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So I didn't know this thread existed until just now...


Last year, at our Halloween 'Spirit' costume store down here in Oklahoma, I was looking around for a costume. I look up and see someone, but I can't tell who he is; I just know I know him.

Upon closer inspection many things happened at once. I crapped my pants, procured a pen and paper out of thin air and turned to my friend Sydneylicious and asked 'Is that REALLY Kane?! AND his boyfriend?!'

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen. I met Kane.

And his boyfriend.

And got his autograph.

And then he asked whether him and his boyfriend should go as Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles or Paris and Nichole. I said TMNT.

It was amazing.
That's great, LP! Although I would have told them to dress as Paris & Nicole. biggrin.gif

The first episode was posted on YouTube yesterday so I finally got to watch it. I think the judges picked the right person to leave. Granted, Elise's dress was one hot mess, but the one-seam construction saved her. As for Simone, if the bad construction hadn't killed her, that horrific jacket did. I'm confused why she made that choice, though. It looks like she was working with a totally different fabric for the jacket earlier in the episode - a sort of irridescent pinky-peach ruffled thing. I wonder why she abandoned that idea.
Elisa is a little loone-y. at first, i liked her offbeat sense of style. but, then, biotch just seemed a touch of crazy. don't know. and i'm curious if she spits on her dress next epi. it looks like it from the previews.

i'm lovin' christian. he is annoying. but, asses makes great entertainment. and he is one.
has anyone seen the latest epi??
watching right now....we're an hour behind you, my dear!
I'm following along on Blogging Project Runway right now since I can't watch it. Is that pathetic or what!

At least Malan is posting along with the rest of the gang at BPR, so that keeps it fun. smile.gif
I just finished watching! Christian is a snippy little thing.
oh yeah turbo! *giggles*

i'm wonderin' how long it is until elisa is gone. i mean, she has an unorthodox way of designing and her designs have been decent so far. but, i don't think she has long until she's gone.

and can i say how much i love the big man on that show. damn. i forget his name. i so wanted to send some vibes of speed from the previous epi where they had to sprint for fabric.
I missed last night episode. I though I would be okay waiting until next week but it is making me mad! Someone mentioned that she found an episode on YouTube or somewhere. Could you please PM me the link? Thanks. If I check this thread again I am araid I'll find a spoiler.
I may have to download from ITunes. Is it still on iTunes?
I still love Christian, and loved his second outfit. I agree though that it didn't really fit the challenge goal. The person who left deserved it, that outfit was horrible. I like Elisa's clothes, but she gets on my nerves big time. It's like she has a light turned off in her head.
And, lo, we sing the praises of RoseViolet who sent me the YouTube link! I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!


I would really love, just once, for the producers to say "Design Icon" and then have Miss Piggy come sashaying out. She is my dream guest for that show. Don't you think the designers would just die?

I agree with who was cut but I was really pulling for SweetP and Elisa to win. I thought the design was lovely. I have to say, though, that when a 40-something woman who calls herself SweetP thinks you (Elisa) are a little weird, well that says something.

Embarressed to say this, but I find myself craving the drama of Santino or even Jeffry's pure evil. I think next week may step that up a little. Judging by what Heidi was wearing in the teaser, I have to wonder if they are redesigning Star Trek costumes or something.

Carmen and Christian need to get better poker faces. Every little emotion that they have is just telegraphed across their faces.
Kitten, you're very welcome! I'm just glad I could help. If it weren't for YouTube, I wouldn't get to see PR at all!

I loooove the idea of Miss Piggy as a fashion icon. That's hysterical. Somebody at Bravo needs to steal that ASAP.

Marion was definitely ruined by fabric choice. It was stunning to see how that stuff kept stretching and stretching and stretching! Cheap knit fabric can do some super scary stuff. Even so, I don't think his design really fit into the aesthetic of the Bitten line. Victorya's outfit definitely fit into the line better. I honestly don't like it very much & I can't imagine ever buying it (unless I were 8 months pregnant!), but I can see why SJP prefered it over the others.

As for the lack of drama, I think people are still being polite. There will certainly be more drama later. Besides, I'd rather watch good design than bickering designers any day.

So are any of you watching Project Runway Canada? It's available on YouTube. I am REALLY really liking it. In fact, I may like it more than the Americna version this season. There are a few very talented designers on there.
Rose, could you give me the link to Project Runway Canada?
Sure, PotBunny. smile.gif

There's a member of YouTube called MsRoyalT who has been uploading all of the episodes. Here's a link to her personal page where you can find them all.
The 7th episode of the season was just posted, so you'll have to search through the list a bit to find the earlier episodes. Here's a link to part 1 of episode 1 of Project Runway Canada just to save you a little time.
Thank you so much! I just love IMAN.

