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kissmypineapple: i totally agree with you. She's a little loopy, and i'm not crazy about her asthaetic (sp?) but i liked her as a person. i liked that she wasn't concerned about what people thought of her and how she has so much spirit. Michael was right when he said she has a lot of heart, or something like that.

Also, I think it should be okay to talk about an episode that's happened. When I can't watch an ep, I don't come in here if I don't want to know what happened. But so as not to rock the boat, "spoiler" in white:

I really, really, really wish that:

1. Jeffrey could have gone home without winning a challenge. That would have been satisfying.

2. That he had gone home before Angela. I feel like his horrible behavior was validated by his victory.

Oh well...
Finally! So glad Angela went home. I understand wanting to have a signature 'something', but those goddamned rosettes annoyed me to no end. I liked them as buttons when they did the team challenge, but outside of that they just seemed overly fussy & I don't do fussy.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought Kayne looked like Elvis in a bad way. I did like the cut of the trousers though.

I want to punch Jeffrey in the face.
I think the show has aired on the west coast by now, so we should be safe, yes? No more white font, yes? I sure hope so!

As for Angela's personality ... I think she can be very nice and professional. I think she got off on the wrong foot with some people (Nerves perhaps? Compounded by staying in such a frantic city? I grew up in the countryside, so I know how hard it can be to suddenly find yourself sleeping in Manhattan). In time she proved herself with some people. And I think that may help her (She's even very civil in her exit interview). However, I think she's lacking in the technical department. She can't sketch. And her construction skills are poor. The only reason why she won the Macy's challenge is because she had the glorious construction skills of Michael and Laura at her disposal. They were also able to cut back on the "fleurchamps" ... the very things that led to her downfall.

I counted 15 "fleurchamps" on Angela's booty. And she had scrunchies holding up her blouse. And they didn't even do a good job because I could see the top of her bra. Yup. She had to go. Although I wouldn't have been surprised if they'd kicked off Vincent for being overly simple.

I really liked Laura's dress. The way the fabric wrapped around was nice. It looked more innovative than many of her past designs.

And they finally acknowledged Uli's over-use of the halter top! I just hope this doesn't scare her too much. I like Uli. I just want her to show more range.

Jeffrey is still an ass. He seems to have made friends, but lordy is he ever negative! He sucks the energy right out of me.
I would have loved to see Michael win just to see how pissed off it would have made Jefferey. That, and I think I'm totally hot for Michael. *sigh* Laura is awesome! Did anyone see the clips from next week? HOW FAST IS THAT BABY GROWING?!?!

Y'know, once a woman has had a kid or two, it's not at all uncommon for her body to suddenly seem to go, "Oh, hey, I remember this - I'm supposed to be out *here*!" and her belly will just seem to balloon. When my chiropractor was pregnant with her third kid she had just a little tummy one day, and the next time I saw her (less than a week later) she suddenly had a watermelon under her blouse.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled fashion dissection...
I think I love Michael more every week. His outfit last night was straight up cool, well designed, well-sewn, and he really understood that jet setting means comfort and style.

I'm glad Angela is gone. Not because I particularly dislike her, but because its getting more apparent every week that her skill and taste level is not up to everyone else's. She was baffled by the term "jetsetter," and yet if you had explicitly told her you were designing *for yourself* for a *long plane ride to a party,* she might've gotten the idea better...but she became paralyzed by her inability to conceive of what a jetsetter was! And she was designing for herself! Its like she gets stalled, and everytime she just heads back to shiny fabrics and those damned granny circles.

I *LOVED* Laura's dress, it was elegance and comfort, and she ROCKED it, and she looked stunning with her hair and makeup all done up.

I do appreciate the fact that Jeffrey was finally let out of his cage, and the judges were finally ready to appreciate his aesthetic. I still think he's an ass, but the man can sew, and he has a vision.

