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And that, ladies and gentleman, is why Tim Gunn is God.
uh... is it me, or does anna's mom sound waaaaay too much like dr. girlfriend? just sayin'
I'd have to rewatch the episode, since I got called away when they were in the workroom and only returned to watch the runway show.

I loved Jerrell's and Korto's, it cracked me up a little to see Korto pick brown and a green leaf pattern for someone who's studying biology. Kenley's was cute, but her laughing on the runway annoyed me. She lucked out by getting her own "mini-me," though.

Joe's was horribly made, but I disagree with the judges' assessment that it wasn't good for interviewing. I was always told to dress better and more conservative for job interviews, so the outfit overall wasn't a bad idea. Suede's was rather inappropriate for photography, and I thought she wanted pants.

Leanne's dress was cute, and I even liked the jacket. My mom thought the top was too low-cut for teaching, however.
Dr. Girlfriend! HA!

Knorl, Lilac, Lananans, I hang my head in shame. I'd MUCH rather have Miss Girlicious back rather than listen to Kenley laugh ever again.

I'm hatin' on Kenley. Her style just isn't high fashion. It's cute, but it's not high fashion & it's repetitive. I'm glad that she wants to stay true to herself as a designer, but if she better not be surprised when she doesn't make the cut. Oh, & her hyaena laugh! It's either annoying & constant or tacky & inappropriate. The nasal voice irks me as well.

I didn't like Joe's outfit at all. Most of the graphic designers I know are pretty funky dressers. There's conservative & CONSERVATIVE. That outfit screamed "bank teller" to me.

I heart Leanne.

All in all, I was pretty happy last night.

i'm with knorl and the rest, glad to see blane on the train.

kinley needs off. she's like romey last year. same damn dress. she's a one note johnny, the only difference is the print pattern from mood.

i liked j's stuff. and korto is my new favorite. she's been consistently fantastic. much more imaginative week for week.

and i like leanne too.

they had better be the top 3. otherwise i'm gonna be pissed.

oh, and thanks for getting the venture bros reference, aural.

Knorl did not hate the Blayne. She liked the Blayne. She & others helped me see that I like the Blayne more than the Kenley. At least the Blayne was sweetly amusing. He didn't know what Sgt. Pepper's was & couldn't design for shit. That was the licious. But last night I felt an overwhelming urge to grab the Kenley by the hair & punch her in the snoot for her inapprpriate laughter.

OMG, I forgot to ask, WTF was up with Jarell's hat last night? I dunno if he designs them himself, but he is no Philip Treacy/Isabella Blow.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Sep 18 2008, 08:59 PM) *
I'm hatin' on Kenley. Her style just isn't high fashion. It's cute, but it's not high fashion & it's repetitive. I'm glad that she wants to stay true to herself as a designer, but if she better not be surprised when she doesn't make the cut. Oh, & her hyaena laugh! It's either annoying & constant or tacky & inappropriate. The nasal voice irks me as well.

THANK you! And she acts as though she is the bees knees, which annoys me the most. She reminds me of the bitchy cliquey girls in high school - completely oblivious to anyone or anything else around her. She has made comments that she is going to put Heidi in her place, or that she never listens to Tims direction. Hello. Dont you think they know a little bit more about fashion than you Ms. Kenley? Gah.

I didnt mind Suede's dress, but the jacket was BLECH! I didnt even want to look at it, it was so bad. Joe's, again, wasnt made well. You're right lilacwine, his idea wasnt horrible, but I think it came together very boring like. It looked like it could have come from Target.. if he were going to do a business suit, at least he could have done something new and interesting with it. Maybe made a sexier top to go underneath? It looked uncomfortable to me. Leanne's.. I was disappointed. Jerell's, I loved! I knew when he was designing it, he'd get the win. Korto's, I loved the coat, I want it! And the dress, but I thought maybe the skirt was a bit too short for the science world? Either way, yes girltrouble, Korto consistently delivers great looks.. I dont think she's ever been in the bottom three. And I dont think she's ever deserved to be. I would love to see what she, Jerell, and Leanne (hopefully the final three) come up with in the end.
How has she gotten away with ignoring Tim Gunn? Who DOES that?! I can't wait to see it bite her in the ass next week!

