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Huh . . . I thought I'd seen something before.
i really enjoyed the drag epi. but, i'm still so underwhelmed with the designers this season. they are playing it too safe. i'm wanting a little more drama in the designs. and i thought this epi was the chance to pull out the stops.

hmph! i went drinking with a friend with the assumption that i could miss PR this morning and catch up! nooooooooooo! they decided there should be a stupid shear genius marathon for no good reason. grrrr!
QUOTE(Divala @ Aug 21 2008, 10:24 AM) *
That was quite the satisfying episode. Daniel has needed to be put out of his misery for about 4 weeks now. He reminds me of someone, some angsty actor in an '80s movie. The best I can come up with is a cross between Pete Doherty and a young Dudley Moore. He needed to get out of his own head and have some fun with the challenge.

LeBoy and I decided his personal style was "emo-hobo" laugh.gif Thank cod he's gone and maybe Keith will be next week.

I agree- how Blayne's craplicious dress slid under the radar I'll never know. It wasn't as bad as Keith or Daniel's, but much worse than Jerell's.

I thought Joe's outfit was good, but not as impressive as Terri's. Maybe Terri makes it look too easy? Terri's was almost more avant-garde than drag queen. I think it's ironic that Joe, who doesn't want you to forget he's not gay (like Kevin, last season) won the drag queen episode, but not the Olympic episode, the one he wanted to win for his daughters, spawn of his not-gay loins.

Sooo looking forward to next week's judge, but I'm not sure the challenge really seems to be appropriate for her...I guess I don't really know what the challenge will be, though.
Queen Bull
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Aug 21 2008, 11:51 PM) *
Sooo looking forward to next week's judge, but I'm not sure the challenge really seems to be appropriate for her...I guess I don't really know what the challenge will be, though.

Who is it again?
hands down I think Terri is the most talented designer on the show this year. Her stuff is generally leaps and bounds above the rest. I cannot for the life of me figure out why she's come in second fiddle so often.

well it was good to see miss understood and varla, althought i was hoping to see my all time favorite drag queen,
the majestic ~lady bunny~

whoops! there's her majesty now! lol.
sorry i couldn't resist. lady bunny has a terrific blog, btw, talking about everything from toilet trained pussys (not the ones above, i'm afraid), to politics, and glamour.

i was amazed at the low level of cattyness. the drag queens in the wetlands would have been talking all kinds of smack about each other, their clothes and their mother.


i thought blane should have gone home. that was a junior highschool home ec. project, and a bad one at that.

i was amazed that the heada's outfit came out ok.

i think the one that won was the best. it made varla look sexy, and you couldn't help but love her body-- that's what clothes should do--even for drag queens.

i loved korto's but i think she could have taken it further.

i agree with divala this year's winner will be one of the women, but really i'm bored by this year too. there are some good people there, but it's like no one is rising to the occasion. perhaps there needs to be a real rivalry.
Zoya, I agree with you 100% about Terri. Her outfit this week was killer and fit Acid Betty perfectly. I don't know why the judges repeatedly skip over her for the win. I think she has more innovative talent than most of the other designers.

I was not a fan of Joe's outfit at all. I still thought it looked really Elvis-like.

Daniel.....I almost feel sorry for the guy. He just does not get it. He definitely should have gone home last week. He can't even grasp the concept of the challenges. And, if you're going to make an evening gown for a drag queen challenge, at least make it an Evening Gown! Plus, in this week's challenge & last week's, he dismissed Tim's comments saying he "wasn't concerned about them." Uh......Well that worked out well for you, didn't it.

Jerrell...I didn't think it was so terrible.

I thought Stella's outfit was kinda cool. I'm interested to see what happens with Stella when it gets closer to the wire.

Suede...I didn't care for it.

Blayne...WTF. Those "wings" were terrible.

Keith....why is this guy such a dick?

