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Wow. Didn't expect that.
Um, Angela didn't even produce a sketch. Owt!

And sorry, Malan. Tough luck. But at least you won the last season of the Apprentice, when your name was Sean!
I officially can't stand Tattoo Neck. I think the feminazi dig was the last straw, although she was being way too whiny. dry.gif
laugh.gif Oh! Tim's blog on the Bravo website... !!!!!!!

"this is a gown for the Miss Universe Pageant, not a costume for the Beaux Arts Ball of Existentialism" (Jeffrey's design) and "Kayne sees the virtue in being a float in a parade" - I do love this guy.

Malan's departure surprises me - for purposes of "good TV", that is - but it helps to reassure me that they don't completely skew things in that direction at the cost of good design.

Says Vesica, who wouldn't know "good design" if it snuck up on her and planted its fangs in her ass.
The "feminazi" comment really pissed me off. Not only because I hate that term but also because he didn't even use it right. She wasn't doing anything "feminist" - she was being a whiny, critical, lazy brat, not a strong, assertive woman.

I really liked the poof on the bottom of the winning dress. I really liked the white one but I can see why it wasn't in the top 2, it didn't seem "pageanty" (sp?). Not that I have any idea what Miss USA would want to wear.
Aw, poor poor Malan. I saw him in a new (tender) light last night, and his auffing broke my heart. Poor guy.

Jeffery's feminazi comment was totally and completely offensive - I don't see any difference between that term and any other racial/orientation epithet. I already knew I didn't like him (or his designs), that was just the frosting on the cookie.

I am utterly agog that Angela didn't get auffed. How completely unprofessional was her rotten attitude? Granted, Vincent is uncomfortable to watch in his craziness, but get a grip lady! "I don't do sketches"??? For real? And like it or not, it was his design and she was the helper bee.
Yep....Jeffrey made me hate him for real last night...that comment was completely inappropriate. Especially when you know the rest of the guys probably think Vincent is batshit crazy too - and just disregard him as not really a threat.

Angela totally should've been off last night - she didn't even present a sketch. Good maude, even *I* could've come up with some kind of sketch in a half hour - didn't have to be genius if you didn't want to lead anyway, but c'mon!!! And to follow that up with her totally bad attitude...Now, Vincent is an asshole, but she could've approached it differently, and probably even helped him. He just needs to be told that his bad 80s wear is brilliant, and then he'd have let her sew, and maybe his dress wouldn't have looked so puckered.

I wanted to see more of Kayne and Robert's collaboration...I'm betting they were a joy to watch. And the finished piece was *such* a pageant dress - of course it won! I think Tim is totally right - it does look like a float in a parade, but that's what pageants are, a garish kind of parade....Kayne knows that audience so well!
Ooh!! Here's a link to the scandal of Keith's portfolio...
Wowzers, I was surprised last night! Now I am feeling really bad for the comments I made last week about Malan. I do think he came off much different this week though. Last week he looked creepy.

I actually think Vincent was more to blame than Angela. I was hoping he'd get kicked off. I was surprised at how well his dress turned out, given last week's plant basket/hat debacle.

I liked Uli's (sp?) dress the best, but I am glad the person won who did. His name is, Robert? Is that right? He is this season's Andrae, and you could just tell he wanted to win so badly. His dress was beautiful, though I didn't care for the bottom.

Off topic...did anyone watch the show that debuted after PR? Now I am addicted to that one too.

sorry to double post...I didn't see an edit button.

