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QUOTE(chachaheels @ Apr 2 2007, 08:40 AM) *
So that makes the female "gang" considered "too fat to be healthy" about 53% of the world's population, in total. And that is why a female "gang" of "fat" women (nothing scares the world more, trust me) is more than appropriate.

agreed! i would add the word unapolgetic to that description. this also plays into the "good" fats and the "bad" fatties line. if they were actively talking about how they ate right and exercised, would people have a problem?

maybe it's time to bring back the sizeism thread.
I saw that, Lilyblue, and thanks for bringing back that thread. I ran over to make a comment there already!

ok, so i finally got my copy.

first off... the travel article. Fucking stupid. Talk about brainless. I take offense because, well, I'm a qualified EFL teacher. It's hard work, really hard, and "conversation lessons"... are the worst of all. Jeebus. And most au pair agencies should require references, id, etc etc. Has no-one heard of all the cases of women going missing/being raped/murdered while overseas? Can we talk about healthcare? Expense? Volunteer organisations? Having a miligram of common sense?

and can I just say... "maybe it has something to do with bikinis and breasts - both of which it would help you to have".

I thought the fashion spread was very... samey. Nothing that made me go "I'd like to try that". Just made me go "meh, more skinny girls in tunic dresses".

The interviews were good, though - and the article on the city of women in china.

I'm just... not so into it any more. the magazine is getting same old same old, and without that it's not giving me a reason to buy it, especially when it costs (for me) twice as much as glamour because it's imported.
Morn, you're an EFL teacher? Huh, I never knew! It's something that interests me.

All of these not-so-stellar articles in Bust make me want to think more about submitting an article (or query)... I should talk to Girlbomb about this.
QUOTE(hellotampon @ Apr 2 2007, 07:02 PM) *
I don't think that was a prudish reaction at all! I haven't picked up the article yet but from what I've read in this thread, the behavior they promote is unsafe, no matter what your opinions on sex work etc. are.

This is definetley what turned me off about the article the most; I don't consider myself prudish either, but using sexual favors to fund your vacation is degrading and unsafe. I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt this was unnecessary and innappropriate.
City of Women was fascinating! However, I hated the guide to traveling on the seemed really degrading, mainly just using blowjobs as a means of currency. Maybe its just me. As always, I loved the book reivews and can't wait for summer to start so I can read as many as possible. I also loved the recipes using spring veggies!! Overall, the issue was great as always.
I agree about the using sex. Anybody who does that is putting them in a potentially dangerous situation. It doesn't matter how great a man appears to be, this can be totlly decieving.

Morning, I agree, BUST is becoming tiresome, it's seems like it's becoming the same thing as Marie Claire and Glamour which deal with feminist issues, but then have that fucking travel article, what next, the headline, "how to be the best your guy ever had". When I first started reading BUST it was so much different.

As for the city of women, as an anthropology major, I was very skeptical, even though they quoted an anthropologist...I guess it's the academic in me that reads mainstream ethnographies and says, what a p.o.s.
I have seriously considered sending them a letter to let them know how borderline lame the magazine has become. It kind of feels like when I was a teen and Sassy changed, and was no longer the best/coolest teen mag ever anymore. I remember feeling really let down, like I lost something.
this is my thing. I haven't been reading BUST that long (compared to many of the people here) and I don't always buy it. But recently... I've not been so impressed. I didn't buy the gwen stefani issue because it had her on the cover. I don't like her, so I dismissed it and bought a music magazine instead.

maybesparrow brings up a good point - the book/music/film reviews are better than a lot of women's magazines.

raisin... not any more. I had a gap-year job, and took the proper training so that I have something to "fall back on". After going through it, it just annoys me that people don't recognise the hard work EFL teachers have put in to get thier qualifications, and the hard work they do when teaching overseas. You can't just walk into a classroom, and if the school is any good they'll expect you to be qualified. There are volunteer programs that offer a package - basic training, accommodation, etc, but you aren't the primary teacher in a lot of cases. There are qualified, experienced people on hand. Although if you are interested, it is really rewarding and interesting. Just hard work; you've got to want to do it. Hell, my classes made me cry.
damn. double post.

culture, the city of women was interesting from the pov of someone who has read the odd mainstream ethanography wink.gif . But I can see your point.
I'm just slightly biased, it just seemed incomplete to me, But given space restrictions, they could put 200+ pages of cultural observation and practice in it.

