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Anyone else really annoyed at Gwen Stefani being on the cover of this issue? i think Bust has lost me for good this time.
amen zora. i was JUST thinking that again as i looked in the 'zine pile. the icing on the cake was the bullshit article and the margaret cho bashing.

Lily Allen should have been on the cover. For the first time I sat and read BUST in Borders, instead of buying it and reading it at home. I know I should subscribe, but I live in Australia, and truth be told, BUST ain't what it used to be. Having said that, it is still pretty damn good. It's just Gwen is so....
man, i was so excited when i got home from work a couple weeks ago and saw the new issue of bust sitting on the table. my daughter got me the subscription for christmas, and i was wondering if this one would fall in that murky four to six weeks area and i'd have to buy it one more time before the subscription kicked in. now i kinda wish it had, cause i would have left this one on the rack. it took me a minute to figure out, yes, that is gwen stefani on the cover, and then i thought "holy shit, what's she doing there?" several years ago, yeah, it would have made sense. but her madonna-like appropriation of other cultures, often in the most stereotypical offensive ways, had her off my "chicks i'd like to be when i grow up" radar years ago. and the "interview" was gawdawful. nothing but fangirl gushing, pre-rehearsed and uninspired answers, and an excuse to plug her clothing line. hello, bust? when are you going to have a strong, successful, inspiring woman on your cover who's not afraid to say "yes, i am a feminist!", instead of making excuses for why they're "not a feminist" as defined by tired media stereotypes?
deanna, lily allen would have been a hott shitt covergirl.

my bottom line is, if i wanted to read about gwen, i'd pick up seventeen magazine. gwen was BUSTworthy circa 1995, if that.
Gah - as someone who has never liked Gwen* (I didn't see her solo albums as selling out - I always found her annoying and shallow and while she's pushing more a consumerist image now, I never really bought her as a symbol of grrrl power) I don't really see it as an issue of when it would have been appropriate - if anything, her interview proably would have been (I'm guessing - I haven't read the new issue yet) even more vapid ten years ago. She's learned to play the game a little. And anyway, as others have noted, even if I adored her, does she really need more exposure? Not that "unknowns" usually get covers, but how often does someone like, say, Tina Fey get a feature length interview (with a kickass photo spread to boot) in a regular women's magazine?

I didn't like the Parker Posey interview either b/c of the whole fangirl aspect. I think Parker is awesome, but the interview was pretty lame b/c of the whole "OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" vibe. Of the last several cover subjects/interviews, I think Amy Poehler is the one to beat. It was funny, smart, interesting and there was a great rapport/sense of mutual respect between the interviewer and her subject.

Btw, did anyone notice last issue's "how to get out of it if you happen to be busted for drunk driving" feature toward the front of the magazine? It was basically, "Don't ever drink and drive. . .but if you do ever find yourself, you know, in a situation, and stopped by a police officer, here's what you should do." And then the article proceeded to give advice about whether to take a breathalizer, etc., etc. I'd have to reread it, but my gut reaction was that it was kind of fucked up.

Although I will admit to a shameful soft spot for "Hollaback Girl," which most people regard as her nadir, I realize.
I actually did like Gwen, and I dearly love No Doubt. So naturally, when her first solo album came out, I had to get it. Then I listened to it and promptly resold it on What a piece of shit. I was just so disgusted that she started acting like a fucking rapper and "singing" about such self-involved b-s. ("I can't wait to go back and do Japan / Get me lots of brand new fans...You got your million dollar contract") Ugh. Needless to say, I won't touch her latest foray with a 10 foot pole.

I am just sooo disappointed in her. The BUST interview was horrible and contrived, and this new image of hers is bullshit. Her music sucks. I saw her perform her new song on Letterman a few days ago and I just wanted to punch her for co-opting The Sound of Music. WTF?!

snaf, I didn't like the Posey article, either. Then again, I do think Parker Posey is really overrated. And WHOA, I didn't notice that drunk driving article at all! I'm gonna bust out that issue right now to see what you're talking about!
Faerietails, it was the "So Sue Me" column - "Booze Clues" - page 31 of the Dec/Jan issue with Parker Posey on the cover.

While the author does clearly state "Of course, you should not drink and drive. The cost of a taxi is nothing compared to the cost of a life" she then goes to list everything you should do to cover your ass if you're stopped by an officer - and it's all advice that wouldn't apply if, you know, you hadn't had too much to drink in the first place. One of the captions is "Understand your breathalyzer rights" and it contains the following advice: "But you may be better able to fight a DUI without Breathalyzer results." So basically if you think the breathalyzer is going to prove that you've had too much to drink. . .you may not want to take one.

