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I saw an advertisement for Season 3 to start on July 12th. Does anyone know anything about that?
Here is Tim's blog for season 3 auditions.
bless you, kitten. Thanks for the link to Tim's blog - I can't wait to read it. And I'd still share custody of Tim with you. I just need him on Sunday mornings, so he can read the SUnday NYT to me....*sigh*
That works for me since I am at work Sunday mornings.
I saw Zulema at union square last night. Girl is still in love with metallic gold leather products. And big sunglasses.
Hey, KittenB! Thanks for the info & the link to Tim's blog. I was sooooo excited to read that Nick helped at one of the auditions! So now I'm hoping-hoping-hoping that we'll get to see him on the casting episode. I looooooves me some Nick!

that is all. can't wait!
Oh, man! I was half hoping this thread would have been eaten by dingoes during the hiatus so i could have renamed it "Where the HELL is My Chiffon?!"

Ah well...

Still can't wait.
I discovered this show halfway through last season, so I'm so glad I'll be smart enough to watch it from the beginning this time. They're having 2 episodes on the 12th, right? The funny auditions, then the real episode.

I was in the minority of people who didn't like Chloe's final collection. I think between Daniel and Santino there was one good collection (in terms of quantity, not that their collections actually went together) but i just didn't get in to Chloe's final stuff- I liked her and the stuff she did before the finale, though.
Will Daniel Franco be on season three also? It would be weird if he just did the first two seasons and not the third. I likied him until he said "I love you Heidi..." creepy!
i think part of the reason they picked chloe was because she has business sense - daniel v is young and has lots of time to learn the ropes and be successful. chloe already has a successful business.
what ever happened to andrae??:-)
I watched some reruns of last season over the weekend, and found myself wondering if I could possibly love the new band of misfits as much as last season's barrel of wackos....we shall see.

But, I rest confident that with my beloved Tim Gunn at the helm, I'll have enough to watch to keep it interesting. I looked at the bios of the new contestants, and was really suprised how many of them had many years professional experience in the maaaaybe we'll see several people with good technique?
I have marked the date on my calendar. Agreed, Jenn, Tim G makes the show.
Actually, I still hold firm that nobody can beat Jay, Wendy Pepper, and Austin Scarlett from the first season. They came close with the second season, but not quite. I'm rooting for the girl from Minneapolis (yes, I've read all their bios on the Bravo website). It was kind of weird not to see Daniel Franco in the group photo.

Hey everyone! I watched season one devotedly, but had no cable for season am almost done watching it on DVD. I have the last disc to go, but I'm spoiled for the winner already, so I came over here to say hello.

I'm not sure if I can rustle up someone to watch season three with...not many of my friends have cable. So sad.

I was reading bunches of stuff over on the Television Without Pity boards yesterday and was linked to a great interview with Tim Gunn in the Advocate. It's a few months old, but I linked it for you all just in case...I just luv, luv Tim. I'm very excited to read his blog.

I found out that the dress Kara made herself and wore on the show...the jersey kimono for sale on her website. I was trying to figure out if I could make one like it, but now I'm seriously considering buying one. So freakin' cute!

I loved the season one and the season two groups...both were great IMO.

Oh, and my friend told me Jay used to come into the Lush she worked in during season one taping and that he was very fun, friendly, and liked by all the staff there. A friend made a disparaging comment about him not having the work ethic to really make it, and that kinda pissed me off...on the other hand, I can't say I'm really up on what he's been doing, either. Must research.

I might have to get cable so I can watch the new season. I've been a huge fan both Season 1 and 2, and now I've moved into a place without cable. I didn't care until I remembered Project Runway starts soon...
Has anybody heard when they're showing season three in Canada??
The gofugyourself girls have Guadalupe Vidal, from the second season...remember the finale?? smile.gif on their front page. Oh, sweet fancy moses. It's fab.
They're doing the audition clip show tonight, so we don't have to wait until tomorrow for our fix of Tim Gunn! I'm counting the minutes until I can be reunited with my precious Tim and Michael.
I just realized today that our cable provider does NOT have Bravo. Which means I can't watch Project Runway. No Tim Gunn. Nothing!

Dammit. I hate moving to a new city. How can they not have friggin Bravo?!?!?! UGGGHHH!!!
For all of you no-cable people, itunes sells episodes for $2. cheaper than cable, at least!

