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what was going on with jack's face? i totally missed it - i just saw him leave the show early.

i hate it when ricky cries, which is ALL the time. he can't even take a compliment; he just starts crying.
He has a MRSA infection- it's the antibiotic-resistant staph infection that's been going around. He said his immune system is at normal levels, though, and this is the third time he's had it. It's still really serious, sometimes deadly, for people without HIV, so I'd imagine it's still harder for his body to fight.
Anyone watch last night?

I'm kind of shocked at the elimination. I thought Elisa's dress was better than Sweet P's, at least construction-wise. I like Sweet P and all, but this whole time she's been barely hanging on, it seems, and I'm waiting for her to finally get kicked off, because I really don't see her in the final 4. Elisa was crazy and all, but she had skills.

I'm really pissed that Jillian didn't win last night, just boring old Rami again. I think it really said a lot for Jillian that she used edible items, not just wrappers or pieces of fabric off a huge pillow, and it looked really good.

I was glad, though, that Christian's barely got a mention. Hah! It was nice to see Chris make something practical, too. I'm glad he didn't get eliminated twice in a row.
I watched!

I liked Christian's dress a lot, but thought it was too simple. He should have done either the top or the bottom like he did, and then done something different with the other half. It would have been more interesting.

I really liked Rami's. I initially thought Jillian should have won, but then I realized that her effort mainly fell into the construction arena. I did not feel the design itself was that wonderful. I think Rami's outfit was more interesting & it fit the model perfectly.

I was so happy Chris did well too!

I thought Sweet P's was really boring, but agreed with the elimination. I think Elisa's taste is more than slightly questionable. The sleeve things she did were horrid. I think next week it will be Sweet P or Ricki. But Ricki's did look really good last night, which I was happy about. Maybe Victoria. I can't stand her, I wish it would be her. She's a biatch.

Kit is becoming my favorite.
I watched it on YouTube so it took me a few days to catch up.

I thought the skirt on Rami's dress was lovely but did not care for the top. The skirt I would actually wear. Not sure where to but it was a lot of fun. I just don't like red & pink together.

I had a similar response to Jillian's outfit. I hated the bodice.

Nice work from Chris. I thought it was pretty damn cute.

I thought that Christian should have been in the top three. His dress reminded me of Michael's coffee filter dress. And while he is an ass he seems to be pretty upfront about that with everybody. He'll say it to your face as soon as to the camera.
I finally caught up with PR today. Watched the finale of Canadian PR (Soooooooo good! I'm really going to miss that show) and the last 2 eps of US PR.

I really liked Rami's dress. The top was so different & I think that if I saw it on paper I would have hated it, but I loved the final result. Very polished & well constructed. Nicely done.

Kudos to Jillian for attempting to use food even though she didn't have to. I was really happy for her when the model left the runway and nothing had fallen off. I loved the pattern she made on the bodice, but I didn't like the clear panel going down the middle.

My favorite part of Kit's outfit was the belt. It looks like it was studded with Rolos. How cool is that!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Ricky managed to (1) not cry and (2) make something good! For heaven's sake, he made a bubble skirt that I didn't hate! How is this possible?!?

Christian's dress did not wow me because it was too much like Michael's coffee filter dress. Everybody thought so when they saw it- even the judges, I'm sure. It would have been nice if he'd incorporated some additional details since he had so much extra time. A belt maybe? Something? He had immunity so maybe he decided to take it easy.

I would love to know what the hell Victoria was thinking. That dress was god awful. She made her model look like she had only one boob. That ain't right. I suspect that the judges are beginning to seriously "question her taste level".

I think what hurt Elisa is that the judges expected something more colorful and interesting from her. Her idea sounded great, but it didn't relate at all to the final outfit.

My prediction: Sweet P will be gone within 2 weeks.
rose, what did you think of the winner of PR Canada? I liked Biddel, but was rooting for MG.
DM, I really liked all 3 collections in their own ways. I honestly had no idea who was going to win. MG had this one particular purple dress that really blew me away. I think a lot of her dresses were extremely wearable. I just wish the colection had been a little bit more colorful. Biddel's was fun, but I wish he'd taken this as seriously as the others (maybe he's one of those people who works best when under extreme pressure?). It was clear that Lucian wanted to win soooooooo sooooooo desperately and part of me wanted him to win simply because I felt he would have made best use of the winnings. But good lord, the doilies! Doilies everywhere!
I know what you mean about Lucian wanting to win. I feel like Biddell wanted to win, but not as much. Half the time MG acted like she didn't even care. Lucian's collection was pretty for the runway as a show, but every item had so much going on with it. I prefer less is more with fashion. I think my favorite episode was the bathing suit challenge. I forgot to say thanks for posting the youtube link awhile ago, otherwise I wouldn't have even known there was a PR Canada.
Anyone else watch on Wednesday?