Comment on Keith...I forgot about that in the auditions! The whole "collaboration" thing. If that's true & he's made women's outfits before, why was he so adamant last week that his dress was the first dress he's ever made. ? That is not making sense.
I love fashion tv. It's so fun. I knew I should have listened to my friends who liked PR two seasons ago.! If you can't get enough of Project Runway I also suggest the show House of Boateng on the Sundance Channel. It's another show that follows a designer (Ozwald Boateng, he works for Givenchy in Europe, I think) who is trying to break into the American market - but it's from kind of a more business perspective, instead of a design one. It's totally fascinating - there is a lot that i don't know about how the industry works.
Oh my goodness, I was so sad about Malan. I mean, the whole episode (and season so far) Ikept thinking "Is this guy for real?" The whole story about his mother throwing his sketches on the floor and the accent and the sincerity. But I really wanted Vincent or Angela to go, I know that they will eventually. I, too, was pissed about the "feminazi" comment by "tatoo neck" as faerietails called him. It made NO sense at all! I thought his designs would be cool and professional looking, but so far they have really sucked.
The problem with Jeffery, other than being a jackass, is that he is making everythign so dark and goth. It's the Miss USA pagent for chrissake!
I must join the ranks of thoes who saw Malan in a new light last night. Damn the editors. You know they did that on purpose. But in watching him, he also seemed really professional to work with. His partner had nothing bad to say other than he didn't like his design. And you know when his mom threw thoes designs away what she was really saying was "I don't want my son to be gay." God forbid a man show signs of femininity.
While Kayne's dress was not my favorite, it was a total pagent dress. He knows his client. And the fabric will show up well under the lights.
I agree I really felt sorry for Malan! Though Tim was right the dress did look like it was carved out of a log. But yeah if the story about his mom is true that's just so sad. sad.gif

IMHO I really thought that Vincent was to blame more than Angela, he was kinda of an ass to her from the time he picked her calling her by the wrong name and there were several times that she asked to help and he just blew her off. Then when they were finishing up he was barking at her and calling her "sweetheart" in a demeaning way. It wasn't professional in the least. Then he made the comment that he had to correct her mistakes - but there was nothing showing she even got to work at all on the dress. Of course it's really clever editing and such, but still. Anyway she could have handled it differently.

Oooo that whole "feminazi" really pissed me the hell off. What exactly gave him the right to call her that? She was being pouty and slightly bitchy but I didn't hear her male bashing. I really don't care for tattoo neck he's just an ass.

from Tim's new podcast on vincent's dress & the ridiculous epaulets on the shoulders "where was she going - Judy Jetson's birthday party?!" bwahaha! I *heart* Tim!
Regarding Vincent and Angela's runway critique, I really felt like something good and long was cut out of the final show. Kinda like Santino's 90 minute argument or something. It jsut seemed that all of the sudden everyone looked angry or uncomfortable.

Am I am complete geek? I just sent Malan a message on his MySpace page.
Octobersky, I know! Vincent was driving me crazy with all the "sweethearts." He sounded as if he were addressing one of his children, the way he was ordering her around.
I can't wait to hear Tim's podcast tonight. I'm so glad that Kayne won - he so deserved it. I liked Uli's dress, too, but the top was a little too casual. I want Kayne and Barbie Boy to be my new boyfriends.

Tattoo Neck can go eff himself. I had such high hopes for him a week and a half ago, but he's done nothing but disappoint. And every time he wears vertical lines near his neck (like that necklace he had on last night), it looks like that's what's holding his grotesque head up, like they're drilled into his neck. So not a good look for someone who should know how to make people look good. Freakshow! That "feminazi" comment was so wrong. You'd think an edgy guy like that would kind of "get it." Nope.

I'm taking Vincent's side of the argument. At least Angela could have made a sketch, any sketch! Instead she spends that time glomming on to someone who's not interested in working with her, playing politics, wasting his time. Not cool. I was glad to see her get picked last, just sucks that Vincent had the last choice. True, he could have had her do some busywork (I'm viewing him as the new Daniel Franco of this season), but it was his vision and he was in charge and she didn't even try. Not even a damn sketch!

I was a little sad to see Malan go, too. I hate when they do these partnered/team challenges. But I did think it was really cool that he took full responsibility for his vision. That takes a lot of balls. I don't think the dress looked that bad, it was certainly better than Angela's lack of work/effort/point. Oh, well. She'll get hers. But I do want to see some of this arts-and-crafts look she kind of has in her designs.

Jude Law boy needs to go. Blech. He's only on because he's pretty, so they should just have a picture of his head floating in the corner of the screen, no words or actions necessary. Every time he opens his mouth it turns to crap.

Why didn't we get to see this whole scandal they alluded to in the previews? I hate when they do that. Truth in advertising, dammit!

