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Thanks for the link, Faerie! I loved Tim's interview on The/A Daily Show! And that quote from the Newsweek article is priceless.

Because to the coverage of Fashion Week on some of the PR blogs, I have firmer suspicions on who makes it and who doesn't. There's one person in particular whom I've seen in multiple pictures attending various fashion shows. This saddens me a bit because I know that if this person had made it to the finals, s/he would be too busy polishing up his/her own show to attend everyone else's shows. So yeah. Bummer.
Just so everyone knows, the WWE Divas show is tonight. Here is a trailer.
FINALLY Ricki left! That little ensemble was a disaster! Orange and gold? Swimsuit? What the hell was he thinking? Throughout this episode I'm thinking about how funny it is that the judges are always "questioning people's taste levels", and that finally the designers could be as tacky as they wanted, but Ricki somehow managed to make me "question his taste level" in this challenge. This was tacky even for WWE! That's really hard to accomplish! The other bottom two were god awful as well, but not nearly as horrendous as Ricki's. I don't know how Sweet P could put that much sparkly crap all over the outfit, and it still looked incredibly boring!

I loved Chris' so much! I actually thought it was cute! If I were more skanky and toned, I would wear that! he finally gets some recognition.

Christian is SOO good at making that one little puffy sleeved jacket. Just like Uli and her sundresses. When are the judges going to say something? Granted, he does something totally different with the jacket every time, but it's basically the same cut. I'm sure those things are going to be EVERYWHERE soon. His WWE outfit was definitely awesome though~
Wait, there was a new ep last night?!! Grrrr, I missed it.

(good to know crybaby is gone, though. i couldn't stand him)
Faerietails, you know they're going to play the last episode nightly for the next couple of weeks, right? It's Bravo, after all!

I loved, loved, loved this episode. Not often do I get to see 2 of my favorite shows combined like this. I'm so glad my Chris won! His outfit fit Maria to a tee, perfect on her body and perfect for her personality. Yeah, he should get credit for the haute couture challenge, but I'm glad he scored a win in his own right. If only he got immunity to go with it.

So happy to see Choo Choo leave. He's got an illustrious career ahead of him designing clothes for Deb. Everything about his clothes scream "I got this at the mall for $19.99!" Kinda funny that he didn't cry, though, the one time when it would have been permissable. The outfit kind of worked as a bathing suit, but no way would that have worked for wrestling, not that Layla ever really wrestles. She's on maybe once every couple of months.

Rami's outfit was fugly. You don't drape spandex. You don't put a bunch of shit on an already well-endowed woman's boobs, and then not even match them to each other. And you don't use so much of a ghastly color.

I understood where Sweet P was coming from, with not wanting to put a bunch of shit on her outfit. Her fabric was already shiny enough that rhinestones and crap would just get lost in it. But some sleeves on the robe would have made that outfit. Instead, Candace Michelle came out looking like a giant white tree trunk.

Christian's outfit was good, but with all that lace right on the skin, it wouldn't be very practical. It would itch really bad and get nasty while Krystal wrestled.

I can't stand Michelle McCool, but her outfit was okay. Cute, but nothing special when you put it next to Chris' or even Christian's outfits.

I do have to say that I wish they'd used some of the other female wrestlers in the WWE. There's another one named Victoria who is positively amazonian and really beautiful. She's taller than the rest and has much more pronounced muscles and not such a good-girl or sex kitten image I think someone really could have run with. I just wish Trish Stratus hadn't retired, because she'd be absolutely perfect for something like this.

The new episode was up on YouTube by late this afternoon! Yay!

My favorite thing about this episode? The fact that, instead of going to Mood as usual, Tim took them to a fabric store called House of Spandex. House of Spandex, people!!! How glorious is that?!? Truly, there is a store dedicated to everything in NYC.

I'm so happy that Chris finally won a challenge! I clapped with delight when Heidi said his name. smile.gif

I really liked Jillian's, too. And Christian's was great but he has GOT to lay off the puffy sleeves.

I have been sick of Rami & his asymmetical boobs for soooooooo loooooong. Why must he hate the boobies so much? Why can't he give the boobies the respect they deserve?

