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Full Version: mag mama...the magazine thread
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I can get Mental Floss at the supermarket. Some of the bigger ones are pretty good at carrying something other than People or US. (They do stick it in the "men's" section, though. grrrr.)

I live about a block away from a small B.Dalton's. The manager is really good at stocking Bust, and Bitch. (And Ms. and The Advocate, too.) All in their little ghetto--the left hand corner of the mag. rack almost behind the counter.
the new Tango is out finally, but is not imo, quite as good as their premier issue.

still have not seen mental floss on the newstands here tho, but then, we're pretty back woods.

we do have a small b dalton's at the mall.. might have to make a special trip to look (bc I never ever go to "the MALL.").
any thoughts on the new issue of "bitch"?
I haven't gotten it yet. *hmph* I hate having a subscription to a magazine that hits newstands before I get it.
I got mine. There wasn't much in this that interested me this time around.

What did you think of it beheretoloveme?
i dunno. it seemed notso hot. i'm not thrilled because i don't want to stop liking it. but it seemed that some of the , uh, bite was gone. it seemed kinda MSish, not as poppy or sassy.

i liked it when they made fun of JANE. that was good stuff. and i like JANE.
jane no doubt deserved it ! :-)~ ( & formerly, me too)

there's a new mag coming out that I just got a free sub to, called Seed. it's something like 'Science w/ a Social Conscience.' I figure nothing ventured, nothing gained as it was Free regardless, but it sounds intriguing.

anyone heard of it before? bc it might just be new to Me.
RE: Bitch

There was an article about female music fans that I thought would be about, well, female music fans and not "teenyboppers." Interesting viewpoint--objectifying boys in a world dominated with scantily clad women shaking booty for Jay-Z, or something. I need to go back and re-read it.

I'm looking forward to what they'll write in the love it/shove it section regarding the Burger King "I am MAN" commercial.
How'd you get a free sub, Freckleface2727?
our isp is aol, and I read at a freebies and bargins board, where occassionally they have offers for free subs. a few times I've listed the ones I thought you all would like too, should I do more?
I've gotten everything from organic living to jane to good housekeeping to backpacking and parents. sometimes they are only trial subs, for like 6 mo's or so, but hey- they're still free!
I never ever give out a cc # though, and any renewal letters I get I just toss, unless I really genuinely love the mag that much.
here is the link to the Seed page

add it to your 'Shopping Cart'-click on 'Checkout'- down below it'll have a box w/ red lettering asking for Discount Coupon, that's where you enter your code (freeseed)-and hit 'Apply Discount'.

ignore any payment info (it'll let you skip it)
and it'll finish. but I have to tell you, the page opened really s l o w and then was blank this time, so no promises. sometimes these offers are limited time only.

wait- tried it Again and this time it went thru, so maybe?

sorry this post was so long but I hope this explains and helps :-)
Home Business Magazine, you have to qualify for it, following it step by step. you also may need to take some Trade/Industry mags to qualify too, but I always take the online journals, which I just delete.

- is this too much for here? bc I will gladly not post all this as to avoid getting annoying and ot/ :-)
I liked the new issue of BITCH. I enojoyed the article on "studs". I saw some pics of some chicks that I knew from another online community. I am glad that someone brought light to the world of doms or studs. I just thought that writer should of taken a different approach.
thanks, freckleface! i signed up for Seed. i love magazines but can't afford my habit. :-) and i LOVE free stuff!

Global RHYTHM,Russian Life,Across the Board (corporate),the NY Review of Books, and Glimpse.

I ordered all but the corp one, they all look fantastically Good!

don't know if any of them will come though, that's the gamble w/ these things. have not yet recieved Seed, but did recieve a mag on India I ordered some time ago, and it's so informative!
issues I never knew to think about, and I think w/ Glimpse it will be the same.

sorry, one more.. *must qualify*, am not doing this one myself, but if you're into celeb mags, you might enjoy it. " Giant." me.htm

ps: I NEVER put my real phone # in the reg info, use initals for my 1st name as well, and use an email that's not important as well. cuts down on solicitation calls & spam.
I got the new "June/July" Jane and it is so atrocious.