I can't seem to find Tim's audio podcasts. Are they only on iTunes now?
i agree with all who say that vincent was the one at fault. sort of...

they showed several spots where angela asked what she should/could do for him, and she also asked what he needed from her. he was the one who took the princess-y, "i'll do it myself" approach. yeah, it was stupid of her to try to form alliances during drawing time, but i think vincent was playing on that foible way more than facing the fact that he is a god-awful designer. and he was really playing to the grandstands too. i'm sure he'll be off soon, though.

still not attaching to anyone in the way that i admired daniel v.

god, allison is so damn cute! i want her to gently carress me awake every morning in lieu of an alarm clock. and i also want to do many other things with her...but, um...they have nothing to do with project runway. okay, so maybe she is my daniel v. -- at least from a masturbation fantasy perspective. don't really know about design, though.
Stupid new message board. I can't log in to my old account. But anyway...
I was really hoping Malan would stay for a few more episodes. He was so creepy looking and unintentionally hilarious and had that evil laugh... He would have made for some entertaining viewing, but his dress was pretty crappy and it was his design.
Ew, hate Jeffrey now. I thought I'd like him when I first read his Bravo profile and saw his audition, but he was a jackass last week and an even bigger jackass this week. I know it's been said, but... "feminazi"? Screw you, and screw your giant, tattooed, freakshow neck.
And at least two straight guys this season? Is that some kind of record?

Last night I had a dream that I was a project runway design camp, and I was making out with Santino.
Choofums....what that a dream for you or a nightmare? It'd be a nightmare for me!

I know, there does seem to be 2 straight men on the show this time. Crazy.

I think Jeffery is on the show b/c M. Kors liked him.

Wasn't there someone on last season who didn't sketch?
oh oh oh oh oh!!!! shit! i haven't been watching this season cos i don't have cable but now i found out they rerun it on nbc and i am totally going to watch because I JUST FOUND OUT THAT BRADLEY IS ON IT. crap and a half, this is so weird, he is one of my sort of acquaintance-friends who is good friends with all my friends but i don't know that well (my ex-roommate refers to him as her "spiritual guru" and i worked at the same coffeeshop with him) and i haven't seen him since i found out that he GOT IT but apparently he is being all secretive about it because they're not allowed to talk about it until it's over BUT ANYWAY its kind of awesome that someone i know is getting this big break and honestly bradley is one of the nicest human beings i've ever encountered and therefore he should be all of yours' new favorite.

sorry about that outburst! it was just exciting news. and now i am going to watch every episode.
I loathe Angela. That is all.
I too, loathe Angela.

But I LOVE LOVE LOVE Laura Bennett. How effing cool is she? 42, mother of 5 kids, and looks awesome. OK, obviously she has some money - look at the louis vuitton luggage she carried into the apartment - but it seems like she has made her own way from what her bio says. I love her style and I love the stuff she's done so far. Super classy and it is definitely her.

And I too, am in love with Kayne and Robert. I just want them to run away together and design fabulous clothes for pagents and barbie dolls and have a fabulous life being super cute and I will watch the show! I too, was soooo happy Kayne won that challenge. I think it truly meant more to him on a deeper level than anyone else there. and he is just so cute!

I like Michael, too. He's got great style and construction skills. That dress out of coffee filters was amazing.

so yes, I am addicted. I am so addicted that I bought the season from Itunes. eek!
I watched a few minutes of the Miss Universe thing last night. Unfortunately, Kayne's (am I the only one who kept reading "Kanye"?) dress wasn't enough for her to win. She made into the top 5, but Miss Puerto Rico won. It was a lovely dress, though.

Someone said the white dress that Laura and Michael did together wasn't "pageant" enough...I think Miss Switzerland, who was in the top 3, was wearing a very similar dress, but in a hot pink that did nothing for her.

I didn't think Malan's dress was bad enough to kick him off (batshit-crazy guy or the dumb girl who got stuck with him- they deserved each other!- should have been auf'ed) but I hope that in real life, Malan gets some intensive therapy to deal with the stuff with his mother and figure out why he has such an abrasive personality and no friends.
I hear that, Polly. Malan does seem like he could benefit from therapy.

