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I really do miss the old Bust. I liked reading articles written by people around the country. And the Boy De Jour article seems like Cosmo's "Guy With out His Shirt" page. I liked the old issues with the collum written by a man, (I can't remember if it was the same guy every time.) As weird as this sounds, I buy the magazine for Ayun Halliday's piece every time. I love her to pieces. She just writes so well. But, yeah. I want to see more of the feminism in Bust. And less of the knitting. I'd like to see a crochet craft featured. Remember the article they did on chinese punk bands? That was awesome! I had no idea punk was in style in China.
I'd also want to see the themed issues coming back.
And I'd really like to see an article on where music is going, music featuring women. I was thinking about it the other night when I saw this local band play. The women rapped about sex and danced around is scant clothes. I was thinking about how that used to be a big deal. Like when Peaches arrived on the scene and everyone freaked out. I'm not really a Peaches fan, I haven't heard much of her music.
But still. It seems relevent.
A reproductive issues Issue would be grand. I hope they come out with one. And Betty Page? Feh.
I have to jump in on the whole less-of-the-knitting bandwagon. I do make clothes and jewlery, but I don't knit... I do like the whole crafty-bit, but it's a bit knit-heavy.

I agree with snafooey when she said "It seems like there's a worry of making the magazine too heavy or too wordy ... it feels like they might be underestimating their audience". I got sick of the other magazines (glamour, vogue, cosmo etc) because I was tired of being treated like an idiot - I think it wouldn't hurt BUST to go into a bit more depth. I'm still going to buy it and read it, but I think there's room for improvement

oh, and actually think about the fashion pages. There is no way on earth I'm going to even consider wearing something like what was in the last issue. It's just too fashion-mag glossy for me.
I'm with you, zora, I now buy the mag just to read Ayun and Girlbomb, everything else these days seems superficial, though maybe I am aging out of their key demographic as well....turboman has always read the magazine too, and we both felt that after the last two issues, well, we're just not that interested anymore. Which makes me really sad, for I've always loved BUSt, through good times and bad, but my love is fading a bit these days.

And yeah, I knit, but I really don't need to see knitting in the pages of BUST - there's a ton of lovely knitting blogs, websites, and books for that...seems like they could drop the knitting and get back to studying women's issues a bit more.
small voice

I like the knitting. I like getting a magazine where it's featured, but isn't a knitting mag, per se.

/small voice
I like that Bust has something crafty, but I wish they would mix it up with other stuff. Something new each month.

My ideal Bust would always include:
Political article
Feminist article
Artist profile (note, this does not mean Rose McGowen to me)
Craft feature
Home feature
Career feature
Heath feature
Good columnists
Music/movie/book reviews

eta: if Bust followed the lounge's outline for content, I'd be more than happy (Media Whores, the F-Word, etc.) Hee.
Lynn's Thoughts

1) Bettie Page interesting. Ugga! Want more!

2) Gretchen Mol boring. Boo Hiss.

3) More features from wild chicks who are regular and not having book deals or designer/stylist gigs or whatever. REGULAR REAL CHICKS.

4) Reproductive Issue -- hell yes!

5) I never read Boy Du Jour. Featured boy is always way too greezy/flaccid for me to care.

6) I expect more crochet now that the Happy Hooker book is out. Dammit!

7) Sure, there are issues with BUST. But compared to every other women's mag -- BUST isn't just out of Glamour's League, it's a whole different sport.
I like the knitting stuff because I don't always like to read knitting magazines. And I reallllllllly miss the themed issues. Those were superduper awesome. I still have the annual sex issues from a few years ago.

Laughing @ the "greezy/flaccid" comment!
The themed issues have been pretty cool in the past.

Heh...I liked the pooping story in the most recent issue of BUST. I like to read BUST for fun, but I also wouldn't mind if there was a tad more political stuff. I don't want to see it overrun with serious stuff though. The things that bug me about BUST have to do more with my own tastes. A lot of the stuff is so cliche. Bettie Page? C'mon! I'm sick of Bettie Page, knitting (anything involving thread or yarn, really), shaggy hipster boys, and indie rock. Part of being a Bustie is doin' your own thing instead of going along with the whole hipster chic thing. It seems to me like the creativity is dwindling and marketing is taking over.

