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Full Version: More Little Pieces of Happiness
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a nice massage

pleasing music

feeling loved
Sixty Belgian women agree . . .

Whatever makes you happy, whatever you want.
Mrs. Rouge

Ya-Ya must know that I am getting to the end of my rope with him waking me as soon as the sun rises for food. It was slightly cooler last night so he curled up under my arm, next to my belly while I was falling asleep and was still there when I woke up. How could I be annoyed with him anymore?

And then I saw a doberman prancing around with his human this morning. I have a weakness for Dobermans. They are such lovers.
My album of awesome sky photos reminding me of how gorgeous our planet is.
getting 4 phone calls + 1 IM from the mr in the past 3 days

an old friendship renewed (sorta maybe?)

finding vintage emo phillips clips on youtube & sharing them w/ frecklette, who cracked up right along w/ me
hamburgers and really salty french fries
grilled corn. yummy.

veggie booty (the snack food).
As far as food goes... How about spoonfuls of sugar cookie dough!? mmm.

My boy waking me up in the morning with sweet kisses on the neck and caressing the curve of my side from behind me; from my shoulder, to the dip of my stomach to my hips and down to my flower this morning... Ooo morning quickies.

Loud, exciting thunderstorms...

The graceful flight of dragonflies, and the gleam of their shiney green or blue bodies as they swoop by you...
Queen Bull
sleeping and waking up in the arms of a lover and good friend.

laying in bed with said lover and friend for hours after waking up, being snuggled, touched and searched for when you move.
I'm sitting on the bus home, massive headache. Bus pulls over at a stop, three girls get on - I glance, decide they're the usual early-teens chav lite (tracksuit, big gold earrings) and hope they don't sit near me and start playing shitty r'n'b on their mobile phone speakers. No such luck, they sit behind me. Their topics of conversation were:
-the woman on tv who had hpv/cervical cancer and was now infertile, meandering into kids vs career.
-the pros and cons of the HPV vaccine, and how the local governments in England were being much slower than in Scotland about making it available.

They were 12. I could have hugged them; they restored my faith in humanity.
my mr, knowing that i'm sick, giving me cough meds and putting me to bed... at 1 in the afternoon! then, him taking care of the kids all afternoon and evening, and keeping everyone downstairs so i could just sleep and sleep. (the downside is that it's now 3:30am and i'm wide the F. awake, but it was really sweet!)

strawberry soda makes me happy, too.
Isn't it nice when the one you love takes care of you? I have a wicked cold, and Mrs. Rouge went out last night and got me cold medicine.

Donuts make me really happy, even though I can barley taste them.
Discovering that the two tickets put on my bf's car while I had parked it somewhere (one for overstaying the meter and one for expired license plate sticker), both for $50, had the wrong plate number recorded and have no trail whatsoever to his car or name. Whew! Some poor sucker will now have to contest the tickets, but I'm owing this one to karma, perhaps.

*thank you*, goddess of parking tickets!
I love it when someone takes care of me. It's really sweet.

Really great music
The ability to sleep thru one night without insomnia
feeling good enough to go shopping today, and discovering that I was 2 sizes smaller than I anticipated!!

decorating the outside a little bit to celebrate ~F~A~L ~L~ w/ yellow mums & a small ceramic pumpkin that says' Welcome '
Picking perfect birthday card and present for best friend.
The first day of fall being sunny and 60ish degrees.

Knowing that Thanksgiving and my birthday are coming up and that I will be able to see my family and my dog.

Painting my nails while watching old episodes of Law & Order.
Taking a tubby with peach bubble bath.

Ice cream


getting felt up by Mrs. Rouge
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Sep 23 2008, 12:30 AM) *
The first day of fall being sunny and 60ish degrees.

Knowing that Thanksgiving and my birthday are coming up and that I will be able to see my family and my dog.

CC: when is your b-day?
mine is on Thanksgiving !

therapy went really well today & I am 1/2 crushing on the wonderous mind of my shrink (she's amazing)

seeing & really feeling the progress I have made from a few months agon when all this began- so empowering!

getting to love on my neighbors Beagle & hanging out w/ his Mom for awhile.. it was cool & we'd never really talked like that before- in almost 6 years of neighboring!
baby smiles.
And tiny baby toes on tiny baby feet.
I am so loving the infant classroom that I am giddy with it!
fall weather
having a really good conversation with my dad about movies
Christine Nectarine
discovering the fruit & nut bar (about the only chocolate i like) i bought yesterday stashed away in my bag. i had totally forgotten about it!

a sweet little gift to myself!
looking up lyrics that have been bugging me via google and finding, not only the lyrics, but a link to the music video, which i haven't seen since... oh... 1997! and now that song is finally out of my head since i listened to it 3 times.
buying pretty fall mums & tiny baby pumpkins & decorating the front porch

quart sized nestle quick chocolate milk

good neighbors

finally locating some very long lost friends via facebook & myspace & in turn being found by others & learning how much you mean to them too

grubby dirty puppies that never fail to wag their tails happily every time they see you or you talk to them

the mr's imminent return now & finally looking forward to it

clean air

a kid that still kisses my cheek & tells me she loves me spontaneously

learning to appreciate my own struggles
the fat little baby bird i saw as i walked to the bus stop, i swaer it said "meep"

and the rainbow which stretched halfway across the sky.
Knitting and peanut butter on toast with melted butter!
the overwhelming feeling that I'm at home here.
The cute little grey squirrel(s) in out garden.
Beautiful sunny fall days like today that illuminate the changing colour of the leaves.
root beer floats
Autumn colours - this bright blue sky and the red red leaves.
Christine Nectarine
i second that candycanegirl and vixen_within.
(it's the view up here in canada!)
having a clean house. even if it is short lived. (it always is)
really thoughtful, communicative, and sincere nurse practitioners and other people who do pelvic exams.
We named our band Scully and the Mulders.

A happy guinea pig snuggled in my lap
Hanging out with my sister-in-law.
discovering via crackbook tonight, that some of the brainy nerd boys (1 of which I was semi friends with) apparently had some sort of crazi group- crushe on me back in the day (it was described as 'the Goddess Cult'<giggles>).. it's so sweet bc I feel so.. honored I think that they thought I was worthy of something like that.
I wasn't "the Pretty Blond Cheerleader".. I was just me, this sort of quirky, unformed (maybe UNinformed is a better word, lol) budding femi-peacenik.

love the name of your band Doodle!
Elderly people. they just make me smile smile.gif
feeling so deeply contented off/on lately

potentially making a new friend today!

meeting that new couple yesterday & hoping we run into them again soon

giving my too small now but ultra ultra super cool black leather biker jacket to the young woman at the health food store today;
she was so excited & appreciative -- made it easy to part with it bc I know she will cherish & take good care of it.
Christine Nectarine
sighting: little girl (maybe 3 years?) at the mall pushing around ET doll in a stroller. ET!
No WAY Christine! Aw, that makes my day vicariously.
I was just thinking how the reason why I love Wall-E is because he looks kind of like ET. Good to know the little guy is still around!
I'm pretty sure the mr bought me the paint supplies I wanted for x-mas -- squeeeee of happiness !!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
hitting send on my students' final grades for the fall.
Dog Sneezes.
The peach themed flour and sugar canisters from Santa. They are sooo tacky and kitschy.

Holding hands with my sister.


being squeezed so hard it hurts when i asked my three-year-old cousin for a hug
Stovetop stuffing.

It definitely isn't the real thing, but man, it will do in a pinch. =)
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