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i was talking with a friend that i thought alot of this year's designers are total poseurs, not really original. i have to be "wowed" by any of them. alot of their "personalities" seem to be rehash of past year designers. i think blayne is trying TOO hard to be this year's christian and create a trendy word.

these designers better make it work fast.
polly made a great point: "..I guess I like the more than this young Hollywood crap." i do believe that is why Suede's dress won. it's fun and the more consumer-minded young girls who watch the show are going to want to snatch it up real quick. what Kenley created is far more classic, and i feel was too good to be mass-produced anyway. i'm not knocking suede's dress though, i definitely would have worn it out somewhere it'd be appropriate (if it were one-of-a-kind), but i sure as hell wouldnt pay almost $300 for it.

i was sadly disappointed with leanne's creation.. it lacked cohesive style (although it was def unique), and even if she used better fabric, i dont think she could have made it look good/wearable. both brown dresses were atrocious, but i didnt like wesley anyway, so i'm glad he's gone. he reminded me of an ivy league frat boy.. nothing edgy about him. again, polly, excellent point about stella.. why go on the show if you know you're going to have to work with more than just leather? cant see her lasting long.

jennifer is very unassuming, but what she's come up with so far as been pretty cool. i think Korto is way talented, and believe she'll make it to the final 3. as far as the designers being poseurs this year, i dont really agree... i just think the producers have chosen the designers based on what they see has worked in the past. even if tanilicious blayne and third-person suede are annoying as fck, at least their personas and work are memorable and gossip-worthy: gotta get the viewers talking. i think the show does a good job weeding through the nonsense and getting to the truly talented and original designers in the end though.
Last night's episode is up on YouTube for those who need it.

Grrrrrr. I think Jennifer should have been kicked off. Her dress was so blaaaaaaaaand. It's one thing to say that whole Holly-Golightly-Salvadore-Dali shit, but I have yet to see it.

Someone needs to record Tim saying "Holla!" and turn it into a ring tone.
I don't know how the YouTube person is loading these episodes so fast but I am grateful for it.

Wow, there was a lot of ugly coming down that runway. I cannot disagree with who they cut although I thought that Keith should have been cut as well. Jennifer's (I think) dress looked like a prom dress from the late 1980s. Had she made it a halter I could totaly see Jody Watley wearing it in a video.

I was so sad that Suede was still referring to Suede's-self in the Suede-person.

Was anyone really suprised or impressed by Stella? Yes, it showed who she was as a designer but I could get that outfit from any fetish mag. Maybe even a Hot Topic.

I liked all of the top 3 but Leanne's was the one I would be most likely to wear. This does not mean that I think she should have won. I am not cutting edge in my style. I just loved her skirt. I was pulling for Terri. Loved her look. I thought that Kenley's was lovely but totally unwearable for most people.
I was surprised Keith wasn't the one who was cut last night, his dress looked horrendous. At least Emily's dress looked like it fit the model, but yeah, it was pretty ugly. Jennifer's did look very Eighties, now that you mention it, but for some reason, I'm getting the vibe of a 14 year old wearing it for Christmas.

I wanted Terri to win, I liked her outfit more than Kenley's, and I would wear Leanne's skirt as well. Kenley's would only look good on a select few people, and I'm not one of them.

Stella needs to stop whining about everything, and try to think of a different shtick (although it was nice to see something other than a dress walk down the runway), proclaiming you're "rock" every ten minutes gets old after a while. And yeah, her outfit didn't look innovative at all.

I was rooting for Leann for the win. That skirt was absolutely gorgeous, not even as a prototype, but as a buy it and wear it now kind of thing. I liked how she used her inspiration photo and wasn't so literal with it, like Emily was.

Why is Toilet Paper Dress Guy still here? That dress was TERRIBLE! Maybe if he'd sewn the squares completely to the bodice to create a shape, then let them hang loose around the skirt, it would have been way better. But as it was, the model looked like the Abominable Snowman.

I guess I just wasn't really feeling the super-modest dresses that came out, at least not as evening wear. They remind me too much of stuff my mom made me wear in middle school.

