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very good point, morn. i don't think it's fair to label--or in this case, dis-label--anyone. if someone identifies themself as something, i don't think it's anyone else's right to say "no you're not". it's one thing to get pissed if someone DOESN'T call herself a feminist, but to get pissed off if someone DOES? that's crazy. nobody can decide that except you. and perhaps the majority of us on the bust boards are not your typical militant feminist, but i for one actually enjoy the non-judgmental feminism i encounter here.

i think it's funny that we bitch about bust so much here but the second someone says something worse than we do, we get all offended smile.gif secretly we really love her!

however--i happened to get the chance to look through some old (2004 and previous) issues of bust at a friend's house. this was before i really knew about bust at all and looking at them was a shock! oh my god there were so many awesome fat chicks! in the editorial photos, in the fashion shoots, in the sewing projects, the how to do your makeup/hair projects! and i remembered how that was one of the biggest (heh heh) things that made me love bust in the first place--using NORMAL and plus size models, and not just one as a token--sometimes there'd be an entire issue without a single skinny model! it really made it really feel accessible to everyone. please please please bring that back! PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASEEEEEE!!!!!
i agree mouse. and it'll save them money. i'm normal looking. i'll model cool clothes for free! then they can use the extra money to pay girlbomb some more smile.gif
QUOTE(chachaheels @ May 18 2007, 10:26 AM) *
I'm going to show my own self-interest and suggest that, since so many women play (and have played) HUGE roles in alternative medicine and in alternative medical history, and because so many women seem interested in health on this board, Bust could run a column or even the occasional article featuring well researched information (NOT the stuff run in the mainstream press, which is always poorly researched. I mean as in, the journalist didn't bother to learn thing one about what he/she's writing about in the least).

Mouse; I don't really care for Betty Dodson, either. While I appreciate that she wants women to feel positive about thier sexuality, I feel she too often dismisses womens' concerns. For instance, a woman may write in about her difficulty in achieving orgasm during intercourse, and Dodson will respond with "advice" on how that shouldn't be important since most women don't achieve orgasm that way and just stick to manual stimulation, the clitoris, blah, blah, blah...Effectively ignoring the woman's question, y'know?
A couple of years ago I began to be discouraged with Bust b'cuz it had seemed to morph from this funky, inclusive magazine that spoke to a wide array of cool chicks to a magazine which spoke only to a very narrow subset: sex-obsessed, rockabilly, burlesque-performers. Not that there's anything wrong w/that---in fact, I enjoy that stuff---but there was a period (I don't even remember exactly when, or for how long) when, issue after issue was filled with this stuff, to the exclusion of any other material. I almost stopped subscribing, 'cuz I felt it no longer spoke to me. But somehow, over time, Bust regained an equallibrium and again felt inclusive toward a wide spectrum of interests. Oh, and they became less focused on sex (I am SO far from being a prude, believe me, but if I wanted a magazine full of that shit, I'd read Glamour or whatever).
yeah, sass, exactly. i mean--i respect betty dodson a HELL of a lot. if it weren't for her, so many people wouldn't realize the importance of the clitoris (and let's face it, it IS very important) and that is monumental. but just like she doesn't want the world to think that every woman can orgasm through penetration and that's what works best for all women and if you can't come from that then you're defective.......equally i don't want her to talk like the clit is the only right, womanly, liberated feminist way to come, which is totally the vibe i get from her. sure, the g-spot and the clit are part of the same tissue, but they provide extremely different sensations and orgasms. to me, that's like saying "oh, forget about having anal sex, most women don't orgasm from it and besides, the vagina is more sensitive". it doesn't make sense to me to disclaim one way of coming, especially since that's what she's been railing against forever from the other direction. furthermore, every woman is built differently and what works for betty might not necessarily work for someone else. clit and g-spot are not the same thing, neither are they mutually exclusive.
i really liked this most recent issue (except for the lame skinny-girls-in-bikinis-and-forever21-hotpants fashion story--come ON, ladies)!! patti smith is the first interviewee to deny feminism yet still have me agree with her wholly.
You know what would be an awesome issue of BUST?

I was just watching VH1's top songs of the '80's and I thought - wow I would love to see BUST do a "Ladies of the 80's" issue - Terri Nunn, Pat Benatar, The Go-Go's, Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper, Tina Weymouth, Tina Turner - ect; even the first MTV VJ's Martha Quinn anyone? I know I'm forgetting many. Then some men of the 80's that we love as side articles. Oh that would be a wonderful walk down memory lane for me and an excellent intro for younger BUSTies.
That sounds like an awesome idea! I was only a baby in the 80s but I still love listening to 80s music anyway.

