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I'm sorry to disagree with everyone here, but I had great respect for Jeffrey last night. He acts like himself and doesn't compromise and kiss ass just because there's a camera in his face.

Think of it like you were working with someone at your office on a project, and while you were somewhere else, your co-worker tells your boss they don't like what you're doing. And they haven't said anything to you. AND it benefits them in a way, because someone they really like (i.e. Angela) has a shot at your job if they can get you fired.

I've seen too many "sweet" backstabbing people in my life play that "oh innocent me that person's a big meanie" card. Look at her daughter and how manipulative and two-faced she was in the project she did with Vincent. She's quick to throw other people under the bus, and I don't think just because her mom looks sweet and talks quiet that she doesn't have some of it in her as well.

Bravo to Jeffrey for being true to his asshole personality. I'm glad he's a parent, we need more people with spines and courage on this planet, instead of being all PC in people's faces and snarky & gossipy behind their backs.
Having a spine does not mean you have to be an asshole. The woman told Tim what she thought first b/c Detroit was not there to ask. She was just being honest and he lost his temper.
I'm all for people being true to themselves, but if that means being an asshole, then I forget them. Who needs people like that?? I don't.

Angela's mom HAD said something to Jeffery about how she didn't like the design. She didn't backstab at all, she was honest with him. Instead of trying to collaborate so they were both happy, he chose to simply become hostile.

Hopey, see, I though Angela was in the right when she was paired up with Vincent. In that challenge, Vincent was being a total freak, he was stressed, he wouldn't let her help at all.
I thought Vincent was in the wrong originally... but then she sort of used it as an excuse to not have to do anything and then sell him out to the judges. And remember how she tried to manipulate Kayne at the beginning of that episode? She knew he did glam and would ace that challenge, and she tried to ride his coat tails. That is all.

I guess I just tend to be more like Jeffrey in real life, so I side with him a lot, even when he's being an ass. And he was sweet at the end, he felt badly about Robert, remember what he said to his mom? I think a lot of the show is edited for drama, I think there is probably a ton of stuff we didn't see...
Jeffrey is either (a) an asshat who lacks basic empathetic hard-wiring or ( b ) an asshat affecting a dick attitide to hopefully extend his 15 minutes. Either way... asshat. Maybe he thinks his body scribble is supposed to transform him into a willful hipster. It doesn't.

Shoot me for contributing to this. I curse you, fj.
re: jeffrey

There is a world of difference between being "honest" and being mean. Look, the absolute contempt he showed for Angela's mom...well, if that's how he honestly felt, then, sure, fine, express it. But be prepared to deal with the consequences.

Also, if you have such contempt for someone you don't even know, then you clearly have a serious problem.

Like others, when I found out he was a junkie, it was like a lightbulb going on - he's got such the classic addict personality.
QUOTE(mr_falljackets @ Aug 24 2006, 12:50 PM) *

Shoot me for contributing to this. I curse you, fj.

Welcome to the dark side, mr_fj. We don't judge. biggrin.gif
yes, Mr FJ, jooooooiiiiiinnnnn usssssss!

if it makes you feel any better, Mr K watches too.
I've also gotten my boyfriend hooked on it. He'll only watch it with me, though.
grrrrr.. never mind... I'm stupid.
Macy's ruined the episode for me. They put all the winning outfits in one of their windows and stupid me walked past it today. It's actually really cool to see the pieces up close; the little jacket that went with Uli's dress - the topstitching was so perfect. Michael's hot pants ensemble loses a lot of glitz when it's in sunlight instead of stage light. But his bustier from the garbage challenge is amazing.

Vincent's dress was okay and all, but I think Uli should have won.

And what can I say about Detroit (!) that hasn't already been said. Sorry darling, I don't have a whole bunch o' sympathy pouring out of my ass for you. Even my narcissistic nasty alcoholic grandmama could put on a charming front when confronted with a stranger. If you want to be a member of polite fucking society, you do not treat people the way he treated Angela's mother. The woman is a stranger to you and vital to your advancement in this "competition" and you make her cry? And make her a graduation gown? I'm thinking he blames women in general for his problems...and his mommy has to enable his behavior by making excuses for a grown man. I feel rotten for his poor kid.

