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how about the scene on the boat where he was trying to distract the french judge from his awful dress by telling her how fabulous she was? he makes my skin crawl...and I am sick to death of laura's one design for every challenge. why haven't the judges snapped to her one-trick-ponyness and sent her ass home to the kids? I want to see collection runway shows from michael, kayne, and jeffrey.
amilita, that story about Vincent in the restaurant is too funny! What an annoying dude.

I had a dream about Tim Gunn last night. I was in school or something, but was going to have to leave b/c I did not have money for tuition or room & board. Tim gave me $50,000 for the year, and I was able to stay.
QUOTE(Divala @ Sep 7 2006, 07:07 PM) *
How did Laura suddenly get a huge bump when in the last episode she'd just started to show?

I *swear* I posted something about this several days ago, but...????!!!???

ANYWAY: With many women who have been pregnant before, esp. when they've had several children already, they *do* seem to just suddenly pop out. My chiropractor told me one week that she was pregnant (her 3rd) and she was barely showing, and the following week it looked like she had one of those mini-watermelons under her blouse. It's like your body says, "Oh, yeah, I remember how this is supposed to work" and suddenly shifts everything to Pregnant Body With Giant Bump.
'kay, totally just watched it from itunes...

this isn't just my jeffrey hate speaking, I swear, but I thought his dress was really fugly. It made his model look dumpy, and all the busy plaid explosion - it looked like she wrapped herself in my grandmother's seventies couch...I think when you design something you need to be able to defend it, and I wanted to know what was up with that bodice. I wasn't seeing Statue of Liberty; I was seeing picnic on mars

I didn't think anyone deserved to win...maybe if Kayne had toned down the chiffon on his skirt - gone with pure black or something, but in general, I thought they all blew

I too am glad Vincent is gone. It cracked me up that he was the only guy there who actually trained in couture, so he says, and he wound up gluing shit together, on what was the simplest dress in the bunch..

I bet Laura adds spray starch to her toolbox after this
Yay for Vincent and his fugly clothes being gone!

I really liked Michaels’ dress after they tucked those flaps in the bodice in, and I liked the back of it, too. I think it’s neat that he took a risk and tried something new in the challenge (hand-ruching the bodice on his dress), unlike Uli doing the same old same old.

But even though it was too much like all of her other clothes, I have to admit I really loved Uli’s dress. I’d like to see her in the final three to see what she does when she feels like she has enough time to really create a collection and see if it shows more variety.

I think Lollaleeloo is right – Detroit has a crazy crush on Angela that he can’t admit and is obsessed with her! He’s like the mean boy in kindergarten who hits the girl he likes best. His dress did look “couture” but I didn’t like it as much as some of the others. The slit in the front went way too high and the bust area didn’t fit well on either of the models. Winning has definitely calmed him down but he is still a creepy loser with a bad neck tattoo.

I really loved the lines of Kayne’s dress and the way it laced up in the back. I think they beat up on him way too much for this challenge. Couture formalwear is supposed to be over the top and Kayne’s was not too crazy/busy in that respect. I didn’t think it looked “pageant” either.

And the whole having to fit the same dress on different models thing (with virtually no time to do it) was just plain bad. The producers of this show ought to be punished (perhaps by being made to wear clothes made by Vincent) for their bad decisions throughout this whole season.

Laura’s was just meh. She’s a very good dressmaker but is not an inspired designer. I do like her a lot better now that she is too busy being tired to act superior. Lucizoe, I bet she buys some spray starch, too.

And I learned from a friend of mine that when you’ve had a baby before the muscles and stuff stretch out so that when you have another baby, they don’t “hold you in” the way they do during a first pregnancy so you show a lot sooner.
ah, I'm just catching up to the last couple of days of discussion here, but...

Humanist, you hit it *right* on the head with Laura's dress - it was *totally* rocky horror!! Makes me giggle to think of Tim Curry with her dress on, fuzzy chest hair poking out!!

