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gumby, i couldn't agree more. what a jerk.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's nuts....makes Vincent look a lot less creepy at least. A little silly and delusional (about his work) is one thing, being completely manipulative and a pathological liar is another.
I just want to put Tim Gunn in my pocket & carry him around! I wish I had that vocabulary.

I thought the reunion was entertaining. Vincent is nuts. Jeffery is an ass. Keith just might be a sociopath. I about gagged when Alison was looking all sad when they were talking about Keith being kicked off the show. I like her, but I have to question her judgement as she claims to really like Keith AND Jeffery. Why??
Dunno if this has been mentioned, but...,1,20154,00.html
I think she's a little needy- she's a little starry-eyed around them, like she's attracted to the bad/crazy ones.
I don't know about sociopath, but it obvious that Keith lives in a reality of his own creation. What a freak.

I loved the reunion show. It just made me laugh so hard.
I've never liked Heidi much but I thought it was so funny when she was ragging on the fainting model "She gets that a lot yes? Why do you get that a lot?" It was so perfect.

Vincent is supercreepy, and Keith is either a sociopath or an addict (that weird slippery manipulativeness and the unexplained disappearance? Warning signs).

Laura, whom I love, at least looked a little abashed at the footage of her calling everything "serious ugly" -- but she did not apologize, which I Thought was good, because it would have been fake. Maybe Jeffrey should have apologized re. the mom fiasco, even if it would have been fake, because Maude he's unlikeable.

Ha, yeah, the model fainting all the time and Heidi's comments cracked me up- "Can we get her a cheeseburger or something, please?" laugh.gif
I think the Klumbot has definitely grown on me this season...she seems much more comfortable in her role now, not so stiff....and thank cod, the last few epis her clothes have been beautiuful!

I think Tim Gunn needs his own show...we simply do not see enough of that charming, stunning man! I LOVED the language montage too....WOW!
I forgot about the fainting model segment! I didn't hear Heidi tell someone to get her a cheeseburger, either, but that's hilarious! Is it really that difficult just to stand in a spot that it can make a person faint?

Keith is a slivery snake. Everything about him is snakey. That man disturbs me greatly. And Vincent on the tirade about his clothes? Wow. Yeah, if they were marked to not wash them, I'd be angry, too, but not so much that people could hear me from the steet while they're on the balcony. Maybe going off like this makes him hot, turns him on, and gets him off. Just an observation.

Why would Keith make up a story like that when everything's said and done already? Why wasn't there a shocked "somebody planted these!" when Tim went into his room to confront him if this new story is really true? It's sad that a 35-year-old man can't take responsibility for himself.

Robert Plotkin is kind of ugly with the short hair. Daniel Franco looks really weird with long hair. And Daniel Vosovic looks a lot better on camera than he does in the pictures of himself on the Bravo website.

I think I'm nominating Vincent as the new Guadalupe for the award of Weirdest Incoherent Response. Wasn't it him that did that weir rambling tirade?
Is it really that difficult just to stand in a spot that it can make a person faint?

Well, when you live on vodka and cigarettes like most models seem to. Of course maybe she just locks her knees or something. wink.gif
Oh, no, the cheeseburger line was what I was thinking, and it was even funnier when Heidi said, "She gets that a lot, yes? Why do you get that a lot?" Um, duh! Eat more than a saltine a day, and you won't faint.
I have to admit that Robert's "I think Daniel Franco will win Season 3" cracked me up the most.

That and Heidi laughing like Malan...she sounded like Count Count! It was so cute!
Interesting article from today's Tribune.
I'm surprised that they didn't show clips featuring all the incidents with Angela's granny circles. I suppose, despite them being ridiculous, they didn't want to rag on anyone for their design-but it was still such an amusing highlight of this season, and Angela obviously has a sense of humour about it..
Oh yeah, Keith is a total psychopath. Did you see his expression when he was saying you could see the anger in his face and hear it in his voice or whatever? Totally expressionless, spoken in a monotone. Textbook anti-social personality, that boy is.

Michael looked adorable in his braces. I'm so happy he won the fan favorite competition.

