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I have to agree, it was a pretty damn boring reunion. It's been a pretty boring season, actually. I wish someone there would have shut down Carmen's bitching and her "look at me" moments. Maud forbid anyone mention her non-shirt in the challenge that got her kicked off. And she wasn't a very nice person, she shouldn't be surprised that nobody cared if she went. There's no reason to cry, it's not like someone drew a mustache on a picture of her kid or anything. And she needs to pull all that dangly shit off her head.

VictorYA is humorless.

Chris got robbed.

I'm just glad they didn't bring in that awful Andy Cohen to host it, like they usually do with reunion shows. Thank Maud for that.

Michael Knight wasn't looking so great. Sweet guy, though.

It felt more like a glorified clip show than a reunion-out-come-the-claws kind of show. Granted, there really wasn't much drama to be had this season, but they all could have at least given Christian some shit for being an annoying little gnat.
A bit boring, but tell me Michael Kors loosing it during the Diva out takes wasn't the sh#t! Not to mention his discussion of early fashion choices!

I wonder if the fan favorite voting wasn't messed up...Chris...Christian? Maybe there was a sanfu?

BTW I've seen all the collections on youtube......I say nothing!
Have any of you heard about the Project Runway "Sew Not Over" Challenge? I just found out about it on Project RunGay. Basically, they had 12 of the contestants from this season create a 3 piece mini collection. Viewers can view the collections & vote for their favorite on Bravo's website. The winner gets $10,000! How cool is that!
QUOTE(kittenb @ Feb 21 2008, 11:39 AM) *
I have to agree w/Television w/o Pity that that was a boring reunion. Where was the alcohol? Why didn't they prod into why Victorya was upset about Jack?

And I really wanted someone to say, "Look Carmen like the opera Webber like the baller, no one did miss you. You weren't that nice." I had actually forgotten all about her.

I agree with you completely
is the finale tonight?
Oh, yay! Thanks Rose!

Re: Sew Not Over
WHY must ricky use those disgusting hats? They look ghetto.

I liked Rami's, for once. I loved Jillian's wrap dress. And I liked Steve's last dress. Everyone else was eh. Chris's models looked like they could barely walk!
It's not fair!! sad.gif

I think making them both create entire collections only to take it all away from one of them is really mean.
yeah...they only chose Rami because his stuff is more conventional and marketable. Chris' was obviously more impressive. I thought the hair was pretty!
Ugh, Rami.
I'm not surprised, the judges seemed to like Rami more than Chris all season. I actually liked his collection, but more from a "I would wear that" perspective than a "wow, that's art" perspective. Chris's was definitely art, very dramatic and kinda goth (which isn't a bad thing, in my book).

I liked the hair too. I can understand why some people would be grossed out by it, but it looked more like fur than hair, I don't think people would know the difference unless you told them.

At least Chris got to show at Bryant Park as the decoy; even though he isn't in the running for winning the show, he got to put on a runway show and get exposure that way, which I think is as important as being in.

As for the rest of the show, seeing Christian's tiny apartment made me feel better about living in my tiny space. laugh.gif
Some of Chris' outfits were so pretty that I wanted to cry. At first I was weirded out by the use of human hair and then I thought about the rabbit fur collar on my winter coat. I am fairly sure that whoever gave Chris the hair, the human was not executed for it like the rabbit was for my coat so...

And GOD did I WANT that skirt with the safty pins!!!
I'm sad for Chris, but it's not like it wasn't predictable. He seemed to handle it very well. And it's not like he didn't get to show at Fashion Week anyway, and that seems to be the goal of the whole thing almost more so than actually winning.

Ditto on wanting Chris' safety pin skirt. That was gorgeous, and such a creative idea. I love how he thinks on a grand scale.

I'm definitely rooting for Jillian now. Sure, she doesn't have the attitude and pop of Christian or the zen-ness of Rami, and she seems a little priviledged, but I like her designs the best.
oh ma goodness. i want chris to be my personal designer. his final designs gave me *chhiillzz*.. so my style.

the hair reminds me of the film 'fur' about diane arbus. da?
i liked chris' dresses best, i love gothy and my favorite skirt is the one i bought 5 years ago-- a pencil skirt with feathers on the low end. and if you can't walk in a dress, well all the better. they all seemed so domme worthy, which equates, roughly, in my world, as *drool!*

i appreciate romi's dresses, but they just never seemed interesting to me. it's like watching the movie the conformist-- yeah, technically brilliant, and nice to look at, but ultimately snoozeworthy.

i'm pulling for jillian, i like her style.
Here's the link to part 1 on YouTube:

I wanted them to pick Chris, too. Wah. Although a tie would have worked.

