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skiing with my boy amazing 18in of fresh powder! what a morning!
Finishing your taxes and receiving some fabulous boots in the mail all on the same day.
Okay, well, I didn't get any boots, but some spring clothes would be nice: Finishing your taxes, filing online, and not spending a penny of your refunds on paying someone else (or to a software program) to do them for you! The satisfaction that comes from doing it myself! The relief that I didn't wait until the 11th hour! Direct deposit of my refunds! cool.gif
The cat curled up and purring beside my pillow when I wake up.
Christine Nectarine
A new ice cream shop opening next door to my building! yes, after dinner deliciousness will be 15 steps away. here comes more sugar than i need!
The granting of a wish, a sister to help in the madness of end-of-the-semester grading and preparations for a big family visit.
I got grants for the next two semesters.
I can't even begin to tell you what a relief that is. I had a 4 year scholarship, so I never had to worry about tuition and all the other dumb fees that they tack on. But it took me forever to pick a major, so I have another year or two at university. The scholarship runs out for me after this semester, so I was reeeeaaaally hoping hard to get grants (along with the other scholarship I was awarded, which doesn't even fully cover tuition).
Chairman Miaow
The discovery of a vegan meetup within walking distance, a week from today.
former bff/good friend not having breast cancer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

having a neighbor we hardly know stop by & tell us about a uber cheap rabies clinic in the parking lot of the grocery down the road; I got both puppies up to date for 3 years for only $5** each !

getting back & the heavy rain starting 10 minutes later so no wet puppy smell in the casa.. it's like the Gods are smiling on us smile.gif
I blew the dust off the 'ole acoustic bass the other day, dug out the notebook filled with tabs of my favorite songs that I spent many an hour printing off the internets back in the day, and proceeded to play for 2 hours straight. Total happiness, especially because this was the first time I'd even touched the bass in 3 or 4 years. I was never much more than a novice to begin with, so I was pleasantly surprised how quickly it all came back to me and how much easier it seems now the second time around. And I've played for at least an hour every day since! So yay for rediscovering dormant passions!

and while I'm here:

I went to the library after work and stocked up on Francesca Lia Block books and Gilmore Girls's hoping the rainy cold weather we've been having lasts through the weekend! *ducks*

And also this hilarious interview the Fug Girls linked to with the nether creature that is Bai Ling, in which she ruminates on her Eight Little Spirits in Miniskirts (her words of course) and her forthcoming book Nipples: A Novel, not to be confused with her unrelated forthcoming movie Nipples: Secrets of My Dreams. I literally lol'ed. Oh, Bai. Never leave us. Never.
breaking bread with good friends. I love the combination of good food and good people. (Dang, that's a lot of good)
Upcoming Gigs! May 9 at an out of town coffee house, and June 5/6 at the local live music dive! AND I just got my application (and Soulman's) into the city for their weekly live music event. WOOT!!!!!!
Students feeling comfortable calling themselves feminists after a semester in the classroom with me.
All As for the term. I was sweating one of them.

Don't mean to hog the thread, just been ridiculously happy lately.
Strawberry-banana Yogurt with Cheerios sprinkled in it. I truly believe this should replace cereal.
finding a freckle on my foot!
my MOM boasting to her friends about my new tatt. strange days are here! wacko.gif
Fondu parties.
Showing up with the whole band at a local jam we haven't been to in 3 months, recognizing almost no one, and overhearing, "Hey, I think that's Scully and the Mulders."

Playing with the band and seeing all the heads turn, and more bodies coming in from outside, and people singing along and grooving and clapping and shaking and even dancing.

Knowing with all your being that you were meant to do something, and finally doing it.
doodle that is SO KICK ASS! congrats! yay for doodle!
yah Doodle! that's fantastic!!

buying My Very First *NEW* Car today. biggrin.gif
Ewan McGregor & Craig Ferguson cracking each other up the other night on TV. Priceless.
Eleven hours of uninterrupted sleep, after many nights of very little sleep and very many portions. My body needed a rest.

(And woot!!! freckleface. My girl has been around for almost nine years now, and I've never really regretted it. It is so nice to have reliable transportation)
Having a quickie in the morning when you're already running really, really late for work :D
Noticing his toothbrush in the bathroom an hour after he's left for work. And two hours later, discovering his shampoo. Realizing that we no longer belong in the crush section on the Bust boards. And yay Humanist! We've taken to getting off before sleep and before getting out of bed in the morning. It surely brightens the day.
Mcgeek coming home finally, and the ability to spoil him.

Listening to the rain and playing some jazz.

Going into an audition (your first ever audition for anything since Senior Swing Choir in the eleventh grade), looking the "committee" members all in the eye when you open up your mouth to sing, knowing every note is coming out perfectly, and watching them all start scribbling furiously in their notebooks after about two bars.

Going busking on a Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market, and having the Daily News guy ask if he can take your photo, and then have him come back for MORE information about your upcoming performances after he reads your flyer.

Going busking with your lover on a Saturday morning, for the second weekend in a row, and once again earning enough money to keep both of you fed and entertained for the whole weekend.

Food earned by making music tastes WAY better than food earned by processing lottery subscriptions or upholstering furniture.

