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Falljackets, I read something about that, too...I think it was Karl Lagerfeld. Isn't he the crazy one with the fan and all the plastic surgery? He looks like a freaking alien...a flamboyently gay, nutso, old alien. So it's amusing that he criticized Heidi's figure...ah, the fashion industry. Sick, sick, sick.

I read some kind of gossip in the Television Without Pity threads that Heidi was "gunning" for Allison because she didn't like her. I find that plausable, but would love to know why she hated A., if it's true.

Also, Allison was close with Keith and Jeffrey...and I don't even hate Jeffrey as vehemently as some of ya'll, but I'd say her taste in people betrays a possible ickiness that isn't obvious. Like if she's so nice and sweet, why does she love the two asshole men most of anyone? Hmm...

She seems to me like she could be one of those uber-hipsters that has a bit of an elitist attitude. I'm not as sad about her being auf'd now.

I've always thought that Heidi Klum was fuller-figured. That woman has got quite a healthy set of hips on her. Maybe it's because she's a little older and well-established, but she's not exactly what I would call rail thin, either. I think it's funny how the modeling industry always says they want to see curves, but what they actually show are models who really don't have much different of a figure than the waifs they threw at us in the '90s, she's just wearing less clothes, and of course bikini = curves.

I'm pissed at Tim Gunn for saying "zaftig," too, but I do think it was in reference to the other models. I've come to really respect his opinion, and I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it wasn't a dig at that particular model. It sucks that she's most likely going to "aufed," though. Nodoby wants to work with the "zaftig" girl.

Wouldn't it be great if they truly had models of all sizes for the designers to work with? Fat girls go to fancy places too, y'know. Then it would really be about fit and talent. Anyone can design for a size 2 stick figure.

Here's the Entertainment Weekly Article with Allison...I'm a little disappointed in her, I guess...I didn't think the article was all that classy - not terrible at all, but not polished either. allison interview
Isn't Heidi pregnant again?

Anyway, I shudder at the thought of more Jeffery. Dammit.
Hey ladies,

just delurking to comment on the "zaftig" discussion.

Did anyone else notice how red-in-the-face the Allison's model got when they were saying the dress made her look fat? I felt so bad for her! I wonder if she catches a lot of flack for not being as much a plank with a pair of shoulders and legs as the other models.

Vincent sucks so bad and he should have been sent on his loony way.

Yes, Heidi is pregnant with her third child.

Love the avatars, bethiepie and ohmaude (from my second-favorite movie!! Genius!) biggrin.gif
Mmmmmm....Tim Gunn....makes me smile just looking at his piccie. I want him to come over for Sunday brunch, we'll pore over the Sunday New York Times together, I'll make french toast, and then he'll read me snippets from the paper and comment on them....
Three kids? Sheesh, your genes aren't that important, lady. Can't stand her. I agree about Iman. She should be the host of the show; far more classy and thoughtful than Ms.Klum.

[color=#000099] Hi all- I am delurking b/c I met someone tonite who knows Jeffery. He says they (the producers) purposefully misquote the contestants to make for better t.v.: i.e.. they will use a comment someone made about so and so's dress in episode 3 during episode 6 to up the catty quotient. Total bummer- i hate stuff like that. mad.gif Also- apparently the producers have yet to make a decision on whose auf'd, and will only override the judges if they can't decide on a clear loser. So maybe Heidi did have it out for Allison afterall.... And what was up with her wacky exit interview? Sooo random!
Also heard Tim Gunn likes to hit the sauce! Will watch next week to see how tipsy he seems, but hoping this is just nasty rumour!! ohmy.gif
As far as quoting people out of context, that's pretty much par for reality tv. It's pretty impossible to misquote someone when the words are filmed actually coming out their mouth (ie. "feminazi"). He's an ass.
If Tim Gunn boozes, then I want to get drunk with Tim Gunn. And Ted Allen from Queer Eye. And then watch them be knowledgeable and droll together. It'd be like smart-avuncular-gay-guy slash fiction.
Girlbomb, that would be so fabulous. I'd love to go to dinner with those two.

And I have to agree with Lucizoe. Even if Jeffrey did all of that quacking in Episode 2 instead of 5, it's still highly annoying. The producers may manipulate some things to make good TV, but they can't put words in his mouth. Personally, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Jeffrey hits the sauce harder than Tim Gunn.

I'm constantly surprised by how ruthless & negative some of them can be during those on-camera interviews. The thing they need to realize is that how you appear on the show will probably affect your career more than whether you win or not. And although the producers have a lot of control in that area, each of the contestants have plenty of control over what escapes their mouths.