Terri's dress was good, but I looked at more pictures on the Project Rungay site, and the guys make a pretty good point. What was up with the yellow stringy crap? Joe's outfit, while it looked simple, really fit the queen it was on. Personally, I think Korto's dress was better.

Yeah, I don't get how they ragged on Jerrell for making what really was a decent dress with incredibly minor "problems," and yet they ignored the neon travesty that was Blayne's wings. Blayne's stuff reminds me of crap I tried to make when I was in 6th grade (and that was 1987 and it all still looked like shit). It all looks so cheap and plasticy.

This episode really made me miss the days when practically all my friends were gay guys and we went to drag shows almost weekly. I do love me a good drag queen.

Just saw the most recent episode. thank G-d for the dvr. I had to watch it when the Mr. was out playing basketball. spoiler alert

Glad Keith is gone. Finally. Also very pleased that Leanne won a challenge. Korto's coat was fantastic but wanted Leanne to win.
I just watched it yesterday. I'm a bit surprised it hasn't been discussed in here yet. Are we all getting bored with PR?

It was obvious that Keith's dress was the loser simply because it was boring but also because the construction was shit (what was the deal with the back?!). Poor guy. It must be very difficult. On one hand they tell you to do your own thing, but then you watch a person like Daniel get kicked off because he was, well, doing in own thing. I think some of them have trouble with the concept of listening to the challenge and applying their own personal style to that challenge.

I liked LeAnne's dress, too. The cut was great, dramatic, interesting. Who would have thought that those enormous fake hips would look so wonderful? That shredding at the top clinched it for me. Great detail.

Korto: It could have easily looked like a boring old sack, but the silhouette was great. I especially liked the way she incorporated the belt into the weaving. Great job. I read that Korto's dress weighed 30 pounds! Her model deserves extra kudos for wearing it so elegantly on the runway.

I liked the way Jerrell incorporated the bits of plastic (?). Nobody else touched those but he used them to great affect. Good job.

I felt bad for Kenley because her model dropped out. Is that the 2nd model we've lost this season? I like that she thought to add the zebra print to those filters. It definitely made the dress more interesting.

My biggest issue with Joe's outfit: the reveling belly slit. Ugh. It made the design look very 5-years-ago.

Suede's design was cute. His model seemed to really enjoy that shiny skirt, which always helps.

I really liked Terri's design. I was surprised to see pants on the runway, but she seems to make pants pretty often so I guess that's just her thing. They reminded me of the pants worn by motorcyclists. The top she put with it looked tough enough to go with the pants, but feminine enough to balance everything, too.

I agree that Stella's design looked like it had a split personality (the top did not go with the bottom) but I applaud her for trying to do something different just for the hell of it. You can tell she did it because she wanted to and not because she felt that the judges wanted her to.
(By the by, Ratbones? Her boyfriend is named Ratbones?!?)

Blayne seemed more serious in this episode & wasn't as catch-phrase-crazy as in the past. Because of that, I found him far more tolerable. Too bad the fit on his dress was so bad.

Speaking of Blayne, my husband works with a guy with the last name of Licious. His name is literally Ben Licious. Can you imagine? I'm sure he'd be mortified if he watched PR!
I definitely agree that Blayne was less obnoxious this episode and while the execution was sloppy, I liked the idea behind the dress. I'm really glad Leanne won this challeneg. She's done the least bitching of most of the contestants. To be honest Kenley's complaining is really starting to take it's toll on me. She's far too cocky, but I could definiteley see her going far this season.
I wish, just once, they had been able to give a tie win. I would not want to have chosen between Koto and Leanne.

What was up with Keith? I guess that was a clear case of the pressure turning him into a brat. And then he tells his model to watch her breathing? I was so irritated that he all but called her stupid for having to sit down to get hair/makeup. Not that sorry he is gone. The episode on YouTube was messed up from his critque clear to him crying in his interview. Does anyone know where I can see what Laura said b/c I hear she handed him his ass.

I really loved Jarell's even thoug either the dress or the model did weird things to the breasts. Blayne is either chilling out or being edited nicer. Suede needs to be slaped everytime he says "wackadoodle."