ANd you are totally right, all of these designers are going to give each other a run for their money!
rose... will you send me the you tube link too? I found the first episode, but I can't find episode 2...

I don't even have the option to watch it on TV because I'm traveling. god, I hate NBC for pulling the plug on itunes. fuckers.

Zoya, I wasn't able to find episode 2 the usual way, either. I went to the page of the person who posted episode 1 & happened to find episode 2 there, too. Here's the link to their page. You'll find everything there.
And here's a link to part 1 of episode 2:
I definitely agreed with the judge's decision last week. That outfit was absolutely horrid. I thought Christian's was ok, though in no way was congruent with the Bitten line. In any case, I have to think that probably knocked Christian down a notch or two. Maybe not though, his ego seems gargantuan. I really wanted Elisa & Sweet P to win, I thought their outfit was the bomb.
i saw the episode rerun last night. i wish they would all stop crying so much! every time you turn around, someone is crying!
elisa is weird. sweet pea talks about people way too much; i think she needs to focus on her work. they all have hairstyles that don't work well with their face shapes, IMO.
ok end rant. sorry.
looking forward to the episode on wednesday (eastern time).
No posts yet?

What did you think of last night's episode? While an interesting concept, I thought the episode itself was kind of blah. I couldn't believe some of the horrid stuff coming down the runway. Yikes.
I'm still waiting for last night's show to hit YouTube. I know the results, though, & I've seen the photos & based on that info alone, I think that it was right for Carmen to go. I can't decide who I think should have won, though. Frankly, menswear bores me so I have trouble deciding between the designs that were offered. I might have a stronger opinion after I watch the episode. We'll see. smile.gif

PR Canada was pretty good this week. I'm REALLY excited about next week's show. They're going to California where they will spend some time with our beloved Uncle Nick! EEEEEEEE!!!!!
I thought the episode was boring. Some of the things coming down that runway were horrible!
Elisa is too weird, and Christian gets on my nerves. I think everyone cries way too much. I actually pulled a Santino and said: "Lighten up! It's fashion!" Next week's looks interesting.

I enjoyed this episode, and so did the giant, since he's a big football fan. I think it's high time they did a menswear challenge. The only other times they've come close were the uniform challenges for the USPS and Delta Airlines, and when they designed for each other last year. I laughed my ass off at most of the stuff coming down the runway, seriously hilariously bad. Why would someone design a "suit" that made a man look like an 18th century English street urchin? I swear, that guy with the cap should have been on crutches, then he could have been cast as Oliver freaking Twist.

I'm glad with the result, though. I never really connected with Carmen, and I kind of like Sweet P. She gossips a lot, but she seems like a decent person. I wish the big guy would make a stand-out outfit. I'm kind of betting on him to be the next Jay McCarroll, funny guy who keeps a low profile until the end.
I never connected with Carmen either. My favorites so far are Kit, Sweet P, the quirky guy with the buzzed haircut-what is his name?, and the straight dude. Some I like b/c of their designs, some I like b/c of their personalities.

I thought the vest that Elisa made was right out of a 1970's Sears catalogue. So very bad.
i wasn't too impressed with the menswear stuff. and i didn't realize how hard it is to design for men. but, those outfits were just bloody awful.

i hope things get alittle more interesting. it has been a little slow so far.
I got to watch the episode today on YouTube. Follow this link if you're looking for it:

I kinda think that Kit should have won. First of all, what she made looked good. Secondly, she made 3 pieces, fulfilling a major requirement of the challenge (Jack only made 2 pieces, but the challenge asked for 3). I suspect that the only thing that kept Kit from winning was that her outfit looked a bit too casual. If she'd gone for something other than a khaki pant, she could have won. Oh well. Jack's looked more appropriate for the client, so I can understand why he won.

Sweet P is soooooooo lucky to still be in the competition. I really think her outfit was nearly as bad as Carmen's. That collar! Holy god! Someone on one of the PR websites said that it reminded them of that episode of The Cosby Show when Denise made that shirt for Theo. It really was that bad.