I think I have a scoop on next week's episode. My gay boyfriend works for Delta Airlines and he told me that Delta is going to be a part of 2 PR episodes. I'm thinking it'll probably be uniforms. I just hope it isn't another group challenge.

You know, I don't think I'd want to see the outfits up close. They're barely given 2 days for most of them, so it'd be really hard for anything to be perfect. I know I'd be pulling a lot of Santinos and using glue on everything. I think it's more about the idea than anything else. It may not be reality, but I like my stuff on TV to be shiny and glossy, and my heart would be broken if I saw in the real world.
oh, diva, i bet you're right! she did say they'd be designing for *jet-setters* next episode...


muah ha ha, mrfj there is no escape for you. wink.gif
QUOTE(faith @ Aug 24 2006, 10:16 AM) *

Ugh -- - first of all, there as more michael condescension "he's actually thinking about his designs!"

I think that's actually the second time they've said that - "He really thought about the design" - about Michael, but I'm pretty sure they've said the same thing about someone else at least once - maybe Alison, in the dog accessory episode? Like "she really thought about the whole thing." Although I do think they're somewhat astonished that Michael can string together two thoughts, I think the "thinking about it" comments may just be a sort of short-hand for the contestant "getting" what they wanted them to from the assignment.
But wouldn't airline uniforms just be boring as hell?

I wanna see more dresses, dammit!

(heh, Divala, I actually really like seeing quick work like that. It's so impressive and really speaks to someone's skills that they can turn out a well-made garment in that small amount of time. It's not like theatre costumes, which you most definitely do NOT want to see up close...)

eta-I would really have liked to see what the designers would have done for their own family members.
Tim says at the end of the podcast that they're going on a trip next week. So I imagine Delta might fly them somewhere, but I don't know about the uniform thing. It could be a good challenge, though.
No, this is like the Fourth time they have said "I just love how he thinks about the design" And TWICE (yup, cut and paste) michael Korrs leaning over toward Nina saying it. And its not like a statement its like shock, surprise everytime they say it. Shame, Shame, Shame.

I really still love Jeffery. Loved his mom. I wasnt crazy about the design, but it was his style, AND she did want to be covered and did want the color and a jacket which he had- But then the crying.. oh cripe. Give me a break, its a competion- just think it you look like crap your designer goes home. Such drama.
But I am biased I CANNOT stand Angela.
Plus, Robert left for not having any of him in the design but he gave his client everything she wanted. which do you want people????
I also thought it was a cheap shot to ask Angela what she thought of the outfit-but fuck it makes great tv.

I think Laura is happy, but her mom looked like she crapped her pants.

I was sad to see Robert go, but what broke my heart was Tim Gunns voice breaking saying goodbye to him. (I even hit the rewind button on it.)

I officially LOATHE Jeffery (aka Detroit! neck) he's so mean in that nast playground bully way. I think the whole Jeffery/Angela thing would be easier to understand if I knew why he spouted so much vitrol at her. If I could see a clip that showed an interaction it might make more sense, but I have been watching from the begining and still don't understand - have I missed something?

Uli was robbed as was Michael - Vincent?!? Mr. Kooky himself wins? huh?

Carry on people, carry on...
I totally love Robert, even if he's boring. And I think that someone who designs what his client asks for and that she loves should have stayed on over someone who made not only an ugly dress, but an ugly dress that his client hated AND he insulted her! I am so sad that Robert is gone, if only because I can't watch he and Kayne together. I heart Kayne.

It wasn't enough that he insulted Angela's mom and was rude to her. I was so put off my his comment about how "that crazy bitch" is still upset to Uli. (Who got robbed.) Whenever a woman disagrees with him, she's a feminazi or a crazy bitch.

I liked Vincent's dress well enough, but I truly loved Uli's look. I liked Michael's dress, too. I would totally wear that. Vincent redeemed himself to me, too--his comments to Detroit were what needed to be said.

I hate when they talk about how Michael thinks his designs through and has so much intelligence. Uck. He is very thoughtful and I like that about him, and I know this is a shallow industry, but come on! Every week!?

