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I got to meet him yesterday!

It cost me $100 in Liz Claiborne clothes I wouldn't have normally bought ($24 for a t-shirt and $34 for a plain polo are far too expensive), but I got my picture with him and my book signed (that was the gift with the purchase, I guess), plus another one for my gay boyfriend who had to leave early. He'll be so surprised when I pull that out for him. Tim had no problem singing an extra one, even though he didn't have to.

He was exactly as you'd expect on the show, very polite and gracious, but also really dishy about some PR contestants. He said point blank "I wouldn't want to be on a desert island with Wendy Pepper from season one, Zulema from season 2 (thank god I never had to meet Shatange!), Vincent Libretti from season 3, and Victoria Hong from season 4. She was such a pill!" He put it all out there, point blank. He spent a little time with each person in line and had a nice little chat with them (I waited for an hour and 45 minutes for my turn). Seriously, he's the kind of guy you want your kid to grow up to be like.

The picture I have is already printed out (they did it right there, so I didn't have much choice), so it'll involve a scanner I don't have if I want to post it. Maybe I'll get around to it shortly.
I'm so jealous! But its nice to hear that he's as nice in real life as he seems on the show. I love Tim Gunn.
Divala, how exciting! My BestGalPal also got to meet Tim Gunn, but not at one of his events. Rather, he happened to walk into the book store where she was working in Seattle. She got to have a nice one-on-one conversation with him and said he was just as wonderful as you could imagine. Yay. smile.gif
Oh noes! Project Runway has gotten snatched up by Lifetime! Oh, it's going to be awful. Bravo is fighting it.

"Lifetime: Television for comas"

Actually, I don't think this is terrible at all! It's still going to be produced by the exact same company & feature all of the same people. It'll just be aired on a different station ... a station that, unlike Bravo, is available in my area! No more watching crappy videos on YouTube for me! Woo hoo!!!
i dont care so much about what network they are on, as long as they are still going to be on! cant wait for next season.

pollystyrene, i get what irks you.. that it's gonna be on a lame network now and so they may take an unfortunate turn into lameland. but like roseviolet said, the producers will be the same as well as the people on the show, so i dont think they will change it since they are doing so well as they are. i really do think it's a matter of targeting a larger audience, not necessarily a more traditional or boring one. so dont fret my dear. smile.gif
Ok, from that standpoint, that's a good thing- Lifetime is more widespread than Bravo.

Networks have a lot of influence over their shows, though. The demographic that Lifetime caters to is a lot different than the one Bravo caters to. As people in the comments on my link said, Bravo is forward-thinking, youth-oriented and gay-friendly. Last time I watched Lifetime it was none of those.

Ha ha, funny comment from someone in my link:

Great -- does that mean Valerie Bertinelli will be on it every week, depicting a struggling designer with an abusive marriage who is going through a divorce and terrible custody fight while fighting cancer and overcoming childhood sexual abuse only to be fired from her job for trying to care for her parents with Alzheimer's and then meeting the man of her dreams who is also abusive but gay? Oh wait, thats all the other programming on Lifetime. (I am sure I missed part of a Lifetime movie, but not sure what.)
But Polly, Bravo was not always youth-oriented and forward thinking. Until a few years ago, Bravo was a channel that was known for showing operas and classical music and other programs about the arts (hence the name "Bravo"). Their biggest hit was Inside The Actors Studio ... and that was back when the show featured people with successful theatre careers like Stephen Sondhiem.

But then NBC bought Bravo and they decided to change its image. Now the channel is chock full of reality programming. People like J. Lo get interviewed on Inside the Actors Studio. Frankly, I really really miss a lot of the things that used to air on the old version of Bravo. But then again, I also miss the days when VH1 and MTV played music videos. wink.gif

I think Lifetime is trying to change its image. They've already got one of the Queer Eye guys hosting a show for them. If they have deep enough pockets to accomodate the Weinsteins, then I don't blame him one bit for taking PR. And I can't see Lifetime changing the show one bit. They bought the show because it's successful as-is. They want to bring a new, younger audience to their network. If they changed PR, they'd be shooting themselves in the foot.

People just need to calm down. PR will be fine. It's been very successful and has gained more respect with each season. Lifetime wants to capitalize on that ... not kill it. Tim and Heidi will still be there, just as always. The only difference will be that more of us will be able to watch the show. And that's a GOOD thing!
I just hope we do not have to endure commercials for Lifetime original movies!
That's very true, rose. I hope you're right.

Ugh, Lifetime movie commercials will be reason enough for me to get Tivo.
I read somewhere that back when the Weinsteins & NBC were still negotiating, there was talk about NBC moving Project Runway over to the USA Network. So even if NBC wins the lawsuit, there's a chance that PR won't stay on Bravo.