I miss the comeraderie of some of the contestants from last season. They got into the occasional sqwabble, but also seemed to have fun. Where's the singing and dancing, people?
QUOTE(jungle_pam @ Aug 20 2006, 01:05 AM) *

I met someone tonite who knows Jeffery. He says they (the producers) purposefully misquote the contestants to make for better t.v.: i.e.. they will use a comment someone made about so and so's dress in episode 3 during episode 6 to up the catty quotient. Total bummer- i hate stuff like that.

Yup, I have to agree that's pretty much par for the course with "reality" programming. They have to do something to make up for the fact that there are no official scriptwriters, after all. Just because your name on a TV show may be the same as it is in real life, anything else is up for grabs to be changed. This is why "reality" TV doesn't do it for me, because it's not reality at all. The only reality is that it's cheap labor; there are no actors, after all, that need a paycheck.
After listening to Tim's podcast, I have to wonder if Allison's dress looked better in reali-life than the camera showed. I often hear that about Oscar dresses, "It just didn't photgraph well." He describes it as some masterpeice of origami-like style. It seems that his advice to the designers isn't as accurate as it has been in the past seasons. I don't know what that means, but I have noticed it.
As for what Jeffery said about being misquoted, personally if Jeffery were to tell me that the Earth was round, I would check his sources. He just strikes me as an extreme egotist who wants everyone to believe that he is misunderstood. Probably makes him think he's more "punk-rock." And, as lucizoe said, it's hard to misquote someone when you see it come out of their mouth. That comment revealed more about his personality than he realized.
wow, that EW interview made me like Allison so much less. I think Amilita may be right - she sort of seems like the fake-nice super-hipster girl that will only hang out with the cool kids and is blandly nice to everyone else (except when she's making snide little comments).

I don't know. I'm not too excited about the contestants this season. The only one I really like is Michael. And even him, I know his clothes are good, but they're not exciting in the way Jay McCarroll's (sp?) were. At least to me.
lunasol, that was totally my initial impression of Alison
Yes, that EW interview is very interesting. It seems so strange that she made such an effort to remain composed while on the show, but then let it all out all this time later. Certainly food for thought.

But I still think Vincent should've been kicked off the show before Alison. His work has been consistently bad. I never thought Alison would make it to the top three, but I certainly expected her to stick around longer than Vincent.
wow, I seem to love who everyone hates.

I was very sad to see Alison go. I really liked her style, and cripe I just thought she was so cute. I also liked her teamed up with Jeffery. And yes. I like Jeffery. I just can't stop staring at his neck.

I can't stand Laura, she seems so full of herself- and for the love wear a turtleneck. We nearly saw nipplage the other night. She's a little Mommie Dearest for me.

I haven't a clue why Vincent is still on. I mean if it's for (funny character) he is nothing like Andre- or Austin he's just a sad sack.

Angela grate on my every last nerve. I don't like her stuff, and can't stand the way she dresses herself (although, many designers dress themselves poorly for some unknown reason.)

I like Michael, I love how they are all so shocked he's intelligent.
I like Kayne and Robert. Robert mostly, because of the barbie connection. I haven't liked either of their designs lately.

Uli.. is just sort of in the background...

Nobody really pops for me either. Although I haven't loved a lot of the challenges this season.

On the last episode, while Klumbot ranted about how big that model was (?!?) I LOVED how Michael Korrs was the ONLY one to say the model had a beautiful body. P.s I checked out the German Top Model and the Irina (the so called fat model) is a toothpick.

Anyhoo my two, three and four cents for ya'll.
Cran, thank you for pointing out the thing that has been niggling at my brain since The Road to the Runway this season: the condescending surprise people display at Michael's intelligence. I'm half expecting someone to congratulate him on being so "articulate."

Grrrrrrrrr. ::bares teeth at subtle racism::

Though I have to disagree with you on Jeffrey. Bitch lost me on "feminazi."

We are in total agreement on that one, Luna. Feminazi my ass. Although I am Dying to know what the 'pitchfork' joke is. Hmm.

I am so pulling from Michael. I think his clothes are tasteful, beautifully tailored and show real vision. I LOVED his dress for the dog challenge.