I still get overjoyed when I see the new issue at the newsstand, even though it's been getting worse and worse, but I think they may have killed it dead this time
i also think that Jane is slowly going down the drain... i'm crossing my fingers about the new magazine Jane Pratt is supposed to launch with Gwen Stefani. I started Venus magazine and i really like it.
I like Jane with the new editor. It has more personal stories and is more fun to read.
Wha??Jane Pratt is starting a magazine with Gwen Stefani? I meant to find out what she was up to. It seemed like she really "jumped ship" at Jane. But that might be cool.
I just get sad when I see Jane on the newstands anymore, but don't think I've read it w/ the new editor yet either.

what is Venus zab?

I'm still pulling for Tango, but as it comes out every other month have a hard time remembering to follow up on it. that's too long to wait. my attention span can't focus that long.

Venus reminds me a bit of Bust. I just bought the new issue with Amy Sedaris on the cover (love her!) It's also online at What's Tango??
venus looks great zab- thanks!
will pick it up at B & N soonly & most excitedly :-)

Tango, I posted about it awhile ago.. might look in the archives bc I'm too lazi to give but a brief guesstimate of it. wait --

it's brand new, only maybe 2 issues out so far, the 1st better/stronger than the 2nd imo, but still good & meaty enough to engage.
lot49: I just picked up a copy of Women's Health - I was pretty pleased with it. I'm also a regular reader of Runner's World - while aimed at runners (obviously), it's generally a good mag for fitness.
thanks for the link, freckleface! Tango looks really interesting, i'll take the time to check it out.
mirabella, here's something about that rumour... (From WWWD online) "Friday, March 10, 2006: Jane Pratt just keeps trying for that comeback — and now she's turned to Gwen Stefani for help. According to sources close to both parties, Pratt is in advanced talks with the "No Doubt" singer to start a women's lifestyle magazine. The title would be part of a bigger multimedia play by Stefani's label, Interscope Records, and would include book and online components."
awesome, thanks zab! maybe it will be called L.A.M.B. after the clothing line? it's all about the product placement! though they are both new mom's so maybe it will have mom stuff too? which would be great!
i forgot the magazine that actually made me want to talk about mags in the first place:

the great thing about peel is that it's not passive entertainment. it encourages you to get involved.

peel, which you can see bits of at , is all about street art-- like it says on the cover: stickers stencils street art. inside they not only include info about sticker trading so that you can have your stickers all over the world-- but they also have downloads for your computer printer and stickers in the mag, so you can sticker the second you crack it open. add to that great interviews with street artists like shepard fairey, the graphiti font house geniuses from highground (yes, i love typography) and contests like a skateboard design one that could net you 100 boards with your art on 'em. but more than anything else, there are plenty of artists to inspire you. and if you love street art, that is priceless!

IPB Image

the dolla lama... from peel.

lol... maybe i should have looked a little harder for the mag mama....

so what are you looking at glossy girl?

i don't always buy any particular magazine, but the one i buy most is juxtapoz cos the art in there is more street-artish, and like my paintings, but i would buy other art mags if they weren't so expensive.

but other magazines i always look at and debate buying are:

giant robot
mass appeal
harper's bazaar

i look at tattoo magazines, because i day dream about being a tattoo artist, most of them are cheaply produced, but charge a lot. i do like the new inked cos it's slick like zink, and their first ish. had a great look at the interiors of some beautiful tattoo places. not the cold clinical ones that are the norm. one looked like graphic design studio, another was super retro.

i just got a new magazine the drama which is an interesting art quarterly. it has pix of artists in their studios, which i always love. a how to section featuring "how to make a beer bong baby" the back part has a bunch of one page comeeks. my favorite is the laura park one with a cat singing "the sunny side of the street", a favorite song of mine. i love their taste in art. it's julie doucet/gary panter ish... i like this mag a lot!