Also awesome: Vincent calling someone "dog", hearing Malan laugh again, and the Tim Gunntionary segment.
Can some one tell me who was the woman designer that I didn't recognize? ....There was one lady who I just don't remember even being on the show! I guess she must have been eliminated first! ? What's the story on her? refresh my memory please!
The one who was talking about y-darts? That was Stacey, and she was eliminated first.
Here's a little ditty from Keith about how everyone's against him and poor him. Still a sociopath, IMHO.
Hmmm, I actually read through his whole statement and he makes valid points - everything on TV is fake, edited, acted, planned, etc.....well, almost everything. I mean, I could totally see producers "setting up" a contestant- that's not shocking at all.......
However it was in his "PPS" section where I was like, oh wait.....why did he even bring the books in the FIRST place? I don't know.......
????we'll see what happens I guess.
Is the finale tonight?
The finale is a 2-parter- one part where Tim Gunn goes to visit the 4 remaining contestants at their homes and see how their collection for Fashion Week are going, then the other part where they do the fashion shows. So, tonight is part one of that.
on the keith tip, I'm suprised that a Project Runway cast member contract hasn't shown up on The Smoking Gun yet... That would at least answer part of the question for us mere mortals..
I'm suprised no one's commented on tonight's episode yet (being on the west coast, most see the show before I do)!

So what do you think - is it all Jeffrey's work, or not?

I'm torn - he seemed really sincere about the fact that he did all the work, but Laura and Michael seemed so convinced...
yeah, blanche, I'm leaning toward Jeffrey's innocence as well...he's an emotional boy, I can definitely see him crying from relief. But the doubt is there too...I mean, he *has* regular staff in his workspace to sew his stuff....but I also believe him that his skills may be better than what we saw on the show - he's an artist not used to working in the space of 10 or 20 hours to create a look from shopping for fabric to runway walk.

Laura, that woman has to sew an evening gown, mediate between 4 boys and keep track of Frank the turtle! It does make me think Laura's just a better sewer than anyone we've seen on the show, as I can't think of one time when we saw her picking up glue to finish her garments...which Jeffrey and Crazy Vinnie regularly did.

I loved seeing everyone's homes, family life, and a little bio background...just makes me love them all more. And how sweet was Tim with Michael's family - LOVE HIM!!!

I'm no Jeffery fan either, but I am not sure he cheated. Also, agree with blanche-if he did get kicked off, they wouldn't show us that in the preview. I think he'll show at Bryant Park.

I loved seeing Tim Gunn driving around in that convertible sports car! I also really enjoyed seeing where the designers live. The view from Uli's condo was amazing! Michael's family is so sweet. I was a little surprised at how competitive Michael got last night! He's been so laid back the whole time, and all the sudden, Wham!
POTENTIAL SPOILER (sorta) about Fashion Week!!!

i remember seeing photos around from fashion week and all four showed.
what that means, really, i don't know.
Potential Spoiler!!!!

During fashion week, The New York Post showed pictures from Jeffrey's collection, Laura's collection and Micheal's collection and wrote about all four of them.....

(they said people were quite impressed with Jeffrey's!)

So, yes, he def. showed.

I think Micheal kind of disappointed.....i mean the whole cross-lace up thing, looked a little "cheap"
(according to the article) - but he is still so cute.....his family was adorable!

about jeffrey cheating...i don't know, he kinda strikes me as totally obsessive and cut throat....I could see him doing it all.
Well, we've all known for weeks now that all 4 showed at Fashion Week. So that's no spoiler whatsoever. In the previous 2 seasons, the final 4 always showed at Fashion Week ... even though in those seasons, PR only covered the top 3 on the show. They do that because the fashion show takes place so many weeks before the final airs on television. It's meant to keep people guessing. So there is a chance that Jeffrey was disqualified from winning PR, but was still allowed to present his collection at Fashion Week just to prevent spoilers.

But do I think Jeffrey should be disqualified? Do I think he cheated? Simply put, no. Granted, he is far from my favorite person on the show, but I sense a certain level of integrity when it comes to his work. I don't think that he would have worked to get this far and then screwed himself over by cheating. Besides, if I had made the final, I know I would have busted my ass to make sure my garments were complete before bringing my collection to the final. In the previous seasons I saw the contestants bringing unfinished garments and I always thought "What the hell are you thinking?!? Why didn't you finish this at home?!" Leaving room for alterations is one thing, but if you couldn't focus enough to finish your work at home, then how are you supposed to do it once you're back in the crazy world of PR?