Plus, he is really adorable.
so, i ended up hanging out with bradley last night, and he is preparing a show for january. which i think is a first for him (an actual runway show), so that's cool. he said nobody's offered him a job yet as a result of PR, but that he's been doing well. of course i had to ask, and found out that apparently no, it wasn't all completely edited to shit ("it was real people doing real things, and really freaking out!"), that angela is in fact as annoying as she comes across, and that vincent (GASP!) is actually a really great guy. which i find effing hard to believe, but, eh. regardless, being a great guy still doesn't excuse the atrocities he's been making.

one of my other friends knows jeffrey, but i don't know anything about character judgement regarding him in real life. he certainly comes across as an asshole on the show.

i don't understand why laura's getting shit for baring her collarbone...? would we be telling a heavy girl who wore lowcut clothes to put it away? i think laura's beautiful, albeit a little uptight, but if i was a mother of five i would wear whatever the hell i wanted. i think more power to her.
Awww....that's so nice that Bradley is doing well - I'm happy for him! I can believe that Vincent is a really great guy - that's not a stretch...believing that he is a fashion designer, however, really is beyond my personal level of belief! I think his nice-guyness and his personal belief in his designs are what has saved his ass so far.

I don't have any problem with Laura showing her collarbone..its that her dresses show her collarbone, her sternum, oh, and nearly her waist...its not untasteful per-se, but still more than I need to see, when her boobs seem to peek out every once in awhile - sister, put on a camisole! One of the other discussion boards just call her STERNUM! ...that makes me giggle a little.
I dunno...titties threatening to pop out of a lady's clothes makes me nervous and distracts me, whether they are tiny or giant. I don't really wanna see it. When Laura was yelling at Vincent, I was just staring at her breast in horror, waiting for it to be blurred out. The other folks must be getting an eyeful when she bends over the worktable and such. Just because you popped out five babies doesn't give you the GO to flash me, unless you're breastfeeding!

I read a bunch of stuff about Jeffrey over at Television Without Pity, and it seems that he explained his feminatzi comment on his MySpace or something...and after reading what he wrote, I don't really think he's a woman-hater or anything like that. I think he's more of someone trying hard to be edgy and cool. I don't particularly love him, but don't think he's evil, either.

I did throw him into my predicted Top 3, not because I love his clothes so much (although I loved the newspaper dress!) but just cuz he was my wildcard contestant...Michael and Allison were my other two. My friend who I'm betting against picked Allison, Robert and Kayne. It's actually a better game for us now that Allison is gone.

I'm glad things are going well for Bradley...I don't think he's crazy so much anymore...just someone who doesn't fit into TVland so easily. But hey, that's nothin' but good! I don't think he has great construction skills...on his website, so many of his pieces seemed to have a smock-y fit. Bleh. Curvy gals like me can't wear that stuff without looking pregnant. But go, Bradley!

And Vincent is nice, huh? Sure doesn't come across that way...God, makes the whole show sadder. Although Tim Gunn (via his podcasts) has sure made it really clear that he does not care for Vincent. He apparantly won't take any advice at all.
KittenB, I saw that Vincent video over at Project RunGay a while back. Still suffering from the nightmares, too wink.gif

I can believe that Vincent is a nice guy. I can even believe that, given enough time and resources, he might be a good designer. But he is sucking soooooo much ass on the show. It's painful. The man needs to go back home before all the funds from the 401k are gone.

And my problem with the Sternum's deep v-neck dress is simply that I don't think it's appropriate. If she were attending a swanky cocktail party, then it might be okay. But one shouldn't wear sequins while working on the serger.

Glad to hear that Bradley is doing well. He just seems so sweet & kookie-in-a-good-way.
Holy crap, I read Project RunGay back during the beginning of the season, and it was hilarious, but I forgot about it until Roseviolet linked it again (thank you!). It's only gotten more hysterical. I had a good laugh over the "Jeffery: Angry Little Peanut" post, and so much more. The writers of that blog crack me up. Also of note-"Kayne and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day" entry, "Angela's creative process", "Angela: It all depends", "I'm a WINNER, Dammit!", and "The "O" stands for "Oh shit, the sun's up"..Okay there are many more, I just can't list them all, because ya'll can read it for yourselves. I wish the guys who write Project RunGay would come over every week and watch it with me.
Especially for Mouse

This just ain't right!

It's off Project Rungay...I have it bookmarked, but forgot to check after this episode, so thanks, rosev!
Collarbone is one thing, this is her entire chest. And she's ALWAYS Wearing it at the runway time. If a larger girl was wearing her shirt that low I'd tell her the same thing.
"When Laura was yelling at Vincent, I was just staring at her breast in horror, waiting for it to be blurred out."
I was right there with you... I couldn't look away....

