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snow white
i knew leanne was gonna win, she shapes fabric beautifully and in unconventional ways, but i have no idea how one could wear her stuff in real life. i gues thats not really the point tho

korto's stuff was beautiful and i loved it, it really told her story in a very glamurous and grown up (unlike both kenley and leanne's collections which seemed very childish, "art school" and alittle indulgent to me...but thats just me)

and i'm glad kenley was eliminated first, she's such a brat (obviously i'm over lets forgive kenley thing too)
snow white
p.s. i looked up alexander mcqueen and kenley's dress is *exactly* the is alittle weird
I was pretty happy with the end result. When Kenley was unceremoniously kicked off (yes!), I figured I'd be happy with either of the other 2 for the win. I love the intricacy of Leanne's waves, but I also really loved Korto's green dress with the necklace built in that she brought to the final judging.

I don't know why the 2 who didn't win had to go and cry about it. The whole season it's all about "I want to show at Bryant Park!" and then they get their dream of showing, then they're pissed off when they didn't get the other stuff, too. In my book, they already won 2 weeks ago (hell, 6 weeks ago, to be honest). And anyway, the #2 and #3 people have tended to do very well for themselves - just look at Laura Bennett!

I read that Korto won the fan favorite contest. Since there's not going to be a reunion show, I hope she gets her check anyway.
After seeing all the collections go down the runway, I actually liked Kenley's best. I could see myself wearing just about all of it. Yes, she has an attitude, but I still like her designs. About her copying other designers, I don't think it's intentional. She just needs to be a little more aware of her designs and make sure it hasn't been done.

I liked some of Leanne's designs, but it seemed like the same thing over and over. I know it's a collection and it's supposed to come together, but I thought it was too much of the same thing. I do agree with Tim though I loved the pants with the cute vest/top. I know runway shows are not about what's wearable, but I think unlike Christian's designs last year, Leanne's designs were not bold enough if she was going to make clothes that aren't very wearable.

Korto's designs were good, and I'd wear some of it. I do agree with Heidi some of the designs were overdone, but then I also thought some of them were too minimal.
Was there a reunion show and I missed it?
No, for some reason they didn't make one.

But Project Rungay had still shots from it that they made up a conversation to- that's why I am confused.

ETA: Nevermind, they took the still shots of the designers from regular episodes. Why no reunion show?
Did anyone else see this: Terriblest PR Contestant Ever Throws a Cat at a Person.

In other PR news, did you know that Season 6 is over, done, filmed and all? There was an article about it in EW. They did Fashion Week but had to be totally secretive about it. The designers were not even allowed to walk out with their shows. I feel bad for these people I will never see on TV.
That poor cat! Has she been charged with animal abuse? I hope so. I mean, it's bad enough that she was throwing shit at her boyfriend, but don't involve a cat, ferchrissake.

I read about the runway shows a few weeks ago. I feel so sorry for the designers involved. The publicity one earns just from being on the show can be more beneficial than winning the whole thing. Just look at Uncle Nick. I wonder if they'll end up releasing the unaired season on DVD someday. The Weinstein's, NBC, and Lifetime could split the proceeds. I'm sure that won't make any of them completely happy, but it's better than nothing.
damn it! kitten you beat me to the punch! i love the idea that kinley is in the clink... she was always so selfish...

wait... i thought that the new season was supposed to be on a different network... (lifetime?) what happened?
Project Runway: The Lost Season

Here's how Project Runway finales used to go: During New York Fashion Week, amateur designers stepped onto a catwalk to introduce their collections. Through tears of exhaustion and joy, they thanked their moms and proclaimed the Runway experience their greatest ever. The event was emotional and exciting — for both the series' aspiring couturiers, and for the fans who had followed the contestants' journey on TV.

Not this year. For the first time in Runway history, the swan song, taped at New York City's Bryant Park on Feb. 20, took place in a pop culture vacuum. Because of ongoing lawsuits — involving The Weinstein Co., which produces Runway; NBC Universal, parent company to Runway's old network, Bravo; and Lifetime, which says it owns the rights to Runway's sixth season — not a single minute of the new season has aired. As a result, this ''finale'' was a logistical nightmare. To maintain secrecy, none of the three finalists were permitted to appear on stage — and their collections were sent down the runway anonymously. Andrea Wong, president and CEO of Lifetime Networks, was noticeably absent, perhaps because a New York State court has told Lifetime it cannot promote, broadcast, or even discuss Runway's upcoming season. As for the collections, critics found them lackluster. ''It's so depressing,'' sighed season 4 winner Christian Siriano after the show. ''There wasn't the normal energy in the room, where everyone's sooo excited. The designers must be so depressed backstage. They can't have fun!''