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
Kitten, the person who puts up the videos the fastest has regular version of the episodes and "high quality" versions. I watched the HQ version & I didn't have any problems.
I don't remember Laura saying too much to Keith, but Michael Kors certainly set him straight! Mrowr!
Thanks. That was who I watched last night but that clip was much clearer. It all makes sense now.

Agree with the winner & loser of last night? I thought there was some pretty cool stuff on the runway.
I wish Joe had gone instead. It's not that his was better or worse than Stella's. I just think it's time for him to leave. But of the bottom 3, Suede's design was the one that really left me scratching my head. That vest did not belong with that dress at all.

I really loved Leanne's dress! That color was gorgeous & I really liked the details. I'm glad she won.
hmph! i was going to watch PR but my cable company has a test pattern on bravo. i suspect that it's for the infomercials they air over bravo's programing in the middle of the night. some jack ass forgot to pull out the video tape or something. grrrr!
GT, you can catch the new episode on YouTube:
i would have voted korto 1, leeanne 2. but they were both pretty spiffy.

i actually liked something by girlicious dude..... still should have sent him or joe home. i can't belive they chose stella. hers was poorly made, but joe's was poorly made AND UGLY. they always send the wrong person home. hated kinley's dress. liked what she was wearing more that what she made. hmph.

i think korto and leeanne are the two to watch...
I thought Joe's outfit was horrific. WTF was that? To echo one of the judges favorite lines: I question his taste level.

Blayne's last night was actually, for the first time in a long time, not that bad. I kind of liked the knickers he made.

Kenley's was very pretty, but she definitely should have made another piece. A wrap, a jacket, something.

Korto...that dress was beautiful! And the jacket!

I loved Leanne's. I want to wear everything she makes. I am really happy she's now had 2 wins in a row. was ok. I originally thought she was one of the stronger designers. That feeling is fading.

Jerrel...I think he did well. He has the potential, he just needs to step it up.

And Stella.. she just had to go. She looked completely baffled when they were learning about the challenge. She can't get beyond the biker aesthetic.

I like the lady Fran that was one of the judges last night. Was it last season when she helped judge the final episode?
Okay, I am BAFFLED. WHY IS JOE STILL ON PR? His ensemble reminded me of a hodgepodge Asian Barbie outfit! I remember during the drag challenge he said he looked at the designing as making a Halloween costume for his daughter. Was that what he was thinking when he tried to make an outfit for Diane von freaking Furstenberg? Stella's may have been poorly done, but at least she had some vision beyond an ugly costume. Did Joe peruse the lookbook at all?

I really liked Leanne's pieces. The colour of that dress was to die for! Korto's, too. I felt what Tim was saying, I wasn't wild about the yellow at the top, but it grew on me. And that jacket . . . holy crap that was rad.
Queen Bull
OH i hated joe's outfit. it didnt even look like a Barbie outift, but one of those offbrand dollar store Barbie, I dont care if he did get that fabric from Diane von Furstenberg's Sample room, it looked all kinds of cheap. it takes a special kind of fail to make that happen.

I loved Leighanne's Outfit, i really wasnt a fan at teh beginning, btu i am really starting to like her. And as my love of Leighanne goes up, my feelings that Terri is all that and a bag of chips just gets lower. While i love her stuff, she jsut isnt very versatile.

alas, im still hopelessly addicted to PR. they could bring back teh worst from all seasons and i still would watch it. XD
I liked both Leanne's and Korto's dresses, both could have won and I would have been happy. Kenley's was cute, but she really should have made something else to go with the dress.

Don't ask me why Joe is still on the show, that was poorly constructed. I think it was the cape that sent Stella home, they really disliked it. Personally, I would have sent Suede home, but that's more because he's annoying than anything he sent down the runway.