I agree that Ricky's outfit was bad, but honestly I think Sweet P's was much much worse. Her's looked like a home-sewer's disaster. It definitely looked the cheapest and the worst constructed over-all. But hey ... whatever you gotta do to get rid of Ricky is good. We knew he wasn't going to make the finals. It was a matter of time. The only thing that surprised me was how little he cried!
Yay for Chris! His outfit was pretty badass.

Sweet P...I think the biggest issue was the fabric. It was horrible. She should have gotten some stretchy, matte silver spandex. Kind of like Jillians, but in silver.

Ricki.....I think the outfit was ok, it just did not fit the challenge. As a swimsuit, I kind of liked it. Though, like Michael Kors said, it's been done before. A lot.

Jillians outfit was very nice.

Rami....that dude annoys me so much. Just the way he speaks. "This just is SO not me." Well, no shit. It's not a drapey dress. I did notice that he said he was going to "drape" the fabric to make the top of the outfit? Really? I don't believe it!

Kari, in the official PR drinking game, I think players should have to finish their drinks every time anyone says "drape" or "draping" in reference to one of Rami's designs. We'll get drunk so damn fast that way.
I agree that Sweet P's was awful, but I think that the difference between hers and Ricky's was that hers stuck to the challenge more - Ricky's was basically a bathing suit with a smock over it. At least Sweet P tried to keep it in line with her Diva's style..

I, too, was so glad Chris won!! I thought it was funny, though, that he was like 'great, the challenge I win was the tackiest one' but the judges were right, he did manage to somehow pull off making it look expensive, and that's not an easy thing to do with outfits / material like that!

Does anyone know who showed at fashion week? The show is over by now (it was at 9:30 am EST) I can't find anything online, but surely someone has to have leaked it... (I know, I'm horrible. I don't even care about spoilers when it comes to this show!)
Zoya, one of the ladies at Jezebel live-blogged it. There are no pics on the site yet, but there will be later.

Warning! Spoilers! Click at your own risk!

Here's my response so far:

So ... what does this mean? Did they decide to have 5 finalists this year instead of 4? I'm so confused. But honestly, I hope that none of these people are just red herrings like poor Kara in season 2. I would be very very happy if all 5 collections were judged for the win.
hahahahahaha - rose- I had JUST found that and was coming in here to post! Can't wait for the pics.
Jezebel is posting photos from the collections on their site now.

ETA: Okay, just to make it easier on everyone, here's a link to all of Jezebel's articles about PR. This way you won't have to wade through the articles to get to the goods.
Zoya, put a spoiler bar over that quick! Not everyone wants to know!!!

I totally agree. It's driving me nuts that Christian's pics aren't up yet!
Yay! They're all up now!

It would appear that black is the new black, 'cause there was a lot of black on that runway.

I haven't studied them too thoroughly, but I think it's between Jillian & Christian. Their work felt the most like genuine collections to me.
oops, sorry - i didn't think that was a spoiler....

ok, my opinions...

While I do think that Christian will win, I'm not completely sold on his collection. I do think it's the most cohesive, though. and as a designer, Christian is full on couture material. Even though he's not my favorite, if he doesn't win, I'll think he was robbed. I really do think that he is probably the most talented designer that has been on project runway.

Chris' almost seemed like two mini collections. I loved the dresses with the prints screened on them, loved the dress with the hair skirt, but hated the goth stuff. wah. I love chris. (but apparently everyone else does, also, judging by what they say was the crowd's reaction to him)

rami may be a one trick pony, but he sure can do evening wear. Gotta give it to him.

I liked the progression of the lavender/yellow stuff in Sweet P's collection, but then it just fell flat for me. But seriously, who knew she had all of that in her? I have a lot of respect for her.

I sooo did not like Jillian's. and what's with that navy blue, ruffled bad prom dress disaster? bleh. I did, however, like what Jillian herself was wearing. cute!

so that's my .02 cents...

oh, and I actually think that the producers of PR were very smart at having all the remaining designers show (I don't think that it's any big secret that all 5 did) because they had to know that all these blogs and pics would go up, and it just kind of diffuses any spoilers. For me, seeing all of them is not going to ruin any of the suprises in the next couple of shows. In fact, it makes me MORE interested in seeing how things progress!!
Thanks for the spoiler mad.gif

PLEASE cover this one too! I don't want to know ANYTHING about anyone on PR in relation to Fashion Week!!!!