Playing a private gig for a potluck, discovering most of the guests are folks you know, and having ALL of them sit quietly and listen instead of chattering.

All of this in one day!!
doodlebug, the kind that just keeps on growing and growing every single day.

Yeah, I've turned into a sap. wink.gif
mott's instant hot cider packets (caramel, spice, original, granny smith...) hot, sweeter than tea, and un-caffeinated for those of us who have had 5 diet cokes already today.
thinking about kitties, puppies (cute ones, just so you know), and moonbeams.

laughing at my own stupid in jokes (if i don't do it, who else will?)

cheddar, beemaster, and bacon nachos. yummy!

pineapple ice tea. *sigh*
Christine Nectarine
red sparkle nail polish.

rekindling friendships.

being surprised by people you love.
talking to my dad today for an hour

hearing from old friends

getting thru a brutal workout today

anna k
Seeing my writing published on the website for the film magazine that I intern for.

Watching girls in a dance class that I attend do a jazzy routine to Janet Jackson's Pleasure Principle, and when seeing the instructor afterwards, saying that I should be in her class (since she knows how much I enjoy dancing). It felt so sweet and warm and made me feel happy.

Sweet and sour tofu. It comes in packages, and is delicious.
when I reached out to someone who's work and just vibe in general I really admire, but who I don't know that well, to ask if she'd like to get together next time I'm in town - and she was just as excited to get together with me as I am to get together with her (maybe more so!) I was so flattered, she helped me see myself a little differently than I do from the inside. smile.gif
Fresh white bread with maple butter on it.

Grocery trips with my mom.
These funny little packages that I've been sending my friends lately - little goodies, trinkets that I find - anything that I can put stickers on and play with markers for is a good thing.

My lover-kitty Rufus, who always reminds me that I'm loved.

Chinese food.

Sweet Heat dip [local farmers' market vendors sell candied jalapenos - grind it up, mix it with cream cheese, and get hooked!]

Josh Rouse, at the moment.

Laughing my fool head off.
Yay @ Thebeesknees! Making stuff and sending it in the mail is the best. I've also been doing that lately.

Lately, I've been really wanting more female friends, as the majority of the ones I have now are somewhat difficult to reach or make plans with. I met a girl off the internet yesterday, after discovering that she just lives down the street from me and she's really awesome. I'd like to meet a few more smile.gif

The fact that it is now officially Friday in my time zone, which means my baby girl (okay, bulldog) is two! Happy birthday, Eleanor Roosevelt!

Snuggling with said dog and her older brother while they fall asleep.
Watching an amazing thunderstorm from my balcony.

Homemade lemonade and a fresh sesame bagel with cream cheese.

Discovering a tiny, secret park in a quiet part of my neighbourhood.
gourmet asiago cream cheese on wheat crackers
QUOTE(foryoursplendor @ Jun 25 2009, 03:49 PM) *
Yay @ Thebeesknees! Making stuff and sending it in the mail is the best. I've also been doing that lately.

If only I knew how to burn CDs by now, I'd totally get in on that action. Someday maybe.

Which reminds me of the iPod I've had in the package since March that I have to start filling. I. Am. So. Lazy. Ugh. Wait, that's not happy stuff...

...but the fruit tartlets from the bakery down the street from my work are. Yum yum! I bought two today! *sigh* Too bad they close on Sunday sad.gif

Does anyone remember reading that Fortunately, Unfortunately book as a kid? [or adult]
Does anyone remember reading that Fortunately, Unfortunately book as a kid? [or adult]

yes! i used to write my own when i was a kid.
QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ Jun 26 2009, 03:02 PM) *
yes! i used to write my own when i was a kid.

I did that too laugh.gif
meeting a personal hero.

(TheBeesKnees, where are you in Nebraska? I grew up there.)
QUOTE(period_monster @ Jun 28 2009, 05:33 PM) *
meeting a personal hero.

(TheBeesKnees, where are you in Nebraska? I grew up there.)

Oooh! Who'd you meet? I live in Bellevue [right outside of Omaha, for those unfamiliar with Nebraska smile.gif
A break in the oppressive summer heat! It feels spring-like today.

My friend's pool.

A new engagement ring.

Having very good friends witnessing the whole proposal.

(BK, who did you meet?)
anna k
Doing a great jazz routine in dance class to Michael Jackson's PYT, totally feeling cute and flirty, and the teacher openly praising me in front of everyone.

Running into an old friend earlier this week and being surprised but happy to see her.

Making a new guy friend who is very geeky and sweet and fun to be around.

Working at a film magazine and seeing my writing published in both print and online.
Happiness is......finally gaining SOME fucking tiny corner of mastery over bar chords.....

Happiness is......last night, the Anarchist - a serious, seasoned, gifted musician, and also my bandmate, and also somewhat like Henry Higgins in my life, in terms of how hard he pushes me - telling me that, with my voice and my developing guitar chops, I could probably make a pretty good living playing music.....

Happiness is......a Tim Hortons' double-double.....
anna k
Meeting my new co-worker and finding out we attended the same college, and felt good to get to know her.

Having fun in my dance class, even I got constructive criticism from the instructor, she still complimented me on a floor move, so I felt happy about that.

Reading Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, and really enjoying it.
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