I was glad to see Kenley get a win, even though I think it should have come last week instead.

I wish it were possible to rip Suede's tongue out through the TV. Maybe if we all concentrate really hard and bustie vibe it, we can do it? But really, I think he has some self esteem issues if he needs to keep talking about himself in the 3rd person.

Blayne wasn't as irritating as usual. When he's not saying "licious," he's not that bad. I'm not saying I like him, but he hasn't been awful in the last couple episodes.
At first I thought the Suede-in-third-person thing was just a silly joke of his. But now we're on the 3rd episode of the series and he's still doing it! Ugh!

I agree that Stella's whining is starting to annoy me. Why is it that so many people who claim to be rebellious rock-n-roll types are often childish little whiny babies?

Still not loving Blayne. I heard him utter "-licious" again. I refuse to dignify it by making it a rule in a drinking game. I found his whole "I'm goona eat you!" thing with Kenley to be annoying, too. What can I say. The guy just rubs me the wrong way. Plus, I think his design was very similar to Emily's & almost as bad. When will he finally be gone?! Tell me it will be soon!

I wasn't a fan of Keith's dress, but somehow I knew he was going to make it through. Honestly, I didn't like the winning dress, either. I thought the design was well executed, but I didn't like the design. I fall into that camp of people the judges talked about who remember Joan Collins & even back in the '80s I didn't like that look, so perhaps that's my problem. I'm glad she's still on the show, though.

I like Terri. I wasn't wild about her design last night, but I've never been a fan of the dress-over-pants look. Still, I think she has talent & I'm hoping she sticks around for a while.
AP feels there seems to be a lot of really uninteresting designers this round. AP's not sure about how she feels about this season, but knows she likes Leanne when she doesn't overthink. AP wants to kick Suede in his napped nutsack for talking in the third person. Then Stella can make him a new one out of lea-thah.

And Blayne? "He wants the 'licious. Always he is looking for it. And the 'licious is wanting to go back to him . . . But we mustn't let him have it." Creepy-ass Barbie-Gollum looking motherfucker.
I was totally rooting for Leanne. Did not like kenley's dress but it was well made. Blayne and Suede are annoying the shit out of me.

I have to say I like Stella. She is hilarious and just doin her own thing. Go ahead with that hammer bitch. rock it.
I finally saw last week's episode. I thought Keith should have been kicked off. Or the other girl (Jennifer?). Emily's dress was bad, but I thought overall, she's more interesting than the other girl. But, TG did try to give her some advice on the dress & she chose not to take it. So.....

Suede.....UGH. WTF is up with that guy? He's killing me.

I kinda like Stella too. Not her clothing, necessarily, but she is kind of entertaining.

Keith seems like a real ass. I thought it was funny he was bemoaning all the "negativity" when he's not necessarily the most positive person. And what's with the bandanas on his head every time?

Blayne's outfits have been consistently horrid. I don't think he'll last too long.

I have to agree with all the sentiments against Blayne. Creeps me out like no other. I have a feeling he'll be around at least for a little while longer while the producers try to sell him as Christian 2:Girlicious Boogaloo. I have to say that this far Kelli is one of my favorites, she seems to have a strong sense of self and I can see her going pretty far.
Octobersky does not like Suede, she finds him annoying. However, Octobersky finds Blayne much more annoying than Suede. She did find it amusing that Blayne got Tim to say "holla back at'ch."

Octobersky likes Koto and Kenley - their designs please her. cool.gif

It seems that NBC cannot stop shoving the Olympics down our throats.