BUST still rocks though! m/ m/ m/
Whenever I read in magazines articles by women who have book deals or new books coming out, it makes me jealous. Especially if the book is some cutesy memoir or pop-culture riff or some "hip" topic. I probably get jealous of seeing people with book deals who write crappy books or get published in the best places.

I liked how so many anonymous women wrote under fake names and fun names like Margo Red or Boobalicious. Or looking up old contributers to Bust and seeing them as regular ol' moms or working with organizations and writing occasionally.
Yeah, I used to be way jealous of people who'd written books, too. Finally it just lit a fire under my ass to go write my own cutesy memoir.

Personally, I'm proud to be in the fine company of BUST columnists like Ayun Halliday, Wendy McClure, Lynn Peril, and the rest of the fantastic women -- authors and writers and regular ol' moms -- who make up the magazine.
righton girlbomb! Though "cutesy" and your memoir don't exactly belong in the same sentence...

And I actually really like reading about people who have accomplished something that I dream about doing. I'd much rather read about a writer than a celebrity that we've all seen on 20 other magazine covers.

Honestly, any criticism I have about Bust is because I do love the good stuff in it so much. I really want it to cover every thing that I'm interested in because, when it does cover something I'm interested in I love,love,love it.
Anyone have their new issue yet? I was thrilled and surprised to get mine yesterday. I had lost track of time, I guess and so I didn't realize it was time again. I like the design of this cover much more than last month's. Something about the Bettie Page colors or the photo of Ms. Mol or something didn't seem right to me. This cover is gorgeous looking, although I am personally over the Yeah Yeah Yeahs by now.

Anyway, I haven't read it all yet, but I love the topic of women in jail and also DIY wedding. Can't wait to get home tonight and read those two articles.
I was psyched to discover a copy in the mail today. I skimmed a little but haven't had a chance to really dive in yet.

I agree w/ being over the YYY's, but I did notice Joan Jett is touring this summer. I heart her!
Oh! And the article about the female protesters int eh 60's and 70's looks great. I read the wedding one and the prison one last night, so that's next on my Bust hit list.
Girlbomb, no disrespect meant with my comment! I still heart you! Book deals = Good! I'd like one myself!

Oh, none taken, Miz Lynnbomb. I think I know what you (and anna_k, another gal I like a lot) mean about having more reader-type people contributing to the mag, and less glossy-magazine-writer-type writers. Yes?

Also, I would love to see you get that book deal. I would pre-order that shit from Amazon sight unseen.

You're long overdue to be published in BUST.
girlbomb, I just bought your book! I was trying to get it off eBay, but the deals weren't that good, so I decided to contribute to your sales numbers and just buy it from the bookstore. It may jump ahead in line of the stack I have waiting...
i cant find the new BUST anywhere. . . did y'all buy it, or get it in the mail?
I would see that almost every contributing writer at Bust is a professional with lots of credits or an upcoming book or something like that, and I liked the anonymous writers more writing under nom de plumes and having an air of mystery. Someone who would describe herself as a smokin' hot babe could be ordinary-looking in real life, and I'd never know.

I do have old articles by writers who went under fake names, and I'd like to contact them, but I know that I can't. So the more known names and email possibilities does make it more freer to tell someone how much I liked their writing. I like that kind of community and interacting with the writers.

Basically, I liked a lot of the readers' contributions as well as the professional writers. I would like it if they announced upcoming themed issues as ads, I don't know why they discontinued that.
Gee Bee, I have considered the one-handed-read section but haven't gotten anything together to send. Matilda is now having daycare twice a week so her momma can get her write on and I hope that will help.