Of course, Jeffrey had quality sewers at his disposal and he could have easily cheated, but I hope not. And as for Laura ... well, she has a right to voice her concerns. That's all she did. Better she say something before the runway shows than after.
I'm glad most folks are on the same page about the Jeffrey controversy. Sure he's a jerk, but throughout the meat of the show, he usually turned in consistent work, well-constructed and I even remember a few times when he was done well ahead of the rest. If he can do that with one outfit in a two-day period, what's so surprising about 12 outfits in two months? I'm more upset with Laura (who I don't really like anyway -- her personality AND her designer work); after those whispered conversations with Michael and Uli about how she doubted Jeffrey's work was all his and how she was going to talk to him about it because she wasn't the type to hold it in, she spoke to Tim first. Um, hello? Tattletale? Is that just a function of being around her kids all the time, or can she truly not act like an adult? Plus, though this shouldn't be a surprise, her collection looks so dull to me.

I'm worried about Michael's collection, too. What happened to his fabulous design work that we saw all season? This urban safari line is *not interesting at all* and doesn't even look like it will be flattering to the models, which has always been his strength.

Much as I dislike Jeffrey's personality, I've liked his work the best on the show. I hope he wins.
*cowers while bracing for the inevitable blows*
Tribune's TV critic's artcle about PR

Ok, I gave Jeffrey more slack this time- he was more human, and I am hoping that Laura's allegations turn out to be false. Do I think he did it? I guess I could go either way- I think, of the four, he has the most experience being a professional designer, so it may be possible for him to have pulled off that quality in two months. Didn't Laura's suspicions have something to do with what Jeffrey's mom said to her mom, since they've become friends? They didn't say anything about this in the episode.

Dammit- I'm going to be out of town next Wednesday and I don't know if I'll be around a TV when it's on....I'm going to be in Mountain Time- does it still play at 9:00 their time, or is it on at 9:00 Chicago time, 8:00 their time???

oh, and kipboom and aspartame- try putting your spoilers in white, that way people who want to read them have to highlight the text to do so. When you're in the reply box, select the text, click on the "A" with the black stripe underneath and select the white. You didn't ruin it for me or anything, just a trick we do around here so as not to ruin it for people smile.gif
rose, I agree with you-if anything he will be disqualified from winning, but still be allowed to show, and just that alone can be a great thing. And I don't think the producers would be so cruel to make him leave after he did all that work on the collection (at least whatever he actually worked on, if that is the case). I don't know if he cheated, they definitely set us up there at the end, but they like to surprise us everytime. But if he did, then he certainly deserves to be disqualified because that is soo breaking the rules..

oh, and Laura has *5* kids, turbo! I also just can't imagine how she does it, and while pregant. They obviously have enough money though for a nanny, so I wouldn't doubt they hired one. Holy Crap! The size of that place, in Manhattan! With that many kids, and trips to Paris, probably among other places, they have to be filthy rich.
Oh, they are filthy rich....Laura's huband is the co-owner of a very well renowned design and architecture firm...she has four boys, and one girl - but she's older and I think may be out of the house at school...its the four boys that I'm sure keep her running! They do have a nanny, and you'd need one with that many kids and high-powered jobs! Her house was *amazing*....and I liked that while it had an aesthetic, it still looks very comfy and lived in.

I'm guessing Jeffrey didn't cheat....tim's podcast said he kept his PR collection private and separate from his other work to keep it confidential. I think his craftsmanship, and perhaps speed, is the difference between having a whole shop full of professional level equiptment, and sewing in your dining room with your Singer. Jeffrey knows his equiptment, and I have no doubt he can churn stuff out pretty quick with that shop. With a designer like Jeffrey in the running, when you get to the final four, its almost not like a level playing field.
It says in her Bravo bio that she was a single mother at one point- do we think she's college-age, or ar we thinking she's off at a snooty boarding school? I loved Tim Gunn's "I don't think I want any turtle poop!" I sooo want an audio file of that, and then make my computer say it when there's an error or something. Hardly ever happens on a Mac, though....Le Boy has the "Hey, hey, hey, muthafucka" from 40-Year-Old Virgin when he gets email- maybe I'll make him switch it! He's had it on there forever and it drives me nuts at this point! Yeah, I really liked Laura's house, too- clean and simple, but not cold and unwelcoming.
I think this may be Laura's second marriage. I can't remember where I read that, though, so I won't swear on it. wink.gif At any rate, I know her first-born (and only daughter) has a different father than the rest of the kids. I think she had all of her boys with her current husband. And with a 5th boy on the way, I can't help but wonder if he's even capeable of fathering a girl!

