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I was just really surprised that Angela didn't cut up all her scraps into little squares to make fleurchons out of and coat her outfit in them. You know she wanted to...
Too bad the bobblehead doesn't really look like him. I really wish the company that makes the barista, librarian and Albert Einstein action figures (among others) would make a Tim Gunn action figure. I think those Tim Gunn t-shirts are hilarious, though. I'm sure after this show ends, Tim Gunn will probably be a commentor on those VH1 list shows, like the guy from Joe Millionaire (Tim Gunn would be far less monosyllabic, of course!)

I think they brought Angela and Vincent back again just to torture them. I know that they were the only ones who won challenges at one point, then got kicked off later, but would they have had that twist if it was someone forgettable who had done that, like Bonnie or, who was that woman who got kicked off on the first show, Stacy? I mean, did they really think either of them could win? It's not like they were Allison, who was totally robbed.

So now, whenever I take my dog out and he's hemming and hawing about "doing his thing", I say, "C'mon dog, make it work!"
have i mentioned how much i hate you people with cable?
Polly, I've already seen Tim Gunn doing commentary on (I think) Best Week Ever! biggrin.gif

Can't you buy episodes of PR on iTunes?
So here's my question, and tell me if I'm wrong about this, but:

If there was one ep where two designers were eliminated (Keith and Katie), and it was a surprise (i.e., not like last season when Diana and Marla were eliminated in the same ep), doesn't that mean that they have to have an ep where no designers are eliminated? Because I'm sure they have a contract for a certain number of shows. Or maybe they'll just do a filler ep. Like an extra "here are the final 3 in their hometowns" ep.

I've been wondering about this for a while, and when I saw Angela and Vincent, I thought this was how they would deal with it, but apparently not. Apparently that was just the sound of PR jumping the shark.
Luna, I've wondered about that, too. I checked the schedule & it looks like there will not be a new episode next week. Hmm.

I watched the preview for the next show. Uli seems to be making another halter-y Uli dress. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. I worry about her.

For those of you who don't know, the runway shows for all 4 contestants were shown at Olympus Fashion Week this morning. I've been looking at some of the pics on Getty Images. Is it okay if we talk openly about that here? Or are some of you trying to avoid the pics until the final episode airs?
Yeah, they must have a backup plan for when one of the contestants does something stupid to get themselves kicked off. I'd imagine that this week's episode was as a result that, though it didn't really replace an episode since Angela, Vincent got eliminated again and Kayne got booted, which i suspect was going to happen anyway. My prediction- Laura, Michael and Jeffrey in the final 3. I think Uli will be gone on the next episode. I don't mind her stuff, but she makes the same dress over and over, whereas Laura, even though she's sort of "safe", has stayed true to her style while still varying her design. Like turbo said, it would be nice to see designs for a more mature woman.

So my sister was explaining to me that because this week is fashion week, they'll do shows for the last four contestants that we saw last night (Uli, Laura, Michel and Jeffrey) but when they show the last episodes of PR, they won't show whoever didn't make it into the final three? I'm a little confused- I assume that's just so the end of the show won't be ruined since everyone would know by who didn't have a show at fashion week? By now the show is done taping, right? So the final three and the subsequent winner has already been picked, they're just giving the non-final 3 person a show? Is this correct?

That's true, flanker, I think I've seen him on one of those shows already.

ETA: I cross-posted with rose, who sort of answered my question! I don't want to see the collections until the PR episodes air, but I guess as long as no actual pics are posted (like, links only for those who want to see) and there's not a great deal of detail described, I guess that's okay.
Polly, your sister is correct. I know they did the same thing during the last season, too. Kara had a show at Fashion Week to throw off the trail, even though she didn't make it into the final 3.

BPR has images from the runway shows on their website now, so avoid that site if you want to stay in the dark! And if any of us want to talk about it, we can just post our comments in white. Will that work for everyone?
OK, here's what I want to know - why did Nazri model for Uli instead of Michael? Has Laura never met a color she liked? Why does Jeffrey think anyone wants to see his calves? Does Uli think everyone lives in the tropics? And why, Michael, o why would you make a swim suit from *that fabric* (trying to be a bit discreet for those who opt not to go to BPR).
.....I hate saying this, but...Jeffrey's collection is my favorite. *sigh* Actually, I hated saying I liked Santino's collection a lot more. Somehow, Jeffrey has mellowed on me, and I don't hate him really, just wish he'd be a little less crabby and more accepting of others. I'm sure crabbiness and drama all around is heightened by their exhaustion and the non-stop schedule they're on.
was just really surprised that Angela didn't cut up all her scraps into little squares to make fleurchons out of and coat her outfit in them. You know she wanted to...