The gist of the article is: "You shouldn't drink and drive but if you do and you happen to get caught, here's how to get out of it."

It seems to be the sex ed approach to drunk driving: "Well, people are going to drive drunk anyway, so we're going to teach them how to do it as safely as possible - oh wait, that makes absolutely no sense without getting penalized for it."

Re: Parker Posey, she often plays similar characters (though I think she has more range than people give her credit for) and she's kind of like Julia Roberts in that she's more of a personality than a technically brilliant actor like, say, Meryl Streep, but I like the fact that despite the the occasional Superman-type movie (and the accompanying super-exposure/paycheque) she's stayed true to her indie roots and generally seems to stick to projects that motivate her.
I was very pleased that there was an article on Bettye Lavette in the latest issue, and I liked the article on childbirth and the reference to Ina Mae Gaskin.

I liked the Sonic Youth article too.

But no, I have zero interest in Gwen Stefani. Or was it Christina Aguilera? I have a hard time telling them apart.
Last night when I was at Borders, I almost didn't buy the newest issue when I saw Gwen on the cover. But giving the mag the benefit of the doubt, I picked it up anyway. I even read the Gwen interview first, to my great disappointment. What empty fluff!!! The whole interview was really lame! I hated how she went on and on about being a mom. And then her response to the are you a feminist question, kind of made me see red. How hard is the question yes or no? Um, can you define that? (Tres lame)

I felt the same way about the Parker Posey interview, last issue. I love her work, but the interivewer just gushing over her the whole time didn't set well with me. I think she could have asked better questions, instead of just worshiping her.

Back to the Feb/Mar issue, I haven't had time to go through the entire issue yet, but from what I have read, BLAH! I have to say, "Shape up Bust, we busties expect more!"
I felt the same way about the Park Posey interview too. Interviewers gushing like that does not make an interesting read.
anna k
It doesn't help that the last two cover-story interviewers (for Parker and Gwen) were gushing fans or syncophants. I liked Jill Solloway's interview with Amy Poehler, I learned more about both of them through it and was impressed. I'm looking forward to Amy's Spring Break movie with Amber Tambyln and Parker Posey.
Yeah, I'm also sorta annoyed that Bust is putting so many women on the cover that explicitly DON'T identify as feminists.
I think Etta James should be the subject of the next feature interview/cover story/whatever.

QUOTE(faerietails @ Jan 29 2007, 02:32 AM) *

I just wanted to punch her for co-opting The Sound of Music. WTF?!

Well, she had to do SOMETHING to follow up her ripoff from Fiddler on the Roof!
I don't like Gwen but I could care less if she was on the cover. Now if they put one of the Simpsons/Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie/Britney on the cover, then yeah I'd have a serious issue with it.

I am however having issues with articles that have appeared in the last two issues that I'm starting to believe were put in there JUST to piss anyone with a kid off.

The latest, the one about The Labour of Love was so heinously incorrect with their Cesarian data that I wanted to vomit on the issue. I was more pissed off about THAT then the issue last month about being childless(before this gets out of hand let me state that I have friends who NEVER want kids and that's totally cool, but they like them nonetheless-that article was so child negative as a whole).

I may have to write my first letter to the magazine. mad.gif
hey, does anyone remember which issue had the article about girl scooter gangs? i've got a few years' worth of back issues, so i know it's in this pile somewhere, but it'd be nice to have a starting point before i go digging.
QUOTE(raisingirl @ Jan 29 2007, 01:51 PM) *

Well, she had to do SOMETHING to follow up her ripoff from Fiddler on the Roof!

laugh.gif biggrin.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif
oh dude grrrrly, i remember that one! it's pretty recent i think...within the last two years? possibly the one with sandra oh on the cover, no earlier.
Just saw this thread.

Um, Yeah, I thought the issue of Bust with Gwen Stefani on the cover fell a little flat.

Like, what magazine DOESN'T have her on the cover. (With that strange dead look on her face. And absolutely nothing rad to say.)

