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goddammit! I can only watch PR while at the boy's place, because he has cable, but I couldn't get over there last night, so I asked him not to watch this episode without me until tonight (on Tivo)..I REALLY didn't want to know who won until I saw the whole episode, but when I signed out of my hotmail account today, which goes straight to, they had a headline giving it all away. I'm so pissed!
QUOTE(karianne @ Oct 19 2006, 02:53 PM) *

Ugh. Unbelievable. I did not see anything "innovative" at all about Jeffery's collection. To me that look is old & tired. I thought Uli's clothing showed a much better range. I do not understand the judging. At all. Like someone else said, I may give up on this show.

Uli should have won! Michael was 2nd best, then the preggers 3rd and Jeffrey 4th. I thought that because of his over-spending he didn't have a CHANCE. but the judges are dumb. Jeffrey pisses me off, his tattoo and his ugly little shoulders.
ok, but jeffrey to me had the best "collection"-everyone else had more random outfits, whereas he had nightwear, daywear, etc etc. it's weird, i HATED jeffrey before but i feellike he's softened up a bit-i think he was truly shocked that he won.

i love ulee though, i think she's adorable and makes beautiful clothes. she's going to do reallly well.

this discussion is kinda funnythough- it really shows how much beauty is in the eye of the beholder.....
As distasteful as Jeffrey is to me as a person, and as much as I want to punch him in ither his fat neck or tiny head, I loved his collection, particularly a) anything in it with polka dots and b) anything in it with stripes. I was really happy with this episode. It was fun to get to see another collection, and all of them were really well put-together and well fitted and, in general, just BETTER than last year's. Even Michael's had its moments.
Summer cannot get here soon enough, I'm serious.
Ok, don't hate me for this, but I really grew to love Jeffrey. I think a lot of his a-hole-ness was just clever editing on the producers part to create "drama". Or it could be vice-versa, who knows? I freakin' loved his collection though. Laura's looked like costumes for the revival of Chicago or something, which is fine, but nothing I would wear (though her music was perfect), Uli's is great for beachgoers, which I am not, and Michael's seemed overly sexy, which he seems to have a problem with, remember the "Editorial" episode? He summed his style up as sexy, sensual, and something else. When he really should be doing sporty, fresh, and casual, or something like that. Sorry for rambling, I have a hyper one year old, and she is on the move.
I was like screaming at the TV when the angry little peanut won, but his collection was, to my mind, the best.

HOWEVER...I still think he had an unfair advantage, because of his studio. It seems like it would be easier to do the creative work when the blood sweat and tears part is less laborous because of your equipment and your space.

Overall, I wasn't blown away by anyone's collection. I really wish someone would present their collection in a clever, creative way like Jay did in Season 1. I was almost falling asleep watching those models stroooooolllll down the runway.
Here's a fabulous interview with Tim Gunn.

I was finally able to purchase the episode on iTunes today. I wonder why it takes more than 50 hours for them to get the show up on there. Drives me crazy! At any rate, it was good to see the collections in motion ... although I must say that I'm glad I also saw the photos without the runway music. All 4 shows had a very different feel to them once I heard that music. At any rate ...

I had no real hopes or guesses on who the winner might be. Last season I hated Chloe's collection and she managed to win, so I decided not to focus on it too much this time. They profit sooooooo so much just by making it to fashion week, so why get wrapped up in who gets the crown? The exposure is the real prize on this show. How well they do after the show is over is completely dependent upon their own drive and talent.

And luckily, ALL of the collections this time were better than last season! So that was refreshing. smile.gif

I did not think for a single second that Jeffrey intentionally broke any rules, so I was glad when that bit of drama was over and done with. And frankly, I think it was a blessing that he had to cut out the wigs. Atrocious! I can't help but wonder if he still would have won if he kept those ugly things. I think he can be an ass (I have encountered people exactly like him before and find them tiresome), but it was a good collection. It felt more well-rounded than Uli's and Laura's. I suspect that Jeffrey's next big challenge will be his inflated ego. If he lets it get out of control, it will be his downfall.