I'll agree on the reviews though, good stuff. It just seems like the magazine is become fluff now. sad.gif
It's always interesting to read what the loungers think about the magazine, and I take your concerns seriously. WE got a number of letters about the Cheap Travel article and will be printing one in the next issue. That article, it appears, was horribly misunderstood, and I guess you can't always predict how something will come across in print, as hard as we try. While we are pro-sex here at BUST, we definitely didn't mean for some of the more extreme suggestions to be taken seriously -- it was definitely written tongue-in-cheek, and when we read it here we thought it was funny. In the early BUST days, we used to print things that were far more extreme (and tongue-in-cheeky) than that, even. It does seem diffiicult, however, for that kind of thing to "read" in a woman's magazine correctly; it seems they can do it in boy magazines (and Vice) with ease, but when we print semi-obnoxious things (which I kinda feel is every gal's right) it often gets taken the wrong way. I definitely don't want to piss off or dissappoint our readers, but at the same time I disagree with the idea that, because we are writing for women (adult women, at that), that they should be "protected"--I guess I assume our readers are smart enough to not go and start having sex-for-money as a way to fund their travels. Nevertheless, something about the way that piece was written and/or edited didn't quite make its take on it obvious enough, and I can def. understand how confusion could have arisen. I really apologize for that. Live, and learn.

As for some of our cover ladies not copping to being feminists, that's as dissappointing to us as it is to you. It's very difficult to get someone for the cover of BUST -- that's really a challenge every issue. We just try to go for women in pop culture that we think are interesting. Then, we ask them if they are feminist. Sometimes they say yes, sometimes they say no -- it's clear that there's a lot of miseducation around what being a feminist means and still, disappointinglly, a stigma around admitting to it. We just print what they tell us.

In the end, I am very interested in what you all are looking for in a feminist-informed magazine. We're trying our best to put together a mag that puts women at the center--a positive celebration of women's culture. We're not trying to be Ms. -- they already do a great job of reporting on a variety of feminist issues--and we're not trying to be Bitch, who do a bang-up job of presenting a feminist analysis of pop culture. We are trying to present an embraceable pop culture, in the way that Heeb, or the Advocate, or even Vibe does for people who the mainstream culture prefers to relegate to the sidelines. It is, at times, a difficult line to walk, but we keep trying, and we're always happy to take your input into consideration. So thanks.
put me on the cover! i'll own up to being a raging feminist and then some!

Oh I agree! You should do an "our readers" issue.
Mornington, my current job makes me cry, so I thank you for the insight and can appreciate where you're coming from.

Lounge Lady! I have such a love/hate relationship with pop culture (story of my life) but I really would be jazzed (for lack of a better word) to write for Bust. Seriously. I will send you (or Debbie/Celina?) an email. Hell, I've been here on and off for so long now, it's the least I can do... if you're looking for new writers, that is...

ETA: Not that I just stuck my foot in my mouth with the last comment of "not so stellar" -- I mean, I'm just echoing the general vibe of the Lounge towards the magazine as of late. We want it to return to its original splendor -- am I right or am I right?!
oh wow! i love that this thread is actually being read by the "powers that be". can i suggest maybe writing an article about how vice can print raunchy stuff but bust can't? i hadn't thought of it that way, and it's a really interesting issue. i love reading vice because they're really honest and embracing of flaws even while still being totally crass and objectifying...and i like it, because all their "do's" full of squishy-bodied, nerdy, normal-looking girls make me feel pretty and sexy too. it's ironic, isn't it? but when a feminist magazine tells me to use my boobies to get favors, i really resent it, because it makes me feel like there's this assumption that you're not really a girl unless you have big tits and USE 'em, and that it's coming from the more popular girls who have managed to use theirs effortlessly. i think it's an issue a lot of your readers would respond to. and thanks so much for reading and responding to us!
Why does the cover have to feature someone in "pop" culture?