I thought Chris March was a shoe-in to win that challenge, so I'm a little disappointed VictorYa won instead. Chris' dress was beautiful and polished; I didn't much care for VictorYa's silouhette, it was a little square for me.

I really, really hate to say it, but I was glad Christian wasn't aufed. Lordess knows I can't stand him, but it really wasn't totally his fault his dress looked like crap.

I was talking to another PR fan friend, and he told me that he's been emailing back and forth with Jack. He's okay now, BTW, and apparently a really nice guy. Hooray for him.
Oh, yay, someone who agrees with LeBoy and I- we loved Chris's dress (and Sweet P's was good, too) but we though Victorya's looked like one that would have been rejected from the ice skating outfit episode in season 2. Kevin's was bad, too, though.

Rami's dress was okay (more draping, what a surprise), but that girl just didn't have the bosoms to fill it out- he should have made something more flattering for someone with the breasts of a 10-year-old.

Did you read what Project Rungay said about Christian's dress? Hee hee hee!
I love Project Rungay. I found this here as well:

LOL! that's hilarious, kitten!
Every time I see that cartoon I crack up, especially over Tim Gunn's "prom."

Chris definitely should have won. I didn't care for Sweet P's dress (it reminded me of a 1940's nightgown), but dammit, Victorya's looked like a redo of her Bitten dress.

And why is Ricky still on? He isn't a good designer and annoying to boot.
Yeah, Chris got robbed. They didn't even comment on his dress. That was so disappointing.

Ricky annoys the crap out of me. How is he even still on there?
i CANNOT believe that Ricki slipped by again!!
their outfits were awful, but at least Kit's done good work in the past...
i think Ricki has been in the bottom of every episode!
I actually liked Kit's outfits. Especially the day dress. I thought it was very cute.

RAMI should have gone home last night. Unless there was some serious editing going on (& that almost never seems to happen in ways that make the men look bad) he was being a total ass. And hasn't he sent that dress down the runway at least twice before?
Ugh, I am starting to really dislike Rami. The issue was his design, it was really aggravating that he attempted to put the blame on team work issues. Sweet P's dress was really cool, I think a lot of women would buy it. I knew they were not going to kick off Rami though.

I think Ricki should have gone and not Kit. I thought the Ready to Wear dress was completely boring. I know they did not have much time to do it, but still.

As for the winner, I was torn. Christian's gown was breathtaking, but I thought Victoria & Jillian's coat was bad ass.
Yeah, that was a badass coat! I'm so sad that it was Christian who won, though, and not Chris (technically). Because Chris is the one who gave that incredible dress it's height.

Rami definitely pisses me off. He kept nitpicking and it was getting annoying, which is kind of hard to do because I think he has a soothing voice. lol But that dress?! "I've never done a corset." Whatev. Looks like everything else you've sent out.

I don't understand how Ricki is still in the running. He's awful.
Rami sends the same crap down the runway every time... I really felt for Sweet P when she was in tears because he was being such a dick to her. I really hope he is not one of the final 3 ohmy.gif
Count me in for wanting Rami aufed. There haven't been many villians on this season, but Rami and Victorya bug the fuck out of me. Maybe Rami's wouldn't have sucked so much if he hadn't covered up that corset he was so keen on making with... drumroll... yet even more draping. With the exception of the Hershey's challenge, the boy has no range.

Victorya is so fucking cold, I want to break her up in chunks and put her in my lemonade. She can't ever just go along with someone's idea, she has to disagree and make that dumb little face she makes. I cannot freaking stand her.

I thought Chris got robbed again, too. Finally he gets a challenge that's in his element and he excels at it only for Christian to get the win.

I hope Rami and Victorya don't make the top 4, even though we all know one of them will. I'm betting on Christian, Jillian, Sweet P (she's hung on this far, why not for another 3 challenges?), and I hope Chris March, though I doubt it.

Ricky didn't cry at all during this challenge, did he? I'm looking forward to seeing the waterworks next week, though.
Just got to watch it on YouTube ...

Why the hell is Ricky still there?!?!?!!!?!! UGH! He's not going to make the final 4. We know it. The judges know it. I feel like Tim should just take him aside & tell him to leave voluntarily & eliminate the embarassment to come.
Grr. I will miss Kit.