i wanted to get made: which looks fantastic. it's a do-it-yourself'er that runs the gamut from craftsy to electronics. it's thicker and it's range is wider than most of that genre. they have i website i've wanted to check out at made magazine but the hard copy is too expensive.

i found out that a girl i went to college with is the editor of readymade another diy mag. i keep meaning to build the loft they had in there....

i always want baseline which is a great typography magazine. they always have terriffic things about typographical history. i like it better than emigre, which, is more modern, but it seems like they are always trying to sell their fonts. but both are too expensive.

i used to obsessively read film mags. i loved film comment cos i love film theory, and could care less about interviews with actors. but i haven't a clue what's out there now.

last night i had dinner with an old friend and discovered her bf does horror-scopes for a tween fashion mag, but better than that, he writes a cat horror-scope column. which i think has got to be the best job ever.
omg...i'm a magazine whore. it is great working part time in a bookstore 'cause i can read 'em during my breaks and i get a discount on 'em. too enabling!

i buy bust of course. bitch. punk planet. under the radar.

i peruse flaunt, utne reader, yoga journal, mental floss, and real simple. i've become quite the gloss snob too.

girltrouble~oh, i've been curious about juxtapoz. this guy i have a crush on at the store reads that mag. he told me the same thing too. i think i grew up with alot of graffiti and tagging in my old 'hood. i think i need to see this artwork from a different standpoint.

i have a hard time reading women's magazines. in fact, i avoid 'em. so many geared towards women in their late teens and early 20s. not my age range. but, now i'm ranting...
juxtapoz is kind of "the hipster's art magazine". it was started by a guy who used to do occasional underground comeeks in the 60's, robert williams. he and some of his co-horts were into a lot of retro things-- hot rod culture (big daddy roth) etc, but then there are some street artists who have played a big part in the mag's success, so it's this weird combo of retro people, graff/street artists, punk culturists, and pop artists. they are certainly more accessable than a lot of art mags. and i think by more by accident than intent they ended up being more supportive of minority artists. they do celebrate female artists like niagra, liz mcgrath, and this month's ish has photog piper ferguson and tara mcpherson
IPB Image
who i think is fantastic. she does occasional comics, i love her clear lines.
My top 9, in no particular order:
LIP (not the feminist one, though that's good too, but the political one)
Wicked Alice (poetry)

Magazines...the minibook that keeps on givin'.
I subscribe to Bust, Wired, Blender, and Tape Op (a recording magazine). I also grab Bitch, Punk Planet, Mojo, Rolling Stone, and Utne reader occasionally at the bookstore. I just got the "green issue" of Bitch today. I should subscribe.
I seriously have to subscribe to Bust.

I used to never subscribe to anything b/c people in my building would take stuff. Now we have big beautiful mailboxes that can fit magazines, plus the people in the building are nice, we feel totally fine leaving our laundry unattended and stuff.

I'm lucky that my boyfriend gets a lot of UK art and design magazines, and Wired, for free!!

I love those artists, girltrouble, and also, the Spanish cholo art with the religious and graffiti elements.

IPB Image
i don't know if the busties in the craft section have mentioned it yet, i just came across this today--but the folks who created the most tempting $15 magazine, Make: have done it again-- this time with a drool worthy first ish of Craft:. and if make was drool worthy, then i am swimming in the puddle caused by Craft. things like "knit your skateboard, knit a pair of boots, silk screening, the virtues of gocco, cat furnature, make your own paint by numbers articles by the fantastic jenny hart ( as well as a profile on her, she has the bad ass patterns sold in juxtapoz, and i think bust) and suzie bright and lots more. this is one more goddamn thing i have to buy when i get my first paycheck. *sigh*

Craft: home page
Craft: 01 table of contents list
Does anyone read Real Simple? The question this month was "What is your favorite speed-cleaning tip?" I just emailed them: "Quite often I have found myself fatigued and overwhelmed by the clutter in my house. Methamphetamines have been a real lifesaver! They are easy to acquire if you know the right people, and they give you that extra burst of energy to get your house in tip-top shape!"