I missed the epi where Jeffery said this apparently. I just like the punk aspect to him. That's also why I liked Alison, they were just different.

Yeah, the Michael: being "intelligent" makes me nuts. "He really knows what he is talking about.." (in shocked awe. ) EVERY-SINGLE-TIME.
Is Jeffrey short (some of the Rungay stuff implies he is)? It's tough to tell when folks aren't standing right next to each other and to be honest I haven't paid much attention to him during the runway segments, but if he's a short guy it would explain the extremely cocky attitude.
Thanks for posting that link!

I think Laura's style is not mine, but it's a clear style/POV, which I respect. She's not classically beautiful, her body isn't curvy, but she works with what she has.

WORD on the Michael condescension. I even see it re. his aesthetic, like the judges were looking at his video-hoochie shots in his portfolio and they were saying: "well, maybe he doesn't know his taste is bad." I was thinking, have they seen a rap video? It's a niche market (here I am referring to the hundreds of medium-list artists, obviously there are lots of brilliant videos for rap and hip-hop, but for midlist girls in those outfits are a staple), just like pageants or debutantes in Virginia or snowboarders. He KNOWS about Elle, Vogue, whatev. His challenge, like all those other designers, is to translate his aesthetic into that Project Runway aesthetic of innovative but mass marketable ready-to-wear.

Up to now, he's been making money by catering to a specific outlet, and that's commerce, not ignorance. He's not a fucking fresh air kid.

In two minutes they are going to call him "well-spoken" and I am going to lose my shit.
In two minutes they are going to call him "well-spoken" and I am going to lose my shit.

hahaha, i know, right? The minute they call him "well-spoken" or "articulate" I'm starting a letter-writing campaign.

The thing is that I'm starting to think Michael is the smartest, or at least saaviest, designer on the show right now.
He's the only one who has been a consistent professional in his behavior. I giggled at 'Captain Save-a-Ho', I admit, but he doesn't really talk shit about anyone. And yeah, I've been waiting for "well-spoken" too. I'm guessing it'll come out of Kors' mouth when it happens.

Unlike Detroit! and everyone else on the damn show...which I'm thinking of boycotting, which is painful to me, as it and The Venture Brothers are the only television shows I get from itunes. Actually, they are the only thing I get from itunes.
wow, 15 minutes into the episode and i already want to shoot jeffrey.
I can't watch the show, of course, but I'm reading the play-by-play on Blogging Project Runway.

No, I don't have a problem. I can quit any time I want!!!! wink.gif
Mid-episode comment: He's such an ass. I wish his mother would go smack him. I'd get my ass kicked if I talked to someone like that when my mom was around (not that I would whether she was or not!)
Post-episode comment....I still want to smack him. The parting scene where Jeffrey is crying on his mom's shoulder, saying "they're not all good people, robert is a good person, he shouldn't have to go." Boo-hoo piss know what - they all ARE good people - you're the only fucktard making judgements - everyone else is trying to be kind to each other and to the mommas and sistas.

And, I hate saying this, but I'm glad Robert is gone, even if I love him and Kayne yukking it up together...but sweetheart - Barbie is fierce, and no doubt you have dressed that girl well....real, live, walking and talking seem to have a problem with, and fall back on boring and safe designs. I'm certain he is very talented, the competition just really wasn't playing to his strengths.

And I actually am glad that Vincent won, even though I liked Uli's outfit more. Vincent worked with Uli's mom with professionalism and class, and created something really wearable and appropriate.


Jeffrey's display tonight actually made me nostalgic for the good old "feminazi" days. What a mean-spirited child. And holy crap, WHAT is his problem with women?

It's too bad, cause this could have been such a sweet episode.
I'll write it in white.

I'm actually glad for Vincent. I know I'm the lone wolf who likes him and his complete insanity, but whatever. I really liked Uli's outfit, though.

Jeffrey is a compete ass. I hate him I hate him I hate him!!! I want him gone NOW.

That was so appalling. I'm speechless. Oh, it's even worse after the podcast.
What a spoiled little brat. Shameful. I was extremely disappointed in his mother. WTF?? After she consoles the woman her son made cry, she goes in there & hugs him & says "everything is going to be ok." ?? Well, now we know how he got that way. Severe lack of discipline.

I felt so so bad for Angela's mother. The courage it probably took her to come there & strut her stuff on a runway before professional designers, magazine people, & a supermodel & that is what she got. I was so glad she stood up to him though.