I can't believe there's only 4 epis left! *sniff* ...but there's other tv shows on the horizon, so I'm consoling myself with that....
Oh, man, you have *got* to be kidding. I missed the episode and just went to the website to see the dresses - Jeffrey won with that thing? HIDEOUS. I liked Michael's, and that's not just 'cause I want him to win.
I must admit ... I really don't care who won as long as Vincent is finally out. Have you read his interview with Entertainment Weekly? The man is seriously delusional. Laura said it best: he's "a legend in his own mind".
Oh dear....that article is perhaps the most batshit crazy Vincent we've seen yet....maybe it just seems worse because its a concentrated dose of crazy?! Either way, that man is just not right....not right at all. RV - thanks for keeping us up on all the scoop with the links!!
Re: Vincent's interview:

I have a lovely wife, but I was getting a little bit nosy with her. Catherine was a little bit too old for me. The other one wasn't. We wanted to meet later for a drink — Jeffrey and I and she and her girlfriend. We invited them to our room just to have a nice bottle of champagne, but unfortunately they canceled on us.

Icky. Just icky...
Just read the interview. The thought of Jeffrey being an even bigger tool than they show on TV just boggles the mind.
I know I'm the only one here who thinks this, but I actually loved Vincent. He can't design for shit, he totally creeps me out, and he really does need to go on meds, but the man cracked me up. He provided some serious entertainment for me. As for that Wow. Just when you thought he couldn't get any more insane...

I still totally despise Tattoo Neck, though. That will never change.
I kinda liked Vincent too, only because he seemed to be a nice guy, compared to some of the others on the show *cough* Jeffery*cough*. He might need to go back on his meds, but that shouldn't be a reason to hate someone. He just doesn't seem like a jerk IRL.

It's weird, I read a little bit of his interview on Blogging Project Runway and now he says he didn't cash in his 401K, which is rather suspicious. Maybe he just took a loan out of it, which would make more sense, IMHO (and a lot safer, since he can't design for shit.). At least he didn't come off half as delusional as he did in the EW interview.
See, I like Jeffery...I dunno, the tat doesn't bother me.

I loved in that interview how Vincent said he thought the best designers were him and Bradley. Clearly, he is delusional. Although I did love Bradley, he cracked me up and think he should be fan favorite...but the man clearly doesn't have a clue when it comes to designing.
Actually, Vincent says that he did cash in the 401(k) ... but he clears up why he cashed it in. Everyone keeps implying/assuming that he cashed it in to go on the show, but that isn't true. He cashed it in prior to working on the show so that he could use the money towards returning to the fashion business.

I'm amazed that he doesn't think that any of the final 5 deserve to be there. Not even Michael? Come on!
princess, it's not the tat, it's the jerky personality. I don't think he can redeem himself now.

I thought Vincent was entertaining as well. I didn't dislike him, I just thought he was weird.

I am looking forward to this week's show!
yo, YO! The Four Four recap is up! CLICKIE!

SO funny, as always....
wow, i've really been slacking off at bust-ing lately, but i just wanted to pop in to say hello, and of course...

to publicly mourn the loss of allison for the first time. it's been a sad few couple weeks not having my precious kewpie doll on the small screen, and i apologize for my absence.

(well, i've really been busy job hunting, working and playing BINGO, but i couldn't resist the drama.)

it's so hard to catch up in this thread!!! i can't remember who posted it, but there was a SPECTACULAR link to a PR blog a month or so was quite snarky and hilarious -- similar to gofugyourself / gilded moose humor. whoever you are and wherever it was...would you mind reposting? i'll be sure to bookmark this time.

kisses to all the fashionistas!!!
HI hi heylady!!

Here are my favorite PR blogs, ranked:
1. Project RunGay (go to the bathroom prior to reading, lest you pee yourself in glee!
2. Four Four - be sure to check out the one on Alison's auf'ing - it has the greatest graphic I've seen yet
3. Blogging Project Runway - for all your general PR news, and designer sightings!

That should keep your eyeballs glued to the screen for awhile!
I second everything Turbo just posted! I check BPR & PRG Marvelous stuff. Any additional blogs/articles you might want to read can easily be found at either of those blogs.
Speaking of post-PR shows on Bravo, have you seen that they got a new host for Top Chef? I'm so glad that insipid moron robot Katie Lee Joel is gone!
That website (four four) is hilarious!

Diva, you scared me for a minute, I thought you meant they replaced the Chef host. Noooo! I love him!
How sad is it that I can't see mentions of "fashion week" on the news without wondering how it can be fashion week if the PR folks aren't ready to show their collections?
Hey, everybody! It's Wednesday! Have you watched the preview for tonight's show yet? Uli says she's going to make a "hippie beach party cocktail dress". Ummmm ... isn't that what she's done for nearly every challenge?
I'm getting to the point where I don't even want to look at anything from Uli. No doubt she is extremely talented, but I am so *over* the hippy halter dress. Can I see some sleeves, please? Can you show us that you understand how to sew arm coverings?