I watched the previews for this week and it seems most likely that the challange will be out designing a costume for Apollo Ohno. It just seems weird to me. I guess they really are redoing all the old challanges. I just hope someone sticks turkey feathers on his ass to really pay tribute.
Kitten, I don't know if they're designing for him since they're clearly working with female models. However, I have a big problem with Ohno as a judge. I don't like it when they bring in random celebrity judges who have absolutely zero experience in design and construction! I far prefer it when the judges have a clue about the fashion industry. Grrrrr.
Right, rose, or at least let their vote only count half as the episode from season 2 with the skater, Sasha Cohen. I think it was valuable to have her opinion on the technical aspects of the costume, since theoretically, she would be wearing it; her saying that the one Emmett made was trashy and too short, and Santino's would have caused too much drag were good points....but in terms of her actual fashion sense, who knows? Now the opinions of those too creepy doofuses they had on the wrestling episode? Yikes- those were worthless!
I don't know, polly. I think if anyone were to know from tacky, glam, spandex-y glory, it was those two freaks. Michael Kors was the one who was lost in that episode. My favorite outtake still was him loosing it to the giggles over the outfits.
Polly, that's what I mean. Obviously if they're designing athletic wear I think it's good to have some input from an athlete who specializes in that particular sport. But what does that have to do with Ohno? He's a speed skater ... on ice. That's a winter olympic sport. Are they saying that there's now an olympic event in roller/in-line speed skating? And if so, design doesn't come into it. Those people want something as tight and smooth and wind-resistant as possible. They don't want some creative garment from a PR contestant. So what's the deal? I guess we'll find out soon enough.
Changing topic slightly here ...

Have any of you seen the audition videos on the Bravo website yet?
Very good stuff. Tim Gunn repeatedly called Blayne "Richard" during his audition. Very suspicious! Emily's tape has a surprise to it. Suede, however, is just as Suede-like as can be.
re: previous week's episode. nothing too amazing. i loved leanne's work, very detailed oriented and well constructed. and kenley's was fashion forward. i also liked... joe's. i think it coordinated well with his photograph. and i still think korto is an amazing designer, even if i didnt see the photo's inspiration in her work. and finally, i didnt like terri's fabric choice, but i loved her design.

re: this week. poor jennifer. sad.gif i really did not see the surrealism in her work. she made cute clothes that were definitely wearable, but not at all imaginative, eccentric, or exciting. i would expect surrealistic expression to possess these qualities. ah well. i was blown away by korto's work again. i also like terri's but i didnt like the scarf. and i love leanne, her results are a pleasant surprise to me. like, oh! dig it. jerell was too over the top, but i enjoy his perspective. stella may be entertaining, but her work has been done. shit, i've worn versions of her style in the past. although i do have to say that i like how they've added her flavor to the pr mix.
I am not going to use spoiler tags since the show has aired, FYI. I'm mean that way. biggrin.gif

I am happily suprised at how much I enjoyed this episode. I liked the idea of designing a costume for the opening ceremony and we got to see some designers that had been pushed aside for the bigger personalities. I was happy with all of the top three and wouldn't have complained if any of them had won.

I think what sunk Joe was the construction. I'll admit to enjoying a skort once in awhile and I like that he went all "USA" with it. It's the Olympics. Why be subtle?
Korto outfit was lovely and simple. Would work well on even the most muscular of the female athletes.
Terri's was great but the scarf tipped it over from winning.
It was so nice to see Terri and Korto so happy for each other.

As for the bottom three, I seriously question whether any of them had ever seen an athelete let alone the Olympics.
Jennifer's was pretty but all wrong for the challange. Michael said it best when he said they seemed to hear the challange in another language.
Daniel designed a lovely dress for a flight attendant.
Jarelle - What was he smoking? That outfit was insane!

Other nice things. Only had to hear Seude refer to himself once in the Suede-person and it was very quietly. Although he needs to stop stealing "wack-a-doodle."

I'm not using spoiler bars, either, because the episode is available on YouTube now. smile.gif

I ended up being happy with the challenge after all. I don't know why I'd forgotten about the opening ceremonies! In the past, the clothes the athletes have had to wear during the opening ceremonies have generally looked terrible so this sounded like the perfect challenge for the PR gang.

I was sure that Terri was going to win, but maybe her design was a little too reminiscent of what had been worn before (?). At any rate, I'm impressed that she got so much done.