No one entangled in the Runway debacle is having any fun right now. The fight began last April, when Harvey Weinstein announced he was moving the series from Bravo to Lifetime, starting with season 6, which was to premiere in January. Bravo's parent company, NBC Universal, immediately sued Weinstein, claiming he had violated the network's right of first refusal. In the fall, The Weinstein Co. countersued NBC Universal, and then Lifetime jumped in and sued...everyone. While NBC Universal declined to comment, The Weinstein Co.'s VP of television and film production Barbara Schneeweiss says, ''We are very optimistic that this will get resolved,'' and in a statement, Lifetime said, ''We continue to look forward to this entire matter being resolved.'' But sources close to the situation say a settlement is unlikely anytime soon. (The next court date is scheduled for March 19.) If the case goes to trial, the sixth cycle — which filmed in L.A. last fall and is almost entirely edited and ready for broadcast — could become the lost season of Runway. ''My heart goes out to the designers,'' says cycle 5 finalist Korto Momolu. ''People who are in charge need to think about the reason the show was created, which was to give underdogs a chance.'' Judge Nina Garcia swears that season 6 is ''fantastic. If it does get to air, everybody's going to be really excited to see it.''

But what if they're not? Fashion and entertainment trends change overnight, so it's possible the sixth season will become as passé as Siriano's once-ubiquitous catchphrase, ''fierce.'' Still, exec producer Jane Cha isn't worried. ''There's nothing in the episodes that's topical or would seem out of place months from now,'' she insists. ''It will feel fresh. Call it our own little version of Lost,'' she adds. ''We're playing with time.'' Unfortunately, time has a way of running out.


Style on Trial: The Project Runway season 6 finale collections

Who's the next great American designer? Hard to imagine it's one of these three anonymous finalists, whose collections 
 were polished, but failed to inspire awe like past winners Christian Siriano and Leanne Marshall. Our take on the latest trio of Runway hopefuls.

1. A dramatically oversize cardigan was a rare head-turner in an otherwise dismal parade 
 of black, beige, and gray 
L.A. casual. When a sweater is your signature piece, something's not right.

2. Shimmering fabrics and feminine silhouettes made for a pretty collection. But where was the innovation? The floral garlands smacked of Marchesa, and the draping recalled season 4's Rami.

3. The edgiest line of the bunch. Slashed trousers, wool-felt centurion hats, and an extravagant gown — nearly all in black — just might be crazy enough to win. If the season ever airs, that is.

wow. just wow.

that sucks, and yet, it blows at the same time!
how is that scientifically possible?

ETA:on second thought, it makes perfect sense that the weinsteins would fuck this up too. is there anyone they won't try to screw over? ok quenton terantino, he's their cash cow...
we had a friend of ours sleep on our couch for a while because his girlfriend threw a cat at him. It's been done.
I always knew Kenley was crazy.

I'm sad for the designers who thought they were getting their shot with PR - and then screwed over because of the politics/drama. It would be nice if the season aired, but by the sound of things - would it be worth watching? An oversized cardigan? Really?
I really really hope this isn't an elaborate April Fools joke!
"Project Runway" lawsuit settled
The new season will air on Lifetime this summer.
Since Project Runway comes back this week, it felt like the right time to revive this thread!

Is anyone planning on watching it? I've been worried about how the show will look in Lifetime's hands, but it's starting to sound like everything will be okay. The guys at Project Rungay saw a screening of the first episode & were really happy with it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Aug 17 2009, 12:10 PM) *
Since Project Runway comes back this week, it felt like the right time to revive this thread!

Is anyone planning on watching it? I've been worried about how the show will look in Lifetime's hands, but it's starting to sound like everything will be okay. The guys at Project Rungay saw a screening of the first episode & were really happy with it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm not a big fan of the show, but I plan to try and watch this season, mostly because I'm very excited about this designer, Louise Black. I think she's absolutely adorable and I love her personal style. The second she gets sent home, I'll probably stop watching.
Does anyone know when the all-stars episode is going to be on? The new season starts this week, so I'd think it'd be on at some point this week, too.
I got this off the internet. (so it has to be true, right??)

Well find out as Project Runway season 6 episode 1 unfolds on the 20th of August following Project Runway: All Star Challenge. The Designers competing for All Star Challenge includes Daniel Vosovic, Santino Rice from Season two, Jeffrey Sebelia, Uli Herzner and Mychael Knight from Season three, Chris March and Sweet P from Season four and Korto Momolu from the last season.
I saw that the All Stars episode airs tomorrow night prior to the first episode of the new season.
I am so excited for the new season! I dont know what I was thinking though, because I scheduled myself to close my store, which means I will have to miss the start of it or catch it on a re-run.
Thanks for the reminder on the all-star episode. I'd totally forgotten about that!
Damn you Project Runway! You've sucked me back in.
Me too. Totally sucked in. I'm watching all 3 & 1/2 hours of this shit tonight.
Me too! I didn't watch the All Stars episode last night, b/c I only had enough waking time to watch 1 hour. Will watch the other this weekend.
What are everyone's thoughts on the season thus far? Anyone watching?

I think there are some fairly interesting designers in play. And some that can't get cut soon enough!
I'm watching!