Mouse, which one is Bradley?
Bradley's the scruffy one who worked with Keith on the pagent dress challenge. That's so cool that you know him, mouse; from the little bit they've shown of him he seems pretty awesome, and I loved the clothes he brought to his interview. It looks like they might be setting him up for elimination this coming week, which, of course, means he will almost definitely be on for another week after that.
yeah i haven't even seen the show yet (tonite tho right?) and only watched bits and pieces of the past ones but i was out for drinks with some friends on friday and the subject came up and it was all "oh yeah, bradley's on the show this season". i actually don't know him very well and didn't know what he did, i just knew that he worked at the same coffeeshop as me for a while so i didn't guess that he was as accomplished as he is (not that baristas are unaccomplished, but, you know), and then my roommate kept mentioning that the place he worked at was hiring a graphic designer and did i want that job. plus he's a very scruffy/thriftstore dresser . anyway, it is exciting for him. i wish they had an illustration or graphic design reality contest show, they have everything else right? (singing, dancing, fashion, cooking...)....i would try out for that in a second! but it would be a damn boring show i'm sure.....ha!
Yeah, mouse, I dunno about you, but for me, the graphic design process isn't all that exciting or, if we could tell our clients what we *really* think of their ideas and feedback...well, that would be interesting, but I'm not sure how good it would be for our careers in the longrun. Fun to think about though.

I just keep thinking of the camera shots *now we see mouse, patiently glueing gems onto a sample design for urban outfitters....oh wait, look there's turbo, going in for the finishing touches on yet another vomitingly sweet child welfare brochure...oh, now she's going in for a break on BUST!*

Can't wait for the next epi tomorrow night. I hope they spank keith michael's bottom and send his plaigiarizing ass packing....
I'm so excited to be watching season three in real time, as opposed to waiting for the DVDs!

Can't wait to see Vincent totally crack up! Dude is clearly nuts...and I suspect a substance abuse problem in his past.

Hate Angela...she looks so freaking raggedy and sweaty. And her comment to Miss USA, "I don't sketch." Bitch, please.

Love Allison and her cute, cute haircut.

Can't remember Bradley's dress in the first challenge...glad to hear he's nice, though. That makes me hope he does some good designs.

Keith- ew! I, too, can't wait for his smarmy ass to get reamed.

Jeffrey I was hoping to like, but he's an asshole. Plus, he seems like he's trying so hard to maintain his coolness that he can't really focus on the challenge.

Lessee...I'm hoping Katherine, the chick with the chin piercing, does well. I think she seems sweet.

Malan I thought I would hate, but I decided he was more socially inept than evil. And he was so unintentionally funny. Awww...I would've liked to have him around a little longer.

And Laura...I don't get the love. I guess it's cool that she has popped out all those kids and still manages to put on lipstick and a cocktail dress or whatever...naw, I don't totally mean that. She does seem smart and like a hard worker...I'm just not into her style is the real thing.

So excited about tomorrow night! The poor Mr. has to deal with me and his best friend being obsessed with this show!

ETA- bunnyb, Tim's podcasts are still on the Bravo site...lemme know if you still can't find them and I'll give more details about where they are.
Yeah, I'm not really into Laura's aesthetic either, but I do admire her - for knowing who she is, and for designing her clothes with a real perspective...its more mature, urban than my own style, but I do like that there is someone on the show offering that perspective...if she could have a more mature looking model, it would work even better.

I can't wait for tonight's show!!!
I think the reason that I like Laura so much is that her clothes are clean and urban... etc. I'm small, and I pretty much look terrible in anything really fussy - it kind of overwhelms me. I generally go for clothes in the style of people like Calvin Klein & Hugo Boss, for example. So I guess that's why I'm drawn to Laura's clothes. Her clothes are admittedly more mature than I'd go for, but I do love the clean, urban aesthetic.
Amilita, thank you soooooooo so much for mentioning Tim's podcasts! I'm listening to the latest one now & loving it. I love hearing Tim's frank opinion of the situation. Many smooches to you.
Mouse and Turbo,
I was thinking last year about a graphic design version of the show, too. I quit my first (and only!) job designing because I was such a freaking spaz right before the deadlines were my computer would crash and programs would need to be reinstalled, or the copier would go wonky on me. I couldn't handle the stress. In that way, I guess I'm kind of like Vincent from season 3. But that would probably make for an interesting show. smile.gif[left=]
Goodbye Katie, we hardly knew ya.
I did kind of like her dress, although it didn't look "designer-y" enough for the show. That, I will agree with.