Vincent, honey, I hope you're next. That outfit was boxy and Zzzzzzzzz......
I was so worried they'd kick off Kayne in favor of more Angela/Jeffrey dreama. Thank God Angela is gone! As bad as the stuff she usually puts on the runway, the things she makes for herself are even worse. Lumpy, shiny, ugly, and usually with a big crotch patch on the pants.
As far as her personality goes, she seems like basically a nice, well-meaning person who just comes off as being annoying.
And dammit, why'd Jeffrey have to win one?
BTW, I meant to say after last week, apparently Kayne's amazing cheekbones are *not* artificial? because in those pics from when he was heavy (seriously, didn't you just know he used to be a fat kid?) he had really high cheekbones, and not just pudgy cheeks.
i second what most are saying: angela was nice enough (i always thought it was vincent's fault in that team challenge anyway) but just not talented enough. tim's assignation of hollie hobby was spot on!

i also thought kayne was a little too elvis-y. but i thought the mean french judge was going to make him cry. i wanted to go hug him and whisk him off to vegas for a couple martinis.

did anyone else see michael's expression when she announced that jeffrey was the winner? he is truly a professional. of course he was disappointed, but he kept smiling and looked sincere. i'm glad she said that he was among their top choices. i really hope he comes out as the winner. he's awesome. i could have done without so many straps on the pants, but he um, made it work...

did anyone else notice laura's face during the construction phase? there were a few times that she was looking so flushed, i wondered if she'd just hurled! but i give her mad props for wearing those heels the whole time (although i hope they came off during the flight!). she did look beautiful on the runway, although i thought the dress was just a tad too pale for her skin tone. it was a lovely design though. and if you dn't believe it, JUST ASK HER! "my construction is flawless..."

yeah, i want to punch jeffrey too.

and vincent better get the boot next time. although, i must admit that he's not creeping me out as much as he did in the first few shows...

btw, i only avoid spoiling it for the west coast. after it airs there, it's all fair game.
When will Jeffrey's nasty attitude come back and bite him in the ass?! I agree with whoever stated that his winning just validated his bad behavior. It's simply not professional. I really do hope that his bad behavior on the show makes him loose clients. His pants scared me - the metal pieces on the crotch were just wrong - they reminded me of something you would see the members of "Spinal Tap" wear. The pants were just so - LOOK AT MY CROTCH!!!!!! bleh. I really don't want to know him that well.

That said I love Michael more each week - the guy has talent and class. Kayne's belt buckle reminded me of Madonna's "boy toy" belt from teh 80's. I like Angela, but I really do think that she was out of her league in this challenge. Laura's candor when speaking about Jeffrey was refreshing - she about the only one who calls him out.
I'm not sad to see Angela go, but I'm pissed that Jeffery is still around.

He reminds me of some 14 year old who's just discovered The Misfits and is "more punk than you". Just the inflection in his voice (i.e. "I'm just not going to stand for it") puts me on edge. For Maude's sake man, you're a 36 year old father! Grow the hell up already! And, I didn't feel his whole outfit last night was anything special, for crying out loud you could walk into a Hot Topic in any mall and buy something quite similar. Rawk stars have been pulling that look off for how long now?

Now Michael? There was inspired design.
I hate Jeffery, I hate Jeffery, I hate Jeffery.
Have I made my feelings clear? I knew that if he ever won he would be spoiled child about it. And he is so unnessecarily mean. I just don't understand the need to be like that.

On the bright side, I loved Laura's outfit and I really thought she was going to win it.
Does anyone else feel like they are trying too hard to space out winners? Remember when Kara Saun was on that streak, and it seemed kind of dull? That's the only reason I can think of for Jeffrey to have won. His design was fine, but pretty cliched. Other designers have been much more consistent and innovative. It would also explain why Uli was robbed by Vincent.
Here's an interesting commentary on PR, from the Chicago Tribune. Hopefully that link works!
What an episode last night!

Maybe now that Jeffrey's won one, he'll quit being a whiny little bitch. I was mad to see Angela go before him, too, although aufing her last night was completely justified. She's probably a really nice person, but I don't see her being "America's Next Great Fashion Designer."