As for Michael ... oh, how I hope he's okay! It seems like people are trashing his show left and right. I certainly had issues with it, but I don't think it was nearly as bad as people make it out to be. I think he has an extraordinarily bright future ahead of him. He profits so much from having a dialogue that he should consider finding a business partner. Or maybe he should just coax Tim Gunn away from Parson's. They could be the next D&G!
lunasol - I feel the same way. I want someone to really wow me like Jay did.
I don't think any of us need to worry about michael -- apparently the pain of his loss is being soothed by brandy, who is a huge fan of his...
ha! yeah, i wonder if he would've won if he'd kept the wigs. ugh! but i think he was fairly penalized for going over the budget and having stuff sent out--he couldn't show what he had sent out, and he had to take out enough from his collection to be in budget. fair is fair.

as for his character, he did come across as a total douche on the show, but i know a lot of people whose character i can vouch for who are friends with him, so maybe he's not terrible.
anna k
At the weekly improv show Assscat 3000, Jeffrey appeared as a special guest. I didn't watch the show much, so I never had an opinion on him. He would tell a story that involved shit, his son, or the PR house, and whatever the story was, the comedians would do improv from it. I thought he looked like a douche and my brother hated him (he didn't know who he was, he just hated him on sight).
I managed to finally see the finale last night, even though I knew how it ended ahead of time. Uli got robbed! I didn't think anyone's collection was really spectacular, but Uli's was the most accessible to regular people. Jeffrey's zipper dress was really cool, but I don't think his collection was all that. Some of Michael's stuff was really cool, but he did kind of go back to his inner hoochie. I loved the orange-ish printed dress, but wish he would've layed off on the shorts.

I thought the resolution to the whole Jeffrey drama was pretty fair. Too bad it basically worked to his advantage, having to get rid of those ugly wigs.

I'm just going to rest very content in the fact that the #2's on this show have tended to do more in their careers after PR than the winners did (sorry, Jay).
I had to resurrect the thread because my best friend just met Tim Gunn!!!

She works at a booksore in Seattle & Tim is in town for some sort of appearance tonight. Anyway, she walked up to him to see if she could help him and, HolyCrapIt'sTimGunn! I loved the way she introduced herself.
BF: "Hi, I'm G***!"
TG: "I'm Tim."
BF: "Well, DUH! I knew that already!"

At any rate, she got to chat with him for a while about the show and about where they've lived and traveled. And she told Tim about me!!! And about how I moved across the country and that my new cable provider doesn't carry Bravo, but that I stayed a fan and just stayed in touch over the internet. And he told her to thank me! EEEE!!!

I know it's probably ridiculous that I'm so thrilled about this, but EEEE!!!!! Tim told my best friend about the event he's attending and encouraged her to stop by after work. So maybe she'll get to talk to him again. EEEE!!!!

At any rate, what everyone says is true. Tim Gun is sweet and gracious and patient and LOVES the fans and is just a marvelous human being. YAY!!!!!
Oh no! Tim Gunn may not be back! Hopefully they can work out the scheduling issues!
polly - that's s funny. I made a mental note to post that link today. When I got home last night, I saw the EW cover story and I panicked.
The idea of Project Runway without Tim Gunn & Tim's Take is just WRONG! WrongWrongWrong! I certainly hope they work something out. [crosses fingers & toes]
Good news, PR fans. Tim Gunn is getting his very own show! Here's a link to the press release. Still no news on whether he'll participate in Season 4 of PR, but I hear that there will be a Season 4 & it will be made over the summer, so I suspect that Tim will be doing both. Hooray!!!
*dances around thread with glee*

Ah, this is my fondest TV fantasy - to have a full hour of Tim Gunn, sharing his wisdom with all of us poor schleps! Truly, this show is going to be wonderful, and I predict many hours spent watching the re-runs over and over...