I mean we LOVE rock icons. But what about Deborah Harry? I mean, give me something to sink my teeth into. Probably couldn't get Deb. But I've always thought it'd be interesting to hear her discuss how - in a day when Mick Jagger and Bono, New York Dolls, et al. can make comebacks as though they'd never aged a day, how did the latest Blondie tour go and how many records/t-shirts did they sell from it.
how many people have read this blog entry about Bust. I know she put a lot of my complaints of Bust in sharp focous.
I really love it when other people, especially men, tell me how to be a feminist.
what's that you said G3, I keep getting this "You have chosen to ignore all posts from: girlygirlgag." error everytime you post.
I don't really agree with that blog. First off, Bust gives us a different perspective when it comes to the fashion stuff, they actually offer something different rather than putting a $3000 Dior gown on the page.

Plus, I can't think of any other mainstream womens magazine that actually reports on feminist issues. And what's wrong with doing your hair in a different way? I hate it when people act as though feminists can't take an interest in how they look or dress.

As for this issue, I was disappointed that they even bothered with Gwen. She just seems so fluffy and all "omg, I have a baby!" I was also annoyed that she even complains about Margaret Cho "talking shit" about her. I once heard that her Harajuku Girls were pretty much accessories, they're not even allowed to talk and they just sit by her in interviews. It's so ridiculous.
i have to say, i think bust redeemed itself with the travel issue. okay, the "traveling on the cheap" article wasn't so helpful (i'm not all about exchanging sexual favors for a place to stay), but i'm willing to chalk that up to being cheeky.

and i like BUST *because* it isn't Bitch mag. I always come away from Bitch thinking womankind is doomed, moreso than I'm reminded on a daily basis. Bitch = good in small doses, enough to keep you on your toes, but sometimes I just want to read a great interview with Tina Fey (you know, someone who other mags would never even consider as a role cover model).
I forgot to mention, that I wasn't impressed with the article on the Chubster gang. First off, do we really need articles on people that call themselves a gang? To me, it's just using the word gang in a positive sense.

And not only that but the women pictured are just plain obese. I don't care what anyone says, maybe they're fine with living that lifestyle but I don't think it should be promoted in any way. It's one thing to be against being harrassed by strangers but I just went to their website to check out more of their views and they're even against "narrow-minded doctors and health professionals". So apparently having a doctor that wants you to live a healthier lifestyle is a bad thing? I am all for accepting people of different sizes, but please, if they at least tried to eat the recommended amount of calories, fat, vegetables, all that stuff, I doubt that any of them would be nearly as big as they are.
hey busties,

I can't find my copy of bust, and I'm trying to remember the name of the artist they featured this last issue. she did really odd creepy paintings with big eyed creatures and scary industrial backgrounds. anyone?
i gotta say i was totally appalled by the travel issue. here's why:

1: encouraging mooching off your friends who actually saved up their own damn money, and encouraging calling collect at 4am to manipulate them into worrying about you

2: implying that only girls who look good in bikinis and have substantial boobs can get favors

3: encouraging giving blowjobs to guys you don't really want to give blowjobs to in order to get favors

and that was when i stopped reading. now, i've done extensive traveling on my own. i've never had to give a blowjob to do so, and even if it would have helped me, i wouldn't have been able to. i don't look great in a bikini and i'm a b-cup if the bra is generously sized. i'm not good at flirting with anyone i'm not already sleeping with, and boys never hit on me. i'm not ugly, but i've never used my "assetts" to get anything, and i wouldn't know how. i strongly resent being told that the only way to get what i want is to flaunt what i (don't) have. fuck you, jessica lloyd. i'm really pissed off.

the more i love the real ladies of the bust board, the less i love the magazine. i feel its really gone downhill in the past couple of years and i'm sorely disappointed.
which one was the travel issue?

gogosgirl, I know I have that issue lying around somewhere, I'll try to find it and get back to you.
Mouse, I totally hear what you are saying about the mag, I used to be so thrilled when the mad came out, and I still like it, but it's taking me longer and longer to read all the time, which means that I'm losing interest, I just haven't admitted it to myself yet.