I am sick of the whole decoy thing. I think they need to get their act together and time the season correctly so that the only people who appear at Bryant Park are people who are eligible to win.

I was pretty grossed out by the hair. Not just that though....crushed velvet doesn't do much for me. As much as I loved Chris as a person and contestant....his pieces just seemed weaker to me. I really liked Rami's one 'drapey' dress, the black and white one, though.

The Bravo shows need to even out the competition a little bit better, perhaps. Whether it's Top Chef or Project Runway or whatever, the final few always seem to come down to "freaky/annoying phenom," "girl," and "funny fan favorite." Except Chris was the fan favorite who should've taken that slot.
having seen the photos of the collections at bryant park, I wish that Chris had picked other pieces from his collection. I think it would have made it stronger. But I see what he was going for - a cohesive mini collection. I don't understand why people were so grossed out about the hair - (I'm not saying that to you aslan, just in general smile.gif ) I've had hair exensions, and it's the same hair - I'm just wearing it in a different place. It just comes on these big wefts that are totally like a big length of fringe. It's washed and sanitized, and well, I had no problem with it. And I really thought it moved beautifully on the runway.

I really feel that the judges unfairly penalize him for his experience in costume. I dont' think those pieces were too costumey. I mean for christ sake, look at the the designers Heatherette. Full on fucking costume. way more than Chris.

i knew it would be Rami, his stuff is really wearable and sellable. but I thought that all Chris' pieces worked, and I thought that Rami's black dress was just awful. the concept was great, but she looked chunky. then again, I don't really like busy or unstructured stuff, so Chris' stuff just appealed to me more.
Well I DO think the hair was a clever way of getting around the "no fur" policy of PR and yes, it did move beautifully. But I doubt most women would ever wear something that had human hair coming out of the collar or around the hem.

Can we talk about Christian's FUGLY feather pants???? I was pretty horrified at the sight of those.
How would you wash clothes with human hair on them? huh.gif
pollystyrene: shampoo?

The point I was making, though, was that clothes on the runway for fashion week don't HAVE to be wearable... they can inspire the ready-to-wear collection, but typically they are over the top (unless they are the ready to wear collection) I don't see why the judges should say that it is "too costumey" when plenty of other established designers are way more over the top costumey on the runway than that. (ie: Heatherette, Gaultier) I saw Chris's clothes as being like the dress in the avant garde challenge.... it was great, but unwearable in a normal setting - and it translated to a ready-to-wear outfit beautifully. I could totally see Chris' runway outfits done in ready-to-wear. Obviously not with hair, but the cuts and tailoring and overall style would still translate. It just makes me nuts that the judges deem some contestants' designs as "needing more drama" and yet Chris gets branded "too costumey." I still think he gets unfairly penalized for not having professional training or being part of the 'regular' design world. I think he's got way more ability to think outside the box and take risks than all the others - and that's what ultimately makes someone great. Being willing to take the risks and push the envelope.

My problem with Chris' collection (as I said below) is that, having seeing the pics of the bryant park show - I don't think he picked the strongest pieces to show the judges. Hair or not.

ETA: I've been thinking - the first season, Jay won. Untrained, think-outside-the-box guy. He's kinda gone nowhere except to be a personality (which is a bummer because I have liked the things I've seen from him) ever since then, they've really gone for the people who already have their own lines or are established in some way. I kinda wonder if that has anything to do with the judges being much harder on non-established designers... do the PR producers want to make sure whoever wins isn't the loose cannon that Jay is?? interesting to think about anyway....
Aslan, I totally agree about the feathereed pants. I gasped in horror when he pulled those out. In my mind they were 10 times worse than Chris' human hair fringe.

And yes, the hair was unconventional and strange, but maybe it isn't so bad ... maybe? I mean, there are tons of women out there who have extentions sewn onto their heads, so what's so weird about them being sewn onto your coat? At least you know it's not going to stink like, say, yak hair (which is what I originally thought it was). I don't know. Tim's monkey house analogy was pretty good. I just can't tell if I've been sitting in the monkey house too long or if Chris' idea genuinely has merit. All I know is that everyone who heard the words "human hair" recoiled in horror. Maybe if Chris had said "hair extensions" instead it would have been accepted better. So maybe it's just a matter of semantics? I don't know.