I want Tim Gunn to be my life coach. I want to throw out all my stylin' clothes & go on his reality show that I may bask in his glory!
oh god, aural. i had blocked out that scene of 12 flavors of stupid. tim gunn is there because he's been around a lot longer than that stupid ass 50's inspired schmuck.

tim gunn is gawd!
Kenley is the most annoying contestant ever. She should be bowing down to Tim Gunn's greatness, not thinking she is better than him. What the hell ever gave her that idea?

I agree that Suede's jacket was terrible - I was actually kind of surprised that he stayed, because I liked Joes a bit better, but it was just completely out of touch.

I want Korto and Jerrell and Leanne to be in the finals. I love their work. All the time.

Ps - what was up with Jerrells hair last night? I couldn't tell if it was a hat/headpiece or if he had stuck his finger into an electric socket.
Jarelle's "hair" was actually a hat that he designed for his client but she declined to wear it.
I think what Joe did is design something he'd want his daughter to wear on an interview, which had nothing to do with the client in front of him. And if you're going to do pinstripes, they have to look sharp, not schlumpy. It's pretty weird when you compare it to his show at Fashion Week, that showed a ton of midriff and looked really cheap and tacky.

Was anyone else annoyed at the popped collar? I don't understand why they keep trying to bring that back, it looks stupid.

I didn't think Suede's dress was that awful just as a casual-ish evening dress, but it wasn't anything anyone could work in. I loved the print, though. The jacket was stupid. What the hell is he still doing on this show?

Any love I had for Kenley in the beginning is now gone. It is not cool to giggle at other designers on the runway, no matter what you think. I even hate those stupid feathers she puts in her hair. She got so lucky this week, had she been assigned to any other girl, she would have crashed and burned.

Jerrell's look was awesome. I didn't think so at the beginning because the blouse was a little fussy, but it all worked together really well. But the guy needs to quit with the headwear. Leeann's I thought was fine and didn't deserve the criticism it got. Korto's was fantastic and I was hoping she'd win, but alas, it wasn't to be... again.

I think Korto is going to be like Jay was in the first season: never wins a challenge (okay, he won one near the end), then wins the whole damn thing. She hasn't made a misstep yet and she plays the game nicely.

hi all, i usually read your comments and then get excited and interested and rush to watch the show i missed, online. now i watch the show and then read the comments, as i am hooked again. gunn is god, forreals.

leanne is the bees knees, but her jacket for this week killed the dress. why the teacher and leanne chose not to take it off at the end of the runway is beyond me. her execution was on point, as always.

kenely will get her ass handed to her next week, for sure. and she deserves it, the laughing on panel is faux pas. but, i love kenely's style and look, so i am still rooting for her. she is so cute. and, even though, heidi was (is???) a high fashion model, and has more years on kenely in the fashion world in general, i respect kenely for defending her work. that being said, she is an aquarius and still, she is as stubborn as an ox born in the house of taurus. i still love her and her style though, "d'oh!"

Jerrell and Korto are my favorites. Korto is consistently sharp, no matter how boring her personality.

On a side note, Terri didn't deserved to be kicked off, that one "off" outfit was the fist "off" one that we'd seen from her. pffft!
So I cracked with temptation and looked at the Bryant Park shows.

Suede's stuff is terrible. I just don't get it. And it seems that he revisited the "autopsy dress" from before. At least he didn't use red and white.
Joe's stuff is passable for a country/rock chick but not for me and it all looks dated.
Kenley's line is very 50/50 to me. It is nothing suprising, although there is one dress I would kill to own and look good in. It looks very "Betty Draper on the town."
Korto's line is rich a varied in texture and color. I love it.
Leanne's stuff is also great. The colors do little for me but is is all well designed and inspired.
I think they must have been required to design a wedding dress. Interesting.
Hmmm, I must have missed Jarell's stuff.
I just caught up on the last two episodes. I haven't seen the shows at Bryant Park, though. I have so much catching up to do! I feel like I've been gone forever!

The avante guard episode was sooooo disappointing this time around. So many crappy outfits! It felt so different compared to last season's avant garde challenge. I was expecting much more from this crew. I was also surprised to see Terri go. I did not feel that she deserved that. Blayne, however, was destined to leave soon.

As for the make-over episode, Joe reallyreallyREALLY deserved to go. I am still stunned that he never considered the fact that his client was a graphic artist. That was so extremely important and he totally didn't get it! At least Suede's client looked like she worked in a creative field.

I completely agree with everyone else's wishes for the final 3: Korto, Jerrell, & Leanne.

