there's integrity in that!!!!!!
jan---love what you have to say. i love my work but it's not all that i am. i feel compelled to work hard without a kid to take care of...sometimes. but then the slaving away thing comes to mind--kids are not for me.

great thread here, gals.
Childfree Bliss Is....

1. Getting to lick all the chocolate cake batter off the egg beaters, instead of having to turn them over to any ankle-biters who might be staring at you with big saucer eyes.

2. Spending every day of a long weekend sleeping in till the crack of 1 PM.

Anyone else for 3, 4, 5, etc....?
3. Spending a lovely afternoon with your Bustie girlfriends, drinking wine and stuffing yourself with sweets and goodies

4. Lounging in the bath for an hour listening to a good audio book and sipping tea.

5. No need for easter rigamarole, forced family outings and ham + molded jello with canned fruit.
6. I can have a Pepsi, slice of chocolate mousse cake, sunflower seeds, and bag of lays potato chips (the greasy kind, not baked) for dinner. Which is exactly what I plan to do tonight since it’s all I have and I don’t feel like going out to look for “real” food. biggrin.gif
7. Lazy afternoons cuddled up on the couch reading, completely undisturbed.

8.Not having to sensor or try to justify my sometimes sailor-like talk.
9. Loud sex, whenever, where ever I want. Ditto for sex toys and masturbation.

10. No temper tantrums

11. No baby puke, poop, pee all over me. (hey it rhymes!)

12. Getting drunk and/or high.

13. Smut of any kind, again whenever and where ever I want.

14. No toy lines for cum guzzling barbie or whatever, or "pllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease can I have it????" which leads to seeing number 10.
cum guzzling barbie?!! laugh.gif bahahahahahahahahahaha!! oh culture, i heart you!

15. i can get on a plane without worrying about strollers or other passengers' dirty looks

16. i can sleep all day (theoretically)

17. i totally second the sailor-talk thing!

18. my movie-going choices aren't relegated to happy feet and charlotte's web (even though i just totally rented happy feet earlier this evening)...right along with children of men. tongue.gif
19. SLEEPING in til the *very* last minute every morning, getting *only* me ready to go

20. CRANKING up the CD player in the car to Bikini Kill this morning

21. STAYING up til the ridonkulous hours on the weekends strumming my 6-string, watching DVDs, Mad TV & Alias on Saturday nights (don't have cable so get pretty excited about a little comedy on Sat. night reg tv)

22. DANCING dirty in sexy clothes in front of my mirror when feeling randy (which is on a regular basis)

23. SEX & MASTURBATION whenever, wherever the mood strikes me (at least once per day for each, BTW, I know you all needed that information ; )

24. ENERGY for hobbies, such as riding my bike on the bike trail which runs through my university town of Columbus, Ohio, taking walks down to the river, stopping to shop at the thrift stores/curiousity shops, wandering around for hours

25. LEARNING new things constantly - recently started teaching myself FRENCH through books, CDs, internet (*so* tickled about this one, it's a blast!!)

26. TIME to spend HOURS at the library and read several books at a time - currently still working on most recent BUST, a classic (Anna Karenina, which I've finally got around to after years of being curious about this - GREAT so far by the way), my French books, and also a non-fiction book related to a social disorder I may have (HELL NO I'M NOT PERFECT)

27. EATING whenever I'm hungry, simply throwing it together (can't *imagine* being responsible for preparing several meals per day for any other hungry mouths!)

28. SPOILING my nieces and nephews rotton and not having any responsibilty for it, tee hee ; )

29. FREEDOM to use my computer, phone, TV, DVD player, couch all to myself whenever I please

30. Spend an entire day (or weekend) louging on the couch with books, movies, wearing the same t-shirt and sweatpants the whole time and no shower w/ only huge bag of greasy potato chips for dinner (*it's not always pretty!*)

31. NOT HAVING TO deal with nervous, harried, parents and teachers and schools, sports ref's & Alpha Dads which I'M GLAD TO BE DONE WITH!! The playground still scares the hell out of me - kids are CRUEL!!

32. INTERESTING conversation, controversial, intellectual subject matter darnit!!! (As opposed to going back to kindergarten - 5!!)

33. PLAYING with my 2 cats, spending hours petting & loving them, they're so very good to me!!

34. BEING THERE when my retired parents need help learning their computer or spring cleaning their house, the one I grew up in!

35. STILL FEELING LIKE A KID! All the time! Around my parents, they still treat me like they always did ; )

36. NOT BEING BITTER like the poor working mommas

37. FLEXIBILITY (hmm, what do I FEEL like doing today? Let's be spontaneous & go out for brunch!)

38. VEGAN COOKING classes and lots of experimentation/mistakes, but who cares? ME? Naw, if it tastes like crap I'll just throw together a sandwich!

39. WINE and/or other party substances whenever I feel like it (though not much of a *drinker*, I do like to hang out with a "BUD" o'mine several evenings a week)

40. MOVIE AND MUSIC POSTERS plastered to my wall - just like in college, it's not changed all that much people (my Babes in Toyland "Painkillers" poster and my "Videodrome" and "The Last Seduction", "Jade" and other noir/scary movie posters aren't necessarily for child friendly - but me likey!

41. SPREADING OUT my yoga mat or doing sit-ups, taking up entire living room space, whenever I feel like it, for as long as I want

42. LETTING LAUNDRY PILE UP til can't stand anymore with no ill-effects for anyone besides me and I'm pretty easy folks!

43. LISTENING TO NPR all over the house on weekends

44. INAPPROPRIATE, LOUD PEOPLE in and out whenever (although not usually, but sometimes I have!)

45. VIDEO GAMES for hours when the mood strikes

46. LOUD, YELLING arguments with boyfriend (unfortunately) - but not having to worry about damaging anyone else's psyche 'cept my own!!

47. No fat, lazy dude relaxing on my couch while I slave over the children!!

SORRY TO BOGART THE THREAD but there is so much for me to be thankful for! I grew up in a small house with five brothers and sisters, none of which I ever had much in common with, my entire childhood I felt cramped & had to share a bedroom AND BED, clothing, etc. with THREE SISTERS! None of which ever appreciated any of my personality traits, nor my playing music, and vice versa, I was always SO uncomfortable...for real though...I've been there, done the kid thing, I was the 2nd oldest, I've *seen* the babies and now it's breaktime and I'm rockin out pretty hard ; )~~
48. PEACE and QUIET!!! (Can't believe I forgot that the first time) wink.gif

*interupts the list for a minute*

Some stupid guy I work with, used his cell phone to video tape his kid throwing a temper tantrum, at a restaurant, then went around showing it to people today b/c he thought it was cute. I don't fucking get it! I told him his child was a brat and needed discipline. They guy was like what am I supposed to do he is only 2. I suggested he pay the bill and leave if it happens so he doesn't ruin other people's meals. I told him you have to start teaching kids manners, while they are young. I said I can't stand being in a restaurant near kids when thier parents are letting get away with murder, it's just rude. ...blah, blah, blah, the conversation continued.... and I ended up telling him he was a bad parent. (He is always talking about his kid throwing fits in public, by the way) He got all defensive and angry, started saying all the typical stuff, you aren't a parent you don't understand, rambling about a parents love...blah, blah, blah

I hate crappy parents.

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