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Full Version: More Little Pieces of Happiness
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all green lights on the way to work!
Four glasses of wine, and lots of bad television to watch on MTV: Teen Mom anyone?

Also, my apartment is resembling its once clean state for once.... ahhh... lovely.

nicklick: when I was a teenager and driving to rowing at 530 am I used to drive super fast down roads to try to make as many greens as I could. There's nothing like the feeling of being the only person on the road.... OR the feeling of hitting all greens...
my place is clean today too!

my cousin lives in manhattan and speeds down the avenues like that late at night, rolling up to red lights hoping they turn green quick. it's fun and ahhhhhhhhhh at the same time!
Christmas eve/morning, even though I don't celebrate.....I woke up several times in the night, felt Soulman wrapped around me, smiled and thought, "My boy," and snuggled in closer, like he was my Christmas present.

I feel like a total dork for writing that.
Doodlebug, that's cute!

Chiming in on the cleaniness of my house as well. We redecorated the living room as well.
Days upon days to get movies reviewed and read my new books!
Perhaps off for a hike if I can muster the energy.

Hot chocolate with cream.
The new 30 Seconds To Mars album.
A nice, clean apartment.
Having books up the wazoo to read (even though I can barely find the time), and more on the way to me.
This song. Goodness, I love it.

I'm a happy girl this week.
I bought a bass guitar.


I named it Hazel. 'Cause it's black and witchy looking, and neither Rhiannon nor Stevie Nicks seemed to fit. And it kinda goes with my guitar's name....which is Bazil (ironically, named after a bass player).
The $20 bill I found in my winter coat I (finally) pulled out for the season...not to mention a nice pair of sunglasses that I thought I lost!
Three episodes in a row of Will & Grace. It's the first day of my period, I'm tired and crampy but this put me in a great mood!
Tea. Copious amounts of tea, in all different flavours.

And also, the warmth that comes with tea; the lovely kind that spreads from the inside out.

i came to praise tea also. strong, black, english tea, after this RIDICULOUS day of work.

i hear ya on the gouda.

Peeking in the Lounge after a long absence and catching up on everyone :-)
Making Mrs. Rouges Valentines Day card.
It's been a while....

True Blood coming back soon!

My local greengrocers staying open late on Thursdays.

Not having to stay as late at work as expected.
Seen while I was weeding the backyard -- one ladybug on top of another ladybug. The bottom ladybug was traversing the plant they were on, the whole time, from stem to the top of a leaf to the bottom of the leaf and around and around. The top ladybug kept going at it enthusiastically regardless.

I said hopefully, "Be fruitful!" (ladybugs are beneficial predators and I've got too many aphids and whiteflies) and then called a bunch of people to tell them about the ladybugs getting it on in my yard.
I once saw slug sex at work and had to tell every one about it.
The DVR and all the recordings of Friends and Cosby that it has for me smile.gif I am LOVING that!!
Piece and quiet the sounds of nature, family and beaches. You just can't beat that.
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