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Full Version: Mirror, mirror on the wall...the cosmetic surgery/procedure thread
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bumpy bump for misspissed, with a laser hair removal inquiry
pixie, it's called re-fine stretch mark smoother and it's onlt $12.50 from avon, which isn't that bad cause the bottle is a decent size. And it really does work...

you can find it if you go to and search for "stretch marks"
has anyone had laser hair removal? i've been thinking about it, esp for my underarms and bikini line.

any info is greatly appreciated!!

thanks for the bump, tyger :-)

I'm interested in this too, MissPissed, but mainly for my legs. I get horrific, painful in-grown hairs on my calves & I'm so sick of it that I'd love to just get rid of my hair permanently and be done with it!
I was thinking about that too. I've stopped my biogenie for now. It worked wonders on my cellulite, and it definitely reshaped my fat areas, but it didn't help me lose weight or a significant amount of inches..just kind of compacted the fat I already had. It's not a bad effect. My legs look great for being saggy skin or cellulite dimples...but I decided to wait until I lose a significant amount of weight to do it again.

I would LOVE to have my underarm hair permanently removed. If anyone gets brave, I'd love to hear if it works.
i am scheduled for a consult this week. i will keep you posted!

pixie, your MIL is just on the annuity plan! she probably doesn't even realise that her constant dieting and exercise equipment are really signs of the same kind of vanity.

i admit it, i am "vain". i'll probably get botoxed when the time presents itself, and if i had the money, i'd get some liposuction on my lower half and maybe a boob lift.

can you get lipo on arms?
you can get lipo anywhere as far as i know But after my girlfriend had what was considered a successful session of it that left her with scars and a lumpy ass i wouldn't recommend it. seriously, she was better off before.
And another girlfriend had a boob lift that left her chronic back and neck pain. they actually shorten some of the muscles in your chest to do the lift and the referred pain can be quite intense and never goes away.
just my two cents there.
botox, oh yes i will please. a clinic recently opened up in my town and they're getting a pretty good reputation. i'm checking them out.
ditto laser hair removal. when i have the money you betcher butt i'm going. i get wretched ingrowns too. legs, bikini, knees especially. i love summer but the shaving and/or waxing is a painful and useless ordeal for me.
and if there is anything, ANYTHING that i find that works for shrinking my big pores i will endure any kind of pain and gladly shell out the dough for it.
Pepper, where do you get the in-grown hairs on your legs? Mine are mainly on the inside of my calves. I get them other places, too, but it's especially bad there. I remember one time I was hanging out with my BestGalPal & I sat on the floor cross-legged, exposing my poor inner calves ... upon seeing them, she exclaimed, "Carnage!!" I had awful red bumps and scabs all over. It's that bad. And I try exfoliating & everything, but nothing seems to work. Even if I don't shave my legs for months, I'll still get these nasty things.

Another annoying thing. I have ultra-pale skin & dark hair. Even if I shave, it still looks like I haven't because you can see the roots of my hair through my skin. I am that translucent. So if I don't have red bumps on my legs, I still have black polkadots. Infuriating!

I found this FAQ about laser hair removal. Interesting read.
i have the same problem with pale skin + dark hair - pointless to shave.

i get some ingrowns around the bikini line.
ingrown hairs all over the bikini line, though it's more like itchy red bumps a day or two after shaving that keep me from being able to shave again until the hair is noticably grown back in. makes going to the beach or pool more than two days in a row a no go.
and all over my legs, calves, knees, thighs. even where i don't shave at all like my upper outter thighs and butt. the hairs there are so super fine and invisible that i think they get friction rubbed off by my clothing and leave teensy little rough patches of wee bumps. not nice at all. but not super welty super red like what you're describing so maybe i have it as bad but in a different way. i hate it so much. exfoliating seems to help me but it isn't a cure.
i don't know about under the arm because i just don't shave there at all. trim, yes, but that skin looks really weird to me naked.
that link to laser hair removal was really great, thanks for that. 6-8 times though, yikes! that is a LOT of money. guess it's worth it though, imagine not having to shave and suffer ever again!
Great reading rose! I am definitely thinking about it now. But I will probably wait until fall. Must make sure Mr. P gets a good teaching job before I embark on expensive cosmetic things. But then again, I do have my equity check from Mr. Dust. That is what I used to pay for my biogenie. Mr. P let's me use it each month for something frivolous or cosmetic...a back rub,manicure whatever. Kind of in a twisted way, repairing the damage to the phychy the divorce inflicted.
hey girls,
i had ingrown problems too. red dots everywhere...
i found this pfb lotion on google and decided to use it. what do i have to lose worked!!! one bottle is $20. i can use one bottle for about 8 months. no more razor bumps or ingrown hair. hope this would work for you too. i will post pic my leg later. i took them before and after.
No ingrown hairs here, so far... But yes, I am doing Botox and fillers since two years and I absolutely love it.
As far as lipo is concerned: Naaa. Some of my girlfriends had it done and they look better in clothes - but in a bikini you see lots of bumbs and saggy skin. Plus it's one of the riskier procedures. I am not against it - I don't live in other women's skin and have no right to judge - but it is something I would research well before doing it.
What are "fillers?"