Even if Jerrell doesn't win, I think he's going to do very well because you can tell that he's got fabulous communication skills. The man really knows how to talk to people and - more importantly - listen to them. When he's working on a team challenge, he knows how to be a great leader & maintain a positive environment. He's fabulous with clients, too. Now if he would just get rid of those damn hats & the bizarre jackets & vests with the safety pins and whatnot. Ugh.

Leanne's designs don't always wow me, but a few of them have been really really great. I've seen her get better as the show has gone on & I think she has the maturity to take this further.

My only problem with Korto: I wish she would muster up just a shred of enthusiasm when she thanks the judges on the runway. Just a shred. Other than that, I really like her. To me she is a duck's back; she just lets everything around her roll off & she just keeps on movin' on.

Suede? Please. If Suede wins, RoseViolet will eat one of Jerrell's hats.

I have liked some of Kenley's designs, but she has behaved in a very immature manner. She's almost as bad as Jeffrey. At least she isn't playing with people's minds in the way Jeffrey could, but she has her own way of being offensive & annoying. She has giggled on the runway a number of times. I'm surprised she hasn't been called out on it more. The key to winning this show, though, has nothing to do with personality. It's all about design & innovation. If she can be more innovative with her Bettie-Page-a-thon, then she's got a shot.
I'm taking a quick gander at the collections from Bryant Park on the Project RunGay blog. Here are my thoughts so far.

Jerrell: Hate it. Hate it all. So many appliques! What the hell?! Nothing redeeming that I can see so far.

Suede: Hate it. It looks like he raided the attic of some home-sewer, found the box marked "1987 prom gowns" & pretended all the work was his own. Bleh.

Joe: I kinda liked a number of items from his collection, but it doesn't look high fashion. Hate the dress with the white stars on it. If someone else had designed it I might have detected a bit of wit or whimsy in that dress, but coming from Joe it somehow looks dated & too cutesy. Does that make sense?

Kenley: Very typical Kenley, so no suprises here. I don't like the prints she picks. I also don't like the poofy sleeves or hips, but I like the full skirts. The white dress with the string of flowers flowing down across the front? I would definitely wear that. I don't know how the judges might feel about this, though.

Korto: I like Korto's designs. It's funny that I feel that way because I don't think any of them suit me & I can't imagine wearing them, but nevertheless I like them. Funny. I think it's because I like the creative details of her designs. I also really enjoyed the colors in this collection. Very nice fabrics.

Leanne: This is Judy Noodles at her layered, noodley best. I wasn't so sure at the beginning, but towards the end I really started to like this collection. My gut is voting for her for the win. We'll see how my gut feels after seeing the collections on video.
If Suede wins, Kittenb will eat Suede.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Sep 20 2008, 06:59 PM) *
The key to winning this show, though, has nothing to do with personality. It's all about design & innovation. If she can be more innovative with her Bettie-Page-a-thon, then she's got a shot.

Good call roseviolet. I tend to get wrapped up in the human element of everything.. but this show is not called Project Manners, so I should really look past her snottiness to her actual design aesthetic. She's definitely got talent and her own perspective, even if she cant play nice with the other kids.. I guess I just tend to have higher expectations of people in the creative world, to possess a level of culture &or good breeding. But she is rather young, and the show is edited, so who knows. I'm over it.

Based on the final collections from Bryant Park, I think it will be come down to the three ladies.. Korto, Leanne and Kenley. I'm afraid that Jerell's designs may not translate well into a RTW collection.. or even Korto's for that matter.. as his seems far too ornate, and hers seems a bit too elegant (even if that tight green dress was splitting at the seam). Both Leanne and Kenley had a good mix of dresses, gowns, and separates, which I think were progressive enough to find their own place in the fashion world. But I of course hope Leanne gets the win.
I really feel that Project Runway made a big mistake by sending 6 designers to Bryant Park. No way will you ever convince me that Suede and Joe deserved that. I just feel like it lost a lot of integrity by this. They should have scheduled better. After all, if 6 of 13/14 (?) get to go to the show, where is the real competition?
QUOTE(kittenb @ Sep 22 2008, 02:47 PM) *
I really feel that Project Runway made a big mistake by sending 6 designers to Bryant Park. No way will you ever convince me that Suede and Joe deserved that. I just feel like it lost a lot of integrity by this. They should have scheduled better. After all, if 6 of 13/14 (?) get to go to the show, where is the real competition?