Zoya, I totally agree with you re: Heatherette & Gaultier. It annoys me, too, that they continually stick this label on Chris and see it as a bad thing. One of the things that makes Chris special is that he has a theatrical spirit that is willing to go places where the other contestants just won't go. Honestly, my biggest problem with his 3 outfits was that the model could not walk in that long dress. It needed a slit. But I can tell you from personal experience that a problem like that can be fixed in less than an hour, but the fact that he didn't do it may have been the nail in the coffin for him. Avant Garde or no, the model needs to be able to walk.

I am of two minds when it comes to PR having contestants with as much experience as Rami. Personally, I think all of the final 3 are good enough and strong enough to make it on their own in the industry without the help of PR. I think the show could be a much greater benefit to someone not already working in the industry in NYC or LA. However! I definitely do NOT want PR to be some big ol' home-sewer marathon, full of people who've never touched an industrial sewing machine or an industrial iron before. If you can't thread a serger in less than 3 minutes, you do not belong on this show. If you don't have strong skills & the ability to put great, beautifully constructed items down that runway, you don't deserve the publicity this show provides. Because honestly, the publicity is the real prize here. There are a number of people who were on PR and did not win, but have seen great benefits from being on the show (Malan Breton comes to mind as well as Emmet McCarthy and, of course, Uncle Nick). So in many ways, yes, I want the contestants to be people who are truly committed to being in the fashion industry & have taken steps towards that. It doesn't mean they all have to be professionally trained, but they need to have some honest-to-god drafting & construction experience as well as creative drive.
I agree with you rose, on it not becoming a home sewing extravaganza... I was referring more to people like Chris, who clearly have talent, committment, and construction skills, but don't have either the experience of having their own established design business (or some sort of collection on sale), or the experience of having worked for a major designer.
Well, it sounded like Laura was a home-sewer, and she's managed to do pretty well for herself. I'm trying to think if they've had anyone like Jay on in the past two seasons (they might have, I'm just going on heresy because I haven't seen all of Season 1): someone who's fairly young, with not a lot of life experience or industry experience. Everyone this year seemed to have solid experience in the fashion industry, and the maturity to manage such a career, same with last year. Maybe they've changed who they're casting overall, and not just who makes it into the final three. It seemed like most of the contestants last season had experience (except for that one girl who got eliminated first), so I think they're skewing towards that as well. I don't know who is encouraged to audition, though. If there aren't many home-sewers who are trying out, then there aren't going to be many who get on the show.

I personally think they were biased against Chris because of his costume designer label, but I could be wrong.

I think shampoo would work for hair, although I've heard that dishwashing detergent works for both clothes and hair too. The more I think about using human hair, the less it bothers me. After all, people don't die because they got their hair cut. And besides, the clothes were a lot less hideous than those feather pants Christian made.

... the thing is, Chris could have used synthetic hair extensions and I don't think anyone would have been bothered. so I was like "big whoop." I'm sure he just wanted to push the edge. Actually, as someone who's had hair extensions, I can attest to the fact that human hair is silkier, shinier, and wears better than synthetic. It would definitely hold up better if it was part of clothing. Synthetic would get all frizzy after a couple washes, no matter how gentle, where human hair stays nice.

but you know.... he's gonna get remembered as the guy who used human hair, and I don't think it's going to hurt him one bit, because he totally pulls it off. I'll be really interested in seeing what happens with him after PR. I think that he's going to get a lot of attention.

I want to meet Chris!!! He reminds me sooo much of my gay boyfriend!!!!
snow white
jillian is boring and self-important. that little shpeel she gave during the "visit" home was enough to push me off the edge of uncertainity and admit that i have never liked her. "i'm going to win just because i'm special"

chris is AWESOME! i love his outragous style and i LOVED his friend's place. although i wasn't on board for his human hair/goth thing. it seemed stiff and overdressed to me.

on the other hand i loved rami's new "non-drape-y" outfits. i would kill for that black and white dress. his stuff is marketable and classic, you almost can't go wrong.
I also was annoyed by Jillian, and her little miss perfect attitude. I like some of her clothes, but not her personality.

I loved Chris' friends apartment, that was crazy. Chris really did a good job, but I also liked Rami's designs.

I have loved Christian from the beginning, the cockiness and all. I hope he wins.
The boys at Project RunGay have found some video gems buried on the Bravo website. Here's my favoite.
It's a motherfuckin' walk-off!
I'm glad Christian won (I didn't appreciate his "be skinny, don't eat!" comment, though). But I appreciated the drama of his collection.

