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Full Version: More Little Pieces of Happiness
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The sound of a hard cover book being cracked open for the first time.
girl scout cookies are in! i'm up to my ears in thin mints.
Watching my little black cat laying on his back in the only patch of sun in the room, squirming and coo-ing with delight at the warmth.
warm sunny days


my dogs napping with me on the sofa
fabulous books


my cat sleeping on my tummy when I'm in bed and staying beside me all night long

knowing I'll see the boy in less than 48 hours

impending birthdays, even if I am getting old
walking through the city with my ipod on and headphones in, making the music a soundtrack for the walk.

I love that. I feel like I'm in a movie or something. It makes me so happy and grateful to be alive and in a great place.
Thought I'd share an article on the science of happiness:

You each deserve a virtual pat on the back for finding these gems in the every day. Happiness takes effort!
The smell of spring and autumn.


The smell of coffee.


The puppers snuggling with me at night.


good hair day.

leftover pizza in the fridge waiting for dinner tonite.
Sunny days that aren't too hot, aren't too cool

Lunch date with a friend today

Lying in bed with my mister early in the AM when he's still asleep
Beauty & her Bass
- veggie chipotle with extra guacamole

- getting my engagement ring...and him getting a certified non-blood diamond (in emerald cut!!!!)

- no paper work to do tonight

- putting together a good play list
three day weekends!!! smile.gif
2 1/2 day weekend for me, but i'll take it!
drunk dials at 4 am from the guy I like

not stressing about work, even though everyone else is.

the city. i love it.

friends randomly calling me at 11pm to say they're right around the corner, thinking of me and do I want to grab a quick drink.

Clothes delivery! Items chosen online look like they may actually fit!

Beautiful weather. Opportunity to start wearing spring/summer wardrobe at last.

Nice plans for tomorrow, making a change from moldering at home all day/all weekend.

Dinner out tomorrow night!

Work window between projects, utterly justifying screwing around on the internets all afternoon in advance of new project starting Monday...

--Packing a really good lunch for work
--NPR podcasts
--Threadless T-shirts
--Hugs from my mom
--a nice breeze when you are sleeping
--good tea and great book in front of an open window when it is barely raining, you know the smell
--clearance stuff @ target
--completed term papers
--a nice breeze when you are sleeping
--good tea and great book in front of an open window when it is barely raining, you know the smell

mmmm i hear ya, sparrow.

-sunday mornings, laying on the floor in front of open windows, a cool and brisk breeze, a fleece blanket, the NYTs, internet radio (, and a giant bagel.
  1. sleeping in
  2. going for long walks
  3. bubble tea with friends
  4. not feeling like I have to hide what I'm thinking
  5. corny jokes
  6. making my father laugh
  7. warm spring days
  8. trips to the library that result in carrying home an armful of books
  9. bunny luv
  10. and yes, a clean kitchen does make me happy
when he loves my friends and his friends love my friends and my friends love him and his friends.

everybody loving me!

feeling like a big happy family.
The smell of spring and rain.

Sitting in the park watching puppers sniff around.

Sleeping and dreaming.

A clean house.

Sitting outside in a not too hot day.


Talking to my parents.

Walking to ice cream parlour with my good friend on summer evenings.

Motorcycle rides.

Kitty ears.

Making summer plans with the girls.

Wet n Wild eyeshadow.

Finally starting to get over the Death Flu.
My mother's smile.

When Mr. Arc is asleep and reaches out for me without even knowing it.

The ham-and-cheese sandwich I am currently eating.

The first sunny day after endless grey winter ones.

When a song I used to listen to obsessively in junior high or high school comes on the radio when I don't expect it and I instantly feel x-age again.

Caesar salad.

Being blissfully ignorant.

Getting my first "grown up" bed (by this I mean any bed bigger than a single/twin!).


Dreaming about the future, even if those dreams might never become realities.


Clear summer nights.

the above, but also having a man present.



Licking cake batter off the beaters.

Ice Cream.


Warm baths.
--Homemade vegetable and chicken soup
--Minute Maid 5 calorie lemonade
--replies on Bust forums
--Simpsons DVD Box sets
--frozen yogurt
--knowing you never have to go to Grant writing class again (!!!)
--sending cards to your grandma
--turning over the calender to a new month and getting to see a new picture
--new notebooks and highlighters
--having all the laundry done
spring tulips

evening grossbeaks

afternoon naps
blueberry pancakes eaten on the deck in the sun
a duckpond, cracked pepper and salmon wrap with lemon-oregano-asiago dressing, a hot boy photographer to ogle, and a beautiful sunshiny park to enjoy them all in
breezy sundays with hearts of space music
Cotton candy ice cream.

My sister.


The internet.

Knowing that in a few hours me and Mr.Daisy will be the caretaker to 3, day-old, baby kittens who were abandoned.
ice cream. planet earth. 420. the beach. and my kitties.
mango icecream bars after grilled burgers eaten outside

the knowledge that the contracots are starting on the basement in the morning

watching my belly move with the baby kicks

"i love you" said by me beautiful son

goodnight kisses from my hubby
sleeping in late

waking up to the feeling of the cool damp morning air on my face from the window above

hearing birds tweeting and the trashmen out front

hearing my pugs snoring softly on either side of me

shelby seeing that i'm awake and yawning as she slides her fat little belly over to me for her morning pet

remembering that there is a hamsteak downstairs with my name on it in the fridge for breakfast

Good morning busties!
a big piece of chocolate cake
mmmm, shiny, I have some watermelon to eat.

lazy weekend with reading; making mix CD for friend; movies, popcorn and beer; cooking

singing along to mix CD and ignoring the disparaging comments from family

BAGS and buying new ones

amazon order about to be dispatched


bubble baths

my kitty curled up on my bed with me ALL day
Yes, yes Bunny B! Popcorn, new bags and amazon orders all make the inordinately happy list!
Going to trip to Portland in 4 days

Kitty being with my all day... smile.gif

Really good chocolate ice cream

i love portland! have fun!
portland, oregon or portland, maine?

been to the latter, not the former, and the maine town is pretty cool...
corn on the cob with a little butter, salt, and pepper.....mmmmm.....
my son getting his chores done with out being asked!
1/2 work day friday!
long weekend!
summer weather!

(exclamation points!!!!!)
... sitting outside my house... listening to all the different bird songs...

rhubarb crisp...

... the heat...
Oyster fritters!

Making my friend laugh until she nearly wets herself.

Dancing around my living room with my dog.

Cuddling my pet rat Mosy.She smells so sweet and is all soft.
Then putting her back down on her free range table and having her come back for more cuddles!!
Watching my ratties eat their dinner and then groom their little ears all content.
Oh and watching them yawn...again all content. smile.gif
second hand shopping an finding great deals o treasures!
ba-da-bump! for mouse. maybe.
blueberry pancakes with blueberry maple syrup.
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