Hee, too true, divala.

I think they just brought back those two because of the drama it would create, talent be damned. Maybe that's why they let them win a couple of challenges, so they would have a legitimate excuse. If they wanted serious competition, bringing back anyone else would have made more sense. (On that note, has anyone else been following Katherine's blog? She's been doing the challenges this season and posting them on there. They aren't bad, not something I would see someone getting auf'd for.)

Project Rungay also has images and links up for the shows as well, if you're trying to avoid them. Haven't had a chance to check any of them out though...
What is the link to BPR's photos of the fashion week shows? Thanks!
Humanist, I think this is it.;p=7&tag=1

Unfortunately, the images are not in any particular order, but the description under each pic identifies the designer.
I've even seen some pictures via Google Images of Austin Scarlett's PR Show at Fashion Week. It all makes so much sense now.
If you haven't seen this ... Enjoy

IPB Image
Taligator, that right there is a thing of beauty! Thank you sooooooo much for posting it!
Thanks for the link, rose!

Comments in white below:

So, Uli can sew on a sleeve, but she doesn't seem to want to acknowledge the existence of pants. Right now she seems like the most limited of the bunch. And if black lace is going to make a comeback, I wouldn't say it was because of Laura's uninspired use of it. But her beadwork! Loved. It. So. Much. That minidress with the green beaded straps looked stunning against the model's skin! Yes, I loved a lot of Laura's stuff, but I can't decide between Michael and Jeffrey for an overall favorite. I can't wait for the season finale now! And I'm dying to know who isn't in the top three! Ack!

ETA: LMAO!! Thanks for my new wallpaper, taligator!
If you don't understand that glorious photo below, just watch this. biggrin.gif

Someone has created slideshows of all the PR runway shows on YouTube. Warning: the music is cheesy! Put on the mute!





Michael continues to be my favorite. That's all I'll say for now. smile.gif
More comments in white, after reading collection comments on Project RunGay:

Man, I was really suprised at how much everyone hated Michael's collection. And if he didn't make it to the top three (people were speculating since Nazri was modeling for Uli), I might cry.
OK, after looking at all the YouTube presentations I find I hate Uli's collection less than the rest, but not by much. Uck.
Oh dear....

Comments in white:

I really, as Nina and Heidi would say "did not love" Michael's collection. Or anyone else's, for that matter. Actually, the one I hated least was Jeffrey's which breaks my heart. Seriously, y'all.

I remember reading that the contestants got like half the time for this year's collection than they had the last two seasons. I think that explains a LOT. I'm still waiting for a collection as inspired as Jay's.

And how could Michael NOT be in the Final 3?!?!?! huh.gif

Here are better pics of the collections. No watermarks this time and no cheesy music!





In white ....

I don't think that Michael was necessarily kicked off. If that happens, then I will feel compelled to ignore PR for all of eternity. The man has never ever been in the bottom 2 and I simply cannot believe that he will not be in the top 3.

The thing is they always throw some extra, funky challenge on the designers at the end. I'm guessing that this time it involves the models. Maybe they don't get to choose who models for them & it's all just assigned ... pulling names out of that ol' velvet bag that Heidi carries around, you know? There's got to be an explanation. That's all I'm saying.

I think that the judges will adore Michael's collection. At least, I hope so! It's hard to tell because I did not like Chloe's final collection last year and she won (but I liked so many things she had done on the show that I was eventually able to forgive her). Anyway, I think that Michael's collection looks polished from head to toe. The clothing looks "expensive". And the hair, make-up, jewelry, shoes ... it's all just perfect. I don't care what people may be saying on Project RunGay. The man deserves to win and everybody knows it.

As for Jeffrey, he had some dresses in there that I really enjoyed. However, that doesn't make it high fashion. And if the judges want to get nit-picky, I saw a few construction issues and there were outfits sent down that runway with the wrong shoes. Wrong wrong wrong.

Laura's was good and bad. Parts were rather flat. I can understand why, what with the limited time and the exhaustion of pregnancy. But I saw a few shilouettes that were just so uncomplimentary to the models' frames (making them look like walking rectangles or even making them look a bit pregnant). And why no pants? Why not a single pant? Or did I miss something? I mean, I think may have seen a jumpsuit thing, but no actual pants.