I'm perfectly willing to tolerate ads for silly made-for-TV movies if it means I can get PR again. Hell, I'm willing to tolerate Girls Gone Wild ads as long as I can have my PR again!
Nina Garcia is out.
That article says that it looks like Nina may have left Elle Magazine. It does not say whether or not she will still be on PR ... which is what I wanna know! smile.gif
Hey, is anyone a regular Ugly Betty watcher? Anyone know when Christian and Nina will be on? The most specific reference I could find was some blog on, where the writer talks about the plot set-up for Christian to be on.
Polly, it was on last Thursday. You can watch the episode on ABC's website. I missed it, too, so I need to catch up!

I read on Blogging Project Runway that the company that does the production work for PR - The Magical Elves - have signed an exclusive contract with NBC Universal, so they will not be following the show over to Lifetime.
I realized that the new season of Project Runway starts in less than a week! That really snuck up on me. I still don't have Bravo so it didn't surprise me that I hadn't heard much about it, but I went to Blogging Project Runway and Project Rungay and both sites are talking about how this season is barely getting any promotion at all. The TV ads don't even show the new contenstants. What does that mean?
Speculation - is this Bravo's way of punishing it for moving to Lifetime? I know that they are fighting in court.
i dunno roseviolet. i watched a bravo marathon yesterday with season 1 project runway.. they were advertising for the new season every commercial break. it was mostly heidi giggling and smiling though, no contestants. i'm just excited for it to start, it did come quick!

and did it actually move to lifetime? the commercials were advertising it as being on bravo.
Looks like they're just being tight-lipped.

(Season 6 is when it will start on Lifetime, probably in the late fall...just as this one's ending, probably.)
Once someone starts posting these eps to YouTube, could someone here please post the link? This is the show that makes me miss cable the most.
*pops in*

Another BUSTie/intern and I were in Au Bon Pain near the office when we realized Chris March was two tables away. We were secretly excited in a vair geeky sort of way.

~ LL Lysa
It starts in less than a week?! Boooooooo...I have no cable! sad.gif

I once saw Austin Scarlett in Greenwich. I was eating in a restaurant, and he walked by outside. You can't mistake that walk. Or the hair.
loungelady: that would be super cool! i imagine reality stars give off a more 'real'/approachable persona, but especially someone like chris. his tv personality was very lively and boisterous.. and i loved his work. "it's the risk takers in the world, who change the world" - chris march

faerietails: Premieres July 16 @ 9/8c - hells yeah. sucks watching it on youtube i know, but at least that way you've got control over when you watch it and such. and you're right.. austin does have a very distinct look. almost iconic.
I am so excited I could pee. I'm not usually this kind of girl, but I'm having my friend & her daughters over to watch tomorrow night as I have the giant plasma flat screen goin' on. Gonna make some fancy gnosh & maybe a foofoo drink for the occasion.
Dammit, I thought the new episode would be on at 9, but it was on at 8. They're replaying it at 10, though, so I'm getting in the shower now. Stupid Shear Genius!
I just wanna say, the winning dress was gorgeous!
Polly, I thought the same thing til I happened to see a commercial.

I thought the winner's outfit was super creative. Wow! The losing outfit....yikes! It was terrible.
I liked the winning dress too, it definitely deserved it.

The bottom two really sucked, I can understand why the loser went home. The other contestant in the bottom annoyed me, she was too whiny.
yeah, she was dumb., it's like yeah, you made a bad call, do you wanna stay here, or you just gonna shit your pants?

i wanted "babe-a-licious" to go home. i also wanted to smack the taste out of his mouth. he's dumb. i thought they should have sent him packing. i thought he was much worse, and annoying than the person they sent home.
Woohoo! it's already up on YouTube! Glad I can still get my fix!

Trash bag girl was stupid. What, you're just gonna give up and whine? Ugh.
I wanted Blayne to go home, too. "Girlicious" has already been taken and spitted out because it's such a lame word. Go back to your rave, you leather-faced asshole, and take your jump rope diaper with you! And he looks like he'd be sticky if you touched him, too.

That dress that lost last night was attire to murder someone in. Maybe if he hadn't accessorized it with rubber gloves and boots it woudn't have looked so sterile. Still, it was kinda creepy.

I was rooting for the plastic cup guy to win, but it was pretty damn cool that the winner literally created her own print for the "fabric." I didn't care much for the top, though. The guy with the cup, I think, put in a lot more work and created a beautiful garnment. You could see he was very disappointed he didn't win.

I must say, however, that it was good to see my favorite Queen Insane-o Crotchs, Tim, and Nina Garcia back on TV, especially Tim Gunn kicking some serious tablecloth ass. I also enjoyed seeing Austin Scarlet as a judge for this episode. He had a lot of really good input, better than some of the more seasoned judges.
Tim's Take is up!