I was a little surprised that Vincent got away with making something so simple, and actually got kudos for it. The pants were sloppy and the shirt looked like it came from the women's department. Uli's was good, as usual, but it was more of the same from her. Fortunately, "the same" is very good. I just hope that she doesn't fall into problems like Austin did in the first season, not being able to get out of couture mode.

Laura's dress was lovely, as usual, but I would have chosen a different color - any color - besides boring beigey flesh tone. I hope to see her win at least one challenge, but hope she doesn't also suffer from Austin syndrome. I'd like to see her in the final 4, though I wouldn't want to see her win the whole thing in the end.

I actually really liked Kayne's outfit. It was very much him, the construction was flawless, and he seemed really happy in it. I'm sooooo glad he's still around. He's my favorite. I would have cried if he got aufed.

I liked Michael's outfit quite a bit, too. I wouldn't have thought of seersuckers as "jetset," but it worked. I liked the straps hanging off the pants, and the shirt was really clean, but I really do think Detroit's outfit deserved to win, even if everything below the waist was creepy. I still wish there was a way to reward the design while still punishing it's creator. He has no right to treat people like he does. I'd rather Keith's self-importantness any day over Detroit's. At least Keith was pretty.

Any forecasts for the final 3? My picks are Michael, Kayne, and Uli, with Laura coming in 4th.
Here's a link to a major possible spoiler potentially identifying the final four. It might be total crap, but if you're a sucker for spoilers like me, check it out:

click if you like SPOILERS!

By the way, had anyone else heard that there was a horrific accident involving one of the models? She was apparently hit by a bus on the way to the final runway show, fracturing her skull and her eye socket. ohmy.gif
Looks like that spoiler link is old, since Robert, auf'ed two episodes ago, is named as one of the final four...

Can't wait to see what happens in Paris! And if you haven't read Project RunGay yet this week, you must. So. Funny. As usual.
oh, yeah, i totally missed that. oh well.
You know how I'm feeling about this show now? Meh. That's it. The stupid editing has put me off, what with there being more time devoted to all the bloody drama than actual designs and watching them work. I don't care about the fighting, I don't care if anyone is pregnant, I don't care who's being a bitchy queen or whatever. I just liked seeing designers work and observing their was like having a little internship or something. But somewhere along the line they got a producer with their head firmly shoved up their ass and now it's just as stupid as Survivor or Big Brother or Ten Years Younger...

Can't stand Heidi Klum ("It looks expensive! It looks cheap!"). The woman is just a professional clothes hanger. Where is the proof that she has an artistic bone in her body? And I don't see how Michael Kors has any authority to critique anyone's designs. Does he have anything else in his wardrobe besides black sportscoats and black t-shirts? (Did someone already bring that up? I forget...)

Jeffrey's attitude is biting him in the ass right now. Anyone watching him on this show knows they can get the same clothing he produces from Hot Topic and minus the attitude.

Luci, I'm with you. At the beginning of the season, my friend I watch it with was all worried about it being on NBC b/c apparently Queer Eye started going downhill when they started broadcasting it on NBC.

I was like, "oh, no, they would never mess up Project Runway!" But maybe she was right. *sigh*

I never thought I'd say this, but ... I miss Santino. Jeffrey makes him look like freaking Gandhi. At least he was somewhat self-aware. And hilarious.

My BestGalPal continues to like Jeffrey. It's becoming one of those things we can't talk about. We're on agree-to-disagree status at the moment.

Luci, I feel your pain. I miss the playfulness and the singing of last season. I've worked as a seamstress a few times in my life and if there's one thing I've learned it's that people like to sing while they sew. I don't know what it is, but it doesn't seem to matter whether I'm working with conservative Christian ladies or Pagan homosexual men. There's always been singing.

I'm hoping that Paris will be good for the designers. I'm hoping it makes the show more inspiring for them and for the audience.
Damn, you ladies are on another season? I was hoping to find out what happened in the ones Santino was in as I seem to have missed some.