Ugh. That is all.
Can I just say how badly I wanted Michael's dress. It would look so good on me! And I think my mother would look lovely in anything that Uli designed. I agree with Tim. Uli was robbed.
I am not upset that Vincent won, though I am surprised. I thought his design was lovely, I just did not like the colors.
As for Jeffery mad.gif , well the fact that he was not cut last night just left me speechless. At least Robert's model liked her dress (I thought it looked like something that Miss Patty on Gilmore Girls would wear.) And let's be honest, Jeffery designed that dress b/c he was pissed. What a fucking punk.
I have to give Angela props for how she handled it. If someone was making my mom cry, I would have lost it. Of course my mom would have stuck a sewing needle up his ass.

Has anyone noticed that Tim is sounding very frustrated on his blog these days? I think he is baffled by what the judges are thinking. Oh, and I think they should do this challenge every season. Some of thoes designers were just far too stumped at how to design for larger women. It's like the women had three heads or something!
Yeah, Tim is sounding like Mr. Cranky Pants in his blog and podcast these days. The podcast was *really* cranky this morning...I think the judges need to take a walk through the design room with Tim, just to see how things are developing. They need to buy a clue.

And Michael Kors needs to lay off the spray tan. OMG - did you see how orange he was at Tavern on the Green in real actual daylight?! That man is an ooma-loompah! Love his mom, though!

Uli was robbed, indeed. Her flowing poncho was beautiful and classy, and the proportions were stunning. No one else really got the proportions right.

It really did amaze me how clueless the designers were in designing for women with average body sizes...they really should have a much better sense of scale, proportion, and how to cut clothes beautifully for any body size. I found it really disappointing, overall. And, that I really didn't see anything out there that I would hope to find in a store someday when I'm an older, curvaceous woman.

Jeffrey needs to stop with the addict behavior, take some anger management, and more than anything, shut the hell up and do the challenges honestly - not trying to cut around the parameters of the challenge guidelines.
I must admit, when we learned that Jeffery is a recovered alcoholic, that did shed some light on things. I know several "recovered" alcoholics that are very angry people. They don't drink anymore, but the mind has not healed.

A friend of mine is trying to defend Jeffery. I don't even understand that.

I could not get over Michael Kor's mother's glasses. Too funny. Michael definitely needs to stop spraying himself with self tanner. It is really really bad.

Kitten, I wanted Michael's dress too. There are several things he's made that I would definitely buy.

This challenge was a good one. It's easy to design for stick figures.
Yeah, you're exactly right Kari, and I love how you phrased it - Jeff's "mind has not healed."

He still has that "everyone is against me" thing, and he really needs to take a step back, and start thinking more generously of other people.
i loved the challenge last night. THIS is how to find out how good a designer is (i'd like to see how well mr. kors would design for some of those shapes, in fact). i agree, it could have been such a sweet sweet show, what with all the baby pictures and love at the tavern on the green.

jeffery is an asshole. pure and simple. i could not believe that he went off on her that way. aside from the fact that it was angela's mom and she didn't deserve the treatment - it was his FUCKING CLIENT for cod's sake! but, i did think it was out of line for klumbot to ask angela what her opinion was of jeffrey's design. that wasn't appropriate at all: of course she was going to say negative things about it (and rightly so, of course - it was hideous!). but they didn't ask anyone else what THEY thought of the design made for their loved one. or at least we didn't see it if they did. i just kept hoping that jeffrey would nut up and apologize. it wouldn't have excused his behavior, but it would have been the HUMAN thing to do. his mom disappointed me too. what an uncomfortable ride back to the airport that must have been...

i was actually ok with the fact that grimace - i mean vincent - won. at least that will give his family SOMETHING to be proud of...

i loved michael's dress (as usual!) and uli's was great too. the rest were just sort of "eh".
Ugh -- - first of all, there as more michael condescension "he's actually thinking about his designs!" eew.

Second, while I have slightly more empathy for Jeffrey knowing his post-addict status, I still have no respect for him, he still blames everyone else and the rage he directed at Angela's mother -- how difficult is it to put on a nice face for a client? I really am concerned that he's a father, frankly. And I felt bad for his mother as well, she was trying to clean up after him, and to know what families of addicts go through, I could understand that urge, even it was misplaced.

What broke my heart was how Angela's mom smiled all the way down the runway. I could just feel like she didn't want people to say she sabotaged Jeffrey's dress, she was trying to be a good sport. I hope that if either of my brothers had a dream like designing I would be a good enough sport to flaunt my plus-sized figure and noncamera-ready face for television. That is pure love.