What does everyone think about the new crew? My friends and I don't think Malan (sp?) is actually British. We wanted the coffee-filter dress to win. We're also rooting for the Minneapolis girl! smile.gif
I think this group seems really interesting, and definitely a lot more serious about it as a whole than the last two groups. I just have to say that ficticious drama is boring, and real life drama is completely uncalled for, but Project Runway is somewhere in between and exactly what I need. So excited smile.gif!
Yeah, I believe that dude Malan's accent is very fake. He is just too much.

I thought the coffee filter dress should have won too. I can't believe how little attention it got! It makes me wonder if they didn't know what it was made of. I thought the dress they chose as the winner was nice, but very boring & safe. And the designer who did it.....Ick. What an ass.

Michael Kors really needs to lay off the self tanner.
UGGG I cannot stand Malan and his faux Brit accent, plus his expression looks like he just stepped in cow crap. Given his attitude, I really don't think that he will last long.

The guy that won the challenge is a bit of an ass too, but the tattoo guy I thought initially I would like him but he too seems like a prick.

Guesses anyone, on who they will ask to leave this season? They kept playing that clip last night with Tim asking someone to go guesses are the aformentioned
I hate Malan, too! Does anyone else think his laugh is a rip-off of Austin Powers?
OMG, faerie - I was just coming in here to say that I think Malan and Dr. Evil are separated at birth!! That sniggering laugh with his puckered mouth - I just kept waiting for him to raise a pinky. Ugh! He is going to get under my skin for sure!

I think its going to be an interesting ride this season - so many of the designers are so experienced.

And, it is SO nice to have Tim Gunn back on my TV!
I can't stand Malan, either, but I have a hunch that he'll be around until the end. Yay for us, right? His accent is terrible, he can't say anything nice about anyone else, and his eyes really bug me.

The dude who won last night so didn't deserve it. He made a dress out of fabric - big whoop. There was no innovation there whatsoever. Yeah, it looked good, but that wasn't completely what the challenge was about.

I was surprised the girl who did the dress that went way out in the tits didn't get called out for it. It looked really wrong.

That coffee filter dress was awesome. I would have like to see the designer be singled out for it, not just lumped in the "safe" group.

I was rooting for the coat made out of the rug to win. That designer is really growing on me.
I was happy that they didn't send Vincent (basket hat man) home. He was such a wack job, and to hear how he got to that aha moment was freakin hilarious ("hmmm, well, what if we added chains to the hat?....yes! alright!")...but I can't imagine he is gonna last long with how shitty his garment looked. I almost died when they showed the look on his face when his model was walking down the runway.
Oh, geez, I'm embarrassed to say how much fun I had watching last night... and I loved the fur rug coat, too. And I'm sort of half-rooting for the girl from Amesville, OH - I know Amesville and I'm stunned that someone from there (truly the middle of nowhere and nothing) is in this competition. Guess it just goes to show you... rolleyes.gif
Yeah, I'm cheering for the Amesville designer too. I went to school at OU in Athens and Amesville is just a stones throw from there.

I was slightly annoyed and amused at the rugcoat woman when she asked the Ohio designer where she was from and when she replied Ohio - the rugcoat woman said something to the effect like - oh I've wondered what people from Ohio do there. Sheesh. blink.gif I don't think she even meant anything by saying that. I had a similar expericence with people when I was in Cape Cod last summer - "oh you're from Ohio...I didn't even know that people from there KNEW about the cape." tongue.gif

I mean come on, Ohio has three major large cities and lots of colleges and universities. I understand it's not New York or Chicago or Seattle, but come on Ohio's not horrid. It's not like everyone here raises livestock and tries to fornicate with family members. laugh.gif

QUOTE(octobersky @ Jul 13 2006, 04:42 PM) *

I went to school at OU in Athens and Amesville is just a stones throw from there.

Hey, are you still in OH? There are several of us "Columbusties" around...
Totally random, but I read on the bravo website that Malan grew up in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, and various US states. Couldn't that have informed a slightly unusual accent? I haven't seen any episodes, yet. Just a thought.
I am grossed out beyond words by Malan - I don't care where he is from. He reminds me of a James Bond villain. And creepy smile! Ughh!

My husband and I had a jolly time trying to read tattooneck's tattoo - the only thing I could consistently read was "Detroit". Isn't he from LA? Weird to have a straight guy on the show.

I love the barbiedoll guy, and the guy with the cute little sketches, how cool. And I am totally enamored of the redhead with 5 kids who looks so ritzy, although I have to say, I was a little disappointed in her coat. It was a cool idea, but it just looked kind of cheap to me, and a little handmade. Of course, it's all handmade, but whatever.