(weird, how come our CSI is up to date and the project runway is so behind??)
Ven, we still have many fond memories of Season 2. Afterall, it aired in the states just 6 months ago. So go ahead and ask away! Where are you in the season?

I miss Uncle Nick. Reading his personal blog just isn't enough!
This is the first season I've watched, and I don't think the bitchery is so bad (I don't watch any other reality television though so maybe I'm wrong). I do think that personalities, rather than talent, is getting rewarded.

So that being said, I thought Jeffery totally should have won as much as I hate him. I am very worried he'll make the final three, and I just think his aesthetic is lame and ugly (good for rock stars, jetsetters, and securing a spot on gofugyourself; bad for high fashion) and it makes me sad that someone who makes fun, pretty clothes that someone might wear would be taken off.

I can't even fathom why Vincent is still on the show; I think Divalla's prediction that he's going to be in the final three is correct. That breaks my heart because I think there are more talented designers from this group who should have been there ahead of him.

I also think it's a foregone conclusion that Michael will win. The weeks where he's come in second, such as with Robert's sister and this week, I've felt the judging was more like, "Well, we can't give it to Michael every this week, Vincent!" So that does take some of the excitement out of it.

I also totally hate Heidi Klum. The woman wears the ugliest shit on that show and I hate her voice. She sounds like a kewpie doll. "Pwojeckt Wunway!" Ugh. I also hate how "looks expensive" equals good for her.
I didn't mind Heidi last season. I don't remember her using "looks expensive" and "looks cheap" quite so much and she's the only woman I've ever seen who dresses better when she's pregnant. Seriously, she'll look good in anything and she wears that nasty, blue, beaded dress with the belt and boots that she wore for the everday woman challenge? Eesh.
This is the first season I've watched it as well, except for a few episodes on a plane during a marathon. I agree with sidecar about Michael probably winning, and that they just can't give him the win every week.

If Jeffrey makes it to the final three I don't see him winning. If he already makes a business out of rock 'n roll clothes then why does he continue to design that stuff on the show. He needs to step out of his box.

If Vincent makes it to the final three I have no idea what his collection would be, a mixture of disaster and style?

I've been a Michael fan from the beginning because all his clothes don't have to fit a certain genre or style. He knows what he is doing. I also thought it was really nice of him to give Kane some modeling tips. Michael just seems like a genuinely nice person, but he knows how to not let people take advantage. I wonder if he has design training, has it ever said?

I don't mind Heidi, she is actually one model that doesn't annoy me.
Fun tidbits from Tim's podcast this week:

- The plane we saw all the contestants on was actually a faux-plane, or rather, a real plane that they didn't actually fly on. Apparently it's illegal to film on a flying plane. So they shot "take-off" scenes on that plane and then had to get off and reboard another plane. Where they flew economy. laugh.gif

- Angela did not actually have to leave Paris right away - she got to stay for a day and a night and see some sights.

btw, i am SO loving the "ignore" function right now.
Lunasol, I listened to the podcast too and, although it's true that they didn't fly the plane that was shown on the episode, they did fly in first class. Delta isn't quite that cheap! biggrin.gif
damn you, rv! I was falling all over myself with laughter at the idea of teasing them with first class like that. Cracked me right up...

What also cracks me up are the comments on the bravo website...some people wondering if Laura is getting the proper medical, probably? Seriously. Who cares? I'm sure our Park Ave Princess is just fine, people, sheesh. They're in NYC, not the Sudan.

I hate that when women get pregnant they become public property. Leave them alone!

Still hating Jeffery...
Hmmm, well, given that I listened to Tim's podcast while falling asleep (he is SO soothing), I'm not surprised I got it wrong. That would have been deliciously evil!
QUOTE(venetia @ Sep 1 2006, 08:24 PM) *

(weird, how come our CSI is up to date and the project runway is so behind??)

Because I am a psychotic, obsessive freak?
Because I am a psychotic, obsessive freak?

Ae? No I mean "our" as in NZ television!! Some things we lag behind by a season, other things we see at the same time.