ETA: Thank you.
wow. I honestly don't see how that was such a spoiler. Rose had already said there were links to the collections, I just asked why his wasn't up yet. I don't think it's a huge secret that all 5 designers showed. it's been all over the web today on anything that mentions project runway.

anyway, I've deleted my post.

My thoughts on the final five runway shows.
I liked Christian's best, followed by Sweet P, Rami, Jillian and Chris. I really didn't like Chris's collection, and I liked probably half of Jillians.

For Wednesday's episode I thought Chris did amazing, and also thought Christian did well. Rami's was terrible, color and design. Glad to see Ricky go because I would not have wanted to see a full collection from him.
DM ... PLEASE put a spoiler bar over the first line of your post!!!!!!!

I think it's perfectly safe for us to talk about the most recent episode that aired. Certainly no one should be surprised that it is being discussed here.

But listen, people. There are a lot of PR fans who are avoiding all of the PR blogs because they do not want to know ANYTHING about the final runway show. Yes, they know the shows happened, but they don't want to know ANY details AT ALL. They don't even want to know how many contestants made it to Bryant Park. So do not mention ANYTHING about the final runway shows in this thread without a spoiler bar. Get it? NOTHING. Not until the final episode airs.
Hear, hear, rose!!

When in doubt cover it up, people!!!!
I feel a little insulted with the tone of this thread. I didn't think the first line in anyway was a spoiler, but I won't go into it to avoid anymore possible spoilers.
Sorry if I accidentally insulted you, DM. I see now that the tone of that post came off harsher than I intended.

I know that there are a lot of people out there (including friends of mine) who don't want to know anything at all about the shows at Bryant Park. If I leaked even the tiniest thing I know they'd rip my head off & I suspect that there are some Busties who feel the same. Let's all be considerate & respect their choice. Afterall, some people love waiting for the final episode to be surprised. Why should we take that away from them? And spoiler bars are easy enough to use, right? smile.gif

As for the links to the pics, I actually considered posting individual links to each of the 5 collections, but I thought that even that might give too much away (people seeing 5 links to 5 collections would know that there were 5 runway shows). As you can see by the reactions of a couple of the Busties, some people do think that saying 5 people showed at Bryant Park is a spoiler.
i think the contest is between christian and jillian. even though, both of them can be annoying in their own right, they are fantastic designers. they have really stepped up to the challenge. chris and rami i was bored with. they should've axed them both. i'm not really thinking rami will be part of the final 3. i don't know. his dresses are pretty in a predictable way, but they don't really wow me.

oh, and i hope we can simmer down in here about the spoilers. seems a little ridiculous.
*peeks head in*

So, is it safe to talk about last night's episode w/o worrying about spoilers? I'm gonna skip some space just in case, b/c I don't want to get tomatoes thrown at me.


I fucking can't stand Rami. I can't believe he made that same, tired dress. It looked just like the dress he made to win the first episode. Did he really not comprehend that they wanted something different?? His stated defense that he was "presented with" Greek art and therefore had to make that dress reveals a really immature thought process. Ugh. I so wanted him to be kicked off.

I thought Christian's shirt looked like the puffy shirt from that Seinfeld episode. I liked the concept and the rest of the outfit, but though the shirt sleeves were horrid.

Sweet P....she just doesn't have it in her. Sad to see her go, b/c I like her as a person, but she should not have made it as far as she did. She could have done something so cool with the peacock concept. A long, feathery train would have been lovely.

Jillan..that jacket was BADASS. I wanted it.

Chris...lovely dress, but agree with the judges.
I'm mad because I was looking on Jezebel last Friday and unknowingly got a quick glimpse at some spoilers. *sigh* sad.gif

Anyway...Last night's ep: WTF?!!

Rami needed to go last night once and for all. If they're gonna hold Chris to the "we've already seen this" standard, they they definitely should've held it against Rami x 100 because that's all he does. At least Chris's dress was beautiful and dramatic. Rami's looked like something I could've bought in the prom section at Sears. That was a dirty, dirty thing to do to Chris.