It is my feeling that the minions who work on Real Simple might be in desperate need of a larf.
I don't know if this is true or not, but I've heard (and just now Googled it) that the median household income for RealSimple magazine readers is $88,000 (and average age is early 40s). If I had that much money, I'd be paying someone else to pop the pills for me.
thanks, aquagirl, now i've got cereal milk all over everything....
LOL. I used to like real simple. but then it turned into this giant catalog of ads that showed up all jammed in my mailbox. just not enough cool stuff in it. though I did love the last "15 minutes" issue. That's right up my alley.

Instead of real simple, I go for Sunset as an option. Mostly because I love the garden stuff along with crafts and food.
I subscribe to:

Art & Life
Quilting Arts (er, because I am such an avid quilter...not)
Cloth Paper Scissors

Oh, and I just subscribed, sight unseen, to something called IndieArts, which is apparently a DVD magazine, ie. a magazine on DVD.
Let us know how IndieArts turns out! Never heard of a DVD magazine before!
I just read that Bitch magazine is relocating to Portland (where I live). I don't know why that news excites me so much, but it does.

Current favorite magazine: Art Doll Quarterly.
Read cover to cover on Monday while I was waiting for the doctor for 90 minutes past my appointment time, which flew by because I was completely fascinated: Seed
oh what a bummer bitch is relocating!!! They're only 3 hours away in the bay area, and I still haven't gone to one of their gatherings. fault for waiting.

Portland is an awesome place to relocate to.
anna k
I was reading Glamour today, and saw that they stole something from Jane magazine. In the News and Views section, they had a little piece making fun of rock stars making O-faces while playing guitar. Jane did that months ago, and both pieces used John Mayer and Lenny Kravitz to make fun of. Glamour even included a barometer of agony to ecstasy, mimicking how Jane pointed out who would be a good lover by what his face looks like during a guitar solo. It's so blatant, and the magazines may market to different types of women, but young 20-30something year old women still read this stuff.
My boyfriend always jokes that women's magazines (Like Glamour and Cosmo etc) are the same thing, with different titles, over and over again. It's very true, as evidenced by anna_k's example about the O-Face. But we actually do still read them, why do I read them? Not sure.

I only subscribe to InStyle currently, but next year after I have a permanent address (as I'm a student right now and know that I'm only in my house until May when i will be going ... somewhere) I plan to subscribe to more. Also then I will have a job... I hope. I have a job now but have to pay for school, which sort of trumps mag subscriptions.

When I have extra cash I tend to pick up the New Yorker, Glamour, and Marie Claire. I want to get Bust (I'm new to Bust, was introduced to it by a women's history professor at school), and I'm reading an article on Tango's website about romantic getaways and I am fascinated. I want to go to San Francisco! They have a vibrator museum! Awesome.
Hmm, can anyone tell me a few descriptive words about GIRLISTIC and WIRED? I keep hearing they're great...basically, I'm looking for something similar to BUST (something FUN, funny, smart, real info. a gal can *use* (like I can probably figure out how to buy my own makeup, create my own 'style'? ahem ~ like, I do enjoy fashion-n-shite, but tell me something I DON'T know)
sorry if this has already been discussed but let's talk about "the big" music mags for a minute....

is there a thread about ROLLING STONE here? i have some a thing against that magazine...i feel like they're terribly out of touch. its a shame bc they always make sure politics are tied into the mag, but everything else about them is so lame.

i think SPIN is 100% a much better music mag.
Is Spin still owned by Bob Guccione, or whatever his name is? The pig who owns Penthouse?
Vanilla: Oh great...thanks for the link! going there now...
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