I just wanted to know what happened on the one where they had to dress each other up, as I only caught the end of it, what happened to Santino, and who won.
Oh Ven, that was a reeeeeeally controversial episode. Daniel had immunity, so we knew he'd be okay. Nick lost that one, although most people think Santino should have been out. Yes, I understand that the pants he made should have had pockets, etc. But the bizarre jumper thing that Santino made for Kara was literally falling off of her body! Ugh! Anyway, Nick was out (sniff) and Chloe won. If you want to see more coverage, just click here. That will take you to Bravo's coverage of Season 2, Episode 10.
It could be that Tim flew economy, while the rest of them flew first class. tongue.gif

I don't know why I didn't catch onto that earlier, since the plane looked rather empty for a flight to Paris. Personally, I think they could have waited until they were in Paris, arrived at Parson's, and then Tim could have popped out with the champange, but that's just my opinion.

And I still hate Jeffrey too.
I <3 my gay boyfriend! Who is actually my real bf and claims he is straight...but when we heard about the PR marathon yesterday, he excitedly suggested (and seriously) we go get some snack food (which he called "snacky bits") and a bottle of wine and make a night of it. It was the best night ever with my gay-straight boyfriend. <3
Thanks RoseV!
Watching it now. omg Jeffrey is fucking obsessed with Angela. I think he's in love.
Ooooh, I was really sweating it for Michael there, I just was hoping his past work would speak well enough to keep him around, and that seemed to be the case.

HOO-FUCKING-RAY!!! ...for Vincent finally taking his crazy ass home! That dress was awful, he really has no idea how to dress a woman. That was the same stupid tube shape he made in the recycling challenge, and equally as difficult to walk in.

Laura, that was boring, and beneath her. And can we PLEASE stop with the plunging to the belly button necklines?!

I really liked Jeffrey's, and it really was the most couture of the gowns up there.

Now Kayne, my little shiny sister, I really *loved* that dress, and thought it was the most well made of the gowns up there. Maybe it was a little too shiny, but wow, that dress fit impeccably, and the back was just amazing, and I loved the velvet ribbon carrying through to the front. Maybe I don't know couture, but I thought it was a gorgeous dress for having been made in 2 days.

Uli....I'm so OVER IT...the halter dresses, the braiding...I've seen it, you're a wonderful talent, just stretch a little for me...
It must have been humiliating for Laura sharing the chopping block with Vincent, but she couldn't have been all that worried. His dress was pure 1990's bridesmaid fug. Shoulder pads and a giant fleurchon on the back. I'm surpised he didn't make it seafoam green.

No more Vincent eyesores to look at!!

I hate to admit it, but Jeffrey deserved that second win. For the time being, my faith in the judges is restored...
And here I thought getting rid of Angela would end the tacky fleur accents...

I really wish Jeffrey didn't have so much talent. He's such a dick, but the guy has style. When I first saw that cotton fabric I cringed, but he turned it into something really amazing & did it by fucking hand. He's still a rat bastard, though.
Agreed. I was impressed with Jeffery's work, only wish he wasn't such a self-obsessed jerk. Ugh.

Vincent's dress was horrid. He was really creeping me out b/c he kept saying how much things 'turned him on.' Ick!

Michael, what happened? You have made some beautiful dresses in the past. I think he just got freaked out & couldn't get it together.

Laura-looked like a costume

Kayne-I really liked it.

i pretty much agree with everyone in here. i was really pissed that jeffrey's dress was so fuckin' cute. and yes, i think his model helped him win it because she was *workin* that dress.

i thought michael's was ok, and i thought it was really nice when they folded the front flaps down a bit on the runway. changed the whole look of the dress. but i thought the guest judge was a little too harsh on him.

i also thougth the judges were too harsh on kayne. i also loved that dress. i would totally wear it. yeah, there was a lot going on but... hey, it was beautiful and sexy.

laura's dress DID look better in paris. but part of designing is making sure that your garment is going to wear well, travel well, and age well. hers failed on two out of three at the very least.

vincent squicks me out with his, "oh, being here just really got me off," and his, "that turns me on". yick! he was so arrogant saying how he's the only one that could design coutoure. and put your fuckin' pants on, mister!
I think I'm fashion-challenged. I haven't watched the episode yet, but I read the summaries online, and when I saw Jeffery's dress, I thought, "That piece of shit won?"