I am just curious, does anyone know which issue it was where they listed ways to clean your place with just regular househould stuff like hot water and vinegar? Y'know, instead of Windex and whatnot. I'm going to be moving in less than a month and I want to clean that place up before getting settled in.
How 'bout a feature on Emma Watson? I just read this, and not only am I happy that a celebrity finally came out and claimed feminism, but it's awesome that a very young celebrity came out and claimed it. smile.gif
also, Corinne Bailey Rae would be a good person to feature
from this wiki entry, 'Rae formed an all-female indie group called Helen, which was inspired by similar acts such as Veruca Salt and L7. "It was the first time I'd seen women with guitars. They were kinda sexy – but feminist. I wanted to be like that, at the front of something' Can we assume she considers herself a feminist?

i haven't gotten the new issue yet, but i just scoped it on the front page, and rosario's covershot is fucking awesome. further judgement upon arrival.
so here we are, another two months gone by, another new issue of bust, and once again, i'm seeing it on the newsstand already, but it hasn't shown up in my mailbox. last time i had address change issues, but surely that's straightened out by now. so does anyone else subscribe who could tell me if this is business as usual? it's been a while since i subscribed to a magazine, and this is my first time subscribing to bust. but it used to be one of the perks of being a subscriber was getting the new issue a week or two before it hit the general population, or same day at the very least. i've never had one that came in the mail after it's already been out to the general public.
I never get an issue before it hits the stands. I'd say I get it up to a month AFTER it's hit the stands, usually.
i didn't get the new one with rosario yet... should i have? i usually get it before BUST changes their main website page. grrrrr....
hey guys - usually the subscriber copies go out waaaaaay early and get to you before the newsstand. this time, however, the truck with subscriber copies on it didn't get to the post office on time (maude knows why) but the copies did all get mailed out last week. they should be appearing in your boxes (um, mailboxes) any day now! and btw, the copies ain't supposed to be on newsstands until tomorrow.
sorry 'bout dat.
you rock my world, lounge lady
Cool! I was wondering where mine was as well. ...and I don't have a box, I have a slot tongue.gif
thanks loungelady!
Mine arrived yesterday, but I'm used to getting them late. I don't really mind since I'm not around places that carry bust that often. I always figured I got them so late because I live in Canada.
sorry to interrupt but...

QUOTE(octobersky @ Jun 23 2007, 07:58 PM) *
Pat Benatar

I heart Pat Benatar!!!! She's my cleaning music!!!

Can I just say I love the Eddie Argos article? (But it shoulda been longer!) wub.gif He's such a dork!

I loved the Rosario Dawson article. It's nice to see a cover star being articulate and willing to have a politically-tinged discussion for a change.

But I do have one gripe...was that thick, un-preforated tobacco ad really necessary? I mean, I know the magazine's gotta have ads, but...not only is it a tobacco ad, it's really annoying to navigate around because the pages keep auto-flipping back to that page! Grr.
I picked up the issue the other day, and loved it! Rosario Dawson is seriously awesome. I have a bit of a girlie crush on her and tons of admiration for her. And also really happy that girlbomb did the interview. smile.gif

I thought the nun article was really interesting, though I have trouble seeing nuns as feminists. I found the the story enlightening, all the same.

faerietails, ditto. He seems adorable.
sorry to interrupt as I haven't seen teh new issue yet as I'm having some subscription issues, it just me or are the models getting skinnier with every issue?!!! One thing I love about Bust is that the women look more like me than a hanger, but now they're looking more like hangers. Damn! If I wanted to see that I'd read Glamour. I just miss the sanctuary of Bust, and seeing a few curves.... Sorry for the rant, I just needed to vent....
ginger, there's this really great book called mountain sisters about this convent in appalachia, and it has a lot of oral history. it's really fascinating, because a lot of the women said they became nuns because they didn't want to get married and have kids and settle down, and by comparison, going out into the mountains and farming and meeting new people seemed so adventurous by comparison, so they considered themselves very feminist in that sense. (and then later on the whole convent--wanting to be more radical/forward-thinking and do more outreach and education--ends up breaking away from the church. it's pretty awesome.) until i read that book, i would never have been able to see nuns as feminists!

*sorry...back to your regularly-scheduled discussion*
Thanks faerietails, I am going to check that book out.

*okay...back to discussing Bust*
Thanks for the good feedback on the Rosario interview, faerietales and ginger kitty. It's much appreciated. smile.gif
i just got my issue today (i moved, so change of address and all). can't wait to read it!
Okay, okay ... the new issue with the REGULAR GALS modeling their fashion? Rock ON. So inspiring! Best part of it for me was the SHORT GIRLS (FINALLY)!!! BUST was definitely breakin' all the RULES fashion-wise this issue. Also, an interview with Velvet? Now we've outdone ourselves ladies?!