A magazine has the power to influence pop culture. Choose a Cover person who maybe isn't that well known, but is doing really great--feminist--things. Who might be overlooked by glossier mainstream magazines. That way, you make more and more people aware of what can be accomplished.

If you just feature the flavour of the month like everyone else does, then gasp when they claim to disown feminism, you aren't doing anybody any favours except that small minded celeb you've decided to feature.
chacha, while i agree the cover person could be someone not normally seen on mag covers, putting gwen stefani on there might make a girl who would otherwise buy seventeen or glamour or some tabloid pick up BUST. and even if her interview wasn't much different than it woulda been in any of those mags*, the rest of the content is.

*not excusing BUST for the boring gwen interview, by the way. just the biggest recent celeb i can think of.
speaking of vibe, when was the last time you had a woman of color on the cover? i can think of quite a few pop artist that would probably be more than happy to say that are feminists, and make good pop artists. i would love to see y'all go in a more inclusive direction, i think, in the black and latino communities we are always happy to see faces like ours in print, and you might find some new readers along the way wink.gif

and i'm with cha cha, there are a lot of people that you could expose that people might not have heard of. artists, musicians, or even just different issues. there has been a huge push here in seattle to get women into the trades even though our percentage of women in the trades already is twice the national average...

perhaps you should inlist local reporters, bloggers etc to do features/posts about local feminist things and people.....
thanks for the replies so far, everyone! girltrouble, we've got rosario dawson on the cover of the aug/sept issue -- we've been trying to get her for sooooo long. so yay. we definitely are interested in featuring WOC on the cover of BUST but it's also important that they be really "busty", not just putting a token WOC on the cover. We've tried for many in the past, folks don't always say yes. But if you've got folks you think are right for the mag, please post your suggestions.

We give lots of play to unknown or little-known women of all stripes in the mag, but we still need to pay our bills and sell copies, which means putting someone folks have heard of on the cover. Believe it or not, Gwen Stefani was one of our best-selling covers to date, but there was definitely some discussion here in the office about whether to feature her or not. In the end, a good number of our younger staff members were really interested in her, and we had the opportunity for a well-known star, so we tried it out. But for the most part, I don't think you could say we've gone with the 'flavor of the month' on our covers - amy sedaris, karen o, parker posey, tina fey, amy pohler, frances mcdormand, lili taylor, peaches, rosie perez, sandra oh (back when grey's anatomy hadn't even aired yet) -- say what you want about 'em, but I don't see them on many women's magazine covers. And since we are a mag that very much believes in the power of pop culture, finding women who break at least a bit free from the standard womens-role-in-pop-culture mold is important.

btw, the 'use your boobs' thing was also a joke, honestly, we would never really encourage readers to do that, for the exact reasons that you state.

here's a question that i could really use your help with: laurie and i started bust in 1993, and since 1994, every year, there are always folks who say 'bust isn't as good as it used to be. Since we're still here and I don't feel the mission has changed (the format, yes, but the mission, no) I'm really curious as to what, exactly, people feel has changed. And also, what year of BUST they mean when they refer to how it "used" to be. 1999? 2003? what?

Believe me, I want you all to like BUST. But I also understand we can't please all of the people all of the time -- that's never going to happen. The best we can do is try to include a good amount of content for a wide variety of labies.
QUOTE(LoungeLady @ May 2 2007, 11:05 AM) *
But for the most part, I don't think you could say we've gone with the 'flavor of the month' on our covers
Not to mention Charlotte Gainsbourg, who's on there right now!