I reallyreallyREALLY hope that this group puts something amazing on the runway next week. So far everything has been so boring or messy. All the promotional stuff for this season kept harping on about how this was their most talented group ever, but that certainly isn't showing up on the runway. dry.gif
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Dec 1 2007, 10:50 PM) *

Sweet P is soooooooo lucky to still be in the competition. I really think her outfit was nearly as bad as Carmen's. That collar! Holy god! Someone on one of the PR websites said that it reminded them of that episode of The Cosby Show when Denise made that shirt for Theo. It really was that bad.

Ha, I said the same thing- it's a Gordon Gartrelle!

Yeah, this season's been kinda meh so far.
i agree. usually by now everybody's got their faves, but so far, no body has really captured my imagination.... remember some of the people sent home in past years? seems like they have less people from other fields this year.

i think the menswear challenge is bad for a couple of reasons:
1)mens clothes don't really lend themselves to much flourishes/flamboyance-- it's too restrictive. even at it's best using color/pattern/texture/and sillouette, there really is so little room for creativity.
2)menswear takes longer, and is much more exacting than womens.
3)you really don't get to see the designer's style doing menswear

i really am hoping that every episode isn't some star vehicle for some idiot's personal style. that's what celebs have stylists for. so far it's making for the most bland season ever. please just bet back to the meat and potatoes assignments.
At least we will never have to hear "Carmen like the opera, Webber like the baller" again.

I also thought that Kit should have won.
While Kit's and Jack's were good, and as annoying as Christian is, I thought his was the most well made and the most creative. I wonder why it wasn't really noticed. He made three pieces, they fit perfectly, and they look flawless...maybe the guy just didn't like the colors?
Notice the asymmetrical collar and the details on the jacket...

how did i miss that they had to make a 3 piece outfit? i thought they just had to make an outfit that worked well for him to wear on camera.
sweet p....i hope she's next to go. sad. more confidence than talent, i think. i could not believe she could not finish her outfit. what was she doing?
humanist, i think maybe the colors of the outfit were not eyecatching.
i thought kit basically took the outfit the football player was wearing when they first met with him, and made a similar version.
I agree about the colors of Christian's. I think the pants look too big also.

Good points, GT about mens wear. It is too restrictive. I also agree with you about the challenges. I hope they are all not about designing for a person or already established lines.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Dec 2 2007, 02:04 PM) *
At least we will never have to hear "Carmen like the opera, Webber like the baller" again.

HA! Ain't that the truth! laugh.gif

Humanist, I totally understand what you mean about Christian's design. I think it was good, but it doesn't look like something that would be worn by a Today Show anchor. And that is at the root of the problem with this challenge. Basically the challenge was to make boring and conservative menwear. Yaaaaaaawn.

P_176, I think they edited the show so that it wasn't as apparent in the beginning that they were asked to make 3 pieces. However, I read on-line that the challenge was to make 3 pieces (Tim Gunn confirmed this in an interview on Blogging Project Runway).
It seems that the biggest downfall of the episode was that Tiki Barber is just boring. Thanks to the boys at Project Rungay, I found this clip of Barber wearing the outfit on The Today Show and, seriously, if he mentions once again how he wants "conservative" I just might cry. Who wants to design conservative? Isn't that what the Macey's men's department is for?

PRG also does a pretty good job of wrapping up the reasons why this season just isn't quite buttering my bread like it has in years past.
I think it seems boring this season because they're running out of ideas, just like I expected. Either they're going to have to start recycling challenges, or begin coming up with some really wacky ideas:
"Attention designers, this week your challenge is to design a uniform for this traveling monkey circus. That's right, you will be designing for monkeys."
Although, last season they did make little dog outfits-so that's not too far off tongue.gif
I give the show one more season, tops; sorry to say~
Hmmm. What did you guys think? I think PR is starting to bore me. Last night's episode was a snore fest. I agree with who got eliminated though, that outfit was F-U-G-L-Y. Ick. Though I like the contestant a lot, he seems really sweet.
yeah, i agree. although i thought the winning ensemble was cute.

i don't think i'm bored yet, but i'm certainly not entertained, either.
i get this Miranda July vibe from Jillian. I didnt notice it until this this episode. Oh and more thing I gotta love Bravo editing. it seemed that Rami and Jillian were having an argument but both were clearly just worried about the slow work of Kevin. They got me!
I shed a little tear for Chris. I really liked him and had pegged him to get a lot farther than the 4th episode. I like Ricky, too, but I could have stood to see him go. That trucker hat he wore burned my eyes.