I LOVE ATL-guy and his coffee filter dress - fabuloso!
Yep - still in Ohio vesicapisces! I live about 50 miles east of Columbus, I used to live in Grandview Heights. My bro still lives in New Albany.

Not to hijack this thread but do the Columbusties ever get together? I was debating going to the Rollerderby bout on Sunday but everyone I know is busy sad.gif

Yeah I agree lucizoe, Malan could have picked up an odd accent considering where he lived, but he's really affected said accent. Whoever said he reminded them of a James Bond villian was spot on!
Vincent seems completely batshit crazy to me. And I actually mean he most likely enjoys smearing bat shit all over his body for sustenance. He is mighty entertaining. He looks just like Rick Bayless.

I like that platinum blonde chick-Allison-her outfit was really neat. I also liked Uli's dress, with the bright yellow details.

Talk about humbling moments-Jeffery almost getting kicked off. That's so funny that they said he's the next Santino-totally full of himself, a dick to everyone else, and he over does his work. Yeee! drama!

Did ya'll know that they auction off all the outfits on Bravo's website? Robert's dress-the little white one with the red sash is currently at $455. Keith-the one who won is only at $210. There are still some around $50 or so.
i think it's so rad that they auction off the dresses, although lord knows i would never buy one.
Yeah, my body isn't quite like the models'. If I put on the coffee filter dress, I think some of those filters would have looked a little more full and coffee filter-like.

I like the coat dress and the designer who made it but I thought it was weird/unfair that she made a coat, not a dress like they were told to. But I like her so I forgive her. I had forgotten how difficult it is to watch the first few episodes when there are a bazillion people and you can't remember who is who and which dress belongs to which designer.

I'm so excited that there's a girl from Minneapolis! I hope she is around a little more in future episodes. And I'm dying to know what the rule violation is and who Tim sends home.
It's funny because the winner of the competition is the one I thought they'd blast for not being creative or original. It was supposed to express themselves and all I could think was, 'man you must be boring!'.

I, too, liked the coat. It was very classy and gorgeous. I was also disappointed that nothing was said about the coffee filters but as someone mentioned earlier it's possibly they didn't realize what the dress was made of.

I thought it was funny that the apartment was all Ikea furniture and items .. won't take much $$ to replace everything. I'm hoping that Atlas redid those rooms just for that episode because I wouldn't pay the money that those places probably charge just to be totally Ikea-ized. smile.gif

Er, that was a little side detour but .. I loved 'Road to the Runway' and the first episode .. can't wait for next week. smile.gif
i caught the rerun today. i'm excited about this new season. there are some characters on there.
malan's evil laugh!!!

i liked the coat and coffee filter dress best also.

humanist- he does look like Rick Bayless...a less hotter version though. i have such a crush on Rick.
I agree about Malan. Nobody would be ragging on him about the accent if he weren't such a tool.

I hope the winner from this week crashes & burns next week. He just is too full of himself. I think the only reason he is on the show anyhow is b/c Michael Kors thought he was cute. He's just like Emmett from last season "Well, I only design men's wear, so......"

Octobersky-I know, some people think the only 'real' places are NYC, LA, Chicago, etc. It is annoying.
Ah, but Malan is going to be so much fun to inflict verbal abuse on from the comfort of my living room. (not that I condone verbal abuse, but his sartorially sanctimonious ass is a HOOT!)

No favorites thus far, but then faves tend to ebb & flow on this show - I mean, I loved Daniel V., that is, until he got an ounce of criticism and he started rolling his eyes and making pinched expressions like a brat. Too bad that was the last I saw of him in a contestant capacity, because now my opinion is stuck.

Damn, and I was going to give up cable in an attempt to quit watching so much t.v. I could download from iTunes, but I want to be able to see the runway detail like I can on the big tube.
I just would like to comment on Chloe and her really lame comments after winning last season.. basically she did not put much into winnning.. and now that she has she just charges more... booooooo.

What a waste...

I hate tattoo neck, just looking at him grossed me out, looked like a cross between a cinnabite ( the bad guys on hellraiser) and Squiggie from Laverne and Shirley...... people keep comparing him to Santino.. hey, Santino was funny as hell, and he has charm.. this guy is just a pretentous pile.