I knew that Jennifer was going to be gone. The colors were unmistakably wrong. I think Michael was right when he said that some of the designers hadn't even heard the challenge. In Jennifer's case, she just decided to make something that she would wear to a Sunday afternoon picnic. She clearly was not meant to last long on this show, so I will shed no tears for her.

Daniel's did, indeed, look like an old school flight attendant dress. He had noooooooooo clue whatsoever. He's lucky Jennifer wasn't smart enough to pick up a red & white stripe for her skirt fabric. If she had then I think Daniel would be gone.

Jerrel. Wow. I'm sure there are a dozen community theater musical productions out there that would love that outfit, but I have no idea what it has to do with the Olympics. That hat. Really. Wow.

Kitten, I agree that the thing that killed Joe's design was the fact that the skirt and shorts were of 2 different lengths. If they had matched, he could have won this.
I can't believe it took me so long to see this show. I'm a f**king designer, for chrissakes! I want Stella to stove Blayne and Suede's heads in. The rockabilly girl's teeth annoy me for some reason. The only one I really like is the tattooed blonde chick (sorry, I don't know names yet).

Why is it that people who design clothing so often look like they just left a dumpster?
Why is it that people who design clothing so often look like they just left a dumpster?

I used to notice that when I was studying theater. All of the femal costume designer looked like carzy bad ladies. No idea why.
The first thing my boyfriend said when he saw Daniel's piece was "Snow White." I couldn't agree with him more, especially when she had that red cape on. The styling with the bright red lips and her very dark hair looked very much like Snow White. I wish the judges hadn't given him so much crap about the purple. It was actually blue and if they'd bothered to look closely they'd have seen it. The lighting in the workroom and at Mood is totally different than on their runway.

When Jerrell's model came out, my first thought was "Out!" What the hell was he thinking? And also, this man should stay far, far away from hats, both on his own head and on others.

Glad to see Jennifer go. Cute outfit, but ?????????? How was a stepford wife brunch outfit applicable for an American athlete at the Olympic opening ceremony?

I'm glad Joe didn't win because I didn't much care for his hissy fit. Serves him right. I was shocked that everyone was so on board with the skort. Tim Gunn, a man who wrote a damn book including the words "quality, taste, and style" in the title should not be embracing the skort.

Dare I say it, but I think Blayne's pretty funny with his whole tanning thing. He's growing on me a teeny-tiny little bit.

Still hate Suede.

I can see how Kenley's giggling could be irritating. I stilll like her, though.

I was glad to see Korto win. Some of the tiny athletes couldn't pull off the giant pants, but they looked great on her model. It was so nice and non-fussy. Hooray for Korto!
I agree with the top three but Terri was robbed.

I hope to see Blayne's tan fade as the season progresses. Love that he had no clue about the beatles reference
It would have been even better if Blayne's response had been. "You mean, that Bee Gees movie?"

Which is exactly where my brain first goes to when someone mentions Sgt. Pepper (sad I know) and why I still have a deep fear of Steven Tyler.
I'm so used to running into people who don't have a clue about anything outside their little world that Blayne's ignorance of the Beatles didn't faze me. I can only hope his tan fades, loved Jerrell's comment about giving him some bronzer to tide him over.

I agree that Terri was robbed, I liked her outfit better than Korto, but I can see why she won, it's something that hasn't been done before, and it did look nice. Joe's was cute, and for some reason I've been liking skorts this summer for bike riding. (Maybe that should go in the Crimes of Fashion thread. sad.gif ) I'm just wondering how well Joe's and Korto's outfits would translate to someone who isn't a model, wouldn't someone who isn't tall with long legs look ridiculous in high-waisted, wide-legged pants?

Believe or not, I kinda liked Stella's, it definitely stood out. She still annoys me a little, though. So does Suede.

Daniel and Jennifer really needed to step out of their comfort zone, either one could have been sent home. Jerrell's was interesting, to say the least.
Ok please tell me why Suede talks about himself in third person... that drives me insane when I'm watching the show and there is Suede, talking about himself like he's standing next to himself (or something like that)

Ugh... Suede no like this, Suede is big dork.....
From last week I was sad to see Emily go because I liked her, but the dress was bad. I do agree that Blayne's dress was similar to hers, and he wasn't even in the bottom 3.