They always show more designers than just the finalists at BP to throw off the media.
It's normally just one, though. This time was too many.
It is pretty ridiculous how twice the number of finalists got to show than are supposed to. This is all because of a lack of planning on Bravo's part. Like I said before, had they started the season a lousy 3 weeks earlier, they wouldn't have had to throw in not one, but 3 decoys. Maybe they did it to sabotage the show for when it goes to Lifetime next season.

I totally agree, Joe and Suede did not deserve to show their collections. Joe's looked hoochie and Suede's looked like a car wash. At least Kenley's wasn't awful, for the most part. I agree about that dress with the flower in front, I'd totally wear that if I could fit into it. But what really bothers me is that Terri didn't get to show while Suede did. That's all kinds of unfair.
I agree with there being too many of them showing at Bryant Park. It's so easy to tell who are the ones who got the cut by looking at the collections, some of them are just so far below the level of the others.

I like Korto's collection the best. I think that she strikes just the right balance of ready to wear and couture. Her clothes could go either way, and just look so rich, and the tailoring is impeccable.

I'm not a huge leanne fan. While I think she's an amazing sculptor of fabric (that's what her designs remind me of - especially her collection - sculpture) I'm just not that fond of the outfits themselves. A dress here, a skirt there, but nothing as a whole. At least her collection is comprehensive.

I do like some of Kenley's stuff, but I just don't think she's got "it" as far as her collection goes.

I really really want to like Jerrell's, because I love him - but I just think the fabrics make the outfits look kind of cheap. which is a bummer.

Not even going to comment on Suede's and Joe's, because they are just crap. awful.
yeah zoya.. i was looking at kenley's from a younger/edgier consumer's perspective, which is what i think PR tends to do. and i love the way leanne is able to manipulate fabric so meticulously.. it has a very geometric appeal to it. sculptural, yes, almost dream-like.. airy, ethereal, imaginative.. brought together quite structurally, like walking works of art. smile.gif even if hers isnt the most practical, i think it is the most original. but i do believe you're absolutely right on about korto and because of that i think it is very possible she will walk away the winner.

and divala.. i concur that terri most definitely should have shown instead of suede. no doubt about it.
pissed, pissed, pissed! i've wanted suede gone, but this time i really wanted kinley gone. so freaking sick of her. really. i want to push her in front of a bus. ugh!
That was 100% bullshit last night. It was so obvious that it was a production decision. If they were going to off him, rather than her, they should have at least got some more clips of the judges critizing his work.

From what I could conclude, they thought his just didn't go far enough. Whereas hers completely missed the mark, which they admitted.

I thought Jerell should have won, but I think they just didn't want to give the win to him 3x in a row.
I think they made the right choice in sending Suede home because his designs through the season have been worse. I actually liked Kenley's outfit, but it was not hip hop and the pants did not fit. I think hip hop and country were way more difficult than rock, punk or pop. I loved Jerell's outfit and Korto did a good job.

Korto is talented, but most her designs are not my style. Jerell is my favorite because of his personality, and I have liked most of his designs. Leanne and Kenley design clothes that I would wear. I know Kenley is loud and sometimes rude, but somehow I understand her.
"Uhahahahahahahahahahaha!" I want to strangle her for that laugh. She does have a rocking little body, though, I dunno why she was wigging.

And Jerrell has a nice package & I am in love with Korto's ass.
Yeah, it would have been nice to uh, "examine...the construction" of those pants, as the PRGay boys said. laugh.gif

I really wish Stella was around for this challenge, she would have knocked this one out of the water.

So how is Kenley still around? That outfit was ugly, it didn't fit right and I'm not sure if it was that reflective of hip-hop, IMO. Plus, she disrespected Tim, again, and the judges. She needs to be smacked upside the head. Suede was annoying, and he was a little out of his element, but at least his outfit looked decent and it actually fit.

Glad Korto won, although I loved Jerrell's outfit too. Leanne's was a little plain, but it was still cute.
KittenB is confused because KittenB feels bad for Suede and KittenB normally finds Suede to be more annoying than anything on the planet. And. for once, KittenB doesn't think that Suede's outfit was the worst on the runway.

sorry, I know I am running the joke into the ground but it is fun to talk about oneself in the 3rd person. laugh.gif
Grrrr. Kenley's design was obviously the worst one & I'm angered that she didn't get the boot she so rightfully deserved. Grrr. GRRRRR!!!!