(also, a snotty part of me doesn't want to bother with venues that don't pay. i don't know that BUST pays yet. though i suppose the clip would be pretty fab to have in my portfolio. mebbe doing unfamous shit-work writing that pays isn't the best tactic? i dunno. way too much interior monologue here.)
I've considered submitting to One-Handed-Read too but so far don't have anything that I like enough to send in.

Beheretoloveme, I have a subscription, so I got it in the mail. Borders chains usually carry it though. Are you saying you can't find the new issue, or you can't find it ever at all?

Unlike Bitch, Bust subscribers get their new issues before it hits the stands.
i really liked the new BUST, they have atoned for the douche review.

i think Karen O seemed interesting. i'm a little over her music, but she seemed much more, uh, multi-facted than i expected.
guerilla feminist makeup artistry - slipping 2 issues of BUST in with the stack of magazines i gave to the 17/18-year-olds I have for prom apointments this weekend. "just go through these and see if any of the looks inspire you."

i can just see my little goslings sifting through the one-handed-reads experiencing their awakenings.

oh the keys we hold in this industry! a little shimmer on the inner corners and a little toughness in the whatever-ya-wants!

cross posting in the "make me gorgeous" thread.
Is THAT why I keep finding Bust when I go to pick up the latest Cosmo?
I got the new isue last night at Borders. For some reason they had the Bettie Page issue in the culture section, and the YYY's issue in the Fashion magazine section. Good thing I looked in that area. I flippd through it, and it looks like there are some good stories.

Only thing is I don't like Karen O's haircut.
Oh, it's horrible, horrible, horrible! NO BOWL CUT! NO! BAD! BAD!
Things I hated about the new BUST: The big Camel ciggs add, and Poppy Z. Brites commentary about creating a believable female character.

Things I loved: Granny Basketball!, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs article, despite her bad hair I have such a girl crush on Karen O.
the indie weddings!
I hate the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Hate hate hate.
I like the yeah yeah yeahs okay and Karen O is okay but she BETTER give credit for her NEW LOOK to PEGGY MOFFAT in PRINT sometime soon!!

Peggy Moffat was the original woman who worked with Rudi Gernreich, a real artist and writer and dancer who modeled his clothes and traveled with him and was his friend. She even made her own typeface! I have a book about her. Questionable to just knick someones look and not mention the influence.
The newest one is the first issue where I've read almost all the articles in a long time. I really liked the women terrorists and mothers in prison articles, and even the indie wedding article was interesting to me, despite my not planning on marriage. Yay!
will i be really shallow if i say that the one-handed read this month made up for the rather lackluster offerings the previous months and for that i heart gwen masters to the nth degree?

i really liked the women terrorists article, and if my grandma were still alive, i know she'd be so down for granny basketball. the indie wedding article was really good advice for anyone, not just crunchy granola hipster types; the way the wedding industry cons people into the idea that $3000 flower arrangements=happy marriage forevah just disgusts me. but that's another thread. up for today: the yeah yeah yeahs and prison moms.
Just wondering if anyone else read Twisty's post on Bust today...


The October issue of BUST rests on my table, next to an empty water buffalo yogurt container. I have to admit, buying it was a mistake. Because I am addled, I mistook the BUST for a Bitch. It didn’t occur to me to wonder “why is there an issue of Bitch magazine in the checkout lane at Whole Foods?” (Before chemo destroyed my brain, I was capable of differentiating between BUST and Bitch, and between the checkout lane at Whole Foods and the magazine rack at Book People. I tell you whut.)

Anyway. This episode reminds me: several years ago I purposely subscribed to BUST. I was intoxicated at the time. I mistook the magazine’s glossy indie-hip chick-centric schtick for feminism. I did this partly because BUST told me it was feminism, and partly because I wanted it to be feminism. At last! I said, a publication that doesn’t think ‘feminist’ means ‘humorless frigid ugly bitch who can’t get laid’.

My enthusiasm would wane after a couple of months, however. I had to bail when it became apparent that BUST couldn’t put out an issue that did not contain at least 57 heteronormative articles by ‘feminist’ porn stars on how empowered we all are now that we have our Hitachi Magic Wands (“What, you haven’t bought an Hitachi Magic Wand yet? Omigod, they’re so bodaciously empowerful! Nina Hartley says it, I believe it, and that settles it!”).