This week I thought Blayne's outfit was ugly, but the tanning thing was funny. Daniel bothers me, he seems kind of greasy.

I must say I liked Jerell's outfit. I know it didn't really fit the theme, but I'd wear it minus the hat and leggings. I liked Kelli's outfit as well.

I always found Jennifer to be boring.

Korto definately deserved to win.
anyone a project runway and a shear genius fan? I'm sick I know but I hope Dee kicks Charlie's ass and wins
yea I know, it's off topic kinda - but I"m a huge PR fan and also a Shear Genius fan!

I have a soft spot for Charlie -he used to cut my hair and one of my best friends used to work at his Salon!! He's really really good, probably better than any of them on the show (except maybe Dee - although Charlie can KICK HER ASS at an updo. That man is the KING of the updo) he's a little cocky, but he's just more funny in real life. He has his opinions, but he's not nearly that loudly outspoken. At least not in my dealings with him. He's really magnifying his personality on the show - probably what everyone does these days, everyone knows the reality TV "formula" and having a larger than life personality gets you somewhere..

anyhoo... back on topic - I need to go to You Tube and watch the newest episode! yay!!
QUOTE(missladyj @ Aug 8 2008, 11:45 AM) *
anyone a project runway and a shear genius fan? I'm sick I know but I hope Dee kicks Charlie's ass and wins

I'm a total PR and SG fan!!! Unfortunately I don't always get to see the show when the new ones first air but I catch them on the reruns throughout the week. I do have to say that I like Charlie, I think he is freaking hilarious and he comes off a little cocky but in a funny way.


So, what did you think of the episode? I did not agree with the winner, that design just did not do it for me. I thought the brown skirt + black belt + floral shirt clashed. As for the loser....I reallllly thought Blayne should have been kicked off for that hideous shorts outfit. WTF was that?? And what's up with the "impeccable taste" dude?? Who really says that? And everything he has made has sucked it. I didn't think Kelly deserved to go. Shoulda been Blayne. He's skated by for two episodes now. It's got to be a producers decision to keep him on.
I liked Stella's and Jerrell's outfit better, too. The winning one wasn't bad, and I loved how that guy finally made the layering work (unlike his NYC nightlife toilet paper dress). It seems that my preference always comes in second instead of getting the wins.

Did you notice that Suede actually said the word "I" a few times? I was shocked! I didn't think he was capable of referring to himself in the first person.

I was hoping Daniel would've been kicked off, but I can't say I disagree with the decision. That outfit was slutty. Maybe it woud have been better if the model weren't baring midriff and looking cheap (sorry, that really bugged me - no professional woman would dress like that in or out of the office, even on TV). I don't care much for Blayne but at least their outfit wasn't slutty, and I liked his shit.

I can't wait for next week, drag queens finally! That's got to be every designer's dream, to go all out and large scale. I loved that they're bringing Sissybear back to introduce it, too! You'd think this would have been a first season challenge, it's so obvious.
The episode is up on YouTube for anyone who missed it!

I think Jerrel & Stella should have won. I simply thought their design looked more appropriate. Plus, I get the feeling that Jerrel is a good leader & those two managed to get along well, which really surprised me, so it would have been nice if that had ben acknowledged somehow.

Keith's design was nice, so I don't begrudge his win too much. Thank god they didn't use that floral that Kenley picked out! Way way way too twee.

I agree that Kelli's design was "Slutty Slutty Slutty". As soon as she said leopard print, I knew it was all downhill. I'm glad she altered the design some, but if they'd just used better fabric and a classier cut, it could have been 1000% better. Sadly, when the model took off the jacket, she looked like a hooker. Not at all good.

Blayne's design was simply boring in my eyes. It looks like something I could pick up at Old Navy. Like the losing outfit from last week, it was inappropriate for the challenge.