I loooooved it when Tim gave everyone the smackdown for using the table cloths. I don't think I've seen him tear down a whole room like that before. And they certainly deserved his harsh criticism. We missed you, Tim!

When I heard there was a contestant named Blayne, I was giddy. Just imagine all of the "Pretty In Pink" jokes to come ("That's a major appliance; that's not a name!"). But then we met Blayne & discovered that he is just as lame as him name implies. He comes across as a major fake to me, what with the tan and the "Tom Ford for Prez" t-shirt. And lordy lordy ... that thing he made was horrible. Did you notice that he had them paint "Girlicious" on the leg of his model? Gag. That outfit ... ugh ... it looked like the world's largest tampon was strapped to the girl's crotch. I think the only thing that saved his ass is that it was different. He did not bore Nina, but I'm sure he disgusted her. As Austin said, it was hideous.

I loved Daniel's cup dress. Truly inspired and well executed. I thought he was going to win until Kelli said that she made the closures for her dress from a spiral notebook. Details like that are what took her to the top.
yeah i loved the hook/eye thing too, but i don't think anyone really liked her top.

tues i was out for a drink with my friend and she said there was someone from seattle on PR; my retort was, "not for long." i dipped my toe in the 'fashion' scene here years ago-- and i pulled it out almost as fast. tongue.gif
it looked like the world's largest tampon was strapped to the girl's crotch.

rose, i love you. i certainly thought it, but you said it. and i have a feeling we're not alone in this.

i loved the cup dress, it reminded me of some of the wonderfly tounge-in-chic clothes of thierry mugler. sigh. i miss his visual case y'all ain't hip:

and one of my favorite of his more non-conservative, conservative dresses....
I gotta give props to Blayne's model, though. I don't know if I would have allowed him to hand sew that enormous maxi pad onto my crotch the way she did. No needles near my cooch! Especially not on the very first day that I meet you!
ironic how jerry was hatin on everyone else's choice of materials, saying that what they were using was garbage, and his ended up looking the chinchiest. geez guy, it's not about the material (see: paper towels, coffee filters, plastic cups), but what you end up doing with the materials that matters. therein lies the challenge. i'm glad who won, won.. but i also really liked emily's dress! i'm excited for this season, i like that they've chosen such an eclectic mix of designers who each seem to have fresh style (save a few) and unique vision. i'm especially diggin on leanne, she's got a creepy edge that really sets her apart... how it'll be executed is yet to be determined, but i'm looking forward to see more of her stuff.
i was SO unimpressed with the new crop of designers for project runway. i hope they do some spectacular things in future episodes. only 2 dresses i thought were original. i'm hoping these designers have more substance than flash.

omg. i can say that i love seeing austin on the show. however, i was surprised that he was not heavily glossed as he usually is.
Thanks for the link Roseviolet! You rock my socks. laugh.gif

I am really impressed that you all remember names already. I really believe that Blayne stayed b/c he "...did not bore Nina." It was really the Santino factor. There is no other reason he is still there. Even the Dexter rain outfit was not as aggressivly ugly as the sexy skunk bathing suit.

I like both the top two dresses but I was more impressed w/the complete look of the cup dress. The bodice on the winning dress left me cold but I like the innovation she showed with the dying and the burning.
i think the raincoat freaked them out. if you remember the hair outfit last season, even if it's spectacular, if something squicks them the ignore the cut, the construction etc. while i think the outfit underneath was buttugly, i was curious about the construction of the raincoat. i think it might have been more interesting on a dummy. certainly more interesting that the stupid girlicious dude's whatever that was....
Whoa. Rami was attacked on Thurs?
I am so aggravated. I thought that Suede's dress looked like an autopsy. And, while it may be wrong of me to say this, when someone like Suede says that Suede is bisexual, I just feel like telling Suede that a sexual attraction to models does not make Suede bi, it just makes Suede gayer. And what is up w/Suede referring to Suede in the third person?

I really liked Kelly's (? Bettie Page 'do) dress, as well as Stella's. Blaine kind of charmed me w/his great impression of Stella, "My kids came outta me, leathah!" Hee!
Last night's episode is already available on YouTube.

Tim's Take is up, too.

(I'll remove spoilers since Kitten got to see the show already)

I'm sorry to see Wesley go. I had really high hopes for him. I thought he had a chance at the final 3. Sadly, the judges were right. The execution was very sloppy & the fabric was in horrendous shape. The front of the dress looked like my cat had kneaded it & then proceeded to take a nap on it. Sad. I didn't want my eye candy to leave so soon.