I wish there were more magazines that were fun like BUST once was.
yeah mouse, that was a worrisome article. sometimes i think BUST forgets it's "homebase" of gals that are not so, i don't know. i started reading BUST back in 1999 as a refuge from all that. it reminds me too often that i'm not cool/sexy/hip enough, and it used to make me feel the opposite.

having said that, i was amazed (flabbergasted?) to see richmond, va as a travel spot. granted, i'm a native, and i love it there, but i had no idea it was a hipster destination.

the bust boards do tend to make for more interesting reading than the magazine, all in all. they should go back to reader submissions!
That blog annoyed me, especially the comments. Yeah, Bust is fluffy, but it's not like no one knows that. All the comments after the entry were depressing. Don't have fun with anything traditionally feminine or even be happy because it's not feminist. Check this out:

"(Note to fellow Blamers: Please spare this information overloaded spinster-in=training the details of your masturbatory habits. This is not “sharing”, but rather sad evidence of your successful indoctrination into the cult of confessional self-abasement. And some would argue that a brand name phallic device assembled in a Chinese sweatshop is hardly a “sex positive” feminist toy, but merely a plug-in version of the patriarchy) "

Um, what? Now masturbation is anti-feminist?
Does anyone remember Sassy magazine before it was bought by corporate hacks and went under? As a teenager, I worshiped that magazine because I finally felt like I had a place. Bust was that for me. Now it's becoming Sassy's corporate hack version, slowly but surely. I LOVE the lounge and the ladies here. And I have always liked that Bust is fun and politically forward. But now it's just becoming something else, and I don't like it.

As for that blog...hmm...I never knew feminists had to be serious at all times and eschew pink and masturbation. I like to feel pretty and I like to make myself feel good sometimes. That doesn't make me a slave to the patriarchy.
QUOTE(thereshegoes @ Mar 21 2007, 11:41 AM) *

it reminds me too often that i'm not cool/sexy/hip enough, and it used to make me feel the opposite.

exactly, or it's just sort of a suprising disappointment. i always feel like going, "...really?" after i read the latest issue. i expect so much more, and they don't deliver, and instead of really being awesome they focus too much on trendy shit or product placement. i used to love bust because it was the perfect happy medium between jane and bitch, which is pretty much exactly where my own politics fall--aware of bitch's issues, but also tired of ALWAYS MAKING *EVERYTHING* A FEMINIST ISSUE, while at the same time, tired of jane's desperate grasping after celebrities and trends. now jane has totally gone to shit, and bust is fast in following.

i felt the same way a few months ago when, a generally great blog about LA, did an article on this cobrasnake girl. maybe this is something that won't make that much sense to people unfamiliar with that scene (and consider yourself lucky if you are unfamiliar), but i always thought of LAist as being the antithesis of that kind of hollywood. they were doing articles on people who weren't famous and who were doing interesting things regardless. it felt like a cop out, and like a betrayal, and i feel like bust is doing the same. it's really a fucking shame--they have the readership and the support and money to be so awesome.
anna k
The raves about Sassy reminds me how much I liked Seventeen circa 1994. I know it wasn't as "indie" as Sassy, but Seventeen turned me on to indie films, Me'shell Ndegeocello, Bjork, Francesca Lia Block, and I loved the first-person narratives by writers like Karen Good and Lisa Miya-Jervis. I really loved how thick and exciting the magazine was for me, yet it has a bad rap because it's a crappy teen magazine now. It did have the usual makeup/fashion stuff, but I got a lot of good things out of it.

it reminds me too often that i'm not cool/sexy/hip enough . . .

Even though I like the publications, I tend to get those feelings when I read Jane, Nylon, or Paper (NYC hipster magazine).
gogosgirl, are you thinking of Camille Rose Garcia? She was featured in the October issue, so it wasn't the most recent one....but she's who came to mind when reading your description.
oh treehugger, bless you! that's exactly the artist I was searching for...mahalo for your help!
For Xmas, I gave my sister a Bust subscription, and I kept telling her how totally different this magazine was from all the rest, so imagine my dissapointment when I saw that her first magazine had Gwen on the front... even more dissapointed by the article.

Just read about Corinne Bailey Rae on Wikipedia... she considers herself a feminist... would've been so much more interesting to have her front the mag.
the really depressing thing is that i would've been thrilled to see the travel article in something like "jane". they're super sex-positive, but they tend to not acknowledge that some of their readers might not actually want to put on a bikini and flirt with foreign men. like i said before, i expected more from bus.