The other two had really nice collection, but some of the boobs on Jillian's dresses looked a little off to me, and a lot of Rami's tops looked redundant.
Christian, really?!?!?

I really think all his stuff was influenced by Chris Marsh and I adored Rami's collection
My boyfriend has claimed this week "Fierce Week." Although, Rami's collection was good as well(I just didn't like the colors he was using). Yet, a lot of his stuff did look like Chris's. Oh, and doesn't Victoria Beckham get on my last nerve!!!
There was a rumor going around saying that there would be a Celeb Runway next season?

My boyfriend has claimed this week "Fierce Week." Although, Rami's collection was good as well(I just didn't like the colors he was using). Yet, a lot of his stuff did look like Chris's. Oh, and doesn't Victoria Beckham get on my last nerve!!!
There was a rumor going around saying that there would be a Celeb Runway next season?

My bad
I thought Christian's collection was a little repetitive. All that black..sheesh. And the things that weren't black indeed looked just like the stuff he & Chris March designed together. I wanted Rami to win, I thought some of his pieces were flawless & the collection was congruent. I WANT that gold/beige lacey gown!

I too did not appreciate Christians "don't eat" comment.

I liked Jillian's collection, I would wear a lot of the stuff she made. I think it just did not wow the judges though.

Enjoyed seeing past season contestants in the audience.

I don't understand the fascination with Victoria Beckham. Really. A fashion icon? Whaaaa? I just feel like if I had the funds she had, I could dress incredible too. This is catty, but I decided last night that she is really not that pretty. Maybe I'm just bitter b/c she's married to my boyfriend.

I also really want the shirt Heidi had on. That was badass.
No, I don't like Victoria Beckham either, she looks like an insect and I question her taste level. (David Beckham's hot, but Johnny Depp's my boyfriend. wink.gif )

I feel like I'm the only one who wasn't blown away by Jillian's collection. Some of the jackets were nice, but most of it left me cold. I hated her hats and thought that shirt with the white, loopy sleeves looked awful.

I loved Rami's collection and, if I could afford, would buy most of it. I loved the dress with the antique lace, that was beautiful. I think kari and I are going to have to fight over it.

Christian's I liked from an artistic standpoint, not so much from a practical standpoint. I liked the hats, thought it was creative, but I am having trouble imagining anyone actually wearing it, and I'm not a fan of that much chiffon and that much ruffling. It was a little monochromatic, but I don't think much color would have worked, it would have made it look costumey. I'm glad he won, though, Rami sounds like he's doing okay with his line, and I'm sure Bryant Park can give anyone's career a boost, winning Project Runway or not.

Spotting previous contestants was fun, I kept on saying "oh there's so-and-so" whenever they showed the audience.
I agree about Christian's being great from an artistic standpoint, but not a practical one. And it was a little dull on the color. I guess it's just not my taste, everything covered in ruffles and foof.

Jillian's coats still amaze me. She should make a career of just making those. I had wanted her to win before they presented their lines, then I cooled off on her.

I found Rami's stuff a lot more accessible than previously. I almost hoped he'd win (almost, I'm still anti-Rami for the most part), but he's already got a great career going, so it's not like he really needed it. That lace dress was incredible, though, and the judges didn't say a word about it. Count me in on the fight for it!

Now maybe Christian can get a bigger apartment and not sleep in his hallway on the floor.

What was up with Posh's traffic cone orange Dahli Lahma robe of a dress? Blech! For a woman famous for a figure like hers, you'd think she wouldn't want to put a tent over it. I don't think she's that pretty, either, she's just a famous size 0, so I guess that means she's automatically gorgeous. Her face kind of bugs me.

I hope next season there's a lot more drama and some good fights. This season was fine, but nobody really hated each other or was consistently funny (Christian prattling on and on doesn't count). As much as I hate to admit it, they need another Santino or Wendy Pepper.
I watched the finale on YouTube this afternoon. Some asshole posted the winner in the comments section, though, & I accidentally read it so it was all ruined for me. Grrrrrrr.
Here's the link for anyone who needs it:

My biggest disappointment was that everything Christian made had puffy sleeves.