Leanne's dress was indeed beautiful, I can see why she got the win. I loved Korto's, though, too. They've both really risen to the top of this pack. DVF did a dress pretty similar to Korto's for her Fall 2008 line in the exact same fabric, minus the yellow bits.

Terri made pants... again. She needs to quit it and just make a fucking dress. She will be forever in the middle with those pants.

I was really hoping Michael Kors would say "that crotch is insane!" at Stella. Poor Stella. She was my favorite. I can't believe stupid Blayne and Suede are still there and she's not.

I'm getting annoyed with Kenley. At first, I liked her, but now I don't. She really seems to irritate the other designers, too.

Divala still hates Suede.

Joe should've been the one to leave. There were so many little things wrong with his outfit, which he totally knew about but didn't care enough to fix. At least Stella's, for it's flaws, was a good idea. I loved the top and pants.

Stella!!!! Stella!!!!

I wasn't surpised at all that Korto did so well in this challenge. Besides being one of the best designers, her aesthetic has always reminded me of Furstenburg.

As for Joe, my problem is that he makes clothes that are a very mainstream isdea of "sexy". There is nothing about his work that screams haute couture or high fashion to me.

sad to see her go!

Leanne's dress was fantastic! Joe sucks a bag of dicks. Suade's outfit was horrific. Joe has to go next.
just thought i'd mention
nyc fashion week...

click on the name and get photos of the show:
mb nyfw
I'm really loving Leanne. She's so sweet and cute and then she comes out with something awesome. Her first outfit or two weren't so great and she really self-edited immediately and now has been consistently great. I like that a lot. I think it's even more impressive to evolve on the show, than to just be great from the start (those who start off great often fizzle out in the end anyway).
lilith.. i do agree about leanne. i've liked her from the beginning because i've seen her potential as a designer when she mentioned what she was influenced by. you're right there were a couple of designs in the beginning that werent the greatest, but she does continue to evolve and improve. i want kenley gone. she is so full of herself. she's not the most amazing designer either.. i'm pretty much over anything she comes up with. same with suede. i dont think it was necessarily time for terri to go, but her attitude was horrible. i liked joe's dress a lot this last challenge, but the one thing i've noticed about his work is that the technicality isnt exactly up to par. i knew jerell was going to win, avant garde is definitely his bag. i think it will be leanne, korto, and jerrell to go to bryant park.
i actually think kenley should've gone this last epi. terri's dress was not great either though.

can i get an AMEN for blaine being voted off?? dude, i'm so glad he is off the show. and what was up with that dress?!?! I liked when Michael Kors said, "It looks like she is pooping fabric."
Blayne's look.....I don't even have words to describe it. It was like some sort of lame S&M costume mixed with uh....the circus? What the hell was that?

Kenley....ready for her to GO.

I was so happy Jerell won! Knorl, if the group you listed were the Bryant Park finalists, I'd be thrilled! I think they'd turn out some beautiful collections!

Terri was getting too big for her britches. The look was really ugly.

I was not happy to see Keith again. He's such a jerk. I know he & Terri don't get on, but he sure didn't make any special effort.
I was glad Jerrell won, but I really didn't get his look, it reminded me of something out of 1915, with the raised hobble skirt and the headpiece. The skirt was nice, but I think I would have picked Leanne for the win, hers seemed more in tune with the zodiac sign they picked than Jerrell's. Can't complain about the other top two, they definitely did a better job than the bottom.

And yes, Blayne is finally out, thank goodness. What the hell was that outfit last night?

Terri deserved to be out because of her attitude; it says something when I wasn't upset over Suede still being in the competition, since I've been wanting him out for a while now. His outfit looked like it came from a genie bottle.