I kinda thought they might let Daniel go this time, but most of the time for these team challenges, the leader gets the ax. Based purely on past experience, I would have given Blayne the boot. But based on this challenge alone, I can see why Kelli was let go. The skimpy top was the nail in her coffin.
i agree, jerrel and stella should have won. that outfit was much more sophisticated, interesting and risky thean the winner. i liked keith's design too, but i think the other was just more complex.

i'm with you on the leopard print too. i'm really suprized that ms. sheilds chose that one, even on paper it was a dud. it just looked like bad 80' cheese, and after it was made it was no better. when someone said it was too dynasty, i agreed, although it was missing the football shoulder pads.

i liked team kodo's (or whatever) outfit-- the sweet potato jacket. once she took it in and emphasised the silloette, it was cute, but when she took the jacket off, that dress needed help.

i loved that what's her head was giggling when mr. "impecable taste" spoke. he must mean in menswear. i love what he wears personally, but he has produced nada that's been good for the ladies or the show.

i loathed blane's it was like old navy, or the gap. i kept saying, why is he still there? why, why, why? it was not just boring, it was dumb.

one of the two boys on the losing team should have left. as much as i hate leopard print, i have a feeling there was something she would have done that was interesting, i don't have that feeling with blane or daniel. they can't back up their talk. they're like the girl last week who kept talking about how she was a surrealist. surreally? dali was spinning in his grave.
Queen Bull
i LOVED jerral and stellas outfit. and it was weird bc up until now, i havent really liked any of stella's "leatha", btu it was so classy.

and i was really disappointed that wats her name.. kelly? got the kick, because, i honestly love her style, she just made a bad choice with the *tri-tonal* bustier. daniels 'impeccable' taste just isnt so impeccable. i do agree with you gt, i like the way he dresses.

and even tho, i cant stand blayne's tanorexic weirdness, *power to the pasty people* i thought it was very stand up that he picked himself to go home. showed character and what not.

and i personally, do not like the guy that worked with kodo *or w/e* . i mean, hes a good designer, and can deliver and all that but he grates my nerves. lol. that sweet potato jacket had great lines though! <3's.

and i must say, i am damn excited about next weeks show. i LOVED chris march last season. and who doesnt love a good drag outfit? i mean, seriously....

Yes i liked Jarrel and Stellas outfit so much more than the rest, even though the winning one was a close second. I was certain Brooke was going to choose J/Ss, so I was shocked when she didnt.. I think Jarrel was quite disappointed too. I also thought for sure that either Daniel or Blayne were going home. I did not see them sending Kelli home so soon. They said she doesnt have taste.. are they basing that off of her personal style or the styles that she's designed I wonder. Because up until this latest disaster, I think what she's come up with has been kinda cute. ..ETA But, looking back, she really hasnt had much cohesiveness about her creations. And she lacked the wow factor. And also, she hasnt made anything that looked near high fashion.. so I'm not going to miss her perspective much at all.
I liked Jarrel's outfit best, also.. I think the reason they chose Keith's ultimately came down to what Brooke Shields said - "that doesn't look like anything I've seen before" whereas Jarrel's silhouette was more of a classic silhouette, just with different textures and patterns. Loved it, though.

RE: Blayne's outfit - hated it. I really think he could have saved it, though, if he'd made the shorts in a black, really high end fabric, and instead of a shirt on top, made some sort of feminine blazer or jacket. I just think that the color of the shorts was way too casual, and the button down top was more than casual. The tank top was nice, though. I'm starting to see where Blayne's vision comes from, though - now that he's said he's from Yakima Washington! That city is SOOOO hippie and casual. It's where they make the Yakima car roof racks for bikes, skis and whatnot. It's also where the baby jogging stroller was invented. It's full on North Face / EMI / outdoor sport land. I know he lives in Seattle, but his asthetic is so much like the people I saw when I was in Yakima a couple times!! smile.gif anyway, just something that was going through my head when He said where he was from..