I liked this challenge, but the results of it made me very sad. I can't believe Jeffery cried at the end.
Sure I've had enough of Angela and her passive-aggresive, back-room scheming ways.
Jeffrey's outfit? Cold, black, malevolent Fug. Just like his heart. If I had been Angela's mom and saw what he made for me, I might have taken a step back, crossed myself, and ran out of the room. Maybe faked a seizure. But walk the runway on national TV wearing that? Don't think so. That boy is missing something.
You know, at the very beginning, all the judges were super-condescending towards Michael, but now I think they're just relieved (especially Tim) that *someone* is thinking things through. And imagine! It's a black man! (sorry, I had to bring the snark)

I love hearing Tim talk about Michael in his podcasts. He's obviously rooting for him.

Also, Tim had an interesting account and take on the whole Jeffrey/Angela's mom altercation this week in his podcast.
Has anyone discussed MamaKors yet?

That was...downright eerie.
oh i KNOW! now we know where he gets his penchant for bronzer.
MamaKors scared me a little.

So did Laura when she said about her child to be born, "I'll throw it on the pile with the other ones!" And her mama definitely did not look happy about her pregnancy. She looked horrified. I wonder what's really going on there.

"Detroit" really does suck. He sucks so hard he made me even start to like Vincent in this last episode. I didn't like Vincent's dress or his designs in general, but he really does seem like a nice guy. I think Uli should have won this challenge, too.

Detroit is definitely in rage-filled dry drunk territory as far as his behavior is concerned. He can't use and is taking it out on every woman in the vicinity. He was so horrible to Angela's mom - she was supposed to be his client! If you really want to be a hotshot designer, you have to be able to do a little client schmoozing on occasion and find a way to bridge the gap between your vision and their body/style without too much compromise. His "mad skillz" are really lacking when you take him away from his perfectly proportioned dress form. That thing he created was so ugly and unflattering. I think his mom seems nice, but she is so terrified that he'll end up back on the street doing drugs again that she tiptoes around him and prays that he succeeds so he'll stay sober and is too scared to lay down the law on him to behave.

Michael and Uli are my favorites right now. Both of them seem nice and behave professionally and make good clothes.

Overall I was really disappointed in the designers for being so freaked out by designing for non-models. Have none of them ever made an outfit for a non-model friend or their own moms? Most women aren't proportioned like models - if they want to sell some clothes to the masses and make some money, better get used to it!!! Your clothes have got to look good on models and non-models alike. I also think they should have had more time for the challenge - working with a new model is naturally going to take a little more time to fit, etc. and they should have had another day to be able to work on that and do more elaborate work on jackets and stuff.
I thought Laura's comment about the baby was funny. I mean, it is going to be number freaking 6. That IS a pile of kids. Mummies don't have to be gooey piles of love all the time. She certainly flies in the face of the trend of educated women choosing to be childfree; she's making up for me and then some, I s'pose... smile.gif I really wasn't warming to her before, but I'm digging her now.

Hee - Mamakors was fabulous, although, yes, lighten up on the bronzer! Her voice reminded me of the Lucille Ball's last years, cigarette hanging off her lip, gravelly intonations...Mr.Luci keeps imitating her and making me giggle. I think I would have lost the enormo-glasses, though.
I totally dig Laura - she's really grown on me as the epis add up...her clothes are really nice, but classicly boring, so its more her personality that draws me. I love that she is really up-front with people, but not in a nasty way (*cough cough* jeffrey).

MamaKors' glasses were less chic, and more "I just strolled over here from the rifle range." Kind of gross....but she'd fit right in with the good 'ol boys back in MI where I grew up. heh.
Good call on the MamaKors glasses Turbojenn! It is definitely the big ol glasses that make her look a little scary.

I have to admit I am not a big Laura fan. The slit to her waist cocktail dresses she wears all the time just drive me crazy. Her smug world-weariness and "I'm more elegant than you" schtick just seems really phony to me. And her clothes are nicely made but uninteresting and look like stuff I could find at Ann Taylor or Talbots. I do really enjoy watching her fight with other bullies like Jeffery though and give them the smackdown.

