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Full Version: More Little Pieces of Happiness
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expensive chocolate
Spending New Year's with the men I love most in the world - my bandmates.

Making my bass player wake up his six-year old daughter, whom I adore to bits, for midnight smooches.

Spending New Year's with one bandmate in particular, Soulman, who seemed loathe to be parted from me.

When I asked Soulman at midnight what he wished for in 2009, he said one word to me: "Love."
wireless router, wireless router!

oh man, nothing like giving a pipe to the crack addict.
People saying thank you and seeing smiles everyday. biggrin.gif
... and jewelry! and starbucks!
though it's been very cold in Chicago for the last week, it's been VERY sunny, and that's all I ask for : )
waking up to sweet kitty toes in my face

introducing a teenage girl to the joys of minor league hockey

the color pink
Christine Nectarine
blood oranges. mmmmm...
my electric space heater on a cold day!
Cupcakes enough said wub.gif
- Having a job that is not at a call centre, where people are super nice and respect you, don't get angry when you call in sick, and who actually call and/or leave messages regarding your well-being, and where the phone doesn't ring all day non-stop.
- The light in the winter; it's just so different than summer light and I love it, especially at dusk.
- Getting a text from Rogueboy saying that he loves me and wishes that I had been able to come to the movie with him and his best friend (and how he respects the fact that I couldn't go because I must get up at 5:00 a.m. for aforementioned awesome job).
- My two beautiful little fur babies waiting for me at the door when I come home at night. =)
Snow days!
anna k
Eating the goat cheese/cranberry/pecan/mesclun greens salad from Whole Foods. It's such a delicious combination.

Giving a big friendly smile to a cute guy at the gym who helped me out while I was weightlifting.

Spending the day yesterday watching a kickass movie and a fantastic dance show.

raw cookie dough

lying in bed and watching a whole season of weeds in one hit

My prof canceling class.

Having time to bust.
Acing the job interview this morning and knowing in my heart I'm the best candidate for the I just have to WAIT to hear! ARRGH!

The look of absolute adoration and love in his eyes last night, as he gently teased my about my cooking education (or lack thereof).

I will get to see him again tonight, when he picks me up after work.

This big bowl of split pea/ham (with dill!) soup from the deli down the street.

The quart of fresh green herb stashed in my guitar case, right here under my desk, for later on tonight.

Band practice tonight! How can you lose on a day that starts with a job interview and ends with band practice?
Parallel parking on the first try!!!!
Realizing the days really ARE getting longer!


Puppy kisses.
Everything in my fridge amounting to an amazing salad (crunchy-sweet cabbage, grated carrots, sliced radish, fresh mint and italian parsley, apples, and raisins), eaten in the midday sun at our tiny kitchen table.

The temperature rising to above freezing! Yay! Kicking half thawed ice chunks off our front porch!

snow thunder!
snow falling in the city.
tom yum, egg drop or hot and sour soup.....

living across the street from my favorite dim sum restaurant.

loving the direction my sketches are going 24 hours later
dancing till you sweat out your entire water supply at a rock and roll show
best friend's birthdays, champagne, surprise parties
impromptu transvestite dance parties in the living room
things that you were dreading being cancelled
figuring out what you want to do
grilled sandwiches
sharing the exact same taste in music with your super sexy amazing boyfriend, cd exchanges
doing things you always wanted to but for some reason never did
electric blankets.
melting snow.
finding out that the receptionist working underneath our ceiling di-electric union repair project was *way* impressed and remarked to my co-worker who was handing me up stuff, "wow, that was a woman and she just climbed right up in the ceiling?!"

To which my co-worker said, "that's nothing, she is also in her forties"

receptionist was absolutely beside herself. tongue.gif I do love those moments.
A perfectly packed grocery bag. I often cringe watching the food I have carefully selected being manhandled on its way out the door. Last night, a young woman placed my groceries into my grocery sack thoughtfully. It was a beautiful moment.
using all my recycled/cloth shopping bags at the grocery & hardware stores today;
it feels good to know I am doing good for mother earth.
good hightlights, haircut, and style day of the week. anticipation for friday and the weekend at an all-time high
-sex every day for the last few days
-having the week end off work
-losing 3lbs in a week
-new make up
-going swimming
-getting to book hotels for my trip to Ireland
monday brunch dim sum
finding kimchi "snack packs"
an apartment finally clean enough so that i can work on my paintings
ramune soda
tale of two sisters
an afternoon with an old friend, and remembering why she's the shit
anna k
Watching dance routines from MTV's America's Best Dance Crew and digging it, even downloading some songs because the routines were fantastic.
Feeling stronger in doing balancing core workouts and not realizing that I could do it at first.

foryoursplendor, you are awesome for all of those things listed.
- getting exponentially better at drums due to practising 45 minutes every day
- letters from my boy
- being obsessed over
- new music, all the time
- only five and a half weeks of school left (busy ones, but still)
Christine Nectarine
-the fact that my kiddo still likes to blow me kisses when she's walking to school with her friends
-15 degrees celcius!
-having a best friends since age 8
-throwing surprise parties
What!?! 15 in Toronto?
the hockey game tonight & my fav player (#14- he has a Mohawk & a 'rowdy spirit;) in the last 5 seconds of the game.. throwing down & causing a melee on the ice, resulting in a 5 minute penalty for "Instigating."
- I know it's barbaric & I'm rapidly approaching Middle Age but- that's My Boy!! biggrin.gif

decorating my front glass door w/ the flag of Ireland jell clings, and planning on hanging the Big flag from the front porch soon too. (hello: Fightin' Irish is totally ME! laugh.gif )

foryoursplendor: where are you staying when you go to Erie?
Christine Nectarine
QUOTE(edie52 @ Mar 7 2009, 12:04 AM) *
What!?! 15 in Toronto? only lasted a day, but it was the perfect medicine for the winter blues!
mmm 15 in toronto at least. it was such a tease though
getting a reply to an email from my oldest, best friend, who knew me when i was a boy in highschool, where he tells me i'm gorgeous, followed by him giving me so much shit i pee myself laughing. remembering how he was always the first one in line to support me but then give me a smart assy, sardonic comment that was much deeper and sweeter than it seemed at first blush.
The shine in his eyes and the softness in his face when he looks at me.

Saying "I love you." (Or even just, "Love ya.")

Hearing "I love you." (Or even just, "Love you too, kiddo.")

Finally finding someone with whom I am truly compatible, and neither of us gives a shit if he is 16 years older than me.
Yesterday I bought a black vintage 1940s tailcoat, and I know exactly how I'm going to wear it.
Chihuahua Puzzle
whether i play it alone or against friends just giving myself over to it for a time always heards the random wandering thoughts swirling through my head back into line

Showing up at work just before 4:30 with a bouquet of unusual flowers, for no reason, and all the ladies in my office asking what did he do to bring you those, and being able to reply, nothing, he just does these things 'cause he's wonderful.
hearing a voicemail from my best friend wishing me luck today
losing weight
great sunny days
Listening to him talk about building this here and moving that there, and then "maybe we can even grow a garden out front, or on the roof!" And even though you suspected all his abstract discussions about renovating were about you, you finally realized it in that moment.
finding a super cute dress for 75% off!
wearing high heels for the first time since june 08 and not feeling like an enormous freak
A crazy long email from him, just when I've convinced myself it's one-sided.
A two-hour, Sunday afternoon, "it's finally Spring!" walk into town, and then back through Riverside Park, arm-in-arm with the man I love.
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