Sweet P...I liked her, but that dress was not gonna cut it. How can you get inspired by a peacock and not have a train on the dress?!
I wanted Sweet Pea to be in sad.gif
There is something about her that I really like
I actually kind of agree with the decision last night, though I thought they should've bucked up and made a decision about Rami and Chris. It's not fair to either one of them for them to design on the premise that one of them won't show, after all that work. They should have so obviously aufed Rami. Kari's right, his thought process was immature and most of all, lazy. He had the chance to take inspiration from some of the greatest art in the world, and yet he chose to do the same thing he does every. single. week. and use the excuse of "I was presented with Greek draping so that's what I had to do." I don't care if he feels "passionate about draping." He bent this challenge to his skills, not his skills to the challenge. He needs to learn some new tricks. And even though Chris made something that looked vaguely like the avant garde challenge, it wasn't the same and it wasn't a collaboration with Christian. Jillian does jackets all the time, Christian makes poofy sleeves, Sweet P is always too modest (or like last week, kinda trashy and frumpy at the same time), and Rami drapes. Maud forbid Chris do something that looked a little like something else. They're all guilty of it.

I liked Sweet P as a person, too, but I completely agree with the decision. I think her problem is that she assumes people want to dress more modestly than they do. She keeps bringing out something like a housedress when she could really get away with so much more. I thought she even kind of did that with the prom dress challenge. I thought her fabrics and pattern were dull last night. The gold-ish base fabric was pretty, but there wasn't enough color in it to emulate a peacock.

Christian really does have one thing going for him. He never second-guesses himself and just gets on with the task. I really admire that about him. But it still doesn't make me not think he's an annoying little gnat dressed up like a bird of freaking paradise.
It's funny because they all show anyway.... I just wonder if they know that already
i hope rami is voted off next week. and chris is part of the top 3. rami is just too boring to me. i wonder who posh would vote for?
I have a weird feeling that posh would vote for rami. just look at some of the stuff she wears. I hate to say it, because I hate him, but I really do think so...

He's not my favourite (Chris is) but I really do think that Christian should win. I think that he has the best construction skills and the best shot at being a top designer out of all of them. I know he does the puffy sleeve coat to death, and can be a real brat (although I kinda wonder if he is "magnifying" his personality for the camera - playing the game to the hilt) but I just think that in all fairness, he's overall the best.
I wonder the same thing about Christian, zoya. I think he is exaggerating a tad. I agree with you too, Diva. He does always have a clear vision and he gets on with it. I think that is really important.

Did you see the preview for the renuion show? I saw there was a shot of Carmen crying. Uh, please. You can't unabashedly be a bitch and then get upset when people don't like you.
I loved Christian's outfit last night, and I hope he wins. I liked Jillian's outfit and Chris' dress. Rami is the same old thing again. Sweet P was just never high fashion although I do like her designs.
Sweet P! What happened? I think she just fell apart as the level of competition got more and more intense. I loved that dress she made for the couture challenge.

Christian is undeniably crazy talented, even if I want to slap him at least once an episode. Once he gets out there in the fashion world he'll get taken down a few notches, I imagine. he's like Jeffrey last season - I HATED that dude, but I couldn't deny the fact that he really pushed the boundaries and often made gorgeous, unique clothes.
I couldn't believe how awful Sweet P's dress was last night. Not only did it have nothing to do with peacocks. it was ugly. I was a bit sad to see her go though. She seemed like a nice person. She was too passive and indecisive to win though. She was never sure what she really wanted to do, and she took everyone else's suggestions without question. Really the only good, solid piece she ever made was the piece in the couture challenge, and the prom dress was ok.

On the other hand, Christian was so quick and decisive, and he didn't take suggestions from anyone. He always knew what he was doing and how it would look in the end. There wasn't a single point in the season when he got stuck or was worried about his design, even when working with other people. And I think he won the most challenges. So..yeah I'm in awe of his skills and how young he is...but annoying little bugger though, isn't he? Someone mentioned below that they could see Posh wearing every piece in his collection, and I was reading an MSN article recently that had a quote from her, saying she could see herself wearing everything in his collection. Huh.
Regardless of what happens to him with PR, I'm sure he's going to go really, really far in fashion.
does anyone know if it's up on youtube yet? I can't find this last episode anywhere...

just looked for it, couldnt find it either zoya sad.gif
The episode is on YouTube now. Just finished watching it about an hour ago. Here's Part 1:

I knew Sweet P wasn't going to make it, bless her heart. That dress had nothing to do with peacocks. Oh well.