4.5 hours til runway!
thanks for posting all the blogs!!! i am now going to devote my entire evening to project runway.
watching. right. now. Noooooooooo! The crazy fuckheads are back!! I'm pissed. They had better not win. More later....
what the fuck!?

i am blown away by this decision! i can't believe they're bringing two former contestants back for a second chance!!!!!!!!!! AND that they're eliminating THREE!!!!!

spoiler above in white because i just can't get over this.

eta: hi jenn!
I am drinking heavily now.
Sooooooooooo pissed off! And I'm afraid I'll just be angrier before the show is over!

All the people at the BPR forum are furious & hitting the bottle, too. So ridiculous! Just .... arrrrggghhh!!!!
cod! does a fucking design HAVE to look EXPENSIVE to be good? can't they come up with a better adjective? classy, perhaps? elegant? michael kors can suck my left tit.

AND - what's the point of making them use all their pieces if they're just going to stuff them INSIDE a bag for filler?

AND - i hate jeffrey.

The only problem I'm having with following the BPR blog is there are no pictures. Which is probably a good thing because I really don't want to get into trouble for screaming at my computer.

Hopefully those who deserve to be auf'd will be.
Awwwww.....poor Kaynebow....but really, I'm ok with it, though seeing Uli go would've been fine too. Somehow I'm thinking Uli's countrywoman saved her. Honestly, I'm tired of Uli's shiny prints and flowing dresses.

Jeffrey's dress was really awful, worse than Kayne's, I think, but I understand their decision.

And I'm glad to see Laura win - I was really worried about her when she started to meltdown, but it cannot be easy to keep that arduous schedule whilst pregnant. I hope hope hope Laura makes the final 3 - I think it would be wonderful to see a collection for a more mature client.

Michael....*swoon*.....I love that man more every week. How does he possibly look so damn FINE in a coral print blazer? Its a mystery to me. Oh, and the dress was lovely too.

Crazy Vinnie and Flourchon Fanny got what they deserved. so there.
I hate Jeffrey. I just want to take a machete to his neck tattoo.

And DAMN, I couldn't get over how tired and defeated Laura sounded today! Poor woman!
ohhh no not my Kaynebow! I know, he did suddenly become so tacky, but I still wuv him. I think he would be FABULOUS desgining for drag queens.

I just loved how they tricked us (or at least me) into thinking the goddamn Olsen twins would be on this challenge.

God I have absolutely no guesses as to who'll be kicked off the next show..I do know for sure it won't be Michael-and I still think he will win over all. Out of the four left, the other 3 are good, but so stuck in their own niches-Uli with her printed hippie halter dresses, Jeffery with his Hot Topic crap, and Laura with her classy older woman style. Michael sorta identifies himself as a hip-hop designer, but he obviously has no trouble doing very well in many other styles. I will be so pissed if he doesn't win.

I keep hoping that if they continue the PR series, that they will open up to the viewers for challenge suggestions-they have to be running out of ideas..
All I can say is... if Bravo is going to give us such a popular show, you'd think they'd upgrade their server so I could get into the damn site! Every Thursday their site is so clogged with traffic you can hardly get in (and I have a really fast connection. AARRGGHH!!!!) mad.gif
word, vesica. I start loading Tim's blog on one tab, whilst reading blogging project runway in another tab, and when the progress wheel stops spinning, I read a page, and then read BPR again while I wait. *sigh* The juggling we must do to get our PR fixes. tongue.gif
I pretty much agree with the judge's decision, though I thought Jeffery's outfit was the absolute worst. So ugly. How that fits in the category of "cocktail outfit" is beyond me.

I know! I loved that jacket Michael was wearing.

Was not happy to see Vincent & Angela back.

I felt so bad for Laura & was really happy when she won. Hopefully it will re-energize her.
humanist- that's an awesome idea! Can we play here?

Catagories I'd like to see on PR (even as a new convert...):

1. Kids - what ego-centric flippin designer wouldn't shit a brick at that?
2. Maternity - see comment above
3. something inspired by nature...all natural fabric, or something like that.
I'm so disappointed at the last episode, but I knew they wouldn't get rid of Detroit, so Kayne would be the one to go. So sad. : ( My money's on Michael for the win now. I loved Uli up until a few weeks ago - always the same thing every week, and it's not like it can be that hard to sew dresses with so little structure. Very happy for Laura, though. She totally deserved to win. Aren't all the remaining designers going to get a show at Fashion Week? In past seasons they've done that to not spoil the next episode.