Can Keith get any slimier? My bet's on him as the designer who gets booted next week. There's just something menacing about him (but maybe it's residual unease over his feeling up of Miss USA last week).

I think Kayne is becoming my season favorite, both him and Robert - but Kayne is slightly ahead. There's something about his clothes that seems to celebrate women. I absolutely loved his skirt last night. And, as an aside, if I didn't dig his bigger-than-life, colorful taste before, the fact that he was wearing a shirt made of Repro Depot fabric during the runway portion made me dig him more (I know it was made of repro depot fabric because I just bought the same damn fabric this past weekend).
Didn't someone say something a while back about Kayne having cheek implants? 'cause last night I caught his face at a certain angle and thought, "yikes! looks like he's having an allergic reaction" and then realized it was only in the cheek area.
I was sad to see Katie go last night...she certainly wasn't going to win, and seemed utterly bewildered by dress construction, but I think Angela may only be capable of making those bloody awful bubble skirts that she's constantly wearing. She's such a mess.

I want them to spend more time on runway judging so they can say something about each designer's dress...I mean, Michael has gotten *no* airtime, and I thought his dress last night was one of the most amazing out there - that brown tweed with the beautifully scuplted neckline, and good maude, that man knows how to dress a woman's curves - perhaps he's a sleeping champion....

I did love Kayne's dress, and Uli's - they do indeed celebrate what's fun about being a woman. I am worried about Laura, that she cannot stretch outside of her comfort zone of urbanite business suits, but I look forward to seeing more.

And I do sincerely hope that the scandal next week is about Keith and that he's off the show. He is SO arrogant, which is not in itself bad, but he's so creepy too, and not following the directions of the challenge, and trying to pass off a purchased dog collar as his own....he's shown us already he has no conscience...just make him go away.

I'm glad Bradley got to stay. And I think its hilarious that the judges loooooved his weird poufy blouse.

*skips off to read tim's blog*
I'm sad Katie is out. I liked her, she was cute, young, a little out of her element, and from Minneapolis. But she was out of her league on the show. Her dress was cute but nothing special.

I really truly believe Keith should have been out because he didn't make a dog outfit. That was the assignment. You can't just pick and chose what part of the challenge you want to do. He's so arrogant. His human dress was nice but the no dog thing really pisses me off.

I'm glad Bradley is still around. He seems sweet. Mouse, you will have to keep us up to date with anything you know/hear about him.

I loved Uli's dress. I liked the idea of Alison's outfit but Uli's was prettier. Laura's was really great too.

I can't wait for next week. I'm so excited to see someone kicked off. Does that make me evil? Probably not, just a reality tv fan.
Poor Katie. I agree though, she didn't really know what she was doing.

My other observations:

Michael: Why is he being consistently ignored?? This is really pissing me off! His dress last night was amazing, if I could buy it, I would. Looks like he might be a sleeper. He'll be able to make it to the later shows, maybe he will get more attention then.

Laura: I am starting to really dislike her. She's pretty snobby. I cracked up when she wore her riding pants to the park.

Vincent: Crazy. Did you see the way he was laughing and laughing at his dog's outfit?

Keith: Ugh. I can't stand him. He's like Santino, one of those external locus of control people. If he doesn't win, it's because the judges don't know what they are doing, not because he didn't complete the challenge.

Alison: I think she was really disappointed she didn't win.

Uli: Really like her.

Angela: Could she have any worse taste??
I read that they make potential contestants take personality tests prior to being accepted...I suspect they took a handful of crazies on purpose this year or something.

Cuz, I'm sorry, but Bradley seemed like he might blow last night. I still believe that he is a nice person and all that, and maybe he is just freaking out about the pressure or is missing home...but maybe he went off his meds or something more serious. It was so odd how he was just sitting there and sitting there at the workroom table. And then on the runway his dog barked and he picked it up and I was a little scared he was gonna strangle it; he had a really weird look on his face. Little things like that. He seemed 'off' in a quiet way.

Unlike Vincent, who is just clearly bubbling over with crazy. My PR friend and I were like, "We can't wait for his meltdown!" His designs are so 80s (or otherwise irrelevent) I almost feel sorry for him.