BUST, it turned out, was, and still is, written for what a wry blamer recently called ‘fun feminists’ — that is, women who identify as sassysexy young urban consumers of femininity. You know. The Grand Acquisitors. Or Carrie Bradshaw.

As BUST editor Debbie Stoller sez, in the highly imitable girlfriend-to-girlfriend style of women’s fashion magazines the world over, “Of course, we devote space in our pages to typical ‘feminist issues’ such as abortion and equal pay, but we’re also determined to create a truly embraceable women’s culture, so that reading BUST can help you feel good about being a girl.”

Or, more precisely, it can make you feel good about fashion, fucking, and shopping. In this month’s issue the sassy fun feminine feminists can

• find out where “to stock up on gorgeous cotton pajamas and lingerie.”
• read quotations from celebrities (get a load of Kiera Knightley: ‘I was like, “I don’t mind you making them bigger, but don’t give me fucking droopy breasts! They look like your grandmother’s tits!’”).
• take a nostalgic look back at AT&T’s ‘iconic’ Princess phone.
• peruse hundreds and hundreds of ads for jewelry (like a bracelet engraved with the word ‘money’), purses, shoes, pink (I kid you not) tools, sex toys, scented panties, cosmetics, and clothes, clothes, clothes, clothes, clothes.
• find out where to buy a ‘prosthetic neck wound’ for ‘thrills’ as a ‘realistic’ Halloween murder victim.
• learn how to “spruce up last years wedge [heels]” with blue swan appliqués.
• find out that ‘Marcia Brady hair’ is once again coveted, and how to get it for yourself (Marcia Brady hair requires half a page of instructions and seven ‘tools of the trade’, including several chemical products and two electric appliances).
• enjoy an 8-page fashion spread featuring cheap crap from China, complete with prices and stores, depicting how to dress like a Teddy Girl (“In 1950’s Britain, the tomboyish Teddy Girl style drove the rocker boys wild”).
• read reviews of beauty products with fake French names (“Spongellé buffed my skin like a mini Zamboni, and the roughness really appealed to my inner masochist.”).
• jerk off while reading softcore (“Grabbing my tit with his left hand and my crotch with his right, he’s panting heavily into my ear. ‘How’s that pussy doin’, baby?’” ). Booya.

In printing “all kinds of great girly stuff” BUST may be entertaining, but calling it ‘feminism’ is quite the howler. Feminism isn’t ‘fun.’ It’s not about shopping for cheap campy crap at the ‘Boobtique’ or getting off. It’s about political action on behalf of a class of people who are culturally, socially, politically, inellectually, physically, and violently oppressed, impoverished, abused, enslaved, objectified, raped and murdered. I tell you whut.*

In her interview with Amy Poehler, Jill Soloway,** an avowed fan of BUST, inadvertently reveals the grim truth about all this fun-fake-feminism when she admits, “Well, I’ve always been super-sex-positive and everything, but sometimes I feel like I want to be a Muslim woman in a burka; I feel like the only way I can get my power back is to peer at the world through a strip. Because I feel like women aren’t looking at all anymore - there’s no looking left. We’re only looked at.”

It seems to me that bust never touches any real issues anymore. I mean, "The Fashion Issue?" It made me feel bad that I was buying it. Bust has been making me feel decidedly un-cool these days and it wasn't that way when I first started reading it six years ago.
Honestly, I haven't picked up an issue in years. It would just never occur to me. I read Bitch for articles on feminism and feminist analysis, and I'm too old for the hipper CosmoGirl feminism in Bust.

This one was the money line for me:

In printing “all kinds of great girly stuff” BUST may be entertaining, but calling it ‘feminism’ is quite the howler. Feminism isn’t ‘fun.’ It’s not about shopping for cheap campy crap at the ‘Boobtique’ or getting off. It’s about political action on behalf of a class of people who are culturally, socially, politically, inellectually, physically, and violently oppressed, impoverished, abused, enslaved, objectified, raped and murdered. I tell you whut.