Uli. Uli Uli Uli. I still think that the woman has an amazing way with pattern. And her construction skills are amazing. I see the way she managed to match the seaming with those patterns and ... wow. She's great. And I think she'll go far. But I don't know if she'll win. I have a feeling that she is the one who got 4th place, simply because the judges have nailed her a few times for making the same halter dress and in the preview for the next episode, she's making yet another halter dress. She certainly has a signature look, but I don't think that's going to be enough to win this show. Plus, I would have liked to see more color in her final collection. Granted, hers was more colorful tha Laura's but Laura is known for muted colors. Uli is known for colorful patterns.
White - I guess to let those who are restrained enough NOT to seek out pictures live in happy ignorance - fools! wink.gif

I must be so old - I really liked Laura's collection. She kept her palette simple and sophisticated, depending on cut and creativity in construction rather than blinding everyone prints and asymmetry. A few times I thought to myself, 'Oh my gosh, this looks like stuff Lauren Bacall would wear if she were forty.' Which is sort of what Laura is like, I guess.

I love some of what Uli did on the show, but I didn't like a single thing she put on the runway here. So much of it screamed "I am 68 years old and have 12 cats and I'm going to bingo in my caftan now!" Halters and halters and halters.

Jeffrey's collection says "senior fashion design student's final project" to me. Or H&M. Definitely looked like stuff you could buy at H&M. Which is to say, I really liked some of it, but beyond that, meh.

I will confess to not understanding Michael's aesthetic, but I'm a white girl from upstate new york, and I'm not equipped to connect the dots from the collection to hip hop. I'm not a fan of the hot pants, myself. That said, his construction is impeccable and he showed the most range, although it looked like he had fitting problems with the swimsuits (bearing in mind that those are still photographs of bodies in motion...)

So who the hell knows?

Heh, I'm picturing Heidi Klum, snapped and off her rockers, trolling the subways, clutching her black velvet bag and approaching strangers, hissing: "Are YOU in or out? Let's see what the bag says!" Then holding it to her ear and listening and nodding, a la Rimmer and Mr.Flibbles.

edit- where on projectrungay are they talking about the collections? when I go there the first entry is about the Kaynebow's it hasn't been updated in I just stupid or what?
Luci, their page has definitely been up-dated! Go there again &click refresh a couple of times. Hopefully that will fix it for you. From there you can just click on the Comments link under each post to see what others have to say.
Regarding the collections (in white):

Jeffrey: I have to say it looked like he took all the styles of his fellow designers and did a mash-up with his own style. I saw an Uli dress in there, a couple Laura dresses, and Michael's definate hip-hop style. The only thing I really saw that was Jeffrey were the skinny rocker pants. I'll say this, I think his collection is very NOW but I don't necessarily think it's any good. It's very H&M though .. I have to agree with that comment.

Uli: Yes, the woman can do patterns like nobody's business but to me, patterns look cheap. I didn't get sophisticated at all. The gold fabric was very old and dated looking. It wasn't terribly flattering. There was a gold charmeuse looking dress which was pretty but that's the only thing I really liked. I felt like Uli was designing for the amazonian woman only - the one who is long and lean and can wear prints like that. I think it makes Uli look short and I'd hate to see her clothes on normal people.

Laura: I think of all of them she was the most elegant even though it was 'golden age of clothes' it was also whimsical with the beading, the collars, etc. I loved the pantsuit, wow I'd wear that. She did lace well and I happen to like that lacy look but only on models. smile.gif

Michael: I was quite disappointed in it overall. I think his inexperience as a designer is showing when he tried to put it all together. You could see the points he tried to used to bring it all together (gold, large wide belt) but it didn't work for me. Besides, what is it with gold being used? I think they all used gold .. funny. Perhaps it's because I can't stand that color that I noticed it .. I really don't like his collection. I still like Michael but I think the collection was a flop. It felt very dated and 80's (he and Jeffrey should start a collection together!) and just felt like he went through a bunch of discount stores and grabbed items and threw them together.

I'm pretty disappointed with the collections. I really would have loved to have seen what Kayne could have done. It would have been vibrant I'm sure, unless he pulled a Santino and did it exactly opposite of his normal style - though I think that would be unlikely. Last season Santino was my favorite collection and I couldn't stand him through the entire show. smile.gif

luci -

For some reason the Rungay site doesn't seem to refresh on its own in my browser either, but if you manually hit refresh a few times, you'll get the new stuff - if not, empty your cache.