Kenley was really annoying last night and the top part of her outfit looked like it was from the 1890's. Yikes.

kari: i do agree. *fingers crossed*

lilacwine: there was a sense of vulnerability and playfulness in blayne's demeanor that made me want to see more of him on the show. but his designs always seemed to miss the mark. so sad, he just had to go. that outfit was off. nothing inspiring or fashionable about it. yes, leanne's was of course my favorite.. it was mysterious, unconventional, imaginative.. but what i liked about jerells's was that, although it was avant garde, it was still wearable. and the detailing was right on.. perfect symmetry in the skirt and from what i could tell the coat appeared to be very well constructed.
I gotta ask, Knorl & Lilac, how the hell did you get around the "licious"? About five seconds after I'd think, "He's cute like a fluffy, overly tan Ken doll," the "licious" would totally ruin it for me. It freaked me out that he was only twenty-three, the tanorexia makes him look sooooo much older!

I have a crush on that great bitchy orange, Michael Kors. I think it's the way he says the word "crotch". Such an unsexy word, but he makes it hot. I want him to be my gay boyfriend.
I loved the 'licious', it made me laugh every time. TIMLICIOUS! I agree that his design was horrid though.

Kenley is getting REALLY annoying.

I agreed with Michael Kors -- Suede has not earned the right to refer to himself in the third person. It was amusing at first, but not anymore.

I'm glad Jerell won, I really like him.
Did you notice that Blayne looked less tan towards the end? He didn't seem AS annoying, but he was annoying nonetheless. He just seemed like a gay male version of Paris Hilton to me.
I was a little sad to see Blayne go, too, but he obviously got a lot further than he should've, so I don't feel bad about it. That "outfit" was butt ugly.

Kenley needs to go home NOW. What an irritating, arrogant individual.

I can see why Terri was auf'ed, but I still liked most of her designs. It figures, the one time she doesn't make pants, she gets the boot. She was pretty mean to Keith, though. I couldn't stand Keith either, but come on, at least try to be civil!

Of the ones left, I really think that only Leann and Korto deserve to go to Fashion Week.

Anywhoo, here's a big gigantic spoiler from Project Rungay, if anyone wants to look:

So does this mean that the remaining contestants are in Fashion Week?

How is god's name did Terri get cut before Suede?

Oh that's right. She did a bad job this week and was really mean!

I didn't enjoy this episode at all.
Yep, it means all six of them showed at Fashion Week, including the extremely annoying Suede and the irritating Kenley.

Knorl, I liked the individual pieces of Jerrell's outfit more than the entire thing, he did a good job on the skirt and the jacket, you are right, they were wearable. I didn't mean it as a slam when I brought up it looked like from another era, I actually like vintage fashion.

Aural, I think that Blayne didn't have an out-of-control ego was what endeared him to me. Despite the tanning/"-licious" schtick, he seemed pretty mature and rather mellow with a bit of a sense of humor about the whole thing. He did have his annoying moments (every time he said "Holla" I wanted to smack him), but compared to a few of the other contestants, he really wasn't that bad. His designs sucked, though.
i like vintage fashion too lilacwine.. and i agree with your sentiments about blayne.

ap: after the initial 'ugh' over his personality quirks wore off, i thought he seemed like a pretty sweet, humble guy. "endearing" is the term i ascribed to him as well.

divala: yeah terri was downright nasty to keith, she wouldnt even look at him or acknowledge him. like he was a smelly dog, in her space. then at judging she tried to blame him for not helping, when she said straight up she works alone. even if she didnt want his input, she could have at least been cordial, and not acted as if he shit in her coffee or something. but you never know, maybe he did and they edited it out. but, about kenley.... i think diane von furstenberg's approval from the previous episode really went to her head. no more walmart or kmart fashion designing for her!
i doubt all 6 did shows @ fashion week, they usually put all of the names of the people who are on the show aired the week of fashion week. 's standard procedure.

i really could care less if they had a bad attitude if they had good work, and so many this year stayed when what they put out was utter shit. blane was case in point. he should have been out week one. dude with the goatee, week 2. i just don't get why so many of them are kept around when the have little talent. i missed the casting episode, but i cannot imagine what blane could have made that got him on the show. he was f'ing useless.

as for jarrel's this week, his skirt looked way more haute couture than anything else out there this week. i'm just baffled that the quality of the people on pr has gone down instead of up. they should have 12 contestants that are all as good as korto or leeanne. and for fucksake, get some new challenges that make the contestant think practically--like the mail man challenge. it's gotten too stock with relative challenge, drag queen challenge, food/plant challenge, odd/recycle challenge. yawn. and give them more time too. neat that they can work under pressure, but for the audience there's not enough good stuff, and too much shit.