I liked Kayne's dress (it was sexy) and Uli, despite doing her Uli thing, should have won. That dress was gorgeous.
For some reason, probably b/c of the shirt Jefferey was wearing during his little interview time, I think that he said "I am so glad that Angela is gone" on a different day than when it looked like he said it. Does that make sense? I think it was edited to look worse than it was. Otherwise Mr. Rage-a-holic has a serious problem.
Anyway, I hated the fabric that Jefferey chose but it did look 'coutour.'
I like Kayne's dress way more than the judges did. Except for the black straps I would have worn it.
I can't believe that Jeffrey won last night! I actually thought that dress was ugly as it was walking down the runway. I guess I can see it as couture, but not all couture is actually pretty. John Galliano is really good at doing ugly couture.

I just hate Jeffrey so much. At least he didn't get immunity again.

I guess I just wasn't that impressed with any of it last night. Michael's and Uli's were probably the best, and I'm glad Kayne did his own thing. I liked the geometry of the angles in the boning against the black ribbons. And that back was GORGEOUS. I love when designers do curved corset ties - I think someone did something similar in the first season. Laura's dress was kind of ugly. Vincent's was dumb. And I really hate Jeffrey. Again.

How did Laura suddenly get a huge bump when in the last episode she'd just started to show? I thought it was cute how she tied her standard button-down in a knot and bared the belly. That takes some guts, but does anyone else feel like they've seen enough of Laura's skin, at least from the belly button up?

I thought it was malicious of the judges to have the designers make a dress fitted to a model to wear in Paris, then had to fit it to their regular model when they came back. That shit is just not fair. Would it have been so hard to fly 6 extra-tiny bodies to Paris? They could probably fit two to a seat.

I'm getting pretty nervous for the next episode. I hope beyond hope that Jeffrey is out so he doesn't get a runway show, but they all have their weaknesses, except for maybe Michael. I don't know if I can see Laura as the next big thing since she doesn't really design young clothes, just going-out clothes for more professional women. I just hope that Kayne can pull it out one more time and get a big show in NYC.

Can you believe there are only 4 episodes left?
Turbo, you summed up everything for me...except your Kayne love. I think he's sweet but I hate his taste...

And while I don't hate Jeffrey as much as most of you guys, I like him less and less. I found it interesting that he was a pretty gracious winner this week, but if can only be a nice person when he's winning, then he's still a supreme jerk. I hate to say it, but I hope he's in the final three (with Uli and Michael.) Laura has really grown on me...I love when she said she'd throw this kid on the pile with the rest cracked me up.

Anyone listen to Tim's podcast? It cracks me up that he does not hide his disdain for Vincent. And he told a funny story about how V is a staunch vegan or vegetarian, so before they went to a fancy restaurant in Paris, they called ahead to make sure they would make something to accomodate his diet. The restaurant was very gracious...and then Vincent decided to order lamb!

I'm glad he's gone.
Ha, I thought Laura's dress looked like a goth-clown! It was so Rocky Horror!

I loved the corset on Kayne's dress-the details along the top were so pretty.

Yeah, it's really gross that everything gets Vincent off.

I can't wait for the judges to call Uli out on her halter dresses. She makes pretty things, but it's all a different version of the same damn dress!

I really feel like Micheal is going to win-he's shown great talent in so many styles of fashion.

i missed this week's episode and i forget how to find the eps on youtube - i remember it being kind of hard. Does anyone here know?
Lunasol - I saw it pop up on Google Video last week, you might try there.

I was so happy to see Vincent finally get kicked off! I was tired of hearing him get turned on by himself.
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