Thanks for the tip rosie!
*joins jenn in dancing around thread with glee*

Eeeeeeeeeeeee! Yay! Yay! Yay!
Tim Gunn is leaving Parsons! He still hasn't signed up for the next season of PR. He'll still have his own show, as far as I can tell, though. Also, he'll be on Ugly Betty tonight.
Tim Gunn signed on for Season 4!
ooh ooh!

so I keep seeing this guy when I'm walking around in and near my neighborhood over the last month or so. And I kept thinking "I know him from somewhere" and I couldn't think for the life of me how I knew him. I thought maybe a friend of a friend or through work or something. Then I saw him sitting on a doorstep talking on a cell phone as I walked by, and overheard him say something about his "pieces"

that's when it hit me - it's KEITH from last year's PR! Yes, the same Keith who got kicked off.

He's way shorter than he looked on TV. And he dresses way more casually hip than he did on TV.
Wow, does he seem as deluded as he does on tv?? Maybe that's hard to tell in passing, but I gots to ask anyway, 'cause he seemed to have such delusions of granduer on the show.
no, actually he just seems kinda normal. I mean he holds himself - not quite like he thinks he's the shit, but like he's um... uber self confident, I guess. But he doesn't seem like deluded or anything. I think that he might have a little shop around here, or at least help run one.
Oh, no Project Runway until late 2007! WTF!?!? How are they going to do Fashion Week if the show won't even start airing until afterwards? They're going to do Top Chef over the summer instead. Which isn't bad, since I like Top Chef, but I liked the cycle they were in.

There's a bunch of details about other shows in there, too.

ETA: Oh no, a reality show about Paula Abdul on Bravo, too. Groan.
i know it's wrong of me but i'm actually happy it's not coming on until late 2007. i don't get bravo on regular cable and so i'm hoping i'll have satellite by then!!!
Sorry, I am with Miss Shugga. By then I should have a home computer and be able to buy the season off of the internet. laugh.gif

Laura Bennett held the door for me at Mood Fabrics today. And we shared an elevator. I was reduced to a blob all day after, and I'm really embarrassed by that, as I don't get starstruck. But it was Laura Fucking Bennett!!!!!!!!
*rubs up against luci, hoping some Bennett Fabulousity will rub off*

OMG, luci, I would have been a blathering mess too!! I LOVE her!!! Did you talk to her at all???
Oh, no, turbojenn. I just.couldn' I think she could tell I was dying to say something and she kept smiling at me, but I was afraid it might come out as: "OhmygodIloveyousomuch! I wanna be you when I grow up" And then I would immediately grow braces and big plastic glasses and revert to teenfangirl mode.

She looked fabulous - her hair is cut in a bob and she was wearing a long belted black coat and black velvet heels, and she was carrying a bag which clearly contained some drafting paper (her patterns!!!!!!!!!)

Okay - I'm still giddy and I've actually been rehearsing calm designer-talk questions in my head for next time I run into there. And I WILL, dammit!!
Luci, that is so awesome. God, I would love it if that happened to me!!
There's a new commericial out for Old Spice with Bruce Campbell singing "Hungry Like the Wolf", surrounded by a bunch of women and I am PRETTY sure that one of them is Nazri. She's on top of the piano--anyone else seen it?
Yes, that's Nazri.

Martinique was on Shear Genius last week (she was Dr. Boogie's model)!
Bumping this thread up for Project Runway Canada! It premiered recently and, luckily for us Yanks, it can be see on the internet.

Episode 1 begins here:

Episode 2 begins here:

I hear that episode 2 will be on that site for a limited time, so get cracking! smile.gif
Is anyone else crapping themselves with excitement for tonight? Yea!
Ooh, me, Gumby! I just realized this morning that today was the day. I am stoked!
Oh, I knew I was forgetting something about today! I'd been anticipating it for about 2 weeks now, and then I go and forget on the day of. Figures. laugh.gif
Totally excited! First we get Pushing Dasies and then we get PR just an hour later. What a great night!
My cable company STILL does not carry Bravo. Can you believe this shit?!? Ugh. And no, I can't get a satellite because we have too many farkin' trees.

So last year people could purchase episodes of PR on iTunes, but that isn't the case this season because NBC & Apple got in a fight. So now what? Is there another way I can catch PR other than hunting down bootleg copies on YouTube before the higher-ups delete them? Help! Does NBC/Bravo have a website where they allow people to watch Bravo programming on-line?
Well well well.