Actually, GT, they did all show at Fashion Week, it's just that 3 of them are decoys. Click the link in my last post to see all the shows. This is how they've done it every year, although season 1 wasn't as open about Austin Scarlett getting to show.

I really wish this show would do a better job of planning so they didn't have to have decoys in the first place. How awful would it really have been to start the show 3 weeks earlier?

I heart Michael Kors. Finally someone called Suede out on his 3rd person bullshit.

Jerrell confounds me. The skirt he made was absolutely stunning, but I didn't care much for the rest of it, per usual. He normally has one really cool piece in his outfit, and the rest seems like an afterthought that doesn't really mesh with it.

did you hear that j.lo was due to be the guest judge for the final epi but backed out due to an injury?
I don't understand why she cancelled. She just finished a triathalon this weekend, so she obviously wasn't feeling too injured to run, and the judging for the final episode was probably done on Friday, or possibly not even yet, since they had to wait for the runway shows to happen. I was really looking forward to what she had to say. I can't say I personally like her that much, but I thought she was a good choice in a guest judge, way better than Mariah Carey.
JLo doesn't care about anybody but JLo. Her excuse is transparent, but I'm pretty sure she just doesn't care.
I love LeeAnn, I hope she wins. I like that other than her statement that Kenley never shuts up (which she totally doesn't) she doesn't seem to participate in the snarkfest too often.

I intensely dislike Kenley. Her huge teeth, her donkey bray, her inability to accessorize properly, her overly costume-y fashions, and. that. VOICE. I think if I had to be in a room with her for more than two minutes one of us would end up with a salad fork in her eye. (And it wouldn't be me)

It pains me to say it, because I'm a rockabilly girl, and we both have big love for midcentury fashion. But damn it, I just can't get behind her. I loved Kelly for her tough girl take on the same aesthetic, but the judges didn't feel the same way. sad.gif

(In fact, I loved her green lace top and leopard beret so much in this last episode, that I'll be making my own version for the line soon.)

I liked Jarrell's skirt (and he doesn't completely irritate me as a person), but the rest of it was horrid. The harsh gold top completely clashed with the pink undertone of the brown on the pattern of the skirt.

I hated Blayne, both his annoying personality and his love of neon. I like Joe, but I don't think he's good enough to win. Koto rubs me the wrong way, though I think she's a talented designer. The seatbelt kimono in particular was quite a stunning item. Suede's tendency to talk about himself in third person is maddening, but other than that I don't think he's that bad a guy. He even seems a little sweet sometimes, though I'd never admit that out loud.

I thought Keith was cute, but whiny, and not good enough, ultimately, to win. I kind of miss Stella, because now me and my friend won't get to scream "Leathah!" at the screen. Plus, she perplexes me because sometimes she looks really kind of beautiful, and not as tanned and hung up as she does at other times.

And may I say, as a designer, how much I just want to run into Mood and grab up everything I can? All that beautiful fabric makes me manic with glee.
Why would they make JLo a judge? For her ability to wear boob tape? I don't think her fashion sense (or that of her handlers) warrants her ability to judge other peoples' designs. Kind of like having Paula Abdul judge a singing conte--oh, wait.
omg, yeah bustie. i was stunned that last ep with stella. she wasn't wearing much make up, and she looked younger, and kinda foxy. i was like holy....!
I'm putting this here, since it relates to Project Runway and isn't as heavy as the discussion in the election thread. Someone was asking the designers what they thought of Sarah Palin.

Blayne's answer scares me, but not surprising. Tim's answer is the best.
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