In white:

Upon viewing the slide shows again, I'm responding much better to michael's collection. Its funny to me that its supposed to be a spring collection, and with the exception of michael, all of the palettes are very neutral and muted. I love michael's bright pops of color, and the models look fantastic in his clothes, and what little curves they have are hightlighted. The models for the other designers looked scary thin, and really seemed to be an issue, especially for laura.

So my two faves are michael and jeffrey. I can't wait to see what unfolds!
Don't know if anyone has seen this one but here is the video from Kara Saun's new collection...


It's very "Opium Madam" but there is a green leather jacket that I would SO wear.
Okay, so this isn't PR related, but it is most definitely runway-related! Now here's something you don't see everyday...
That's awesome, faerie! All those fashion industry types at the magazines, shows, design houses who claim they have no choice in following the existing standards for models just don't wanna take a stand!

I'm currently downloading last week's episode off iTunes...after reading all the stuff on the internet about it...and it's taking for-EVER! Ugh.

And bethie, your link doesn't work...I suppose I could just search for it, but I'm too lazy! Maybe later. When you said 'opium madam' I was all excited.
I tried not to look at the collection photos, but I couldn't resist. My thoughts in white:

Michael- I didn't like it that much. I've been a Michael fan, but his collection is not my style.

Jeffrey- I liked a few pieces, but overall I didn't like it. It is very H&M, and I'm sure Jefferey would hate that comparison. I like H&M though on some things.

Uli- No, I did not like it at all.

Laura- I liked some of the pieces, but overall I didn't like it.

Kara Saun Fall 06

Let's try this again!
blanche - there's always the 2 hour premiere of America's Next Top Model, if you need to make catty comments about something - ANTM is always a good bet. Tyra alone is annoying enough on her own!

Thanks for the link bethie! I liked many pieces in Kara's collection - a couple of the dresses with the keyhole neckline were gorgeous, and there was a green leather blouse/coat with a fitted cummerbund that was stunning. But then....what is with all the exposed sternums this season?! I guess its not just Laura! Personally, I don't need to be showing anybody that much skin!
Blanche, you are sadly correct. Here is the schedule for the rest of the season (courtesy of Blogging Project Runway).
  • Tomorrow night September 20 will be a repeat of the Black and White challenge.
  • September 27 will be the final challenge.
  • October 4th will be the Reunion.
  • October 11th will be the Finale Part One (Presumably where Tim visits the designers at home etc.)
  • October 18th will be the Finale Part Two (The Fashion Show and the Results.)
actually, i think kara saum's pieces are really exquisite. i love the pseudo-gothic edwardian look about the silky dresses and the intense colors... smile.gif
Designermedusa: Totally OT, but: GO TIM WALZ!!!

Nothing to say about PR except...I love fourfour's recaps. Even more than TWoP's.
I told myself I wasn't going to look at any pictures before the finale this year, but I was weak. I blame PR for not giving me my new episode fix. I'm not going to say anything about the actual collections (which were just ahight for me), but am I the only one who noticed that one of Michael's models looked an awful lot like Danyelle, Andrae's super awesome model from last year? It also looked like he used Clarissa (Angela's model) and the "zaftig" Alexandra.
I read somewhere - maybe Uncle Nick's blog? - that some of the models from last season and some of the auf'd models from this season were working the final shows. So that's a long way of saying that I think you're quite right, ThingsAreNice!

I just realized that on the day that they air the reunion special, I will be tending to my mother as she recovers from the eye surgery she has scheduled for that morning. And I feel really guilty about this, but I just have to watch that show! Mom's a pretty understanding gal, though, so I'm sure she will be patient with me if I have to plop my bod in front of the TV for a wee widdle hour. She can use the time to take a nap or something. wink.gif
Warning! If you're avoiding spoilers on who made the final three, then do not read the Project RunGay site or New York Magazine! The PRG guys refer to an article that pretty much tells you who two of the finalists are. Consider yourself warned!
Aw, your mamma will understand, rosev. I'm hoping my CPR class will be done in time this Wed. for me to watch...

Has anyone watched the preview for this week's episode? They set up Michael as having difficulties, but they show Uli's dress (unless she totally re-does it) and I hate it! Tie-dye fabric. Blech. and it's just like all her other dresses.