I wish they'd lay off on the team challenges. I always think the contestants come up with better stuff when they aren't arguing with each other.
I was kind of bored by Wednesday episode, and agree they should stick to individual challenges. I liked the winning group's designs and sort of like Christian's team as well. Although Chris seemed like a nice guy his outfit was really bad, and Sweet P was annoying when she was so indecisive when picking who should be elminated. They need to come up with better challenges soon.

Okay, I just watched three episodes of Project Runway Canada and I really like it. It seems to me that the contestants discuss their competitors designs more than on the U.S. version. My favorites are Marie Genevieve and Biddell.
i don't know why i find sweet p charming?

um, ricky gots to go. i'm done with him. and that trucker just nasty.

chris, well, i liked him, but his stuff was more grand and definitely fit for drag queens. sorry, but he doesn't seem high fashion.

i have some i think will make it to the end. oh, and who's the guy with the squinty eyes? he's from chicago. i forgot his name. but his squinty eyes and pouty lips are bothersome to me.
QUOTE(stargazer @ Dec 10 2007, 07:05 PM) *
i don't know why i find sweet p charming?

um, ricky gots to go. i'm done with him. and that trucker just nasty.

chris, well, i liked him, but his stuff was more grand and definitely fit for drag queens. sorry, but he doesn't seem high fashion.

i have some i think will make it to the end. oh, and who's the guy with the squinty eyes? he's from chicago. i forgot his name. but his squinty eyes and pouty lips are bothersome to me.

I agree, stargazer- I kinda like Sweet P and I liked Chris, I think he's obviously talented, but like someone else on the how last episode says- he makes costumes. Totally different from high fashion. I think that purple dress he made for the first epi where they were supposed to "express themselves" was pretty, but looked like your typical department store formal dress.

Is the guy from Chicago named Jack, I think?

Meh on Ricky.
Star, I think the guy you mean, with the squinty eyes who looks a little like French somethingorother from 3rd Rock, is Steven. I like him. I've pegged him for the top 5.

I like Sweet P, too, although she was a little annoying on the runway last week. I hate how people act all shocked when they're getting their critique on a team challenge, when one of the judges asks who the worst one on the team was. Duh! I don't know why they don't expect that, especially if they obviously didn't win the challenge.

I've got the phrase "insane crotches!" in my head, and have for days. It makes me giggle every time I think of Michael Kors saying "that crotch is insane!"
Awww...I was sad to see Jack go last night. Tough break. I'm glad Chris is back, though.

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that Steve had to work with the wedding dress. But I do think he was being too whiny about it. "I don't do white polyester satin." And THAT's the dress he ended up creating?! He could've made a slinky shirt or something out of the dress at least.

Everytime Ricky starts crying I want to yank off his ugly hat and smack him in the face with it.
What a gut-wrenching episode! I was still sad about Chris being aufed last week, then he's back, and the guy who I replaced him with as my favorite (Steven) got aufed. And then there's Jack with the Michael Jackson-esqueness going on around his nose/upper lip area. Oy.

I don't buy Steven's excuse, either. I doubt that everyone else had ideal fabrics to work with, but they made it work somehow. I don't know why he didn't make a racy number in some other color besides black (I really do understand why he used all new fabric for the base, I don't know how white satin translates to everyday wear without screaming wedding) and used all that lace as trim. He took the most boring parts of that dress and made them boringer.

I'm still sad to see him go. I loved his squinty eyes and dry sense of humor. I thought he was quite enjoyable overall. But at least my Chris is back!
yay! finally a good episode with a great challenge! and no stupid guest stars--thank god!
Girltrouble - I totally agree. I was starting to think this cycle might be lame but they redeemed themselves last night. Still, do you guys think the people this year are as talented as other years??? No one has quite blown me away. Sad for Jack last night.
I think they are really talented, but the challenges aren't doing them any justice. At all.

You know, I'm re-watching the last episode right now, and Steve was kind of being an ass. I don't think he meant to, but he's trash-talking this woman's wedding gown/favorite memory or whatever! I don't know what she was thinking bringing her gown for this challenge, but still.
I love Steven, but I too thought it was mean how he kept talking about the fabric, implying it was cheap. I think he could have done something really cool with that dress. It was a slap in the face to the woman to just use it as trim. I mean, the woman brought the dress & allowed it to be destroyed, and for what?

I really wanted Kevin to win.

Glad to see Chris back, really sad about Jack.

Tim Gunn cracked me up with the 3'o clock AM decision making comment. I love you Tim!
i'm stealing the question from the show: who would you bring in from old seasons?
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