I'm still not sure what to think of what they're doing to Chris & Rami. It all feels a bit gimicky to me. You know, as if the producers were deperately trying to think of a way to inject a little extra twist to the final episode.

Although I didn't like Christian's outfit, I'm glad he made it to the final 3(4?). Christian doesn't bother me that much because, although he's confident, he isn't mean. He doesn't go out of his way to torment the other contestants & push their bottons the way that, say, Jeffrey would. He's just a fabulous, bitchy queen. He and Chris remind me the most of the boys I used to work with in the costume shop.
finally saw it... the thing that bugs me about the whole Chris thing was that other people's work was derivative. Come on, you could say that Jillian makes a damn coat every time. Christian could be accused of the same thing (although his outfit was fabulous and took it to another level) and um... Rami... I found it really interesting that Roberto Cavalli, who had not seen the avant garde dress, scored Chris' the highest.

oh, and isn't it interesting that in the avant garde challenge, Christian got all the credit for the dress. Yet in this challenge, when speaking to Chris, they kept referring to it as "your dress in the avant garde challenge."

ok, yeah, Chris's design is more costumey than most - but I really feel that they are hard on him for that reason. I also feel that he's kinda unfairly penalized for being the only one who hasn't either worked for a designer or had his own line. His garment was clearly superior to Rami's in this challenge, and I think that based strictly on the challenge, Rami should have gone.

I think that Chris will get eliminated. I really do. I think overall, Rami's designs are more commercial, and at the end of the day, no matter how boring a lot of his stuff is, the judges are going to pick him over Chris. suck.
i love avant garde and haute couture so my vote is for either chris or christian. jillian would make a good designer for the rtw fashion world. rami is boring, although he is talented and his work usually turns out pretty clean. sweet p was sweet and she was good at unique commercial work, but her vision is not epic enough for high fashion. my $.2
OMG, I don't know why I haven't read this board before! This note is about the Diva episode. I am soooo extremely ticked off at Ricky for denying me the "pleasure" of seeing him cry like a pig on the other side of the garbage fence. I mean, DID HE NOT CRY IN EVERY SINGLE FLIPPING EPISODE??? And for the final, nada? nothing? not even a weepy sigh?

Personally, I can't understand why he was in so long. His sewing was atrocious and his designs mediocre.

Back to current episode....right on Chris, I love that Cavalli gave him his highest praise...Eat me Christian (even though I love almost everything you do, I wish you would get over that whole pleat thing).

Sweet Pea <sigh> darling, when it is the final elimination you have to bring it. Didn't you once look around the room and think, Hmmm? I wonder if I've missed the point?
For those of you who didn't catch it, Tim Gunn was on The Conan O'Brien Show.
The best part starts at about 5:20. biggrin.gif
Hilarious! Thank you for posting that, roseviolet!

Who does everyone think is going to win fan favorite? I'm guessing Chris.
oh, I think for sure Chris will win. Everyone loves chris! (although it could potentially be christian, because everyone loves to hate him - but I think it will be chris)

I hope Chris wins, too. He's such a sweetie, and played nice with everyone. My second and third choices are Sweet P and Stephen. I know he was eliminated early, but I really liked his dry sense of humor and him saying "oh, sweet merciful crap" all the time.
i think it'd be awesome if chris won especially because he was eliminated and then brought back! the underdogs take the lead. wink.gif (never mind i love his creations and personality - but i do think christians got the experience and attitude for the industry down)
aww..i really thought Chris would win fan favorite : (

and WOW does Carmen hold grudges. All I can say is...get over it?
I was shocked about the fan favorite winner. Really? I mean, he's funny, but he's no Chris!

I know, Carmen...sigh.....she seems rather sensitive.

It cracked me up that Victoria was trying to say that she was differnet on camera than she was in real life. Yeah right! Everyone knows you are a biatch, Victoria! She never even cracked a smile last night.

The clip where Tim was calling an outfit "fierce" also cracked me up.
I would have loved for Sweet Pea to have won fan favorite; I really didn't care for that strange little troll.
I have to agree w/Television w/o Pity that that was a boring reunion. Where was the alcohol? Why didn't they prod into why Victorya was upset about Jack?

And I really wanted someone to say, "Look Carmen like the opera Webber like the baller, no one did miss you. You weren't that nice." I had actually forgotten all about her.
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