Any chance Bust could get Salma on the cover? I actually just saw her on the cover of (I think) Marie Clare, but I still think she's fabulous.
laurie and i started bust in 1993
hi debbie~Thanks for responding to this discussion.
I've only been reading Bust for about 5 years, so I guess I don't have much perspective at this point..there have been things here and there that made me raise an eyebrow, but you can't please all the people all the time. Otherwise, I do still enjoy Bust.
I agree that you can never please everyone when it comes to, well, anything for that matter.

When I first started reading BUST, the fashion spreads featured women who weren't all a size 0, and lately it really seems like that...I know that some womem are this small, but what about those of us who are, like a size 8 and up?

I love the fact that there is the travel secion, too, although could you do more features on Canada? Winnipeg is a really great place in the summer.

The theme of each issue has also been really great, but these last few issues, while themed, don't seem to be as focused on the theme as the previous issues have been, I mean even from 2 years ago.

I really like BUST and I'm glad that the powers that be are paying attention to what we are saying.

I for one would like another sex issue. That's just me though.

I totally agree with all the BUSTies about Salma, I think that would be amazing if you could get her!
You definately can't please everyone. It's hard for me to pinpoint exactly what's changed in Bust. I used to be so excited to get a new issue. But they have been so lackluster lately that I let my subscription run out, and just buy it at the bookstore whenever. I still love Bust, it just doesn't seem the same as it was in 98 when I first discovered the mag.

I agree that there should be less mainstream pop culture stuff. More interviews with female artist, indie musicians, and independent film stars. Lengthier articles about women that own business, the overall feminist movement, and such would be kind of nice also.

I would love to see Salma on the cover! And I second another sex issue! Other cover suggestions: Isabel Samaras, Natalie Portman, Eve Ensler, Kathleen Hanna....just a few ideas.

It's so nice to know that the ladies at Bust really care what we think. And kudos in advance having Rosario Dawson on the cover.
Ginger, Eve Ensler would be a fantastic issue! I also think you hit the nail right on the head when it comes to pin pointing what exactly it is, as well.
The first person who came to my head was America Ferrera. Because while I looooooooooove Salma and the fact that she seems like an amazing, intelligent woman, she does get a lot of magazine covers/interviews. America, on the other hand, still only gets press coverage when she's attached to references like "ugly is the new beautiful," followed by comments about how it's amazing she's so successful and not skinny. Gag. (I feel that way about a lot of the press coverage Kate Winslet gets, too). Ooh! Kate Winslet!

I would've loved to see Sleater-Kinney on the cover. *wistful sigh*

Fiona Apple, Martha Wainwright, Meg White, Marnie Stern, Zadie Smith, Michelle Wie. A feature on Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson. River (from the Bagdhad Burning blog). Speaking of which, a feature on the lives of military women, perhaps?

It's hard for me to point out what's different, too. I've been wondering if it's just because I'm getting older and my perspectives are getting different, but I don't think that's it. I still love the magazine, but lately it seems kind of blah. The fashion spreads seem like re-treaded territory (although I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal, so perhaps I'm not one to talk!). I did like the French fashion spread in this issue, though.

I love the Around the World section.
anna k
Yeah, it seems like a backhanded compliment to call America beautiful despite playing "ugly," or saying "You're not as fat in real life!" America's much slimmer than she was in 2002, but still gets called a big girl.
things i feel like have changed in the mag:

--models getting consistently skinnier, less variety. the last time i think you guys featured a plus size model was in the john waters fashion spread. while that was an awesome spread, i think only featuring chubby girls when they're supposed to be reminiscent of divine is a little pigeonholing. if you've gotta show girls wearing skinny jeans and tunic dresses, why can't they be size 12? (and if the answer is "size 12 girls don't look good in skinny jeans", ima punch someone)

--too many "promo" articles....small blurbs that look like they're an actual article or recommendation, but read more like ads. ie, the glue gun in the most recent issue. i know you have to have ads, and that's fine, but i'd rather not have them that sneaky.