I SO LOVED the part of the interview where Velvet recognizes SHORT ladies and OLDER ladies and the fact that these gals - ALONG WITH big gals - are LEFT OUT of fashion. This is an issue we've tried to wring out ourselves here on this board many times ... the fact that it's NOT just big gals that are left out of fashion (and presumably "unpresentable" to the world) ~ it's also anyone who basically doesn't look like a teenage girl or boy ... this issue of leaving folks out has to do with a hatred of WOMEN IN GENERAL ... NOT just big gals - although yes, big gals (and big people in general) do receive a BIG PIECE of the hatred ... but Velvet is quick to realize all of this. There's a quote by Andy Warhol that I love: "If everyone is not beautiful, then no one is." THANK YOU BUST!!!!
Ooooh, Miranda July is on the new cover?! Yay! I didn't even know this issue was out yet! I'll have to go pick it up tomorrow.

btw, does anyone know how well vendors fare at the bust craftacular? i want to have a booth this year, but with the booth at $225 and me having to buy the supplies to make my stuff (which would only sell at like $12 max), I don't know if it would be worth it. but i would really love to have a booth! i went last year and it was fun.
Yay!! I really liked this issue. I wasn't familar with Miranda July, but she seems intriguing. I was so happy she wasn't affraid to admit that she a feminist.

I so want to attempt to modify a hoodie, after reading that DIY article.

I wish the article about Kat Von D had gone into more detail, she seems like a very cool chick.

What's with beehive hair coming back? I really like Amy Winehouse, but I blame her for this awful trend, and I just hate the look.



Ginger kitty: I too am intrigued by Kat von D...wouldn't it be great to get her on the cover or at least an interview?!!

YAY FOR DEBBIE you know how long I've waited for a Bust interview with her?! She's like Elvis for me, and a lot of other chicks I know. Did you know when she first came on the scene in the 70's she was ~ like Elvis ~ banned in certain circles? Because she was sexy, and fronted a male rock band, she was very the point where some journalists and TV reporters actually refused to interview or speak with her...some reporters actually voiced their concerns, saying they were afraid to be alone with her. I saw an early interview with Debbie and Chris where they discussed this...and Chris interjected that Debbie "wasn't doing anything different onstage than Mick Jagger was doing" at that time. But that's how groundbreaking she was as a girl, fronting a rock band. Also, Madonna has always claimed her as her biggest influence. Debbie Harry has always been underappreciated...always groundbreaking...esp. an era when any guy can be 50, 60 years old in a rock band, onstage, and considered sexy, you won't see many chicks actually even *attempting* it...(can you imagine the self-esteem it would take ~ to be brave enough to put your 50-60 year old self out there, onstage, as a woman? knowing the world's intolerance for women who look a day over 25? um, wow.
You know, I distinctly remember being a little shocked way back in the late 70's to find out that Debbie Harry was in her 30's when she was fronting Blondie, though she looked very young and very, very powerful. I think she's finally getting the attention and accolades she's due, and glad that BUST was among the first to point the spotlight back on her and all she's done.
these past two issues or so have finally come around, i think. i know they're good when there's like, 5 articles i want to rip out and give to some woman i know. (i actually was reading the last issue on the plane, and i ripped out the flight attendant article to pass along to the ladies when i de-boarded, but i ripped it right down the middle by accident.)
I finally picked up this issue! I was surprised that they chose to do a story on "arranged" marriage, although based on what they described most people I know would call it a love match. I still don't think I would ever want a marriage like that but my dad has helped people with a few matches that have actually turned out really well.
I'm waiting, not very patiently, for my subscription to start. I went to three different bookstores this past week looking for the current issue and was denied every time.sad.gif
can i just say that the Beth Ditto article was a total mindfuck?
i'm not sure, but i think she's a god.
I think this whole issue was one of the best. beth Ditto=brilliant, and amy poehler interviewing phyllis diller was a great move, also enjoyed the biba article
Okay, that is soooo weird! I haven't picked up this issue yet but just yesterday I was thinking to myself, "they should put Beth Ditto on the cover!"