Feh. It's a small point, but I do think the magazine focuses on (or used to focus on; I, too, haven't read the magazine in quite a while, but used to be a subscriber) the Hitachi vibrator too much, too. It's a fuckin' vibrator. It's another thing to acquire, you know? Glad to see SOMEONE else picked up on that as well (MsP, thanks for posting that -- I don't know about the blog it came from). I have to wonder if there was any exchange of money going on between BUST and Hitachi. Probably not, but it was mentioned so much over so many issues, it did give me pause for thought.

I miss the themed issues. They seemed more thought-out than the current mishmosh.
More, this time from Salon's Broadsheet.

Feminists just want to have fun

This week, the sardonic, voluble blogger Twisty at I Blame the Patriarchy laid into BUST magazine for being insufficiently feminist. Being both BUST and Twisty readers, we weren't sure how to feel. Did we have a provocative discussion on our hands, or a feminist pissing contest?

At first, it seemed more like the latter. Twisy contends that BUST is "written for what a wry blamer recently called 'fun feminists' -- that is, women who identify as sassysexy young urban consumers of femininity. You know. The Grand Acquisitors. Or Carrie Bradshaw." Still, some of Twisty's criticism seems warranted; she quotes BUST ed-in-chief Debbie Stoller describing feminism as if it's the broccoli that precedes dessert: "Of course," Stoller writes, "we devote space in our pages to typical 'feminist issues' such as abortion and equal pay, but we're also determined to create a truly embraceable women's culture, so that reading BUST can help you feel good about being a girl."

But the critique of BUST's credentials gives way to a bigger, more ascetic critique of material indulgence and sexuality. Twisty lists the BUST topics she finds silly, including Marcia Brady hair, vibrators and beauty products, and concludes that "more precisely, [BUST] can make you feel good about fashion, fucking, and shopping." Pursuits which Twisty suggests are at odds with feminism's purpose: "In printing 'all kinds of great girly stuff' BUST may be entertaining, but calling it 'feminism' is quite the howler. Feminism isn't 'fun.' It's not about shopping for cheap campy crap at the 'Boobtique' or getting off. It's about political action on behalf of a class of people who are culturally, socially, politically, intellectually, physically, and violently oppressed, impoverished, abused, enslaved, objectified, raped and murdered."

Quite the battle cry, and a succinct summation of the movement's raison d'etre. But BUST does cover issues of inequality; the point of contention seems to be that the magazine also covers other, fluffier topics. The question is whether fashion, fucking and shopping disqualify one from the feminist movement. Or, put another way: Is fun antifeminist?

Some would say yes, that going within a thousand yards of traditional femininity helps shore up the status quo, and that if you're having fun with feminism you're not doing it right. But I think there's a difference between engaging critically with our culture as it currently exists and buying into traditional gender mores. The BUST approach may not hit all the right notes -- the promise that it'll help me "feel good about being a girl" does make me recoil a little -- but its genuinely pro-woman approach still makes it a smarter read than many major mags. Even the fashion and beauty features, which run without emaciated models, thousand-dollar shoes and plastic-surgery advocacy, represent a small step in the right direction. And, like it or not, there are still women who are on the fence about feminism; BUST's light hand and inclusive stance may be a useful introduction to the great world of patriarchy blaming.

The bummer about debates like these is they often end up with feminists taking aim at each other rather than taking aim at oppression and double standards (this is particularly evident in the comments below Twisty's post). I'm all for openminded discussion of what a feminist is or whether pink is evil, but I wish we could reserve the heavy artillery for the political action itself.
I agree with most of Twisty's points, but I still think feminism can be fun - and it has to be as fun as it is serious if it's going to remain relevant. I'll quote the obvious line:

“If I can't dance - I don't want to be part of your revolution."
- Emma Goldman

But I think there's a difference between fun and unquestioned, rampant consumerism. I like to go concerts, buy independently made stuff (when I can afford it), and up until I curbed it a few years ago, I had a ridiculous books and CD habit (now I'm all about the library). . .but that's not what defines me as a feminist.

