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Full Version: More Little Pieces of Happiness
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adorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrable pic of shiny's baby!
Meeting an old friend in a local pub for drinks and being accosted by 'merry' drunks who bought stuff for me and made me giggle. It's mean to laugh, I guess... laugh.gif
actually having enthusiasm for work each morning this month!
50-ish woman singing beautifully some old Japanese song while riding her bike. Seriously made my day.
Having a shitty day and at the end of the day getting the pleasant surprise of finding one of my oldest friends walking towards me down the same street as I'm walking home.
imitrex and 4 uninterrupted hrs of sleep
My guy coming back to bed for a few minutes to cuddle with me before leaving for work (even though he was fully dressed and on his way out the door).
storytime with snarkyboy

him sleeping peacefully
bed-sized piece of happiness: being pinned into my bed under my warm soft blankets by an assortment of the 4 dogs and 3 cats that share the bed with me after my sweet goes to work.

ya ought to hear the snoring!
Finding a note from my roommate that says "Gone to Berlin. Please finish the red wine and ice cream." I have:

-the place to myself for 5 days
-a really nice roommate
-red wine and ice cream!
1) Taking a bath and pretending I'm at a spa (I love denial)
2) Eating donuts in bed
3) Smelling my dogs head
4) This blog which makes me laugh my ass off:
*a three day weekend
*a good book
*a steady babysitting gig
*two glorious days to lay around the house and do nothing but read books and magazines and watch movies
the smallest but first glimmer of hope so far that my beloved puppyson might be able to be saved after all
his unwavering sweetness even when you can see he is hurting
--Hot cocoa with a scoop of really great chai mix
--Being done with my workout, class, and work for the day
-putting my first Christmas tree up all by myself (by first I mean the first one that I've ever gone out and purchased on my own) in my new place

-having a shower using all Lush stuff that is relaxing and makes me smell good

-knowing that I will be calling my mom in about 5 minutes

-my dad calling yesterday just to say hello
- a clean hardwood floor that no longer needs sweeping
- a grey, grey day that does not compel me to do more than sit on my couch and watch Stargate and Bust
- pancakes for dinner, brownies for dessert
-getting the whole inside scoop on what's really going on at work
-finding out it's not all my imagination
-being reassured that I'm not going crazy!
- an understanding mr who doesn't take my nasty insanity personally and brings me back to myself by making me laugh at myself gently pointing it out (priceless!)
- a puppy w/a good appetite & hearing a bit of his bark after more than a week of quiet !
here too! squeee!!!!
Woke up at 05, edited the magazine all day, went to a panel discussion
about equality within the Art institutions to write an article about it,
could have had free beer or wine but chose water & coffee, talked to no one
(my friend who was there had lost her voice!), had heartburn, it was really cold
when I walked home in my pencil skirt & pantyhose (and I'm not crazy about pantyhose),
bought sushi, ate it in front of the TV, got more heartburn, had very swollen feet.

Where's the happiness then?

* New toothbrush
* Clean sheets
* No need to set the alarm tomorrow

memory foam mattress topper~
it's like sleeping on a giant marshmallow that's filled with butter cream frosting.
a warm russian blue kitty purring on my lap and my beloved mr. hotbuns surfing the web next to me!
I love shirking my responsibilities in favor of browsing thrift shops, sitting in cafes, watching tv, and dancing in my room (though "responsibilities" may be a strong word when you're in art school- I could probably do nothing and pass it off as a conceptual work- but I don't want to do that, so I should probably stop being so lazy).

I still love it, though.

ETA: This probably belongs in the confessions thread or the sin bin. Oh well.
anna k
Last night I watched clips of Steven Seagal movies on Youtube. I don't know what that says about me. I'm a sucker for over-the-top 80's-style action movies, and Seagal taking himself too seriously, talking in a Clint Eastwood-type voice, and never being beaten by anyone. I even watched a video for Sammy Hagar's "Winner Takes it All," from the movie Over the Top, where in the video Sammy beats Sylvester Stallone in an arm-wrestling contest.
coffee with cream

a sleeping baby

time to myself
half of my staff is out today, so i know the work day will be filled with slacking (including bust-ing), a long lunch, and reading.
hearing the sound of music 'my favorite things' song in the store the other day, and singing along. it's corny and i don't care. and it's about appreciating the little things!

(sorry i'm hijacking this forum... i guess i must be happy!)

Today there was a giant poster ad on one of the walls of the bus shelter for that (tacky, expensive, Euro-trash) clothing store, Bebe, with some vapid, frou-frou looking models drinking martinis and looking fancy....and the ad was completely splattered in muddy, black slush from the puddle by the curb. It made me smile. Not so pretty and clean now, huh Bebe?
the mr having a mutual friend hand-deliever an anniversary card from him to me, handed off in Iraq and brought to our home w/ assurances of his good health.
as his birthday card to me arrived 4 days late, the recent loss of our dogboy, and that I am (always) missing the mr sooooooooooo much, this was a big thing and is like recieving an actual hug, almost.
I will glow for a good part of the afternoon now.

also, hearing Felize Navidad on a store's stero. no matter the weather it always lifts my spirits and makes me want to dance.
cuddling with my 2 year old
peace and quiet, because i lost my voice and the munchkin thinks it's a game
the sound of summer rain while i'm sleeping
pomegranate scented hand lotion
simply apple juice (yum)
having a conversation about my love life (or lack of) with my little brother - who is so insightful
staying up late with boyfriend and watching The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus box set
lip gloss
chocolate covered oranges

wrapping christmas presents

peanut butter.

His smile.
Homemade bicuits with raspberry spread.
Friends who listen to all my drama patiently. (and actually think of intelligent and thoughtful advice.)
Twinnings English Breakfast Tea
listening to Spiritualized
writing in my journal
having a long lie in watching horror films with my man
bubble baths
the smell of Love's Baby Soft - the memories!
polishing my shoes
3 cat pileup on my bed
bagel friday at work
upcoming weekend with nothing planned
a n t i c i p a t i o n (the mr will be home later this month- hurrah!!)

watching the husband of my workout class instructor watching Her today- you could see how much he really loves her and they are an older couple - awwwwww ! rolleyes.gif

loving the love I have in my life
(lol, 3-cat pile up smile.gif )
A new friend/crush who is amazing.
Saturday night plans!!!
A passed-out toddler.
eek....double post.
finding out there is a basket-making supply store in the same town as a sushi restaurant with a lot of vegan options AND a vegan chocolate store... triple fricking jackpot! 2 days ago I didn't know the first 2 places existed. Then when I called my friend to see if she wanted to go with me tomorrow she said she's already going there to drop her sister off at the mall. So I don't even have to drive!
the library!

when i sign off of hearts of space and it says, "safe journey, space fans, wherever you are"

the sugar cookies my friend hand delivered / my friend
Waking up to snuggles and kisses of the human and furkid variety.

Lazy Sunday mornings.

Being told I am a goddess over the Sunday morning brunch I prepared by not one, but two wonderful guys. I so heart the new boy and his kidlet wub.gif
my very own pair of laundry machines in my very own basement.
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