I agree that Rami is sending the same silhouette down the runway over and over again - drapey, split-personality, blahblah. Heaven forbid a gal should have symmetrical boobs. rolleyes.gif But Uli made the same dress over and over again & she was in the final 4. The same can pretty much be said for Laura, too. So who knows if he'll get aufed soon.

I liked Sweet P's dress. I still don't think she's going to make it to the end, but it's nice to have her around.

I was surprised by how much I liked Jillian & Victorya's looks. That coat was fabulous! And I'm not a fan of jodphurs, but I was surprised by how great they looked with that coat. Very good work.

I agree that Chris is the one who really deserved this win. I think he should have won last week, too. And in the first episode. That man gets shafted over and over again! But didn't Daniel V. make it to fashion week despite the fact that he won maybe one challenge? There's still hope for Chris! If nothing else, he makes the show so much more enjoyable. I loved his Elisa comment in this episode.

Christian. Well, he redeemed himself. This was much better than the hot mess he made last week (and he can blame that girl all he wants, but the construction on that thing was SHIT. The skirt was way too short in the back & he knows it). It was great to see that he could work so well with Chris. I was afraid that the lack of control would kill him, but it turned out fabulously.

I hope Ricky leaves next week. He doesn't infuriate me as much as Vincent from last season, but he has about as much right to still be there. Grrr.
i am so glad rami got called out for making the same dress.

and ricki...damn. that boy and his hat and his crying need to go yesterday...
Was there a new episode last night? I didn't get to watch.
It's on tonight. Looks like they're taking a little trip to the recycling center again.
LOL...I thought today was Thursday! It's one of those days...

thanks divala! (when I read your post I got all confused, like, "they moved it to Thursday this week?!!") tongue.gif
You have got to read this blog by comic Bill Dawes about Elisa (the "crazy" one)...

(It's not comedy, it's actually poignant heartbreaking crazy insane story).
humanist77 not too sad about VictorYa. That was a pretty sad outfit.

Surprised about Ricki though-it probably is his best work, but better than Christian's or even Rami's this week? I bet there was about ten minutes of him crying that was edited out on the runway. I think they just wanted to give it to him because he'd been doing so poorly up to this point.

I can't believe how much they liked Sweet P's dress. I'm sure it looked better than her original plan, but there's no way I would ever wear that thing. She's certainly made worse things, but she's made better without any comment from the judges.

Okay, ENOUGH with the BRAND SHILLING, PR! It's not like I'm surprised about it, but it would be really cool if they didn't.

Yeah, it's definitely the most boring season. They're really milking every drop of drama they can.
QUOTE(humanist77 @ Jan 23 2008, 11:16 PM) *
Okay, ENOUGH with the BRAND SHILLING, PR! It's not like I'm surprised about it, but it would be really cool if they didn't.

Gods, yes. Unless the next product placement is Kraft American Cheese Singles, I don't want to see it! Why do they keep giving the designers fabric? Where are the groceries? Where are the recyclables?

I actually really like Sweet P's dress. I could never wear the top but I would wear that skirt in a flat second.

This is a boring season. Last night's episode was the most interesting so far. The designers seemed to be turning on each other. Christian was just out of control bitchy.

ETA: Wow that Bill Dawes story (who is Bill Dawes, anyway?) was amazing and really sad.
I was so proud of Ricki... I know I said that I wanted him to be off already, but he really did a great job and I had no idea how much experience he had.

Way to go, Ricki!!!

I want to punch Christian and then give him a haircut dry.gif
I liked Sweet P's dress too. It was cute, and I wish she'd won instead of Ricky. His dress was pretty good, though, and I could get the whole Amy Winehouse vibe. I'm kinda wondering why it took him so long to produce something that good, considering his experience. Was he kept around just because of that?

For some reason Rami's design struck me as ugly, as well as Christian's, but that's more of a question of personal taste than anything. Chris's wasn't very good.

I'm glad it was Victorya instead of Jillian that got aufed, she was annoying.

Okay, ENOUGH with the BRAND SHILLING, PR! It's not like I'm surprised about it, but it would be really cool if they didn't.

I agree, they've had way too much of it this year. I also wish they would have a challenge using unconventional materials as well (anything but fabric), but what could they use that hasn't been already? Office Supplies?
i think jillian brings a certain level of snooty boredom to the group... i dont really like her attitude and i've not been wowed by her work either.
What was up Christian's ass last night? Geez. I know he was playing it up for the cameras, but still.

Same for Jillian. Suck it up lady! She always looks like she might faint from the stress or something. Throwing herself dramatically across the sewing tables.