you know, this is funny, and this should probably go under one of the feminism threads, but it's interesting how i reacted to it. i think i've got my back up quite a bit to be offended by bust these days so maybe i was halfway looking for something to piss me off, and i haven't read any ariel levy and don't plan to, but it's kind of interesting where all of this sex-positive feminism (which i wholeheartedly agree with) has taken us to--if it's considered empowering to give a blowjob in exchange for room and board or a meal or drinks or whatever, does that make those of us who aren't comfortable with that, frigid or unempowered? i'm not saying that oh my god i would never ever ever give a strange man a blowjob!! but it most likely would not happen. i'm not unattractive, i've had several boyfriends, but i'm not the kind of girl that boys regularly hit on. i'm the friend that, after talking to for a long time, they finally realize is really awesome, and then they get me into bed and they're totally suprised that i actually really want to have sex and will gladly comply with whatever they want to do to me and suggest some things of my own. i shock the hell out of them in bed because they expect me to be a mouse (ha), but i'm not. the thing is, i'm really picky, and i also don't tend to come out of my shell unless i trust and really like someone and as much as i want it to, that has never happened right away. i wish this third-wave post-feminist whatever would acknowledge that just because you don't put it all out there doesn't mean it ISN'T there, and that just because it IS there, doesn't mean you have to let everyone know about it, or if somehow people don't know about it it doesn't make you any less of an empowered female.
grrr, i changed my address effective march 3rd when i signed my new lease, and my current bust still isn't here. we were having issues with all of my mom's mail getting forwarded along with mine, so she she bitched to the post office about that, and now neither one of us has gotten anything beyond junkmail for a week. the whole point of subscribing was that i'd get my issue before it was in stores, but now i don't know if it's stuck in mail limbo somewhere or which address it's going to show up at, if at all. i know i need to put in a change of address, but that link just opens up a new email, it doesn't give instructions about what info to include. and is it too early to demand a replacement issue, and how long til the address change takes effect? cause i don't wanna be doing this every two months trying to get my mag in the mail when it's sitting there taunting me from the shelf of my local borders. stupid post office. and this long-ass bitch probably should have gone in the questions and comments about the mag thread. my bad.
so i finally got my new issue. the trade blowjobs for room and board "travel" article did indeed suck. but i was very pleased that in both major interviews (charlotte gainsbourg and jennifer saunders), the ladies had no problem answering with an unequivocal "yes" when asked if they considered themselves feminists. after last issue's gwen-gate, that was refreshing.
yeah, the interviews were both very good. i'm not sure how i feel about them totally writing off the fact that charlotte gainsbourg has two kids, though (who knew??)--it felt like an afterthought, and like the interviewer was like, "oh shit, she has kids??? how can i resolve this one?", and though as much as i believe in the childfree movement i think that there needs to be more of a light shone on feminists who are very much doing their own awesome thing while still having kids. thank god for ayun halliday.
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Mar 19 2007, 11:54 PM) *
I forgot to mention, that I wasn't impressed with the article on the Chubster gang. First off, do we really need articles on people that call themselves a gang? To me, it's just using the word gang in a positive sense.

And not only that but the women pictured are just plain obese. I don't care what anyone says, maybe they're fine with living that lifestyle but I don't think it should be promoted in any way. It's one thing to be against being harrassed by strangers but I just went to their website to check out more of their views and they're even against "narrow-minded doctors and health professionals". So apparently having a doctor that wants you to live a healthier lifestyle is a bad thing? I am all for accepting people of different sizes, but please, if they at least tried to eat the recommended amount of calories, fat, vegetables, all that stuff, I doubt that any of them would be nearly as big as they are.

this is just plain NOT COOL! mad.gif

Here is the actual quote from their site:

"It should be noted that Narrow Fucks are often well-meaning though hopelessly misguided doctors and health professionals, although thankfully not always. "

I can identify with that comment. It's all nice and good to be concerned, it's another thing to not pay attention when someone is suffering from a condition not related to weight. It's what I went though when I was going through my last bought of depression. There are doctors who would actually ask questions before just assuming that my weight was the reason why I was depressed. The last doctor I went to didn't. That's what fat folks deal with constantly.

That is what the Chubsters are pissed off about.

Mouse, if I didn't know it before, now I am conviced, I love you. wub.gif

The new issue gave me all kinds of conflict. It was mostly the "traveling while poor and young" article. I don't hjave it in front of me but the line was something like "Everyone has talents, cooking, math, blowjobs, etc." I just cannot belive the author was making it sound like such a perfectly fine idea to trade sex for money. No indication that menat you were participating in the sex trade. Not even an indication that that may not be the safest idea ever. Did it even suggest that if that was your way to travel bring your own condoms? And the graphic that looked like Tara Reid on a bender really added too the whole Maxim magazine feel.