I'm glad Korto finally got a win, though.
Sassy hates that Suede is gone, because Sassy thought Kenley's outfit was really bad, and she has major attitude problems.

Heh. Sassy loves to talk in third person. She called Mcgeek the other day, and he said: Please don't be Suede today.

I also wish Stella was around for this challenge. That would have been fun.

"NBC Universal is pleased that the court granted our motion for a
preliminary injunction against The Weinstein Company. The overwhelming
evidence demonstrated that The Weinstein Company violated NBC
Universal's right of first refusal to future cycles of Project Runway.
After hearing all of the evidence, the court issued an order prohibiting
The Weinstein Company from taking the show or any spin-off to Lifetime."
Argh. I need to catch up on the show.
Kenley's outfit was an absolute horror. The outfit looked like hip hop from the Hamptons or something. I don't even know! She obviously didn't know. And hip hop attire is so not about being oversized anymore, she should have ran out and gotten a Vibe Mag or something before she started designing.

Her rude antics are not surprising to me, I mean, she is from Florida. No offense to any BUSTies from Florida, but the women that I've met in my life from Florida where kinda Kenleyish in attitude and very, very self absorbed. I could barely stand talking to them. Granted, I could count the number of Florida women that I've known with my right hand only, so my margin of error is HUGE. My experiences could be flukes. dry.gif

I adore LeAnne, and thought her outfit was just right.
I also adore LeAnne - her walk was pretty hilarious as well as designing a rad outfit.

Haha Sassy - I agree that it won't be the same without Suede, but he's been awful for a few weeks now...

I don't know where Kenley's attitude comes from, but it has to go.

And they're staying on Bravo! Yay? Poor LIfetime.

I want Tim Gunn to get his own show. I would watch that, for sure. He's my favourite part of the show.
Apparently, Leanne is, so far, the viewer's favorite in the PR poll.
And I found her clothing line: or
Fuck. Love it. Check out her previous seasons on the website too. The only reservation I have about her collections, is that I wonder how they would look on the average girlie. I'm not so sure her shapes would be the most flattering on women whose bodies are not unusually thin under all those layers of fabric.

Also, I found Kelli on myspace: .. Really dig that girl now. Def a Bustie.
See, now I thought I was the only one that loved Kelli & was sad to see her go! She's 100% a Bustie!

Lananans, Tim Gunn *does* have his own show. The second season of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style starts Oct 2 on Bravo. Instead of Veronica Webb this time, it's going to be co-hosted by Gretta Monahan. I have no idea who she is, she's some kind of stylist/spa owner.
Argh, I got stuck in a hotel without Bravo or AMC for the next two months because of work. Thank god this place has the internet, or else I'd be going through a really painful withdrawal, and going crazy because I won't be able to find out who wins this.

Knorl, I thought the same thing about Leanne's collections too. They're cute, but I don't think the clothes would look good on someone with my build.

I hope they improved Tim Gunn's show from last season. I remember being bored by it, but maybe that had more to do with everything else on the show besides Tim.
What the hell was that last night!? Kenley's still on when she shouldn't be and they're basically doing a do-over at Fashion Week. WHATEVER!

I don't see what it was about Korto's dress that the judges didn't like. Yeah, the color could have been punchier, but overall, I really liked her dress. Leann's was fine, too. She really didn't need that last piece of blue fabric, though. The dress was fine as it was, although I thought the bottom should have been more tailored and less long and heavy.

I wasn't too impressed with Jerrell's dress, so I'm still wondering why he won. Eh. At least he didn't get kicked off.

Kenley's was UGLY. Almost as ugly as her attitude. I wouldn't have let her go back for her stuff. They haven't done that in previous seasons, have they? This certainly isn't the first time someone's left something behind that they shouldn't have.

I was laughing at most of the episode when they were all crying about how they wanted to show at Fashion Week so bad, knowing that all of them, plus Joe and Suede, got their collections shown.
pretty much what i was gonna say diva, although, i would have added:

i think it's hilarious how even after EVERYONE chided kenley for her bad attitude, she felt like such a martyr. as if she had no part in everyone shunning her. i was really hoping they'd kick her off on general principal.

i don't know how many times i wanted to smack her.

she and her dress were dumb.
lilac - you can usually find the episodes on youtube the morning after they air, so maybe you can watch it after all!

ap - thanks for the info on tim gunn's show! In Canada we don't get the same Bravo, and I was not aware of this..