I liked Rami's outfit. I thought Sweet P's was kind of cool, though I did not like the top. SO happy to see Victorya go. Did you notice that the only person who was hugging her as she left was Christian? I think the rest said Good Riddance. Her outfit was very basic.

I was happy that Ricki won, though like you guys, not sure his outfit warranted the win. It was funny to see how pissed off Christian was about not winning.
I was happy to see Victorya go, too. That outfit was awful, and she was so passive agressive and full of herself.

I'm sorry, every time Ricki cries I just want to pull the cap off his head and hit him with it. It's soooooo annoying. (But seeing Christian's reaction was hilarious!)

I don't know, I liked Ricki's outfit, but I don't think it should've won. I liked Sweet P's, but it is not flattering on every shape, like the judges claimed. I'd look like a sausage in it! tongue.gif
That was one satisfying episode last night. At the end, I patted my tummy because I could finally feel satisfied that that awful VictorYA got auf'd. It felt like a meal, plenty of bitching, a winner who hasn't already won at least twice, and that cold little Vera Wang wannabe getting the boot. Almost made up for my friends not bothering to cook anything for dinner, but that's neither here nor there.

Didn't VictorYA try at all? She glued a sheet of denim to an already made jacket. Dull, dull, dull. I could have made that myself and I can't sew for shit.

I hadn't realized that Jillian was responsible for the jacket from last week's episode. I'm even more impressed with her now. She's not really flashy, but she's solid.

I've been liking Sweet P's clothes lately, but have you guys noticed that she can't dress herself at all? If I see another raggedy old halter top with massive cleavage, I'm going to scream. I know she's the biker chic kind of person, but do it with some class. And the shirt she wore on the runway last night was equally bad in the opposite way. Surely there must be some room between t-shirt-cum-halter-top and a bad secretary shirt? She's like Wendy Pepper that way, but with an ounce of talent.

Congrats for Ricky! I didn't think his was the best, I was just happy to see someone new win a challenge. It was kind of funny, though, when Heidi announced that he won, he didn't cry at all.

Christian is an annoying little exotic bird, or maybe a gnat.

I'm glad Chris is still in it. I'd have hated to see him get embarassed again by being cut so soon after he was brought back. I think he adds a lot of levity to the workroom, and he seems like such a joyful person.

I want to see a non-fabric challenge next week, too. These have all been entirely too easy. Office supplies would be great, or have them run around in an art supply store, just keep them the hell away from fabric. I still look up to Austin Scarlet's corn husk dress in the very first episode of Season 1 as the standard for non-fabric clothing to beat.
hi all... i'm watching PR on Youtube, so i'm still catching up (actually I think I'm caught up as far as the episodes have been posted - the denim one isn't up yet, but I went to the PR site for the spoilers, so..haha)

I just wanted to chime in with those that said Chris was robbed of the win on the 'avant garde' challenge. I just got done watching it and all I could think of was that if Christian hadn't been working with Chris, no way could he have pulled off that dress. They even admitted to the judges that it was a true team effort in designing - but I think that clearly the execution of it swayed to Chris (there were inferences to that all the way through the episode) so he should have won.. or at least been given a LOT more credit by the judges. I can understand how the win would default to the team leader, especially with a team like Chris / Christian who worked really well together - but I just really think that Chris was the unsung hero in taking that dress to another level (literally! haha)

... maybe it's just because I have a real soft spot for Chris.. he reminds me of my gay bf!

I can't wait until the denim episode is posted and I can actually see victorya go!!

ETA - episode 9 was just posted!! whee!!!
I watched the latest episode on YouTube last night. I was so annoyed that I got a headache and had to go straight to bed.

Maybe it can all be blamed on the styling (the shoes especially), but when Ricky's dress hit the runway, the first word that came to my mind was "hooker". Also, I think it was very similar to Chris' dress, so I don't understand why they adored Ricky's dress and hated Chris' dress. Grr.

I'm honestly really surprised that Christian didn't win. I suspect that they think that Ricky's would be easier to make (and sell) for the mass market. Afterall, who's going to buy those super-super tight pants?

I like Sweet P's dress. I was scared to death for her when she said she was making a wedding dress (Wasn't Tim's reaction priceless?!?). She did such a great job of fixing that and making it into something wearable. The colorblocking was a bit off, but the design was good.

I see Rami still has no respect for symmetrical boobs. Sigh.

Jillian is starting to crack a bit. I used to think she would make it to the final 3, but she may be in danger now.

Victorya deserved to go for that coat. There's no denying it. It was cheap and awful.