Can you get just like the "number 11" done in between your eyebrows--and have 'em leave the rest of your forehead alone?

*wants a facelift...and a breast lift...and a...*
Fillers are injectables that can fill up the folds between your nose and lips, your lips, cheeks and other places. It works great if you have a skinny face like me, fuller faces usually don't need them. Most of them are temporarily and last up to a year. For wrinkles between your eyebrows you would rather use Botox. It relaxes the muscles and creates a more softer look. It last 3-4 months. Yes, you can leave the rest of the forehead alone and just target specific areas.
Oh I want laser hair removal so badly! My legs and underarms, at least. My ex boyfriend's gay uncle works at a place where they do it. And he's told me that he would get me a discounted price. Of course, he's made all kinds of jokes about doing my bikini area. Not really his cup of tea. Hehehe

I was reading an article in the doctor's office about Lipo. And some of the before and after pictures can be pretty convincing. But have you actually ever saw them do the procedure on the Discovery Health Channel? OMG No way could I EVER!!!

I have a couple of frown wrinkles between my eyebrows that I'd like to have botox for. But I'm afraid that I will get addicted. My doctor tells me the simple solution is to stop frowning. But I can't help it that that thinking/frowning look is natural to me. I guess I'll have to take the wrinkles that comes with it!

hey all- I went last night to get my first laser hair removal consultation. it went really well. i had done a lot of calling around for prices, etc, so i had a good idea of what it'd cost.

After looking at my leg hair, the woman told me that I don't have that much, so she wouldn't charge me for the full leg! So, it'll be $300 per treatment for the full leg. She said bikini line is $250/treatment. I'm thinking I should just do the leg part, because the bikini line costs a lot for such a small area, and it takes more treatments to work.

I have my first appt. next Monday night, so I'll post after that and let y'all know how it goes.
cool! Keep us updated. If it doesn't hurt, maybe I'll go for the underarms!

Has anyone here had breast implants?
It's something that's been in the back of my mind for many years, and I'm actually considering it now.

Any stories? -Horror, or otherwise!
I haven't had it, but my SIL did. There are two ways to have it done. One is through the nipple and teh other is through the armpit, under the muscle. My SIL had it under the muscle and it was pretty painful recovery from what I hear, but it is supposed to feel more natural. I have felt one that was through the nipple and it felt like an overstuffed water balloon and was kinda creepy feeling.
I don't know if that helps at all.
I had my first laser hair treatment on friday. dang, it hurt. They said it was like a rubber band being snapped on your skin, which I thought would hurt. But what it actually feels like, is a tiny little zap of electricity and it fucking hurts. especially the bikini area. i mean, it wasn't like getting an iud put in or anything, but it stung and hurt and throbbed.

i had some issues with the money and stuff, and i didn't end up getting the full treatment, so i'm really frustrated, because now i have to work all of this out with them. Good reminder to get everything in writing and review it before they start on the treatment.