I need to run out and grab this issue.
Hey, just wanted to shout out that I'm selling a ton of old Busts and Venus Zine's on ebay... ends in like, 2 hours... I dunno why I didn't post here earlier. Anyway, just search Bust and it should come up... (seller name: lipstickretrowife).

my comments and suggestions:

who i wanna see on the cover-martha wainwright, regina spektor, maybe maggie gyllenhaal, julie christie, jennifer jason leigh, julianne moore, ashley judd, kate winslet, sarah polley, catherine keener, america ferrara, mary-louise parker, minnie driver, rachel griffiths, maybe even winona ryder? (she makes me nostalgic for the 90's), more chryssie hynde please! BTW i love it when the model/actress/cover celeb is smiling.....

-maybe you could feature.....jennifer carpenter (Dexter), or lauren ambrose

-please please profile katherine albrecht (author of Spychips). at least review her book

-Maybe quizzes or profiles of joan of arc, dorothy parker (historical figures), jane goodall (my heroine)

-more 'older' cover celebs, like 30-40 and up

-travel section-austin tx. i can't rememebr if you've featured ontario, but if you haven't i would love to read it

-i would like to see another issue of 'men we love' - esp. henry rollins

-more child-free articles

-i like salma hayek and everything, but i feel like putting her, and amy winehouse, natalie portman, among others, is redundant because we see them everywhere already.

-more average-sized models (12 +)

-an article on the peace corps. more about librarians. profile a career in psychology, perhaps?

-.....the quotations from celebrities....this my biggest complaint: please give us quotes from women that actually have something to say. i can read the quotes of keira knightley, sienna miller, or charlize theron anywhere. i want to read a quote that inspires me and makes me think. i don't even understand the point of half those mindless quotations.

and on another note, this really ticked me off - i was bored and flipped through my cousins's fiance's Maxim a while ago just out of curiosity, and there was an article on "How to change your girlfriend from a feminist into a real girl!" It suggested redirecting her from the hard-core "femi-nazi literature:" and getting her a subscription to BUST, which is apparently more "feminist lite." Ugh i still get mad when i think of that. just everything in that article was so wrong.
QUOTE(olivarria @ Dec 28 2007, 04:36 AM) *
and on another note, this really ticked me off - i was bored and flipped through my cousins's fiance's Maxim a while ago just out of curiosity, and there was an article on "How to change your girlfriend from a feminist into a real girl!" It suggested redirecting her from the hard-core "femi-nazi literature:" and getting her a subscription to BUST, which is apparently more "feminist lite." Ugh i still get mad when i think of that. just everything in that article was so wrong.

i'm all riled up and i didn't even read that article! i couldn't find it, and i can't believe i just googled 'maxim and feminism.'

yes, winona ryder on the cover!

and what about a profile of holly black, way-cool author of spiderwick chronicles, among other spooky, fairy-themed children's lit (and she's from NJ!)

fuck yes beth ditto on the cover!!!

up next, please: diablo cody! former stripper, blogger-turned-screenwriter (juno!), and all around awesome lady. and speaking of juno, ellen page seems to have a pretty substantial head on those teeny tiny shoulders as well.

i'd actually love to see a bust-eye-view interview with katharine heigl re: knocked up, too...
Hey ya'll...just a little shameless self-promotion over here...I'm selling some back issues of Bust from 1998-2000 on the e Bay. It's a lot of 4 with Margaret Cho, Missy Elliot, Jeanane Garofalo, and Ann Magnusen on the covers. I didn't price 'em high...I'd hate to throw 'em away when I know someone out there would enjoy them. (US only- sorry other Busties, but the postage gets so insane.)
a full length interview with M.I.A.! PLEASE THAT WOULD BE SO RAD
I was so pleased the new issue.... smile.gif
Okay, who would I love to see on the cover if I had one wish. How about MARLYS!, Lynda Barry's cartoon character/part alter-ego/part-former-girlself!!! Lynda has a new book coming out this year and it's amazing. It's a writing class taught by an anarchist. It's a comic book by a punk cartoonist. It's unthinkable! I was fortunate enough to get a seat at Lynda's writing class last month "Writing The Unthinkable" and it's changed my life. An interview with Lynda Barry could have us all on the edge of (yes, even OUR) seats! Soooo many great questions to ask her too. For instance, she's a good friend of Matt Groening (The Simpsons), the two met at Evergreen State College. She hasn't spoken with her mother in 15 years. That's just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to questions for LB. One of the best examples I've seen of someone who has totally turned pain into beauty and shared it with others in a mutually therapeutic way, making us cry tears mixed with both pain and joy. QUITE an inspirational person...and rad!?!
i second lynda barry. i love her so much. i've been reading marlys and ernie pook since middle school, and i've re-read "cruddy" more than possibly any other book (and pawned it off onto everyone i parents now call their favorite kitchen knife "little debbie"). that is an interview i would love love love to read.
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