And unlike Keith, who seems genuinely sociopathic.

Uli's gown I loved! I was glad she won. I love mixed patterns, and I would like to get better at it...I hated the giraffe fabric she picked out, but loved it on the dress.

Allison did look rather upset she didn't win...I think she'll be in the top 3, though.

Laura cracked me up with the riding pants, too...she's all "Horses!" after reading the challenge instructions and then prances out the door in riding pants! Bwah ha ha! And yeah, my 'not getting her' has morphed into 'not liking her.' Her style is so predictable to me. Another fur collar. Yawn.

Kayne has excellent construction skills and I loved the detail of the skirt in the back (with the black insets)...but it gave off this pagent-y whiff. Everything was so matchy-matchy. Like the lining of the coat was the skirt fabric and the belt was the coat fabric. Kinda over the top in a bad way for me. I like him, though.

And I think Robert and Michael aren't getting a lot of air time, but they will later...

Poor Katherine! Shoulda made that hoodie for your model, girl! I liked her, but she wasn't gonna win, so she may as well go.

And Angela is still here! F*** me! She is such a smelly cow. On an organic farm. Wearing a bubble skirt. Bleh.

She cracked me up when she's like "My lady is an assistant director of a children's art camp...IN PARIS!" Oh, yeah, well my lady is a dental hygenist IN MILAN! Woo!

It reminded me of my childhood best friend who, on Halloween, when I told her I was a gypsy was like, "I'm a gypsy (pause) fairy (pause) princess!" Yeah, yeah, that's it.
aw i missed it. i totally suck at watching television haha.
Mouse, I love your Avatar. Did you get it from Meomi? I heart them! My desktop wallpaper is from them smile.gif

Anywho. I missed last night's show too, of course, since Time Warner Cable doesn't carry Bravo. Grrrrr. I was hoping they'd replay it on NBC on Monday like they did earlier this week, but it doesn't look like that's in the cards. Waaaaaaah! Anybody know anything about this? Is there a chance that NBC will keep carrying the show through the summer? If so, you'll have to forgive me as I will be one week behind all of you throughout the run of the show!

Thank goodness for the extras on the website. There's a 20-minute Road To The Runway excerpt on there! Woo! And I love Tim's podcasts. It's funny to hear how much he detests Vincent. And it was interesting to hear that he & the judges didn't know the full extent of Angela's behavior in Ep2 until later.

I, too, wish that Angela was gone. But I must admit that the construction on Malan's dress was wacked. The hem was bad enough, but the sloppy shapping of the top made the model's breasts look totally misshappen. I had issues with the construction of Vincent's dress, too, but it still wasn't as bad as Malan's.
Wah! I don't want Katie to be out! There's some cool stuff out there between the coasts! Her dress wasn't great (though very wearable), but at least it didn't look like a French whore who still think she's 14 inside her head that was Angela's dress.

I liked Angela at first, but now I can't stand her. I want her gone ASAP, although if Keith goes first, that'll be good, too. Do you all think they'll call him on his plagarazation next week?

I'm shocked that Bradley got all those kudos last night, especially from Nina. I didn't think he outfit was that great - the girl looked like a yam on top, but I'm glad he's still in. I hope he went directly out of the building and got sloppy drunk after that runway.

Laura really is a piece of work, isn't she? I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and still like her until she does something mean to someone else. And hey, not everyone is a dog person. I'm not, and I definitely wouldn't have handled a dog as well as she did.

Keith needs to leave. He's a smarmy greasy asshole with a superiority complex (why did they have to let him win the fist one for tailoring a piece of... fabric?). If you don't follow the directions of the challenge, that should automatically get you "aufed." No questions asked. Would it have been that hard to make a tie or something out of the dress fabric? Really?

I'm thinking Michael is going to be the sleeper of this season. Jay never won a single challenge then went on to win the whole thing. We barely heard a peep out of Daniel V. for the first half of last season, then he exploded. Michael's designs are really strong, and when the field narrows a bit more, the judges will see that.

I loved Uli's dress last night, so glad she won. I loved Kayne of Many Colors (as TWoP calls him, and now so do I)'s dress, too, but I'll always go for a colorful swirly asymmetric print. That fabric would inspire me to sew.