But really, it was no big deal. They glop on a ton of this cold lube like stuff and then rub the laser around, and when it zaps a hair you can hear it snap, and you sure can feel it. after, my legs were all red and spotty, but that faded after a few hours. My bikini area is still all spotty, but i think it's because i had to shave that area before.

anyways, they just emialed me back about the $$ so they better not be screwing me! i'll keep you all updated. I won't have another treatment for like 6 weeks or so.
Maddy, do you know about how much it would cost just to do the crotch? Do you think it would be unbearable to have the whole area done, except for a little landing strip? Oh, and does this usually work in one session, or do you have to have it done multiple times before the hair is gone for good? I'm getting real tired of shaving...
they told me the bikini line is $250 but if you want almost all of it gone, it'll be a lot more-like $500? i think it would hurt a lot, honestly. but it wasn't like SO awful, just more hurty than i expected. i imagine if you've ever waxed your pubes, it doesn't hurt any worse than that, probably less than that actually. i'm pretty wimpy smile.gif

also, the pubes are the darkest and stuff, so it takes more sessions. The place I'm going to says that the bikini area can take up to 8 treatments! They say 6-8, and that's getting a treatment every 6-8 weeks. So, it reallllly adds up.
No kidding... I think I'll stick to shaving, at least till I get a real job!
yeah, it's really expensive! some places say it takes more like 3-4 treatments, but it just depends on the person, your coloring, your hair color, how much hair your have, and the place you go....
maddy, what happens if you stop after a few treatments? Does it grow back thinner/lighter? Or will it come back full-strength? Or...?
i don't really know. honestly i feel so confused by it. i feel like a dumbass because hi, it's just hair removal! but it seems compliated. they told me that after three treatments i'll really see a big change. they said about 10 days after my first treatment i'll see some "shedding" but it's not that noticeable?

it's only been a week so ill see in a few days if anything happens. right now i feel like it was so dumb and didnt' do anything! but, it hurt like hell, so that's gotta mean something smile.gif

there's a lot of stuff online, if you google it, message boards and stuff.

I thought the laser only worked on dark hair? I have about ten hairs on each eyebrow that I'd like removed forever, but they're light blonde so I was under the impression I couldn't get laser...
Ven, I've done a little research on this. The best source of info I've found so far is this FAQ from a hair removal forum. In your situation, though, I think they would recommend electrolisis over the laser. The laser seems to be used over a large area. But if it's small enough that you can actually count the individual hairs you want removed, then electrolisis is your best bet.

Octinoxate, check out the FAQ I linked to above. It says that you have to have multiple sessions because hair grows in phases. The treatments can get rid of the hairs that are actively growing. The extra treatments are used to get rid of the hairs that were dormant during previous treatments & have grown in since then.

A part of me is still interested in doing this on my calves. I've gotten a few reeeeeally painful in-grown hairs on my legs this week & I'm just so sick of this. But it's so expensive!
If you have light hair, they will probably tell you not to waste your money. Well, any reputable place will. They told me it wasn't worth going over my whole thigh, because they just weren't hearing any "ZAPs" which meant nothing was getting lasered.

the laser is attracted to the darkness of the pigment, so if you have light hair, the laser may not pick it up.

It IS expensive, and I have a feeling it'll be even more than I bargained for. I'm doing my legs and bikini line for $550/treatment. And I figure about 4-5 treatments for the legs, possibly more for the bikini. so yikes, it's a LOT of money. But, to think of never having to shave again, or buy razors or have bumps or nice. After I shave, my legs itch SO BAD for 2 days, at times I've scratched them til they bled. So, shaving is really a dumb thing, as far as I can see-for me.

Ah I'm ramblin'

It's been about 10 days since I had my first treatment. I've noticed that some of the hairs don't seem to be growing. And, some are just falling out randomly. So that's exciting! I'm going again on Friday for them to do the spots they missed (due to confusion about what I was actually paying for)
ok, this laser stuff is so fricking cool! a LOT of my leg hair has fallen out, they are patchy looking now. my bikini line just kinda hasn't grown back in, it's weird. i can totally see how after 3-4 treatments, i just won't really have any more hair. yay! i was kinda skeptical about this actually working, but it is.
i'm kind of excited. one of my dearest friends got botox this last week. i was afraid that she would look plastic faced, but she was the same, more or less. i asked her about it and she said her rationale was simply, why not. she and i are about the same age, although people regularly mistake me for being in my late 20's/early 30's. we're both about early to mid 40's. she was telling me the woman who did her botox has a vacation home down in mexico and is familiar with some of the tourist hospitals down there. she said that a complete facelift that would cost 20,000, goes for about 6000, down there. my friend said that she decided she was gonna start saving to go down there in 2015, the year she would be turning 50. i'm kinda debating going down with her and getting as much done as i can, which would be up to 5 cosmetic procedures, depending on how much i can save.....
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