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Full Version: More Little Pieces of Happiness
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A nice cup of coffee and a good book
Making a decision to celebrate President's Day instead of Valentine's Day with the boy.
Heh. Mcgeek and I are doing that too.
4pm, friday afternoon. hot bubble bath, cold flute of champagne. happy baby squealing from his jumperoo just outside the open bathroom door.
tickets to my chem at the warfield in april, on their way to my mailbox. i haven't been to a live show in so long!
AIM XM Ethel and All Tori Amos channel.

music keeps me sane!
Kissing....for a long time...without watching the clock with one eye

Watching reruns of silly sitcoms, while writing papers for school, while reading a book for a different class
The sexiest man I've ever known in my entire life, suddenly single.

The sexiest man I've ever known in my entire life, looking at me again and again, and looking quickly away when I'd catch him at it.

The sexiest man I've ever known in my entire life, singing and playing Bob Marley's "Stir it Up," and casting more glances at me from the stage.
snowed in on a friday with my hunny!
BITCH magazine in my mailbox, and i ain't got nothing else to do tonite but read it and eat ice cream.
I am as sick of winter as every other Chicagoan but last night, when I was walking home w/a dreadful headache, we had the prettiest snowfall. No scary wind slapping my face, just pretty white fat flakes. It was lovely.

Now give me spring.

I feel so peaceful when my bed is made and the quilt is so smooth and perfect.
Hee. We have had a record amount of snow this February, so I figure that when the clock ticks over to March, Spring will magically appear.
having a perfectly horrible day but the following things are cheering me up:

new pillows
new sheets
new face wash
delicous Cocoa Beach granola mmmmm.......
clean pjs and bedding
Gilmore Girls season 1 on dvd
bubble baths and good books
(this is tough, but i can do it)

daniel johnston's music
it's the 1st day of spring!
two of my classes end this week
free Rita's ice for the 1st day of Spring!
writing songs that turn out to be really fucking good

finishing a song that has been stalled for a week

writing/co-writing two other really awesome songs within a week and a half, and expecting another any minute now

letting the music and lyrics come to me while walking through town in spring's clean air and bright sunshine

singing while I walk and not giving a damn what anyone thinks of me

hearing the music throughout my whole body, whether awake or asleep

not knowing where the music comes from, and not really caring, but just believing it will keep coming
awesome trivia group last night
Ist day of Spring yesterday
Having two days off today and yesterday to do nothing but read zines and watch tv

* taking 3 young teenage girls to their very first rock concert- teaching them how to bang their heads, and then buying them all over-priced concert t-shirts to mark the occassion.

* talking to said girls (ok 2 of them anyway, frecklette gets this all the time) about feminism and how it still affects their lives today & seeing little lite bulbs go on in their eyes as they get it

* having the honor of observing the girl's at the concert as they whispered and laughed together, and seeing how incredible these young women are right now as they plan to be friends forever and room together at college.

* peace & a feeling of love for my boy Lucky that we lost in November, but pure joy in everything with our new babies Blue & Bella, which I feel a connection from Lucky to them, like he's still here & loving them too.

* my enormous dogwood blooming right out our back door.

* imagining doodlebug walking & singing and thinking if I saw her doing such, it would make me smile and lighten my heart & mind.
Flying dream! I had one last night.

talking to said girls (ok 2 of them anyway, frecklette gets this all the time) about feminism and how it still affects their lives today & seeing little lite bulbs go on in their eyes as they get it

This made me feel all warm and fuzzy. You're awesome!
the bitch i stole yo' purse video
Aww, freckle.....*blushes happily*

I posted links to a few of my song recordings in the Okay thread, if you are interested....I think I posted about 4 over the last week or so.

Happiness is....

....jamming with friends

....adorable young IT guys falling over themselves to help me new jeans

....working on another new song

....being repeatedly IDd for being underage even tho' I'm 39

anna k
Posting on Jezebel and being excited by the new entries when I refresh the page.

Listening to NPR excerpts online, like "In Character," the artsy stuff, Song of the Day, and the human-interest stories. It's all a little folky and nerdy, but I like the DJs' voices and learning new things.

I like reading, and two lit websites when they have new material: The Square Table and Fresh Yarn.

Looking forward to reading Hillary Carlip's new book and Julie Klam's memoir. I'm interested in Klam because I read Jancee Dunn's memoir and they became best friends way back when, and I looked up Klam online and saw she had her own memoir coming out.

Getting to write a review of Billy Bragg's new album in an alternative weekly and finally being paid for my writing.

Having a good job.
A bag of 5 avocados, all ripe and delicious. And making exactly what I was craving- fried polenta with bean salsa and cheese, roasted sweet potatoes, and avodado/mango salad.

And good leftovers.

Hours in the darkroom. Work getting done.
i'm calling out sick tomorrow, and i ain't sick!
doodle: I will totally have to do that - you literally rock!

thankyou edie52 smile.gif

nickckick : enjoy your ferris bueller's day biggrin.gif

happiness is... finally finding square butter to fit my polish pottery butter dish- even if it was almost $7** !

braidy (challah) bread- yum!

a good visit w/ fake son's shiney & sweet wife and feeding her literally, milk & fresh baked chocolate chip cookies

springtime & all the flowery things in my yard that we had nothing to do w/ planting but are all growing & blooming wild & wonderfully right now

my puppies- they are just amazing to watch learn & grow & give such good kisses & snuggles

feeling hopeful.
Having my flashlight die while feeding the birds and realizing that there were a million stars out last night.

Chopping wood.

Being able to bring my dog to work today.

Hearing about Edie's avocado/mango salad and going mmm, I bet that tastes amazing!
Double post.
Rediscovering how much I love Sleater Kinney. Their music is so inspiring!
NCAA Basketball on TV. March Madness reminds me of spending time with my dad.
Avocados, mmmmm....