I am interested to see something unique, but after eading thier q nad A's where EVERYONE kept picking JAckie 0 and all the other same cliche answers.. I and not soo sure an orginal thought can be found between any of them.... just sayin.

haven't been here since all of the newness happened, so i apologize if my post comes out all wonky.

hark! the new season! although, i don't know how new it really is, since many of the 'characters' we're watching seem to be repeats of seasons 1 &2.

mallan is so wierd and affected, but he is deliciously creepy. i sort of got that wierd, unsure, 17-year-old vibe from him during the first actual episode when someone asked him where he was from ("...that accent"), and he replied something like, "well, (sna-sna-snort) i was bwoooooorrrn in taiwan, so...(sna-snort), you know." except, dude. you're not that young. you don't have to pretend to be all wordly and what not just to get street cred. it's an effing reality show. i'm thinking he will be on the show for a while, if the production staff has any input. how entertaining!

it seems like if the robin williams character in "the bird cage," liza minnelli, and david brenner all had a wacky threesome, vincent would be the love child.

so far, i kind of like that artsy-craftsy girl -- can't remember her name -- with the long, brown, curly hair. except i think her stuff may end up being a little to hippie for me.

that coffee filter dress was dope! nice to be posting again! any help with the wacky new lounge is welcome. i'll read up, but i wanted to stop here first to see what you folks had to say.
Ahhh, si have waited too long to see what everyone had to say about this season! I was on vacation and had little time in front of a computer. When I was on the internet, I just didn't have enough time to figure out the new board.
Anyway...humanist, I started calling that one guy "bat-shit crazy designer" from the moment I saw him. Yur post made me laugh. You and Turbo (and any other Chicago fans) are welcome to come over any night to watch!
As for the girl from Amesville, well I am from Ohio too. Went to OU and everything (go Marching 110!) and I can't believe wnyone from there is on that show. And the way that chick talks is annoying.

I was so sad that that idiot rude guy won this week. He was the one who was saying how unimpressive the judges were and then hisa dress, whick I swear I saw in a window at the Dayton Mall on Saturday wins? Where was the innovation? Where was the new idea? It was so safe and boring. And, unbelivabley, it went against Tim Gunn's advice!
Ooohh I just read somewhere I *think* it may have been from "ohnotheydidn't" at live journal, but I'm not a 100% positive, so I don't have a link. However there is speculation that rude dude (the first challenge winner) has copied his designs and design portfolio from other designers. This could be what the scandal is for the season.

Hopefully we will see tonight!
What's killing me is the whole little slap fight b/w Daniel V and Tim Gunn. In one of the Chicago papers, Tim was saying that Daniel has become quite the little diva. Daniel was very offended about that comment and told a reporter that he sent an email to Tim asking for an apology. Tim says he never got the email but at a PR party Daniel just glared at him all night.
Personally, in his season 3 "where are you now" interview, Daniel struck me as being "divaish."
Yeah, that Trib article with our boyfriend Tim was really good, and I am sad that Daniel has taken a diva turn. But, I was so happy to see some of the other designers doing well...

Here's the trib article for those who missed it:

I'm ridiculously excited for a night of TV...So You Think You Can Dance...AND PR...its really almost too much! 5 hours and counting....
I think Daniel definitely became a little bitch. As soon as he wasn't getting his ass kissed he turned ugly.

I can't wait for tonight!

Octobersky, that would just be too amazing if that were the case (rude dude being a copycat).
I agree, Daniel did develop a diva complex after his 4th win, and it's only gotten worse. I'm so glad he didn't win, although Chloe could have been a better winner (nice comments about charging more!). I sell stuff I make, too, and I like to be able to bring in a high price point, but I don't go telling everyone who may want to buy something! Humbleness was not an attribute that any of last season's final 3 posessed. It almost makes me like Kara so much better, even if I wasn't a fan of her clothes.

I wonder what tonight's challenge is going to be?
Tim's podcast said tonight's challenge would involve designing red-carpet style evening wear for a particular client....I can't wait!!!
So what's the "I have to ask you to leave scandal" going to be?

OctoberSky's theory is a good one -- they spent far too much time on Keith's back-and-forth with the judges during his audition in the Road to the Runway show. It must come back & bite him in the a$$. While he claimed "He and I totally collaborated on that" he probably was presenting soemone else's work as his own. Personally, I can't separate Keith in my mind from Greg Kinnear's character in "As Good As it Gets" Oh, except Greg Kinnear was likeable.

My BS Alarm also clangs loudly everytime they show Malan's face with that superfake smile and not-very-believable accent.

And Tattoo-Neck was quoted as saying" Sabotage Happens" ... tehre must be rules against that.

One of those three must be it.

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