As for next week? I suspect that they are designing outfits for the stars of American Gladiators! That show is on NBC and NBC owns Bravo, so it would fit right in with this show's habit of over-the-top product placement. Who wants to bet? wink.gif
i think next week it's going to be exotic dancewear. could be wrong... but with the fabrics and sexual references, that's what i thought. hmm. we shall see we shall see..

thinking more about it though roseviolet. it would definitely make more sense that they would do gladiator garb.

zoya: i agree about the avant garde challenge. i was seriously breathless when chris's finished concept came down the runway.
rose - I agree about Ricky's dress being easier to sell to the mass market, and that possibly having a role in his winning.

I too, thought that Ricky's dress looked a bit like Chris' dress... I think that the issue they had with Chris' dress vs Ricky's was that Ricky's was really well fitted and finished, while Chris' dress had too much fraying to be impeccably tailored, but not enough fraying to be deliberately deconstructed looking.

I thought it was hysterical that none of the judges actually came out and said it, but completely inferred that Rami finally made something different because he had to work with a fabric that couldn't possibly be draped!! I'm pretty over Rami. His clothes are beautiful, but he's a one-trick pony - and he doesn't have to be. The denim challenge shows that he does have an ounce of creativity, he just chooses to go with his comfort zone.

I soooo want Chris to at least get into the top 3... I don't know, though.

I am pleasantly suprised by Sweet P's progress, I thought she'd be out way earlier in the game - it's nice to see her right up there.
Zoya, I fully agree about Sweet P. She's really growing and improving. I think what's good about her is that she can handle criticism and learn from it. I think she would probably do best if she found a business partner - her own personal Tim Gunn - who can warn her when she's going a bit too far.

That being said, what the hell was she wearing on the runway?!?! Short shorts and pantyhose? Are you kidding me?!

I don't think Chris is going to win. I think he's a great, funny guy & he's obviously very creative ... probably too creative for a traditional fashion line. Instead, that man needs to get a job as the head of the costuming department for a major Broadway theater. Or maybe even a university. I think if he makes it to the final 3 (or 4?) it will be simply because they hope he'll put something outrageous on the runway.

Have any of you read Tim's Take this week? You've got to see what he had to say about Ricky's dress. Seems that the editors have been manipulating things again ...

Ricky wins! I don’t know who was more surprised by his win -- Ricky or me. I cannot tell a lie: I was profoundly concerned about his look. I thought it was too basic and too poorly finished. On the show, you hear me say, “It’s stunning,” and it’s true that I did say it, as in, “Fix all of this and make certain that it’s stunning.” The editors were stuck with a conundrum, because so little of what I said to Ricky (and I said a lot) could be used. In any case, I was baffled by the judges’ rhapsodic support of his design. It was so similar to Rami’s look and even to Chris’s design, but it was less ambitious than either. The judges celebrated the look’s fit. It’s a strapless tube dress! How challenging can the fit be? But please don’t get me wrong: I’m sincerely pleased for Ricky that he won. But I’m equally baffled. Chacun a son gout. It’s a matter of taste.

rose - Chris does costume a broadway show - he does Beach Blanket Babylon. I think he's worked with Cirque de Soliel, also...
hmm we were both kinda right.. WWE Divas: Will the designers get body-slammed if they don't design the right thing for these clients?
I actually watch WWE every week - it's my guilty pleasure. It wouldn't be too hard to design for them, just make it mildly slutty, be a slave to the worst trends, and make it entirely out of spandex. Rami would suck at it, since all he can do is drape, which would only get in the way (there are no Greek goddesses in wrestling). This just seems like a really odd match for Bravo to look to WWE for fashion inspiration. I thought Bravo was better than that. It should be good for a laugh, though. I wonder which one would be the guest judge?

The WWE thing will be next week, right? I didn't miss an episode last night, did I?
No, they played reruns yesterday. I think this next new one is supposed to air on 02/09/2008.
How in the world are they going to have time for all the eliminations.... there show is this Friday.... in real world time blink.gif

Friday? Real world time? That's...interesting.
The only reason I could think of for the odd scheduling is if the #5 designer already was showing at Fashion Week, or if they eliminate 2 tonight. If they'd had a new show on last week, this would have worked out better. I'm curious to see how this shakes out.

I just hope they don't have Vince McMahon do any of the judging tomorrow. That would be skeezy.
Gotta love Tim... biggrin.gif
just got caught up with the episodes. i'm glad victoria left. i hope jillian and/or rudy go soon. just cause i can't stand their hysterics. terrible. i'll take christian any day over them.

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