And then they have Jeffrey criticizing Laura for only doing "one thing" but praising Uli, who only does one thing, too. I've never hated him like most of you guys, but I don't like him much, either. Did anyone read the stuff about how they're investigating him for maybe outsourcing some of the sewing work for his collection? Tim Gunn has been quoted as saying the allegations have been fully investigated, but he does not reveal what the outcome was! Ooooh, drama!
Can we talk about the new episode now? smile.gif

I knew there was going to be a model switcheroo! I suspected it when I saw the runway shows. I just had this feeling that Heidi was going to bring out that velvet bag. And when I saw one of the previews this week, that just confirmed it for me! I'm sad that Michael and Nazri had to be seperated, but if I had been in Uli's place, I would have been tempted to snag her, too.
Top 4?

What a cop-out. I think this show is officially dead to me. And I'm not just saying this because I hate Detriot, but his dress was butt ugly.
I can't watch this one 'til it's on iTunes, but I think top 4 is lame, too. I mean, it's not as if this season just had SO MUCH talent they couldn't narrow it down. On the other hand, I don't think there were many standouts this year.
I think I would have been more upset if Michael had gotten eliminated than I am about the Final "Four". I think people are trying a little too hard to convince themselves that Uli's dress was different than everything we've seen...ok, it wasn't exactly a halter top and it wasn't long, but it was a print and it was sleeveless, so she was halfway there. I guess I don't have a problem with her winning the challenge, I'm just sorry the challenge was the last one, and she didn't get eliminated earlier.

Well, now that I know who the winners are, I'm going to look at the collection pictures. Maybe they'll change my mind about Uli.

Oh, and here's an interesting commentary about the episode.
I've spent a good chunk of the day talking to friends around the country about PR. Lots of different reactions out there.

Personally, I'm glad that they're keeping all 4. In the past they've had the final 4 go to Fashion Week, but there was always one person who wasn't featured on the show. And that sucks. I mean, last season Kara was given the same tight schedule as the other 3 and even had to create a surprise 13th outfit. However, her collection didn't get a single second of coverage on the TV show. And it's a kinda stupid move for Bravo from a business perspective, since they had to give Kara the same budget that they gave to the other 3 in order for her to produce her collection. So why not keep all 4?

Tim's podcast isn't terribly exciting this week. However, at the end he gives you the impression that the reunion special was very, uh. emotional. He basically says that he needs time to digest the event before he can comment on it. Hmmm.
The only thing about the final 4 that pisses me off...Austin Scarlett was so robbed.
I liked Michael's dress, but it should have been shorter.

I liked Jeffrey's dress, but he still gets on my nerves.

Uli's was almost the same as always, but a little shorter. It looked like a beach cover up.

Laura's looked like almost the same dress she always does.

If Uli hadn't of won this last challenge I think they would have only had a top three.

From the preview of the reunion it looks like most of the guys are going to be petty, and maybe Angela. I hope most of them realize it's a tv show, and not to take it so seriously.
Rose, they only have the 4th person do a show to keep the real final 3 a secret-because Fashion Week happens before the final episode, if only three people presented, the word would inevitably get out who was in it, and then the public would know who was eliminated before that episode. But yeah, I think they always should've done 4-Austin and Nick were very good designers and should've had the chance to win.

I think none of them did their best this week, but personally-despite being the same old-same old, I think Laura's was the prettiest. At first glance, I loved Michael's, and then I realized he could've done something much more interesting and to his taste. And I would never wear Uli's dress-that ugly striped collar and the overall colors of the dress were not really flattering. Jeffery's was very boring.
Humanist, I know why they've done it that way in the past. I just like that they switched it up this season. smile.gif I heard a lot of people say that Kara's was their favorite of the runway shows last year. And of course, TONS of people love Austin.

I read somewhere on the Bravo website that the judges chose to keep all 4 because they couldn't decide who to kick off. It said that there was one good dress (Uli's) but the rest were equally bleh.

I think that, at this point, it doesn't really matter who wins the show. Just getting this far is great for their careers. Just think about the previous 2 seasons. People like Nick and Austin are doing really well and they didn't even have to win.

I think Nazri deserves the spread in Elle, but even if Uli doesn't win, I think Nazri will find her way into that mag soon enough. That woman kicks SO much ass.
It's always the last challenge that makes all the designers choke. It has happened every season.
It seems that anyone connected with Project Runway has the potential to really go further because of it. Look at Malan. He has had many things happen lately (including a great write up in Entertainment Weekly) and he was booted from the second episode. Other people, like Zulema, seem to be ashamed of their roots and never heard from again.

I am counting the minutes until the Reunion. I want to see Keith try to convince others that he was set up.
After seeing the way he behaved tonight, I believe Keith is a sociopath. That is all.
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