I haven't seen the new issue yet, but as I've noted in the past, when a lot of people criticize Bust, they always focus on the first thirty pages of the magazine and the fashion spreads. Admittedly those are what draw you into the magazine and they are usually the most problematic, but Bust also usually has at least three or more articles an issue that you either wouldn't see in a regular women's magazine or if you did, they'd be handled a lot differently. Similarly, their review section can be a little too cutesy (and not in depth) sometimes, but it's more extensive and with better titles than any other (mainstream) women's magazine.

A magazine like Bust will always be divisive. . .but I know that for a lot of people it's a gateway to "the harder stuff" rather than just more mindless bullshit. Without Bust, a lot of women wouldn't even be exposed to feminism as something positive that relates to them.
totally, Snafooey, Bust could be seen as a gateway to feminism. Many of us around here are seeing it thru the eyes of the conscious.

Here's my bit of activism when I go to Borders/BN/etc: shuffle a copy or two of Bust into the stack of Cosmos. a nice but otherwise sheepish girl may mistakenly grab it, read it, and realize sex/fashion/the earth is not only about what men want !!!

I read Bust because it's fun. It includes topics that interest me: cool women, crafts, and how to make my hair look pretty. These of course are not the only topics that interest me, so I look to other venues for news from a feminist POV or news about women. I'm just glad we're in a place in our history where there's more than one place for such. Let's not expect one publication to fulfill it all, or represent us all.
I don't see a reason to get all pissy either, just because the magazine isn't feminist ENOUGH to meet that blogger's standards. There's nothing wrong with getting a little pleasure out of your "fashion and fucking" and I don't see why they have to be mutually exclusive from feminism.I read Bust because it's fun and kinda mindless, like other women's magazines, only better. It isn't nearly my only source of feminist news and information.
exactly, hellotampon. i think the main reason that bust is popular is because many (most?) women view feminism as pleasureless, a point of view that excludes fun things one is used to and which makes one feel constantly guilty. we, of course, duh, know that's not the case, but here it's preaching to the choir--for many people out there, that's a huge revelation.
bluntly, i like bust b/c it's the only women's mag i come away from NOT hating myself. fashion mags are an obvious source, but i also don't like bitch because everything they write about is "the patriarchy is going to cut off your vagina, souless womb-bot future for all women".

duh. i know. i don't want to spend MY time being reminded of that when i'm reminded every fucking day.
very well said, cocl. i used to think that bust was the happy medium between jane and bitch, but now i kind of think we might be in need of a happy medium between bust and bitch. meh. i do love bust, but i wouldn't complain at all if they cut down on the rampant commercialism and got a little more queer- and fat-positive. they're better than other magazines, but goddamit, STILL.
I don't think what I read as an intelligent commentary on the magazine--whether or not I agree with any or all of it--should be blithely dismissed as "getting all pissy." That sounds really belittling, and I don't understand why that feels necessary.

I am having increasing problems with the magazine, and right now I have sitting on my desk a renewal notice that for the first time ever I'm debating about.

Betty Dodson is really, really bothering me. I was all full of respect for her historical importance, etc, and maybe it's just now that I"m paying more attention, but either her advice has always been full of crap, or it's getting worse and I jsut havn't noticed until now.

The one that stands out for me was the repeated refusal to understand--or listen to people trying to explain--the difference between a baterial and a fungal infection, and just perpetuating her error.

Also, she's not an MD--maybe if you don't know consulting with a medical person would be a good idea?

There are other things she's said that have really irritated me but off the top of my head I can't remember enough details to illustrate here. But it does seem like she's got a one none answer for everything, and if it doesn't fit, well, too bad--she'll make it fit.

She really needs to go.