Who watched last night? Just for the this thread fair game? I mean, is it cool if we talk about the outcome of the latest episode? I kinda figure people have to expect spoilers if the venture in here....

That being said......

Did you agree w/ the outcome? I think I did. I thought they would keep the one chick on, b/c she is so good for entertainment value. We'll see. I thought the winner's dress was beautiful, though boring. It's been done. I thought Christian should have won.
I'm going to put this in spoilers, just in case someone hasn't watched it yet. I can't believe it is on so late here, I hope they find an earlier time to rerun it.

I thought Christian should have won too, Rami's dress looked like a bedsheet wrapped around the model's body. However, I could see why it did win, it was pretty.

I'm a little surprised the lingerie designer didn't get into the bottom two, but I can totally understand why they kept Elisa (?), she is far too entertaining, even though she can't edit her designs.

Overall, it was okay, the designs were a little boring and I found Christian to be annoying. Wonder who's going to end up being the villain?
I'm going to guess Christian will be the villain. The TV blogger at the Chicago Tribune said, "Christian Siriano's hairdo is so complicated that it appears to involve not only copious amounts of "product" but also quadratic equations." laugh.gif

Yeah, I thought Rami's dress looked a little wide in back, but I liked the nice Roman shape in front. However, I was pleased to see that his model wasn't nearly as emaciated looking as some of the others.....go ahead, Tim, say the "z" word again, I dare you. rolleyes.gif

Yeah, I like Elisa's wackiness (more entertaining than Vincent's annoyingness last season) but she's making fashion for art's sake, and that doesn't win. The point of the show is to give someone money to start a clothing line, not fund an art project. As art, her stuff is cool, though.
Good point about Elisa & art, Polly. She knew that dress wasn't functional, but she sent it out anyway.

What is the z word?

I did note that some of the models could NOT walk.

I think I will have a love/hate relationship with Christian...much like my relationship w/ Santino.
QUOTE(kari @ Nov 15 2007, 12:04 PM) *
What is the z word?

The Z word, my dear.

Yeah, I noticed the model's walking abilities, too. It's not something I look for, so when it's noticeable, it must be bad.

Too soon to tell about anyone really;
the winning dress was pretty, but nothing special.
And they DEFINITELY kept Elisa for the entertainment factor. Simone's was bad, but the other was way more silly looking.

Oh, and they've fired up the precious Project Rungay again : )
I think Tim should know better than to use the "z word" again. He caught a lot of flack for that, and now with his new show featuring normal women, he should have some perspective.

The outcome last night was pretty predictable. I liked the winning dress, but it wasn't anything new. I think Elisa is going to be the next Lupe. Everything about her bugs me to no end.

The challenge should have been a bit harder. The "make your best dress with this really expensive fabric you probably won't be able to afford for any other challenge" could have been made better if they'd made them rip the actual tents apart and use the canvas as dress fabric.
QUOTE(Divala @ Nov 15 2007, 01:25 PM) *
The challenge should have been a bit harder. The "make your best dress with this really expensive fabric you probably won't be able to afford for any other challenge" could have been made better if they'd made them rip the actual tents apart and use the canvas as dress fabric.

I agree. I would have loved watching them have to tear down the tents and use them.

My fav dress was from the costume designer. The purple and green was lovely together. I read Nin's blog and Elisa was given points by the fact that her dress was all one seam. They seemed really impressed by that. As a non-sewer, I don't know that I noticed that but I did noticed that the girl that was cut, her dress looked like it had been stapled together.

I read in an article that one of the contestants had a breakdown during the first challenge to the point that the producers had to take her off-camera. My bet is that it was the woman who had been cut. She seemed pretty shaky during the runway.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Nov 15 2007, 04:23 PM) *
I read in an article that one of the contestants had a breakdown during the first challenge to the point that the producers had to take her off-camera. My bet is that it was the woman who had been cut. She seemed pretty shaky during the runway.

Interesting; that would be my guess since everyone else seemed to do considerably more with their time and she attributed her lack of quality to time problems.
I don't have a favorite yet, but I really liked Christian's outfit, and the outfit that included pants.
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