--too much mainstream pop culture, not enough underground pop culture. i know you guys are trying but i think you could dig deeper and still keep your general public appeal. put who you need to put on the cover to sell, but inside you could really do away with anyone else we could read about in other mags. i don't buy bust to learn more about people i see in every media outlet, i buy it to learn about people i might not otherwise have heard of.

--get rid of betty dodson and bring back susie bright!!!!!!!!

and then, of course, the travel article and its ilk. okay, so it was a joke, but it was a "joke" that was brought up, deadpan, two or three times in one article without any "oh, ha ha" disclaimers. but i think you're probably getting your ear chewed off enough about that already (and rightly so), so i'll shut up about that.

that said, it's still the best mag on the racks. i just feel, like others have said, that it's been slipping a bit. i no longer get as excited to buy the newest issue (i don't have a subscription but i buy pretty much every issue from my local bookstore--supporting them AND bust, yay). i think, honestly, that bust would do well to step outside the comfort zone it's fallen into a little. you've been around for a while, and things are changing rapidly--what may have been revolutionary ten years ago no longer is, so you gotta keep pushing the boundaries.

some women i'd love to see on the cover or have major features/interviews with: lily allen, america ferrara, sara ramirez (callie on grey's anatomy), beth ditto, sophia coppola, mary lynn rajskub, kimya dawson, allyson hannigan, jennifer hudson, claudia gonson, tegan and sara, scout niblett, bryce dallas howard, even meg white....

oh, and uh, you could feature better illustrators *cough*
Things I'd love to see in future issues:


More SHORT GALS in fashion!!

On the cover: women of Battlestar Galactica!! Katee Sackhoff has interesting stuff to say about how male fans reacted when she was cast as Starbuck when in the original BSG, of course, Starbuck was a guy (DIRK BENEDICT for cripe's sake)!!

More ANTI-FASHION! I'm *tired* of Tyra Banks, Next Top Model, Next Top Designer...(I did like the recent Gothic Lolita coverage!)

Yes, as has been said previously, less mainstream pop culture and more NEW, underground culture.

More single people / childfree stuff

**I still thank goodness for the book reviews and movie reviews sections, they are awesome.**

Bust is still cool but it could rock a little harder : )~
I'm with everyone on the people suggestions - 'specially america ferrera, lily allen, amy winehouse, and beth ditto.

The same for the variety of models in the shoots. Part of the reason I started reading BUST was because I thought the models were more like me in terms of size... now, they seem to be rehashings of similar spreads in other magazines.

DEFINITELY more in terms of new/underground ideas and culture. Yes, I can see how a few articles of pop culture would attract new readers who wouldn't have normally picked up the magazine, but too many will loose readers.

And, I personally love girlbomb's column - perhaps a bit more of that?
Mornington, I believe girlbomb said she's quit bust now. sad.gif
i've never understood why, other than the coverperson why a magazine would want to tell us about people we've heard about 1000x before. that's why i used to love nylon and honey when they first came along. the styles, articles, models and featured people were different from all the other bs mags out there. but when they became the same old, same old, and copied all the other mags, i abandoned them. be honest, i haven't bought bust in years. i always flip thru it, but it just doesn't catch me like it used to. sorry, gwen isn't gonna make me buy the mag. i wanted those other mags-- and bust-- cos it was different and had different concerns. not a rehash.

i'm with the people who wanted more normal sized models and less stick figures, but also, can we have some women of color in there? can we have some of their styles in there? the egl/gothic lolita stuff is cool but bust could have been covering it way before gwen got her grubby little mitts all over it. the most interesting mags are the ones that have some daring, saying, "we think this is super cool, and we want to tell you about it, cos we think you'll think so too." mags that are just interested in pop and playing it safe are destined to be also rans and abandoned. if we wanted what they were doing, we'd buy their mag.