I haven't made any firm opinions about most of the designers yet. I've agreed with the judges on the winners and losers both times so far, so I'm pretty optimistic about this season. I have a feeling that the judges are more interested in designs that are innovative and will actually sell.
I felt that there were some really pretty dresses walking down the runway last week, stuff I would love to own if pregnant.
On the flip side, I do not care for the model dramas. It feels very manufactured.
I feel bad for the models on this show. Their so-called competition is totally out of their control. No runway walk - no matter how good - can save a shitty outfit.
Yeah, the models have a raw deal.

I have agreed with the judges' decisions too. Last week I wish the long navy gown had won, but I didn't have any beef with the maroon one.

That guy that got kicked off SUCKED. What the hell?
Hmm. I thought last night's episode was really dull.

I am really beginning to believe that the talent level this season is really low.
I completely agree, last night challenge last night was kind of boring. I did like who won last night and I was also glad his partner was sent home, that guy shouldn't have been on the show in first place.
Who on earth thght that "avant-garde beachwear" was a good challenge? And why is it that most of the designers on PR think "avant-garde" means "big poofy things on at least one shoulder"?

I'm not sure I believe that Ra'Mon deserved the win, either, but I'm glad they sent Mitchell home. He may be able to make good things in his own time, but he isn't built to handle the particular pressures of PR.

I was surprised to see macram pieces from two teams this week. Is it coming back?
I'm liking this season so far expcept for the last episode, surf wear. I fast forwarded through most of the episode because it was so boring. I like Ra'Mon, but agree with Rose, I'm not sure if he deserved to win. Mitchell was so annoying, glad he is gone.
I thought the teams they told were safe were better than the winning team. I really liked the avant garde dress that Lousie and her partner made.

So glad mitchell is gone he sucked
And why is it that most of the designers on PR think "avant-garde" means "big poofy things on at least one shoulder"?

I was wondering the same thing, Rose. When the challenge is avant-garde, you know at least one dress will have the asymmetrical poof.

I think you're right about the challenge too. Avant-garde & surf wear do NOT go together at all. Seems like tacking on the second look coulda been a last minute producer desicion or something. Hope this week's episode is better.
The judges were so annoying this week.
Definitely junior varsity league judges. And it looks like at least one of them will be back next week. Baaaah. Where are Nina and Mr. Kors? I wonder if they had so many commitments in NYC that they had trouble spending much time on the west coast.
I miss Michael Kors.

I hope that jennifer Rade doesn't come back. What a snot. And they made sure to mention that she's styled Angelina Jolie. Like that's supposed to impress anyone.
While I normally like Angelina's style, that woman was just bitchy. What she said to the model was rude as hell.
Is it just me or does Ra'Mon in his sunglasses look just like Pootie Tang?

Note to all future competitors on Project Runway: When in doubt, make a coat. The judges always LOVE coats.

I'm not saying Irina did not deserve the win. The coat was nice. It just seems that, over the years, every time someone has made a coat - especially a trench coat - that design has won.

I'm surprised that Lifetime hyped this as the most controversial episode of the season. If that's the most controversial this show is going to get this season, then it's going to be REALLY mild.
Nicolas is a pasty little dough-faced bitch & his dress was bug-fuck ugly. I don't blame him for tossing Johnny under the bus because he deserved it, but if you're gonna be bitchy be fun about it. I will never forget Santino's, "You can't polish a turd" remark.

And I get the feeling that Johnny is still on the bad shit if he thought anybody was gonna buy that lie he told.
That lie was so bizarre. I mean, come on, dude. There are cameras and microphones EVERYwhere. If the real problem had something to do with a spitting iron, that would have been caught on camera. Of course this means that we're trusting the producers to show us everything which is foolish, but still. I doubt he would have trashed the whole dress over a bit of spittle. The real reason he trashed it was because of Tim's criticism. There's no shame in starting over. Tons of people have done it before. The judges only care about what they see on the catwalk anyway.
I agree with you Rose, the lie was really dumb. It wasn't even a good lie. He acted like a small child. I liked at the end when Tim was pissed - normally he's all emotional about people leaving but he was ANGRY. Go Tim Gunn, my love for him just gets stronger and stronger. I want him to be my best friend.

Oh my gosh, lananans, I totally feel you on wanting to be Tim Gunn's best friend. I love that man to pieces. He was on the Dr. Oz show the other day and I thought my heart was going to stop with glee.

And I definitely agree with everyone about Johnny's lie on the show. It's was pretty stupid. It was blatantly obvious that he ditched the first dress because Tim didn't like it. I honestly thought the origami birds were a neat idea but the dress did look awful. The actual dress he sent down the runway was horrible too. I think he deserved to go home this week.

As for the trench coat, to me it was just okay. I really loved Christopher's dress; I just thought it was a cool concept and actually looked really well made. I really like him, though. I swear he and Logan are like my dream men, hehe.

Oh and I also miss Nina and Michael. Does anyone know if they are coming back to the show anytime soon?

really? they chose his ice queen dress? dumb. dumb. dumb.
I hate Nicholas, too. What an ass. That make-up and hair totally saved him. I'm hoping he'll get kicked off next week.

I was sad to see Pootie Tang get the boot. His costume certainly didn't look any worse than Nicholas' in my opinion.

I was hoping Epperson would win. His costume reminded me of "Firefly".
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