I agree that none of their designs were really up to par. I fully expected them to boot Kenley because of her bad attitude. I would be so angry at that point if I was the other three, expecting closure and getting none.

Kenley and Leanne's wedding dresses were awesome!!

Jerrel and Korto not so much. can't wait for the finale

I actually agree with their decision to cut Jerrel. that dress was hideous!
It wasn't my style, but I liked Jerrel's dress. I thought the jewels under the bust line weren't quite right, but I liked the rest of it. I guess I could see the point the judges made about the bottom being gray and looking dirty. But I thought the overall silhouette of it was most like a wedding dress than the other ones, and kind of a cool one at that.

I don't know how I feel about the construction of Leann's "waves"- I get the theory, and what they're supposed to look like, but if I think if I were wearing one of the pieces, I'd just think they looked like a bunch of flaps, or pages.

Anyone know what Alexander McQueen dress they were referring to when they talked about Kenley's? I'm guessing it's the one on the left? (Damn, no picture posting mad.gif )
Yep, Polly, that's the one. Blogging Project Runway has a bigger pic of it. Click here to see their comparison.
It's very close, but you'd think if she was going to rip it off she'd at least pick another color. She can't be that dumb.

ETA: Can she?
i dunno sometimes these things are just part of the cultural zeitgeist. or she could have seen it but didn't realized that she was influenced by it. after all, she is into fashion, it's not unheard of. one of the things i like about designers who work on the higher levels is seeing what influences them, i remember watching some doc on issac miz, and his influence was 'nanook of the north.' i was like, wtf? how do you pull that out of your ass? but it was an interesting thing, because they do sync up in terms of color, but the influences are obviously things were they are removed from current pop culture. it's interesting to see how they balance that.

i didn't like jerell's stuff. i wanted to, but he seemed to be suffering from bedazzler syndrome, or some variation there of.

i've made my piece with kinley, i think she's trying to be good (boy can i relate), but kind of has to fight herself to get there.

i loved korto's collection and her dresses, but i wouldn't wear any of them to my wedding. you know what would have been really good? if they had someone not looking to re-invent the wedding dress, but someone who would do a wedding dress that looked like one, but it was so well exectuted it was undeniable.

what makes me think about that was watching one of those food channel "food challenges" for pie. they had all these people adding all of these strange ingredients, but the woman who won, and had for 3 years running was a woman who did an amazing straight ahead cherry and apple pie.
snow white
i love korto's work but it seems boring compared to the other designers. if only jerrell's work had more a more finished appearance, i think he would have lasted.

i've been on the hate kenley bandwagon for the whole season but she won me over last episode with her kickass wedding dress and 'let by-gones be by-gones' attitude. gotta give her credit for trying.

i love leanne's dresses, it took me awhile to warm up to her stuff but i really really like. if only it were more "wearable".
i loved korto's and leeanne's collections. actively hated kenley's. it looked too eighties, if it didn't look just dumb. but i fell in love with the other two... korto's was constructed so beautifully, but so simply. the colors.... stunning. it's the apple pie theory. you don't need to reinvent the wheel, or add something fancy, do what you do best.

leeanne's collection, was just dreamy. the colors, the shapes, yes please. it's just love.

and i loved all of the pants, korto's white outfit w/pants, leeanne's with the jacket and white pants, i would wear either in a hot second.

and i thought i made my peace with kenley, but her attitude coming back....tsk. she needed the boot.

leeanne or korto? i couldn't choose. leeanne's was so crisp, clean, but kortos-- so bold. i couldn't pick one.

I liked Leann's stuff, but like I said earlier, I appreciate the effect she was going for and it was well-made, but it just looked like a bunch of flaps on the clothes to me. I did like this skirt and top.

I was surprised by how good some of Kenley's stuff was (I liked this one), but it still wasn't as complete as the other two.

I loved, loved, loved Korto's collection. The colors were beautiful, the fabric was rich and interesting, the designs were simple but original. Most of them were dresses that could be worn by any woman (maybe not that super short green thing with the slit in the front and back, unless you want to pull a Paris Hilton, getting out of a car!) She was the only one who, if I had some extra money lying around, I'd want a dress from.
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