my advise-- think of your audience (woc being a potentual new audience) and take more risk.
about when it changed...i'd have to say the music issue with peaches on the cover made me wonder what was going on. not sure how many music issues you'd done music issues the past, but i also have the one from 2002 with le tigre on the cover. inside the peaches one there was a fashion spread with actual models (like from big time agencies!!!!!) posing as iconic ladies in rock and what not. the 2002 fashion spread had actual ladies in music modeling. that said a lot to me. also, i might be mistaken but that music issue also had a feature on a lady band from china called hang on the box-that was so great! it's not very often that a magazine, other than a scruffy punk one, turns me on to a new band.

the magazine now seems a bit heavy on hipster/fashion/crafty types of things and just has a really different feel. or something.
can we please get an article with lily allen? nylon's already covered her, not to mention a zillion music magazines, and she's the kind of girl who would proudly say she's a feminist in something as male-centric as say rolling stone without even being asked.
Do you mean a cover story, mouse? Cause they just had her in the last issue. It was a short article but still an article.
jan gave me an idea - there seem to be plenty of feminists acting in sci-fi on tv (I also just watched an interview with Amanda Tapping from Stargate SG-1) - maybe there'd be plenty of cover girls and interviews there?
mornington: Yes - killer idea!!! A sci-fi issue?! Why it would be CHOCK FULL of strong women characters, you're right this seems to be a great time for women in sci-fi so Bust could celebrate that!!

P.S.: LOVE, LOVE Amanda Tapping and Stargate!!!!!

tongue.gif tongue.gif
another suggestion, though i'm not sure how easy this would be to do: hiyao miyazaki and studio ghibli. i've always loved his films because they're great stories, super beautiful and incredibly well animated (and i'm not a japanese animation fan as a rule), and noticed that pretty much all of his heroes are girls. actually, no, ALL of his heroes are female, and they're awesomely portrayed. they're pilots and warriors and save everybody's lives and just generally kick ass. i just got nausicaa of the valley of the wind from netflix and there was a documentary on the birth of studio ghibli in the extras, and in it's explicitly stated that miyazaki is a feminist and is very concerned with making sure that the women who work for him are able to reach their full potential (all of this preceded by demonstrating how much nicer the women's bathrooms at the studio are than the mens...haha, oh japan, you're funny). even if you just got a couple of quotes, it would be a really worthwhile article to have--maybe for the next "men we love" issue? it's not often that you hear of a big shot film director who will state outright that he's a feminist. in fact......i can't think of any.
So I virtually flipped through the new bust, and it looks fun and all, except for the stick thin models wearing of all things bathing suits???? These women don't reflect those of us who don't have 2 percent body fat.
I'd like to see Laurie Anderson on the cover. She's still wonderful and amazing and I'd buy a subscription in an instant if I saw her on the cover.
I love the Men We Love issues. Henry Rollins would be great and so would Miyazaki. (Go Mouse! I love Nausica.)

One of my favorite things to read in Bust are the articles about things you don't hear much about. Like the story about the feminist commune or the story about running away, or about being the mother of an egg-donated baby. I love the little windows into people's lives. They give me something to think about and interest me greatly. I miss the anonymously authored articles.

Reading this thread makes me want to pick Bust up again. Perhaps I will, go back to my old love.

Oh! How about a geek issue? Women who play RPGs, women authors of comic books and webcomics, (Aire!) women who are in computer programming and sci-fi actresses? I'm fully absorbed in nerdery these days and I feel quite alone. (There's loads of Men I Love in the geek world as well: George R.R. Martin, Randy Millholland, Jeph Jaques to name a few. They've all created strong and wonderful women characters.)