Overall I don't like the contestants this season as much as I did the last one. They seem less inspired, the clothes have been less fun to watch, and the judgings are more geared to creating tv drama than keeping the best designers around.
Yeah, I'm with you marileen...what seems really sad to me is that they have this cast of overall really talented designers, and they seem less interested in rewarding true creativity this year, and *really* focused on rewarding the more off-the-rack designers, where the work looks more like what you can buy in nice department stores. I don't think Jay could win this season...and that makes me sad.

And more and more Klumbot is really wearing thin....I want her to go away, and take Nina Garcia with her!
Taking it out on every woman? Have you all seen the episodes I've been watching??? Please. Jeffery takes it out on everyone. MAN OR WOMAN. His best friend was Alison- who as far as I know was a woman. He cried when Robert left, because he thought Robert was a good person and whatnot.. Uh.. i don't think Angelas mom was all that NICE to him. Vincent was actually very normal and Awesome taking to Jeffery I thought and I think Jeffery did try to work things out. He didn't want to make her bad.. but IT IS A CHALLENGE. And you can all tell me it doesn't matter cuz she's the client, but sometimes it does matter. He's passionate about his stuff and sometimes that makes you a madman or woman.

ANyhooo.. my only disagreement..
I agree with the freaky Korrs mom, the tanner.. yup it all.
Nah, I agree with you cranberri - Jeffrey is an equal opportunity asshole...he just happens to have said some particularly unsavory things to women - "feminazi," anyone?
Over at Blogging Project Runway they have started up a thread where people can write to the producers of PR. There's no guarantee that the producers will read your post, but there's been plenty of evidence that the producers linger around that site, so it's worth a shot. If nothing else, it's interesting to hear what people want the producers to change about the show. I've found the posts to be very interesting. Take a gander at it if you'd like.

They also have an interview with Kayne's mom!
Yeah, I think Jeffrey is a sociopathic asshole, and will go after anyone who doesn't kiss his ass.

ok, here's Robert's EW post-Aufing interview:,6115,1328796_3_0_,00.html

Not to be a whiny baby, because part of me says, ''Okay, whatever,'' but at the same time, it's like, those are clothes I would never design. Period. I have nothing against plus-size anyone, and it's not a dig against anyone who's plus-sized at all. My heart's just not there. I can't fake it. There are people who do that, and that's what they want to do. I would rather be doing my glamorous party dresses.

Right. Because only anorexic women go to parties.

I'm new to this show (last four or five episodes) and don't know what they did in the last season(s), but does anyone else see it as junior-high-cruel to come up with this family member challenge? Fine if they want to have plus sizing be the theme, but this was set up to make plus sized women the awful challenge that no one wants. It didn't represent their interests at all. Anyone who wants to design beyond couture should learn how to fit a range of sizes and shapes and learn what flatters them. They could pick up most of it in a few episodes of BBC's What Not to Wear. Uli should have won just for being gracious about the task instead of whining about how horrible it was, but she also did the best work.

Anyone else see ugly subtext in Angela's and Jeffrey's relationships with their own moms? I didn't think either mom was particularly nice. Angela's mom seemed like a professional head-game player/guilt tripper and Jeffrey's mom struck me as the type that wants her kids to appear acceptable in public at all costs which could be a big reason why he is dead set against it. I'd lay money on Jeffrey and Angela developing a wild S & M attraction to each other after this and hating themselves every minute of it.

The guest judge next week should be Barbara Walters because it's not really entertainment until they make everyone cry.

Lastly--Heidi Klum can bite me.
Just finished watching the PR edition of Larry King Live. They had Heidi, Tim, and Nina at the desk with Larry. At the very very end of the show, they got a call-in question from someone wanting to know their response to the "zaftig" and "plus-size model" comments, as well as their reaction to Kathy Najimy's open letter to the producers. Well, Larry gave them 30 seconds to respond. Tim apologized for saying "zaftig". He said that, at size 6, Alison's model was certainly bigger than the size 0 of most models, but "zaftig" was the wrong word to use. Heidi said that there's nothing shameful with being a plus-sizeed model, considering she is herself plus-sized now that she's pregnant again.

The best part of the show, though, was the look on Tim's face when Larry mentioned Vincent. I hope somebody posts it on YouTube!
dammit! I just spent an hour and a half watching the extra footage on the PR site, when I *should* have been watching stupid Larry King! *bangs head against couch* Oh well, I'm sure I'll be able to catch highlights on you tube.
Turbo, they're replaying the show later tonight. The first 20 minutes or so was all JonBenet stuff, anyway.
I just listened to Tim's podcast. Awesome! I'd never listened to one before.

