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Full Version: Girls are dumb.
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(((hellot))) that was like my friend with his ONE final exam. it's like, no, i have 5, you really don't get to complain, mr 'i go to art school'
girls are dumb when they insist they're over their ex and continue to talk about them day and night

girls are dumb when they dont know what they want
girls are dumb when they flirt with their friend, and then get scared away by their own flirtatiousness.
Girls are dumb when they cap off a perfectly good evening by ruining it with drama. Honey, I'm not after the object of your desire that you're too timid to make a grown-up move on. So he & I bonded a bit. It was purely platonic. He wasn't being complimentary of me to hurt your feelings. I'm sorry that you pulled your little song & dance & he didn't bite because he'd rather spend time with somebody that wasn't trying to manipulate him. You went outside & he didn't bite. You got all sensitive & he didn't bite. You excused yourself from the room without a word & he didn't bite. You crumpled into a blubbering pile & he still didn't bite. It isn't any wonder why. HE DOESN'T WANT YOU. Play all the games you like, but he isn't gonna be emotionally blackmailed into being with you no matter how hard you try. He's smarter than that & knows his own heart. And you're not in it as anything other than a friend. Grow up. Move on.
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