Play fighting....

Doing Kung Fu...

Never having to drive to work...I get to walk to work...and it's lovely here... =)

Cooking amazing vegetable dishes with my boyfriend...who is an amazing cook!

I love...
Mrs Rouge and her sexy ass,
Getting my teeth cleaned,
Having really good friends who really care about me.
The fact that when I open the door to let the dog out/leave all I can smell is the perfect spring scent of lilacs.

All ya'll, even the ones that fuckin' hate me.
lillac's = a bit of heaven to me smile.gif

I just signed up for the Cubs online fan club & though I am lousy at remembering much of the rules of the game ( I never understand what constitutes a strike when they've hardly moved the bat?) it brings me joy & comfort (like what you said about watching the NCAA lananan's) just to watch them on wgn from here. for a little while I can be back where I love again w/ the midwestern accents & all.
W, and T. Also, C, for listening to me talk about W and T and being funny and wise and reassuring and completely non-judgmental about it.

Also, Stargazer, for being more cool than I could have hoped for, and so reassuring to my inner dork (and the outer one too, for that matter) that remembering her coolness will help me put myself out there in future.

Eva Cassidy's cover of Fields of Gold, which I have been listening to obsessively all day.

V, for being ok with T doing what he's been doing. Cod bless and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nairn's organic oatcakes spread with mascarpone cheese and apple butter.
Dancing naked in the rain. It was pitch dark & the dog & I had a blast!
Rewatching Roseanne on dvd - all warm on the couch with a cold beer when it's raining outside.
discovering old, mid-90's mixtape cassettes and still having the tape deck to play them.


off-pager in 15 hours!
QUOTE(femikneesm @ Jun 12 2008, 09:40 PM) *
Rewatching Roseanne on dvd - all warm on the couch with a cold beer when it's raining outside.

Re-watching Xena on dvd smile.gif

Nutella. smile.gif

Riding my new pink bike.

My beautiful puppies who really aren't puppies anymore-one will be seven this December, the other just turned one.


Reading David Sedaris.

Hula-Hooping barefoot in the grass.

Random, nice text messages from my brother who moved out to San Francisco a few months ago.

Looking through family picture albums.

College football and basketball-especially Ohio State!


So many more, but I'll save them for another time. wink.gif I'm in a really good mood after thinking about all of these things.
anna k
For some reason, a nice older man winked at me while I was working the front desk at the museum today. I don't know why, but I thought it was nice.

Nailing dance routines in my weekly dance class and feeling free and happy and elated.
happiness is warm, freshly boiled brown rice.

some happy things from this past weekend:

* the farmer's market
* fresh fruit, from a local orchard (nectarines, new apples, green and crisp, yum)
* the smell of brown rice, sweet, boiling on the stove
* cool breezes
* new music
* apple cider vinegar
* making new friends
A good Sunday with the mister- a long walk, sorbet, Indian food, afternoon sex.

My roommate cooking a chicken with a beer can up its butt.

Taking care of houseplants.
oh! crazyoldcatlady reminded me:

all things analog!
tapes and players
VHS tapes and VCRs
typewriters, the manual kind

having scary dreams but knowing what they mean (sort of)

i hope everyone has a great day,
my fake soldier son (who became my 'son' after he was injured shortly after he deployed w/ the mr a few years ago & came home here to frecklette & I for a lot of tlc & help & we so bonded) is returning home again on Saturday!!!!!
frecklette & I are going to try to go to the place they come in to, just to run up & hug him like mad & then retreat, bc he is married now & doesn't need a crazi old 'fake mom' (doesn't really have a real one) getting in the way but oh joyous YAH, that my heart can be happy for.

I am also happy for the progress I have made both w/ my stress and learning how to cut the grass; small steps will walk you out of a big problem.
yay for freckle!!!

unexpected friends helping you in unexpected ways (like freckle)

calls from people whose number i've lost telling me they miss me.
being SO PROUD of a ~certain Busty~ for things that once seemed larger than bof of us wink.gif

getting caught in the rain while talking to a neighbor that I've known for years on a nicely but superficial way, and being honest about what was going on here at home ( & being afraid that if I ever asked them for help on things while the mr is away, they'd think I was a total nuciance) & the neighbor was soooooooooo Genuninely Nice-Great-Wonderful about it. made sure I had their number & said day or night it didn't matter....
I'm actually crying here as I think about it bc I'm such a stick-ass about asking others for help but look?! smile.gif

- did I mention rain? it makes me happy, and getting caught in it 100x's moreso.
it's rainy here too freckle. and i lurves the rain. i'm starting to think i may never leave the pac/nw cos i love the random rain days. it just washes out all the bullshmack. and makes me happy...

the smell of rain on cement

drawing the curtains to see it's raining outside.

discovering that i can do something (sort of) after weeks of stress.

the return of my soft butch side, but with a bit more femme.

emails that get you gooey.

the mr emailing ( !!!!!) right when I was starting to watch the road for that long black line.... he's ok, wonderful & he loves me!

last night's good stupps w/ Bella & Bluey

a book I cannot put down ( & so am still awake from yesterday)

having cold leftover pizza & coke for breakfast at 5:50 AM

watching frecklette sleep, so peaceful!

classical music (accompanying said breakfast of champions)

the enormous and very emotional Pride I feel in my country

beginning to realise that it's both ok to fall down and take my sweet time getting back up & that therein, the middle ground, might be where my greatest stregnth lies, the continual reaching upwards.

knowing that for all my foibles & flaws, I still have So Much to be thankful and appreciative for in my life
Watching the West African Dance Troupe dance to conga drums. What energy!
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