My favorite part was at the very very end when Christian was in the car & he turned to the camera & said his signature line. It was so painfully cheesy I laughed out loud!
I was reminded of that Seinfeld episode of the Puffy Shirt.... But, he has completely changed the word "Fierce" in my mind.

nothing of jillian's was memorable to me... except maybe that one dress in the middle of the show with the unique skirted part. rami played it safe IMO and although it was very well done i totally agree that his color choices are just awful. i'm glad christian won. i felt so inspired by his collection, which is what i think top designers should be able to do. it is a show afterall. i'm pleased with the outcome overall. smile.gif
he said Fierce so many times, I don't even remember what I thought of the word before PR.
In case you haven't heard, Tim Gunn made some very candid comments regarding this past season in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. His comments about VictorYa are especially interesting.

And here is VictorYa's response.

I find it odd that she didn't address any of Tim's statements about her. She simply attacks his credibility. She reminds me of those artists who don't believe in art school - which is fine if that's how she feels. But her whole response just feels so very ... VictorYa-ish. Ya know?

As for Tim, I admit that I appreciate his candor. In the past when he spoke bluntly about Santino and Vincent and other contestants, I always felt that he was expressing feelings I had already developed myself. That doesn't mean his frank honestly is necessarily professional, but I like him for it anyway.
Maybe VictorYA didn't want to enter into a "she did this," "no I didn't, prove it" battle with Tim Gunn because she knew she'd lose. I can understand how she'd want to defend herself from the character opinions that a lot of people have about her now because of what Tim said in that interview and how she acted at the reunion. Still, I can't say I ever liked her.

A couple friends of mine met Jack over the weekend in Minneapolis! They have the most gorgeous picture with him. Jack actually said that VictorYA was really nice, but that Chris March didn't really get along with anyone on the show, which I find hard to believe, since he seemed to have the most fun of anyone. Nobody really liked Ricky, either, which was blatantly obvious.
That's so cool that you got to meet Jack! I hope he's doing well. I'd really love to see more of his work.

About Chris ... maybe he hadn't made a lot of friends before he got kicked off the first time, but he grew on them when he came back (in other words, after Jack left). Just a thought.

I don't think I ever developed an opinion of Victorya. She did not come off as bitchy to me on the show ... just boring and bland.
Actually, I didn't get to meet Jack, a couple friends of mine did. One of them had been emailing with him for awhile on MySpace.

You know, I never thought of it that way. Chris was eliminated for the first time in the 4th episode, right? He and Jack, other than the reunion, and who really cares about that?, wouldn't have had the chance to know each other very well, and things can change.

I think my crappy opinion of VictorYA developed during that challenge with Ricky and I don't remember who. She was so passive-aggressive, and put up a wall to other people's opinions, even when she really needed the help. Granted, she's a decent designer, but not someone I'd ever want to know. She seems like a big humanoid downbeat.
I read an interview with Jack in some gay magazine (Advocate, maybe?) and he was being really conceited about how there was a clique of the NY designers he hung out, and Chris wasn't one of them. He also said it was wrong of the producers to bring Chris back; he said it wasn't fair. So I don't know if I'd believe anything he said about Chris's attitude with the others. He seemed really cool on the show.
I felt that Jack came off as rather snippy about Chris on Project Rungay a while ago. He said, basically, "There were 4 of us from New York and we all hung out. Chris was not one of them." I am approximating the quote but he seemed really irritated that Chris had been brought back.
Considering that Chris and Rami (for goodness sake) were practically hanging all over each other at the reunion, I think that he had some friends.
There was an interview I read where Chris said he hung out with Sweet P, Rami (obviously), and Ricky (!) a lot, mainly because they were the older ones in the group. I think Jack was just being bitter over having to leave so soon, but rose raises a good point about how Chris might not have made too many friends when he was first eliminated. For some reason, I thought Jack lived in Seattle instead of New York.

There have been a few interviews where Christian and others have said Victorya was nice to them. Maybe she's one of those people who, if she can't stand someone, has difficulty being nice to that person, and Tim was one of those people. She came off as bitchy to me, but it's a TV show, and maybe the producers decided to give her the "bitch" edit. After Tim's interview, though, I highly doubt that.

I find it interesting that she didn't deny any of her actions, but went for a character assasination, which was pretty stupid, IMO.
Did any one catch SNL a few weeks ago? There was a great skit with Amy Poeler doing Christian. Also, Tim Gunn was on Biggest Loser last night.

I just need to pop in to brag for a minute... I'm going to a fashion show and book signing for Tim Gunn tonight! I'm going to get a picture with him, so help me Maud!
woo hoo! my last post here made Bustline smile.gif !

be sure to post that photo, Divala!
Diva! Color me jealous!

How was it?

I bet Amy Poehler does a mean Christian!
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