Can I just say that I don't normally do this sort of thing, but in my mind, Robert and Kayne have moved to Oklahoma and they're running a pageant shop together, drinking Champagne with dinner and planning to adopt thousands of sophisticated babies?

Because that's totally what I'm thinking.

Also: I wonder if Heidi Klum and Laura have bonded over their inability to understand how birth control works. (Heidi Klum seems to get knocked up if Seal looks at her funny, doncha think?)

In other news, I am somewhat drunk.

MamaKors had me cracking up. I am not sure if Michael Kors was birthed or just cloned from her. I love that her voice is about ten ranges deeper than her son.

Laura's comment about the "pile" had me in stitches. It just sounded like something my mom would say.

So sorry that I missed Larry King, though.
RV - I noticeed Tim's face too! Priceless. He looked so very pained. Also, did you notice how much his face lit up when they mentioned Michael? Awww.

One other thing - they skipped Jeffrey! I couldn't believe it!

Oh,'s always nice to see Jay. i heart him.
Well, seeing as they showed more of Jeffrey in the clips than anyone else (even the quacking!), I don't mind too much if they didn't discuss him wink.gif When they mentioned Vincent, Tim almost looked like he was about to burst out laughing ... or crying! But I thought it was strange how very quiet Nina was. It seems like she barely said anything at all.
four four has their latest PR recap up...and OMG, I could *not* stop laughing at the animated graphic they created for Vincent...I *dare* you to not crack up!!
Here are a couple of links to videos at CNN.
Top of the Larry King show
Web extra with e-mail questions

Sadly, I haven't been able to find a clip that shows Tim's reaction when asked about Vincent.
Tim and Heidi on are the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. It's great.
Halfway through the episode and the best quote- Vincent: "I'm the twist" You certainly are, Vincent, you certainly are.
Polly - that cracked me up. I'm now calling him "the twist." Just like i call Michael "Captain Save-a-ho." Or just my boyfriend. wink.gif

Gods, I just hate Jeffrey more and more every minute he's on the air. He makes me want to shoot my TV screen.

Did y'all notice the "fan favorite" contest? Not sure how I feel about that. But I will be going to the website and voting for the Captain many times.
(spoilers in white) Yeah, Angela needed to go home. It was time. I still wanted to smack the crap out of Jeffrey for being smug, even if his and Michael's outfits were the best. Just for the sake of principle, he shouldn't have won. mad.gif
i completely agree with polly's spoiler. i am too lazy to write in white, so i'll leave it at that until tomorrow.

oh, except to say that the guest judge was WAY harsh.
Yeah, I think the winner probably achieved the goal of the outfit the best, but that doesn't mean I liked it. For once, I thought Laura's Ann Taylor aesthetic really worked well. Her hair looked nice, too.

It was time for the departee. I'm not sad. I just wish ... well, I would spoil by saying what I want to. I think if Kayne had said he was going to Vegas, it wouldn't have been so harsh. Good lord do I love that belt buckle.
Maybe I'm taking crazy pills...but after reading most of this thread, I still don't understand what everyone has against Angela. She had a bad moment with Vincent in the beginning, but he was screaming at her to go away and wouldn't let her do anything. She was honest about not liking the dress. She's always been honest, and I never got what psycho Jeff's issue with her was. (In addition to the feminazi and crazy bitch quips, did any one notice that he said he wished "that fucking bitch [Laura] would have a stroke?) She also tried to explain that it was just hard for her not to take it personally when Jeff was talking about her mom. Can someone explain to me please why she's supposedly so unlikeable?
Spoiler: I don't think it's that she's unlikable and I'm not excusing the snarky comments made by other people on the show, but I just don't think she had what it would take to be a top designer- you've got to think about this from a business perspective- the show gives the winner a lot of money and opportunities, so they've got to find someone worth it. Angela was just too quaint and artsy-craftsy. Not saying I wouldn't want to hang out with her or even that I don't like her clothes (some of them weren't so good!), just don't think she fits the show.
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