Me too, Zora. Talk about a pop culture force who's been virtually ignored by the media, even though her influence resonates positively everywhere in music, performance, computers, and art. This woman's been shaping the world for at least 20 years and she's not getting the credit she deserves. Bust could certainly do something about that. Plus, she's just so damn good and I know people would love to experience what she does, especially if they've never heard of her before.

I'm going to show my own self-interest and suggest that, since so many women play (and have played) HUGE roles in alternative medicine and in alternative medical history, and because so many women seem interested in health on this board, Bust could run a column or even the occasional article featuring well researched information (NOT the stuff run in the mainstream press, which is always poorly researched. I mean as in, the journalist didn't bother to learn thing one about what he/she's writing about in the least).
laurie anderson, that would RULE ! and to add my self-interest too, i suggest annie leibovitz. not my all-time favorite photog, but she's a celebrity and shoots celebrities, since that's the kind of thing that sells mags.
other good guys might be Perry Farrell or Moby-both self-proclaimed feminists.
oh man, a geek issue would be SO AWESOME! i feel like there was one before, when tina fey was on the cover? and YES MY GOD LAURIE ANDERSON, how could i forget her?

"i met this guy.....and he looked like he might have been a hat check clerk at an ice rink...which in fact....he turned out to be......and i said.....oh boy.....right again"
Just picked up and read the latest issue. I loved the article on Mormon Feminists and that's the first Bust article I've ever gotten my boyfriend to read. (He's not big on reading women's magazines.) That article was the very essence of what I love about Bust. Something unusual that I hadn't thought of but keeps my interest and teaches me something.

The swimsuit babe fashion spread was, in a word, lame.

Oh, and I never really noticed the "promo" articles but boy. I read a few and I didn't like them at all.

As for another suggestion, how about an interview with Beth of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab? Many busties are into their perfumes, it's a wonderful business and they advertise with Bust so an article promoting the business might be a wonderful thing. Plus she seems really interesting and I love to know more about the lab.

(I'm really glad ya'll liked the Laurie Anderson idea. She's my favorite in case you couldn't tell. smile.gif )
i think bust needs edgier covers.
i actually really like this new issue. the swimsuit thing was pretty lame (probably my least favorite part of this issue), but overall, it's a big jump up from the last couple of issues. i, too, loved the mormon article. it left me wanting more!

zora, i never noticed promo articles until now either! but yeah, not. cool.
Has anyone seen this on today's feministing?

And check out this comment someone left:

I really feel like it's not appropriate for them to refer to themselves as a feminist magazine and should just accept what they really are: a typical women's magazine that appeals to self identified feminists.

And it's not even very inclusive of all feminists either. Anybody ever been on the BUST boards? If you are a anti porn or a radical feminist, they rail you.

The other thing that really bothers me is that they don't seem to be very size inclusive, especially for a feminist magazine. Their fashion spreads always have the typical waifs. I don't even think they sell their t shirts beyond 2x and several of them only go to large - in American Apparel shirts at that, which is disgustingly and creepily sexist.

The only time in the last two years I can remember them having anything to do with "plus size" fashion is when Beth Ditto offered some fashion advice. And that is it as far as I know.

Has anyone else noticed their fatphobia?
Well, thank god BUST exists, so REAL feminists have something to kick around and feel superior to. I mean, all those women who are living their feminist principles with every single breath must feel really great about themselves -- the way they never do, say, or think anything that doesn't 100 percent represent all feminist ideals.

It's not the interviewer or the magazine's fault if the interviewee doesn't identify as a feminist. BUST did me a favor by letting me know that Gwen Stefani's a waffle-headed maroon who "doesn't know what feminism means."

All that is to say, if you don't like what Rosario Dawson says in the next issue, don't blame the interviewer. Because that would be me.
you interviewed rosario?! that's awesome (unless, of course, she's a total ditz like which case i'll be really sad).
gb, that's excellent! please oh please tell us she was nice.

on the feministing, I don't think any of the other comments were that different from things we've raised in here. I just have to say... surely all feminists are self-identified?
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