I noticed something that made me giggle during Tim's visit to Jeffrey's house. It looks like Jeff makes Tim a cup if coffee in a mug that says "Slut" on it. Tee hee!

Back to the controversy.

I have worked as a seamstress at a proper costume shop with cutting boards, industrial machines, industrial irons and ironing hams, and the whole bit. And I assure you all that it makes a HUGE difference. When you have professional tools sitting at the ready for you, you're able to create professional work far more quickly. Compare Jeffrey's space with Michael's: a small office with just two machines - a standard sewing machine and a basic serger. These are the tools of "home sewers", not professionals.

This brings up a problem I had with the casting this season. I found it very odd that they might cast someone who already has a professional line, his own studio, and even his own sewers. I got the feeling that there were a few contestants on the show who already had well-established careers and, therefore, should not have been eligible to compete. And I think this incidence prooves it. Once the contestants left Parson's, it was no longer an even playing field. I would not be at all surprised if the rules and casting guidelines were altered after this season as a result of this.

But the rules for this season are what they are. And so we have what we have. While I can certainly understand why it might look suspicious for one person to be sitting around with nothing to do while the others are feverishly working, I think that Jeffrey is innocent. I think he followed the rules.
I agree w/roseviolet. I too have worked in costume shops w/professional equipment and I was always amazed how quickly I could produce a finished garment there vs. at home. I think Jeffery is innocent. I think he was too exhausted to put up a big fight and defend himself. I also think he was just really offended and saddened by the accusation.
Anyway- I have been a huge Micheal fan all along, but his collection is dissapointing. I think he needs more experience and/or time to give us the level of design we were used to. I bet Jeffery will win.
At this point I'm really not sure who will win, but I don't think it will be Michael. His collection disappointed me when I saw the pictures from Fashion Week, reminded of why he almost didn't get picked in the first place--a little too hoochy-mama IMO. He has the talent and some vision, just not sure where to take it.

I don't think Jeffrey cheated either beause of what roseviolet and jungle_pam pointed out. It would be easier to make a collection on your own tools and in your own space too, IMO. Also, as AZ Guy pointed out (yes, he watches the show with me), his workspace is separate from his home, which meant he'd have fewer distractions than, say, Laura, which to me means he'd be able to get things done quicker. I still don't care for him, but he has enough pride and confidence in his talent not to cheat.

Was I the only one who thought it was weird that they didn't mention the conversation between Laura's mom and Jeffrey's mom? Or is that going to come up next week?
Just thirding rosev and junglepam...professional shops are oh so fab and really speed the process along...

That said, I am more in love with Laura all the time.

And I still think Jeffrey's collection was very H&M
I thought PRG's assessment was right on - Jeffrey prolly didn't cheat, but Laura was justified in bringing it up.

I have to say, I loved alll the families. Laura's kids are so freaking adorable! It's kind of weird that she never talks about her daughter though. Maybe she rebels by wearing jeans and T-shirts every day?

has anyone seen the extended preview up on the Bravo site? No Jeffrey. But I think that's a red herring. It would be so hard to prove Jeffrey had help.
I just posted this but it is not here....

Lunasol, maybe Laura's daughter opted out of being in the spotlight? I know the Ozzie O. and his wife have an oldest daughter, but she decided to never be on/mentioned on the MTV show...

I too am saddened by Michael's collection. But HOW CUTE was he when he was talking about his braces? I was swooning.

I also agree with rose_violets and jungle_pam's opinion and I don't think Jeffery cheated. He did just look really tired and hurt. I'm no seamstress, and I know this is a stretch, but I have worked in labs with various levels of equipment/space available and it takes me days upon days in the less equiped ones to do what takes me mere hours in a large lab space with higher end equipment.
Huh. At first, I was very suspicious of Jeffrey, mostly due to the fact that in the history of PR, no one has ever come fully prepared for fashion week. Some had more to do than others, but they all had sewing to do. But you guys have some good points about having the professional facilities and equipment, and how much that can help. And regarding Jeffrey having completed challenges with time to spare, even when he made jackets, etc. And the no distractions thing.