and I can't WAIT to see Chris March! I love love love him!!! yay!!
I pretty much agree with whats been said about Jerrel and Stella's outfit. I was so happy that they worked well together. I have to say I was impressed with Blayne for taking responsibilty and saying he should go. Kelli did not do that but I think Daniel should've gotten the boot. Way to do a shitty job on that skirt. Glad Kelli made him do it over. Blayne's outfit was atrocious.
snow white
I've been watching all the re-runs this week and i have to vent about these designers, surprisingly "suade" doesn't bother me at all. Kendall (? the bettie page chick); total total mouth breather. can not stand her anymore. & i'm glad jennifer is gone b/c she was infuriatingly mousy. Leanne is cool, but i'm always shocked as to how homely she looks in her "designer garb". she's much cuter simple. I love keith, i hope he wins. I also love terri. Blayne's design looked like a boring outfit from american eagle, baaad.
Queen Bull
rolleyes.gif omigod omigod. sooo, i think that this was one of my favorite challenges EVER! I LOVE drag queens. Anyway, Koto's outfit: GLORIOUS. You could tell how much her model loved the outfit. I was so nervous about Joe's Hot pink jumpsuit, but, again, he delivered. You know, try as i might, i cant not like joe. I dont know tha twe would get along in person, but that man can sew. BUT i LOVED terri's outfit. her model was soo intense. I personally think that she should have won, btu thats just me.

and may i jsut say, i am soo relieved that they finally booted daniel. of course, on his way out the door he is raving on about his awesome taste level. I just didnt see it. Even though i did like his dress, it looked like it belonged on teh red carpet rather than a drag queen.
ah well...
i continue to be obsessed, what can i say....

snow white
after keith's outfit i'm wondering if he has anything else in him. he reminds of the bald guy from last season who always did flowy outfits.

i'm really starting to like joe, i loved his design.

daniel was a boring desinger, very one demensional. i'm waiting for the black guy to leave b/c i also think he's very limited.

unforch 4 me i think kenley will be around for awhile...
Queen Bull
[quote name='snow white' date='Aug 21 2008, 12:02 AM' post='208870'

unforch 4 me i think kenley will be around for awhile...
oh i kno. shes not bad enough to get voted off, but not good enough either... yay for average.
kenley is catty, which is annoying. just sew without the drama lady. i also dont like joe's attitude (guy is my sisters neighbors nephew but never met him IRL), he's kinda whiney. not as much as daniel though, the wounded puppy routine got on my nerves. he needed to be kicked off sooner. he brought nothing spectacular, and when he didnt deliver he'd actually try to convince or manipulate the judges to keep him on.
i think stella and leannes decisions to go with black were weak.. their outfits appeared too muted compared to the others. terri's was rockin but i think the reason it didnt win was because it was too punk and not enough glam. i really was torn between korto's and daniel's. korto's client loved what she was wearing and looked great in it, and like rupaul said, that confidence adds so much to the overall effect. for korto to not know anything about the needs of a drag queen prior to this challenge, her execution was flawless. which brings us to joe. it was funny to see how uncomfortable he was at first with his model. but he man'd up pretty quick and what he came up with for his client was perfect. the color palette with the red hair, the design, everything.. and she loved it too. could he even think that looked good? i think his model hated it too, did you see her face down the runway, and how she laughed when the judges trash talked it.
i think jerell was just giving his client what she wanted, in the beginning she told him that she doesnt go too over the top with her wardrobe. so cant fault the guy really. and as far as him being limited.. i disagree, i think he's shown great creativity and talent. the one thing i could say that is limited, is that he's only made dresses and skirts so far.. hasnt ventured much beyond that.
i want suede to go. stella. blayne.
if-y about kenley. keith.
terri is my favorite. she shows a lot of versatility.
also, just learned from the bravotv website that wesley and daniel are a couple in real life. fancy that.
(ooh also on bravotv website, check out the designers portfolios from the previous shows.)
Daniel's "impeccable taste" was what sunk him. He refused to take risks, seemingly out of fear that it would be percieved as tacky. Daniel, you will never be great like Terri if you do not risk. Fear never motivates creativity.