Here's an idea, if you really want to travel and are poor, volunteer with an organization. Work teaching English somewhere. Don't plan so poorly that your only alternatives are mooching off your family at 4 AM or giving bjs to strange men.

God, I normally feel like I can share the magazine with my 16y/o step sister. The last thing I need to show her is one more example proving that women are nothing more than money mooching skanks. Isn't that what the rest of pop culture shows?

What really bugs me is that I worry that my own reaction shows me to be a prude (I am in my life, I know it.) I honestly have no problem with people choosing to work in sex work. But that article was just stupid and dumb and encourage girls to not take care of themselves and to not take responsibility for their choices. It really, really bothered me!
That's a really good point, Lillyblue, about the article on the bias against obese women.

It's really, really strong, and nowhere is it more pronounced and deadly than in the way the medical profession treats obese patients.

There's more than enough evidence, already (and tons more is coming) that women can be perfectly healthy at any weight at all; and also that legitimate ailments suffered by patients deemed to be obese should be treated just as they are when they affect patients who are not considered "obese" at all (and this is NOT being done by many--the vast majority--of doctors).

Contrary to what a lot of people believe (doctors included) "obesity" does not always result from eating too much and not getting enough exercise. I think that much of medical "science" hasn't got a clue about fat and how weight gain affects people at all (most MDs are ignorant of the fact that excess weight on women is not harmful, whereas even a small amount of excess weight on men is--and why that is); I also think much of the big hoopla about "obesity" is as much about selling fantastically lucrative weight loss plans and pharmaceuticals as it is about "the concern for health". Probably even more so about $$$ than it is about concern for women's health.

So, bravo to BUST for that article.
lily, I guess I'm lucky because I haven't had to deal with doctors like that. I'm overweight and yes, my doctor has encouraged me to lose weight but I'm not offended by it because I think it's in my best interest as well. I know that obesity doesn't always equal unhealthy but I still think that there is a lot of correlation between the two. Obviously women are supposed to have a certain amount of fat on their bodies anyway but I just don't see why they needed to do an article about a "gang" of fat women.
Well, the reality is that a lot of noise is made about the supposed correlation between health and weight is made, but when medicine is asked to prove the claims with real science they continually come up amazingly short, specifically where the realities of women's bodies and health are concerned. Medicine's got a long, guilty, and ongoing history of ignoring the reality of the female body on every issue from birth onwards--and they haven't changed much yet.

So fat has always been a feminist issue, since it is what differentiates the female body from the male one. To date, even this very minute, the male body is still considered the health norm. A vast amount of "data" about health is still gathered on male test subjects--and that includes everything from information on specific pathologies to information on drugs and their effects in the body, yet that information is applied without question to women no matter how inaccurate and irrelevant it becomes by this application.

So that makes the female "gang" considered "too fat to be healthy" about 53% of the world's population, in total. And that is why a female "gang" of "fat" women (nothing scares the world more, trust me) is more than appropriate.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Mar 29 2007, 04:40 PM) *
Here's an idea, if you really want to travel and are poor, volunteer with an organization. Work teaching English somewhere. Don't plan so poorly that your only alternatives are mooching off your family at 4 AM or giving bjs to strange men.

What really bugs me is that I worry that my own reaction shows me to be a prude

I don't think that was a prudish reaction at all! I haven't picked up the article yet but from what I've read in this thread, the behavior they promote is unsafe, no matter what your opinions on sex work etc. are.
I actually re-read the article and I have to admit that the suggestions about teaching English were given. However, I still didn't like general idea.
chachaheels: Thanks for the enlightenment, I think more people are in desperate need of being aware of these issues. I do agree that the "medical concerns" are more about dollars and bias against women than anything else. It would explain why - no matter how much exercise women do or how little they eat - we *still* continue to develop fat *naturally* on our bodies. It's like the age thing. Your body ages naturally, no matter what. I believe women are *supposed* to have fat on their bodies and that it can be not necessarily harmful. Yes, the Chubster Gang is rad and these issues are in their infancy as far as awareness is concerned and that's what makes them so controversial even among the more enlightened.
I prefered this issue to the last issue. But thier were a few articles that I disliked. However it was nice to hear Charlotte Gainsbourg, actually say yes I am a feminist. Finally the lady on the cover of the feminist mag actually being proud to be a feminist. wink.gif I loved the Iggy pop article! Hated the global fashion spread. And enjoyed City of women.
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