As for "Suede" ... don't get me started on his name. And I would love to see what BlueFly is going to charge for that dress because it is VERY labor intensive. It's going to be pricey!

Blayne made something wearable! Imagine that! But the boy has GOT to lay off the "licious" shit before he gets a fist in the face.

Korto scared me. The dress looked inside out. Even the fabric looked like she was using the wrong side out. Tim;s reaction to her dress was hilarious! "This is the outside of the dress? [pause pause pause pause pause PAUSE] ooooooh!"

My vote for Dress I Would Wear: Terri's little blue number. Maybe it isn't exciting, but it's very cute.
I totally agree, kitten- I was rooting for- I think her name is Kenley, actually- her dress. Suede's had an amazing amount of effort put into it, so I guess that counts for something, but I just think Kenley's was a better dress. I dunno, I guess I like the more mature, Laura Bennett style than this young Hollywood crap.

Blaine's impression was funny, and it was good too see that Stella found the humor in it too. And her dress was surprisingly good, but I wish she'd shut up about what she does and doesn't do....why did you come on PR if you're that limiting to yourself!?!? I guess there's one like that every year.

I still think Blaine is Vincent Jr, though. Annoying-crazy, not fun-crazy.

ETA: Cross-posted with rose- I actually think the front of Korto's dress was okay (the seams were kind of wiggly and uneven, which if you're going for the inside-out look, you've got to meticulous) but those fins in back were awful.
Of the final 3, my vote goes to Kenley, too. I didn't like Suede's dress. I think he was mainly rewarded for doing something unconventional. For instance, he found a way to use that red jersey instead of just throwing it away. I still wouldn't want to wear it, though.

Polly, I told a friend just yesterday that I think Blayne is this year's Vincent. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who feels this way.

I was just over at the Bravo website looking at all of the designs from last night. I must admit that I cannot remember who Jennifer is, but the dress she made was pretty bad. It's completely unflattering to the model's bust line. It's far too hoochie momma for a cocktail party.

I fear that Joe will not be with us for too long. His dress looked boring & that cicle cut out looked cheap and tacky to me.
i dunno, what is it that some xtians say? love the dress, hate the suede? i just thought that the fit could have been better in the shoulders. the top seam seemed uneven. but i loved how it looked and it was creative-- so many of those dresses you've seen something similar 1000 times before.

i think blane's only use is imitating that woman talking about 'leathah', which was a riot, buy rose, there's gonna be a long line to punch him in the face with that 'licious' thing. grrr!
sad t hat kenley's dress didn't win. If it was made and sold on bluefly I would totally have purchased one. I also liked terri's dress. can't wait till Blayne is gone how annoying. and i did like Stella's dress. she is awesome

suade needs to shut the fuck up with the whole third person shit
Did you guys notice how much different/better Stella looked with her hair up and makeup off? She looked 10 years younger and not like she's on a 4-day bender. I do kind of like her. She's what would happen if Cher gave birth to Iggy Pop's and Ronny Wood's lovechild. It's good that she's got a sense of humor about herself and the whole leather thing. I didn't care much for her dress, but it wasn't awful.

Suede needs to be bitch slapped, right along with Blayne.

I would have taken the #2 dress (champagne with the ruffled collar) as the winner. It was so sleek and I liked how the collar was big, but it didn't seem to get in the way. I thought it was well-edited. Suede just got lucky with his strips coming together and not looking like complete crap, but I hated hated hated the skirt. This is intended for a woman, not a Barbie.

Kinda funny how Nina went on about how "short, shiny and tight is the fastest way to look cheap" or whatever it was while Heidi was wearing exactly that.

This whole episode showed me how the models really shouldn't have a say in anything. Nobody cares about the models! They're there to be walking hangers, not to shop and have opinions. Sorry, I really can't stand models.
Don't worry about spoilers and me. I'll stay away from the thread until I've seen it. And the YouTube person is fast!
Count me as another one who thinks Kenley's dress was better than Suede's. I didn't expect it to win, though; usually the judges go for the more dramatic pieces and Suede's dress was dramatic. I don't know if anyone could wear it without looking ridiculous, though. I actually liked Stella's dress, it looked cute and wearable. Her whining gets on my nerves, but I'm glad she had a sense of humor about herself.

Suede really needs to stop referring to himself in the third person just like Blayne needs to stop with the girlicious, both are annoying.
Suede's dress is $280 on Bluefly. Totally not worth it.

The whole "-licious" think with Blayne really squicks me out. It sounds like he wants to lick you or something. EEWWWWW!!
I loved Kenley's dress.

Blayne annoys me so bad. I hope he realizes that over-tanning is harmful to your health.

What was with all the crying last night.

I don't really know all the contestant's names yet, but so many of the women have personal styles that I like.
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