Oh Laura. I do not think she was happy about kid number six, despite her trying to brush it off "we'll just put them all in a pile!". And her mom seems like a less-than-supportive type, although with Laura's strong personality I empathize. I can't believe she didn't tell her husband first! Am I so naive? That's what made me think it was bad news.

I didn't think Kayne's outfit for Michael's mom was as bad as the judges did. And I LOVED his celebration of her -- it made me feel so much warmer about his nasty model-should-be-seen-and-not-heard comment. And while his outfit was only OK, Vincent really redeemed himself to me in some of his comments, he was gently telling Jeffery to try to make it right (i.e. smooth things over).

I loved Robert, but he just didn't have the steely confidence for this show. I was sad to see him go, as was everyone, it seemed like (did anyone catch Jeffery's mom shushing him when he said that "good person" comment? Classic! And so revealing of Jeffrey's bitterness that only the "good" should be rewarded, rather than reveling in the total randomness of what is a subjective business, design, and a notoriously fickle medium, reality television).

x-posted with falljackets: I too would have liked to see more baby pictures! I agree that the producers made Klumbot ask Angela to stir the pot. Plus -- some of the overdubbing of Heidi's "commentary" was even worse than usual. Do you think she makes them go back after it's edited and put in what she wanted it to say?
After all the "zaftig" talk from last week, I was thrilled to see this week's challenge. Wonderful. More challenges like this one, please!

I must admit that Vincent's dress wasn't bad. And I can't tell you how shocked I am by that! Maybe part of Vincent's problem all this time is that he's been having to design for little stick figures. Maybe he's a better designer when he's working with women with a more normal shape. Imagine that!

But I really loved Uli's outfit. That girl is a wonder with patterns.

As for Jeffrey ... there are no words strong enough to express all of his severe character flaws. They say he was an alcoholic. And a heroin addict. And his dad left when he was 8 (He says so on the bonus footage). But none of that is a good enough excuse. At some point, you've gotta grow up and learn to live and work with other people. The man is a flaming asshole. If you need more proof, just check out the preview for next week. Ugh. He is going to have soooooooo much trouble getting anyone to work with him after this. That is the only thing that is making me feel any better.
Why is it condesending to say that Michael is thinking about his design? He does.
God I wish that Jeffery had.
kittenb, I just object to the tone of surprise every time someone points out that Michael is thoughtful. It's more a problem to me as a pattern than the one remark.

But I agree with you 100% re. Jeffery.
Yesterday's challenge was awesome! I'm glad to see the designers work with actual women without perfect 36-24-36 measurements. It shows a lot for a designer who can design for anyone. Those are the designers I buy from, and will continue to if I'm no longer plus sized.

I hate to say it, but I'm glad Vincent won last night. While not something I would probably wear, the dress was cute and fit his model well. It kind of worked his '80s groove into something modern. Good for him. That was a dress that he should be proud of.

Uli was robbed. At first, when I heard "poncho," I thought that no good could come of it, but it turned out really nicely. I love that she believes in using a lot of color and she took into account Kayne's mom's personality and shape and really made the outfit for her client, not for Heidi/Michael/Nina.

Detroit is such an ass. Even if he was an addict and had a rough life, it doesn't give him permission to act the way he does toward people, no matter how punk rock he is. His mom seemed nice, though. I'm glad Jeffrey's done well for himself, but I don't think he going to go much further unless he really tries to make a change in how he deals with people. Nobody wants to work with a jackass, no matter how talented they are. And his dress sucked last night, too. Most of his clothes look so akward.

I don't think there's any surprise when we say that Michael thought out his design, and I certainly don't think that we're qualifying it because he's black. Everyone should be thinking out their designs the way he does. That's why he's never once been called out for bad design choices. It's an example to follow.

I'm very sad to see Kayne and Robert broken up. They were the cutest couple! But Robert really did need to go, even if his designs weren't awful. He was getting awfully boring, which is terrible to see in someone as talented as him.

I hope Angela's mom came throught it all okay. It sounds like it was hard for her to take a chance like this, then to be handed over to someone like Detroit. I will say that I did agree with him about the color scheme. Just because Angela's mom didn't normally wear that one color, didn't mean that it wouldn't look good on her. There are a ton of things people never try on because they think it won't look good, and then when they do try it, it does. Detroit had a point there. But his condescention toward Angela's mom cannot be excused.
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