The recent issue really bothered me with yet another depiction (in the fashion pages) of smoking as some kind of "cool" accessorizing. Um, excuse me? Yeah, equality is the right to be just as manipulated by evil tobacco companies as men, but you know what? Knock it off.

And I was really stunned--and not happy--about the use of the word "pimping" in some kind of "making something cool" context. WTF?

I'm tired of seeing abusing women as some kind of harmless, even cool thing, and just b/c this term has entered popular culture doesn't make it less innocuous to me. If anything it's more dangerous when we let stuff like this slip.

I don't expect Bust to have the depth of analysis that something like Bitch does, and thats fine. It can be enough to have a "regular" magazine that I can read without cringing and wanting to throw up--the way Cosmo and pretty much all the others make me feel. But is this any better than some of the stuff in the "regular" magazines out there?

And yes, more queer and fat positive is needed. I agree.
oh LORD anoushh i totally agree that betty dodson NEEDS TO GO. she is excellent in her field, and that field is very small and not any grounds to base an entire sex advice column on. i agree with the cultural significance of her work, i respect that greatly, and i think if the question being asked is within her realm, great. but i feel like more often than not, she ignores the real issue being addressed in the question, and instead of saying "okay, you're trying to get this result, here's a different way of going about it" she says "forget about the result you want, it's not valid. what you really want is the result that *i* want, buy one of my books to get that".

susie bright was great. bring her back!
But this person WAS getting all pissy, intelligent commentary notwithstanding. I can understand wishing that the magazine was more gay-friendly, fat-friendly, etc. But in general terms, it is what it is. Maybe not every feminist cares about knitting (I don't), but I don't see what the harm in it is. I don't see how Bust is anti-feminist by virtue of having lightier, fluffier stuff.

I do like Bitch much better. And I do agree with a lot of what that person had to say. But it just rubbed me the wrong way, I guess. It seemed like the writer wanted to change Bust into a different magazine altogether rather than one or two apsects of it, and in that case, why bother criticizing it in the first place?

As for Betty Dodson, her column annoys me too. I already know before reading any of her answers that they are going to say one or more of the following: 1) Masturbate! 2)Focus on the clitoris and nothing else! 3) Try mutual masturbation- penetration is always boring for everyone! 4) Buy my books!
I just think women have tended to be dismissed with "what's your problem" whenever they got/get angry about anything to do with women and feminist related issues, and I don't see why that's necessary here. So what if the author is angry? Why not?

Mouse, I think that's a good summary of her answers. Which is really a shame b/c it's crap advice and again, it's historically what's happened to women--'You don't really want what you think you want--you want what I want you to want and what I decide is appropriate for you to want.>"

Wow. Who picked out the hideous glasses that Parker Posey had the displeasure of wearing on the front cover of the most recent issue?

Those glasses were ugly way back when and they're even uglier now. blink.gif
i noticed a change in bust ever since Betty Boob left. As though it didn't want to be a women's issues magazine anymore. As if Bust wanted to be the cool women's magazine. Yes Bust still is the coolest women's magazine out there i just miss the edge it had over Bitch or MS.
Does anyone else feel the same?
i agree re:betty dodson. and i like suzie bright. but i love tristan t.

i really don't care for sex columnists that don't use empirical evidence. and telling us the same thing over and over really doesn't expand anyone's boundries. i live in seattle, and frankly, i got over dan savage a long time ago. it started with his misoginistic comments about women's privates and finished when he started writing some articles that burned a lot of bridges and fucked up a lot of lives in the local queer community here.

my fave writer (who i think would be so much better for bust) is Tristan Taormino. bi friendly, queer friendly, and fat friendly too. she's a feminist in the best sense of the word-- inclusive-- and writes about what she knows without feeling the need to down people who don't share her pov. she also is upfront about when something makes her uncomfortable or question what it means to be a feminist. and sexually she is fearless in the best way. up for anything, always in search of something new, telling us what turns her on, off, and ingages her. she's awesome. she doesn't just answer questions, she makes you want to get out and explore your own sexuality. you can find her columns in the village voice's sex section:
village voice sex section

she also has her own site @

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