I do, however, think it was reasonable for Laura to voice her suspicions. And she was up front about it with Jeffrey, at least.

Can't wait to see the collections coming down the runway...I've seen the stills.

I have no clue of who might win, or who I think should win. Michael should have been a shoe-in...alas.
So ... what do you all think? I couldn't watch the show live, of course, but I read the play-by-play on Blogging Project Runway. And I gotta say that I'm not terribly surprised.
I'm never watching this show again. Between the last-minute bringing back of Team Crazy, the rules changing so all four went to fashion week, and the fact that a designer who consistently finished in the bottom two wins? Blah. Give me scripted television. Even Lost makes sense compared to this.

I haven't watched an episode since the final episode, and this is just confirmed to me that I'm not missing much. I can't believe who the winner is...ugh. What a disappointment.
OH Crap!

I couldn't watch the show tonight but I just took a gander at Project Rungay and..well


the dress with the zippers was mighty cute though.
maybe not a popular opinion, but i was not surprised that jeffrey won. i thought his collection was more diverse than the others' collections. he was the only one who showed that he could do more than just one type of outfit (like laura). i thought the judges made their decision based on a)who had varying talent, and b)who was least likely to have a more successful career - it's obvious that the others would be picked up by some company or buyer. i'm honestly not sure that jeffrey would have been.
on another note, i had no particular expectations of what his girlfriend would look like, but i thought it was great that they all had the same hairstyle
Honestly, I'm glad Jeffrey won. His collection was the most cohesive of any of them, and the most creative. And I think he'll make that $100,000 go pretty far, since he already has a shop set up, and employees working for him. I think its a smart decision. I would also have been happy if Laura one - her stuff was elegant and beautiful as always, and very saleable.

Uli - her stuff was beautiful, but I'm just not interested in her work very much - its too much for warm climates for me, and quite frankly, I'm bored by her after all those Uli dresses. I'm sure she'll do well for herself after all the exposure, though.

Actually, I'm sure they'll all do very well with the exposure they've received. Certainly, all 4 collections were the most well constructed that we've seen out of all the seasons.

I'm pleased by the finale, and that I genuinely liked them all as people...and I'm sad that I won't get to see more of Laura and Jeffrey on Wednesday nights. And what'll I do without the Timm Gunn podcasts - I adore listening to Tim chat!
as much as he may have come off as a jerkass, jeffrey won hands down. like michael kors said, he was showing a *wardrobe*. uli, laura and michael did good stuff (and i was hella impressed by laura's beading work) but you would wear each of their outfits to the same event. jeffrey showed more diversity and hot damn that striped dress was adorable.

michael reverted back to his hip-hop stuff, which was depressing. and uli's stuff was all sort of ripoffs of dior and whatnot from a couple years ago. but i don't think not winning is going to harm any of their careers; they certainly can do what they do well, and will.
Jeffery and his style has never appealed to me. However, I had a feeling that Jeffery would win. I agree with what the judges said, his line was a full line and very well-thought out.

I HATED Michael's stuff. It was all too shiney for me.

I thought Uli's was a beautiful line, but nothing surprising.

I have loved Laura's stuff from the beginning. I think she should consider trying some full-figured fashions. Something just tells me that she would rock it. And contrary to what the designer's seem to think, we are easier to design for than dogs.

So, now that this season is over, what should we call the thread when we re-start it next summer? I am so bored with "Are You In?"

Ugh. Unbelievable. I did not see anything "innovative" at all about Jeffery's collection. To me that look is old & tired. I thought Uli's clothing showed a much better range. I do not understand the judging. At all. Like someone else said, I may give up on this show.
dang, that's funny, because I love most of jeffrey's collection, except that striped dress. weird. i think his stuff was more original. i like uli for sure, her stuff was beautiful too, but it was weird between the flowery flowing stuff and the silver stark stuff. michael's i thought was good in terms of fit and stuff, but i'm so not into those shorts! and 4 of his outfits were almost the same-those white ones. laura has beautiful stuff, for sure, but it wasn't sooo original.

i think that all of them really will have a career in this though-michael probably needs a few years to develop his style more.

i can tell i must be pms, or else emotional about my birthday tomorrow, cause i cried at project runway. i also cried at judging amy, and while reading ms. magazine. heh smile.gif
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