After reading Roject Rungay I feel better about Joe's win. His outfit, as Michael Kors would say, was the right dress on the right queen at the right time. Terri's and Kotto's outfits were also amazing. Joe was anoying me in many ways this week, though. But it seemed that everyone had their bitch faces on.

I hated Suede's outfot and I really hated the way he related to his client. Client should not equal enemy.

Varla's little "Nina, stop!" was just a beautiful moment as was whoever said, "Tim, call me," on the way out the work room.

Yay! Laura Bennet next week!!!
Best laugh of the night: When Chris & Tim were talking with Suede about Hedda and Tim said, "You can tell her that you've been to a different rodeo." Oh my god, I thought I loved Tim before, but hearing him talk like that was FABULOUS!! You could tell that the spirit of all those queens was seeping into his blood. Loved it!

I'm a bit surprised that Joe won. I have a feeling that his ability to "hide the candy" in a skintight jumpsuit was what really carried him over the finish line. Terri's dress was great, but I think I liked Korto's best of all. I loved the architecture of the flames. The removable skirt was the glorious icing on that cake. Terri's really was wonderful, though.

I don't understand why they were so hard on Jerrell. His queen said that she likes things to be more classic and not so over-the-top as the others. I think he did an excellent job of respecting her style while kicking it up an extra notch. Frankly, I think the judges knew who were in the bottom 2 but weren't sure who to have for a 3rd so they just drew straws and Jerrell lost.

I knew Daniel would be out this week, so that was no surprise whatsoever. Oh well. On to the next!
x-posted w/knorl and rv:

I am also ready for Keith to go. He seems as suck in his style as Daniel and, unlike Rami, his shredded weirdness tends to look ugly and unfinished. I got tired of Rami's draping but it was flawless and finished.

Jarell's outfit was a little too long considering the client was shorter. It looks great in the workroom, but, next to all the brilliant colors on the runway, looked oddly mouldy.
That was quite the satisfying episode. Daniel has needed to be put out of his misery for about 4 weeks now. He reminds me of someone, some angsty actor in an '80s movie. The best I can come up with is a cross between Pete Doherty and a young Dudley Moore. He needed to get out of his own head and have some fun with the challenge.

I don't know if I would have given Joe the win, but his outfit was definitely good. He was the only one to venture into doing pants this episode, and I think he got really lucky with his queen.

Jerrell's outift was fine, I thought. I would have put Blayne's neon weirdness in the bottom before Jerrell's. Blayne's didn't even get recognized.

I'm sick of Keith. He does one aesthetic that doesn't really work 95% of the time.

I think this season's winner is going to be one of the women. The men just don't have it like the women do, even though this season's designers are the weakest ones so far.

It was good to see SissyBear back on for a little bit. I really enjoyed him last season. RuPaul has looked better, her wig was weird. I loved how the judges really seemed to have a good time watching the catwalk show, and understood that it's not supposed to be beautiful and tasteful, but exuberant and almost gaudy, but in a really fun way.
Yeah, RuPaul looked a little worse for wear, I was wondering if someone messed up her makeup and wig. I liked how they showed Michael Kors cracking up during the runway show.

I loved they brought Chris back, and I liked that he walked around the workroom with Tim, he seemed to give some good pointers.

Thank goodness Daniel is gone, he was really getting on my nerves with his whining and claiming he has such good taste. At least Keith's wasn't boring, although it was ugly and did look like a wookie. Jerrell's was okay, I would have picked Blayne's because of his wing issues.

I didn't care for Korto's outfit, but compared to the other ones up there, I can see why it was in the top three, it was well-constructed and she looked great in it. I liked Joe's and Terri's, though. I was a little surprised Joe won, but I can see why, it was cute and fun. Terri's was a little scary, but it was over-the-top and dramatic.

I'm not sure which is worse, Suede speaking in the third person or Suede not handling pressure very well.

And on an unrelated note, I was pissed off they timed the aufing at almost the same time as the 200m dash for the Olympics. Dammit, some of us are following both.
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