I guess I'll be happy with anyone winning, as long as it isn't Detroit. Anyone know when Olympus Fashion Week is? I wanna see spoilers.
Fashion week is right now, Diva! I'm not sure when the PR show is, though. Lots of the past contestants have been showing though - Malan, Daniel Franco both had shows in the tents this week already. Still no sign of Jay having a show, which is sad.

I dunno, I would be terrified about what PR contestants might produce for just doesn't seem appropriate somehow...I just think kids are image conscious enough without PR getting into it. Or maybe its that I think the "pageanty" aspect of it could be gross....or maybe its just that the Little Miss Sunshine scene is sticking in my head and grossing me out. wink.gif

I really liked the black and white challenge - it gave them decent constraints, as they would have working in a design house with a specific palette....the whole no scraps part, however, was a little much...though maybe it was just a little bit funny to watch vincent flounder with his extra fabric...that man has no taste, and ne clue how to dress a woman!

So last night I was kinda drinking and TOTALLY forgot to watch PR... Was so pissed when I realized it, and turned on Bravo at about 11:30, and it was on, but I saw Angela and Vincent so I thought it was an old episode and I almost turned it off, but then Laura said that thing about the Olsen twins and I'd seen that on the preview last week so I kept it on. But I was SO disgusted that Angela and Vincent were back! I wanted them both to go from the first week, Vincent makes me ill. Thank gawd they were both out again, and I'm not too upset about Kayne either--I want Michael to win and I think he will. But... I could see Jeffrey winning too... At least before last night I thought he had a good chance of winning. I don't hate him completely but he IS an ass. That tattoo looks so stupid, his neck is weird-looking anyway and I don't know why he'd want to draw more attention to it...
Word, turbo. Vincent's dress was not flattering at all, nor did it look like a cocktail dress. I'm a little curious if it would have looked better on his original model, but I highly doubt it.

I kinda liked Angela's dress, but only because it looked costumey and unusual. I hated her attitude and how she described it, though, and am glad to see her gone again. I thought it was a little cruel to bring both her and Vincent back, but in the end they pretty much proved why they were kicked off in the first place. Laura was right, she only won because of Michael and her.

I also liked Kayne's dress, but I can see why the judges hated it. He showed that he can edit, but he picked the wrong challenge to do so. I loved Tim's "Oh Jesus" when Kayne showed him the trim, that was funny.

Tattoo Neck looked really tacky, not at all fabulous or rock'n'roll, even for Hot Topic. Maybe if he was thinking about the groupies, but even then, I think they would shy away.

I'm glad to see Laura win, she definitely deserved it. I felt sorry for her getting emotional, probably because of pregnany hormones. Michael's was good too. And at least Uli didn't design a halter dress...
Of course we can, moxie smile.gif Although I have no ideas myself right now! I think Bravo should put it up on their website, to let people give them suggestions..although I wonder if there would be any copyright issues..ya never know~

I'm just glad that there aren't any totally mediocre designers in the final 4 of this season-I think they really are the best ones, and so no matter who ends up in the last 3 will have deserved it (based on talent entirely, I don't think assholes like Jeffery deserve it) And If Uli ends up in the final 3, at least we'll get to see if she can actually make something besides a halter dress, which I think she can.

On the Bravo website, they have links to the sites of a lot of other contestants who got auf'd-it's really neat to see what they've been up to, to see what their true style is. I actually really liked Keith's stuff (but I'm sure he made them all from a pattern book tongue.gif)

Oh, and Turbo-there has been a banner ad on Bust for a couple weeks now advertising Jay's fashion week show, which we can win tickets to. It's also a link to an anti-fur (in fashion) petition, which is why I love Jay that much more. His show is sponsored by the Humane Society! Unfortunately, I think it's too late to win tickets now though. I would've loved to go! Here's the link:
I think I creeped out my roommates last night with my Tattoo Neck hatred. I have this thing about talking to my tv and telling people I hate to go die (like Jessica Simpson), and I totally go there every week with Jeffrey, but last night I took it a step (or two) meaner. But UGHHHHH, I hate him! I really really hate him. He just puts me in a bad mood with his assholeness. It's almost to the point where I don't even want to watch the show. Seriously, there's a BIG difference between being supremely cocky and being a supreme asshole. He just happens to be both. And I am unforgiving of assholes. My past experiences with them have left me no other choice. grrrrr!.... mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif dry.gif
As you know in fashion, one day you are in ... and the next day you are out.

