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Full Version: More Little Pieces of Happiness
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Picking Brazil out of the hat in the World Cup sweepstake at work. The £80 prize money is as good as mine. Ha!
Today's weather has been awesome in GA. Also, I got my Sonic Youth tickets! :-)
sitting in st james' park with my best gal pals, a bottle or two of tesco's cheapest rose, and a duck. Whose name is Briiiaaaaaan, now.

The classiest park-bench alcholics on the block!
dancing (Even though my knees are f*cked up and I can't do all the moves, I'm fortunate to be as mobile as I am... having a paraplegic friend shifts your perspective.)

having money in the bank account now, after stressing about bills all week

all sorts of yummy fruit coming into season

getting along better with Mom lately, after years of conflict

zeca baleiro

living only a couple miles down the road from the best japanese restaurant ever

getting to sleeeeeeep in for the first time in a while
Sitting on a clouded Sunday morning at my computer, reading this forum and feeling good about how many cool people I've gettin' to know through this site.
Thanks! U rock!!!!!!
A great morning of just awesome mellow music, a good pot of coffee, and the BUST lounge.... Also talking to my best gal pal from CA about my new crush last night.
Reading for pleasure.

Good food.

Booking concert tickets and arranging a good night out with a good freind.



Knowing I'm going to see my boy next weekend.

Autumn and winter.


New pyjamas and underwear, lots of pretty underwear.

My cat mandoo snuggling up to me in bed.
All of bunnybs happiness are nice...

Buying new suprises for boy's puppies....

Seeing my crazy dysFUNctional family tonight. smile.gif

Warm pjs....



Good coffee

crisp fall air
red and orange leaves
picking out a pumpkin
flannel sheets
apple picking
candy corn

man oh man I love the fall.
The smell of autumn.
Sleeping in and being lazy.
My cat sleeping on my tummy.
A seagull taking a bath.


My fleece hoodie.

cool water when you're thirsty

taking a mid-day nap
Walking into a diner where all of the staff knows you.

Walking out of said diner, cafe au lait in hand, wearing a long jacket and awesome boots and going up the curvy stairs to your balcony and your apartment, and thinking of how you imagined doing things vaguely like this with great sophistication when you were a little girl in the middle of nowhere.

Also, a hot shower when you're REALLY dirty. And climbing into bed after.
Freshly washed and dried sheets and blankets.
Slipping into that newly clean bed that night.
Sleeping like a baby.
warm sunshine on my face

playing fetch with my dogs

my husbands smile

reuniting with one of my best friends from childhood
fresh mango

a good book

coffee with friends

knowing that soon I'm going to have the boy's arms around me
gas card, credit card, and digital camera card, all ready to go to vermont with me this (long) weekend!

~taking a day off just for me - and telling the boss that's what i did.

~meeting my man for lunch and having him fawn over me at the restaurant and in the car all the way there and back, smooching in the booth and cooing at each other.

~listening to squirrel nut zippers, with the doors wide open, breeze blowing, candles and incense burning while sipping a smirnoff berry.

~taking a bubble bath to get ready to go out for mexican (where everyone knows us!) and to walk the first friday streets of our favorite town

ahhh. yes, happiness

anna k
Waiting in the train station while a band did instrumentals of I'll Be There and Right Here Waiting. It was very soothing.

Reading The End of Mr. Y, a fascinating book about a Ph.D student's quest to uncover the secrets of an obscure novel.

Showing a Youtube video of my crush to my sister and her laughing hysterically.
Bubble baths.
My beautiful, soft, purry, furry kitty laying on my pillow waiting for me to get home.

Playing hooky from work.
Planning a romantic weekend getaway!
mmmm, looking forward to romantic weekends with the boy.

red wine and belgian chocs whilst watching dvds.
autumn weather! and updating my autumn wardrobe...
peanut butter and jam.

grey's anatomy.
sleeping till 1 PM on Sunday

Nanaimo bars

indoor gardening as a hobby

beautiful plants in beautiful pots

plunging my hands into my kitties' thick & silky new winter coats

being able to justify the expense of quality cat food


planning new projects for the apartment
hoodies and cardigans on chilly days

cuddling with my hubby

lemonbalm green tea

new lip balm

making crafts
My Betty hoodie

The first few snowflakes of winter

Sunday breakfast out with the boy

Spending Halloween in NYC (and actually being able to afford it!)
text messaging

my oversized OSU hoodie(s)

spending the halloweekend in salem, mass with some good friends

coming off a week of vacay well-rested

the internets
Ok, yes, I agree, my aqua blue sweater-knit hoodie makes me very happy. It has darker blue edging all around the zipper, bottom, hood, and cuffs, so I think of it as....

My Chanel Hoodie!


I am wearing it now.

I am also made happy by taking today off.
The rain pounding against my window and my cat curled up at my feet.
My old London sweatshirt.

Getting a care package in the mail from my parents with a warm electric blanket in it, and money! smile.gif

Watching Sex/City and Boston Legal (Yum..Spader!) in one night.

Three day weekend in the Whitsundays.
Hanging out with my best friend whom I never get to see, and making friends with her 1-year-old, while there.
Waking up on my own, sans alarm clock. Not having to be anywhere for a few hours. Yum.
Waking up in my mans arms, hearing him sing in the shower as if I couldn't hear, reading poems he used to write to me, going hot tubbing in the winter, going out to dinner with friends and reminiscing about our lives, being able to volunteer my time and give back to disadvantaged communities (my best friend runs a non-profit!), being able to sleep in past noon, watching the l word, and most importantly having some much needed alone time.
Beauty & her Bass
popping the question this weekend...

...and having him say yes!
whoa really, beauty? congrats!

i came to post about me & my man spending the weekend talking about getting a new place together in a few months, and a dog.

yours is one hundred million times better!
Beauty & her Bass
Thanks nickclick! Hey, I'm jealous of you...we still have a year and a half before we can live together again...and forget the dog until he graduates from grad school and we can get a house. )c:

Good luck with looking for a new place!!!
Congrats, Beauty! That is definitely a piece of happiness!

Newly painted bright coral laundry room
Many congrats to you, Beauty!!!
knowing that whatever happens in the elections, there will be no more President Shrub.
Beauty & her Bass

Amen to that tesao!

Maybe then I can make it through the State of the Union speech without drinking...maybe...but I probably won't. ;-)
i forgot to bring breakfast to work and someone brought in rainbow-sprinkled sugar cookies !
I'm moving into my NEW apartment on Saturday!!!
yay sassy! good luck! looking forward to doing the same this summer.

happiness: no more messy annoying roommate in less than 6 months! the countdown begins....
knowing that the new HP book is comine out in July! Special thanks goes out to Jasmine77 who was the deliverer of good news!
warm brownies, fresh from the oven
The smell of baking.
first day back at work and it's tuesday already!
i live in chinatown, and i love the sounds of the firecrackers that go off for every opening, new year or special occasion. i love my hood. smile.gif
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