Vincent is scaring me a little. I want him to do okay just because he cashed out his biggest asset to try fashion again and I don't want to see him fail, but I'll be damned if he should win. I just want to grab him by the shoulders, sit him down, and make him take a very deep breath while counting to 10. He never quits moving or talking or laughing or being weird. He kind of reminds me of all that I hate about Woody Allen. And dude needs a haircut.

But wow, that Angela really needs to be gone right now. Her outfit was terrible and the judges are right, her taste level sucks. And just because she insists on wearing an ugly bubble skirt to the judging (episode 2) doesn't mean she should subject anyone else to the same ugliness.
"He's a smarmy greasy asshole with a superiority complex." Divala, I LOVE THIS PHRASE! You are brilliant, and that is definitely my new screensaver.

I had weirdness about Laura since the beginning. She just seemed like the everyday, run-of-the-mill yuppie bitch who would come into the new age-y dress/crystal/aromatherapy tourist trap I worked in a few years ago, and say things like, "ooohhh, that would be DAAAHling to wear to so-and-so's OHpening next month." Get over yourself. That piece of shit that you put together for Miss USA looked like some 1994 homecoming queen K-Mart purchase. And by the way, your entire personality is affected.

Yes, Laura neeeeds to go. Girl is all talk.

I find myself wanting, er, liking Allison more and more every week. Actually, I thought her outfit should have won. Uli's seemed to rely solely on the print.

Bradley's whole experience on the last episode reminded me of college. Strokes of luck seen as genious. How often I found myself slumped over a turd of a sculpture...peeing my pants because i procrastinated...getting little/no sleep...then -- feeling the triumph of being able to rationalize my way to an "A" by saying very little and keeping a shred of dignity. He's definitely one of my faves.
so i still haven't seen the most recent episode and technically am not qualified to talk about this, but apparently bradley now has an assistant, which he did not have before, which has made my one friend draw the conclusion that he ends up in the top three. lord knows how valid this is, especially because he is being absolutely mum about the whole thing (as well he should be since the breach of contract clause is for something like thirty million dollars. which i guess makes sense). apparently, his intent was to give as little as possible on the show so they couldn't make him into a character, but it seems to be backfiring since people think he's kind of crazy now.
I'm not seeing Bradley as crazy. I'm just not. But then, someone on one of the other boards I look at called Robert a baby, so I suppose everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
I was so thrilled when I saw Tim come out with all the little dogs. The cuteness was very close to being overwhelming, but I made it through.
This season we're seeing some really beautiful work. Every episode there are so few pieces I can see as being auf'd and so many I can see as winning.
Keith really pissed me off. He could have at least made a little collar for his dog or something, and then he would have made his point about her being so fabulous she didn't need a little coat and would have fulfilled the requirements of the challenge. But what are you going to do? He's an ass.
(oh and yes, roseviolet, it's meomi, and my desktop wallpaper is from them too wub.gif)
I had the chance to listen to 2 of Tim Gunn's podcasts form eps 1 and 2. Holy crap, does he have it in for Vincent! He doesn't like Angela much, either, but he really has it in for that Vincent character. He's normally so mild-mannered, so to hear him go off on someone really makes me believe that Vincent is one helluva whackadoo.

Aw, Heylady *blushes*. I'm just tellin' it like it is. I want to throw something at that boy.

I don't think Bradley is crazy, either, he just goes at things a little differently. I like how calm he is.

I didn't like Laura in the very beginning of the show, either. She seemed really mannish and in the pictures I saw of her on the Bravo website, her bright red lipstick was really muddy. But she's grown on me since then. Her stuff stands apart from the rest, even if it is a little one-note.
Tim did mention in this week'd podcast that when Bradley's outfit was going down the runway that it looks pretty close to what Daniel V. did for the Banana republic epi last year - and he's right - same colors, same skirt, same style of poufy blouse...although Daniel's execution was much more beautiful I thought.

I heart Tim Gunn...he is not getting enough camera time this year, so I'm glad we get the blogs and podcast. But even so - he barely even mentioned Michael's gorgeous tweed dress!! I hope we see much more of Michael as the ranks thin.
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