And then the next day, you're back in again!

Ugh. I was soooooooo pissed off about Vincent and Angela coming back last night. Thank our dear sweet lord that they are finally gone. It better be for good now. And poor poor Laura! The woman must be feeling beyond exhausted. I really felt for her last night. And I am glad that she finally won a challenge, although to be frank, I think Michael should have won. Of course, there have been tons of times when I think Michael should have won but they gave it to somebody else. But this time, I think even Michael was happy to see Laura finally win a challenge. After making it this far, she certainly deserved a win.

As for Jeffrey ... in my opinion, the man has confused being "punk" with being "a punk". There's a big difference. But as for his dress? Uuuuuuuuugh. This was for a cocktail party, not a kegger! What the hell? In PR-ese, I am seriously doubting his taste level. Inapropriate. Plain and simple. I think he should have left.

But instead, they got rid of Kayne on a technicality. I don't doubt him for thinking he could get away with it, though. Keith certainly got away with much more during the doggie challenge. I will admit that I didn't see Kayne in the top 3, but it would've been nice to see him for further. Luckily, he made it as far as Uncle Nick and as we know, Nickipoo has been very successful despite not winning the grand prize, so I think Kayne will be okay.

Humanist, Blogging Project Runway is also another great source for finding all of the PR contestants, both past and present. Their websites are listed on the right side of their main page, which makes it far easier to navigate than the Bravo site.
Gawd, I know-Jeffery's outfit was like the worst of late 80's-early 90's fashion-poofy, off the shoulder top with polka dots and tank straps underneath, and a very short and tight miniskirt, complete with leggings! I'm surprised his model didn't have poodle hair! I would wear Vincent's atrocity before Jeffery's!
I loved Michael's dress. he just has so much talent, and he's a nice guy. He seemed to genuinely want to help Kayne. Final 5 (not counting Vincent and Angela), and he still finds it in his heart to help his fellow contestant. Michael needs to win.

I didn't not like Laura's dress, but I thought they kept on about it looking young and it didn't. Yes it didn't look as old as her past creations, but I still think it looked old. I didn't midn seeing her win, but Michael had the best dress.

I liked Kayne's dress, but I think we all knew he was leaving.

I didn't like Uli's dress at all. Same old thing we've seen from her. The sleeves were bad.

I thought the top part of Angela's dress was cute (what's that called), but the actual dress looked too shiny or something. From her explanations she shows she is not a designer. Laura was right about her only winning because Michael and Laura helped her create it.

Vincent's dress was bad, and I don't think it mattered that he had a different model. it was nice to hear that his model recovered and is working again.

I'm no fan of Jefferey, but I kind of liked his outfit. It was by no means a cocktail dress, so he didn't listen. I get tired of him always doing the same type of thing, but it was cute.

I felt, again, that they awarded it to the second-best dress because they didn't want to just make Michael the winner again.

I far preferred Kayne's dress to Detroit's, but maybe my "taste level" is off. Further, I have a hard time taking the phrase "taste level" seriously coming from Heidi Klum, who dresses just terribly. I knew Kayne was gonna go tonight, but I would've rather seen Jeffery get the hook. Now I think he's gonna be in the final three, and ugh to that.

I thought it was hilarious that Angela just shoved all her extra fabric in the bag and thought she wouldn't get caught.

You know, I never watched before this season, and I'm not sure I'll watch next season. As much as I like Tim Gunn and I think that this show requires its participants to be creative, I can't say I feel as if talent has been rewarded consistently. All the judges complained on this episode how, outside of Michael, they felt as if they saw the same things over and over ... and I don't think that would have been the case if they'd thrown Vincent and Angela off much earlier and left on Alison, Bonnie, Katherine, or Malan.

FYI: the PR runway show at fashion week is tomorrow morning @ 9am EST . Jay's show is @ 5pm.
oh my god I'm so tempted to buy the Tim Gunn Bobblehead (scroll down a bit)-but for $25? If it was like, $15, maybe..I kinda want to get it for the boy so he can put it on his desk at work, but I think he is already worried enough that everyone thinks he is gay..
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