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yeah! why was he "in"? as much as i dislike vincent, i would've said he was in before tattoo neck. his outfit did look very "twiggy"--unfortunately he didn't pay attention to the "modernize" part of the challenge.
I'm getting the distinct impression that the judges are heavily basing their decision on who is "auf" on past performance. Poor Bradley's been struggling since day 1. DId anyone else feel like he was sort of relieved to go? And I thought his Cher outfit looked like it was a Barbie outfit instead - esp. that shiny shit the shirt was made out of.
This is how silly I am. I held up my new copy of BITCH over the screen so I wouldn't see any posts (although the bravo website already ruined the outcome for me - screw you bravo! i just wanted to see which episode we were up to!) The person on youtube who was posting these appears to have not only stopped, but also pulled them all down...which makes me think some official hooha got wind of the existence of youtube...

I digress

Does anyone know of any place online I can find episode five? please do PM if'n you know of a place
I thought Robert's dress was boring, but at least it had components that someone might wear -- I still can't fathom how Vincent has made it this far. Bradley, sweet as he is, deserved the boot this week, if only for the weird blue triangle patches that appeared to be superglued on. Vincent hasn't had anything in his designs that was remotely wearable or good. They've all been simple and super fugly.

I loved Michael's outfit, and Angela's too. I really do think she got off to a bad start.

I'm awfully struck by Jeffrey's misogyny. He was the one who called Angela a feminazi, yes? His arrogance is ridiculous, since he basically is setting himself up to be a major source of items for starlets on gofugyourself, but he's always saying nasty things specifically about the women who stand up to him.

I'm having a hard time taking Heidi Klum seriously on the subject of fashion. WTF was she wearing last night?

I think both Vincent's and Robert's outfits were better constructed than Bradley's, and that probably swayed their judgements more. I think Bradley's design was weak, but I have a thing for hippie guys. rolleyes.gif Now I'm curious as to what his designs look like when he's not competing, maybe he does better when he's not under so much pressure.

Vincent seems like he really needs to up his meds and his design last night was rather ugly, his model's hair looked terrible. The dress didn't look much better.

I hated Robert's outfit, that's all I'm going to say about it.

I really liked both Kanye and Michael's designs, probably Kanye's a little more but I'm still glad Michael won. He seems like a nice guy and seeing him call his mom really endured him to me.

Laura's outfit looked smashing, but her lipstick scares me. It's too bright. However, I liked how she got after Jeffrey/Tattoo Neck last night, and she seems like the sort of person you don't want to mess with (which is a good thing in my book).

Yep, it was Jeffrey who called Angela a feminazi. I really can't stand him, any of his tattoos, his attitude and how he looks without a shirt. I didn't like how, last night, when his model leaned back while on the runway, the dress stayed put. The whole outfit was ugly.

Angela seems to have reigned in her rosettes, and her dress was really pretty. I felt sorry for her on the second challenge because she was paired with Vincent, and it seems like last week's challenge really helped her.

I didn't like Allison's dress, the neckline threw me off. I've liked her other stuff, though.

It looked likeUli designed a halter dress, yet again. Oh well, at least she's good at it and it did look like something Diana Ross would wear...

I've been wondering about Heidi Klum's stylist too. Good lord, if any of the designers came up with outfits like the ones she's been wearing, they would have been "auf'd" a long time ago.
mountains, rivers and peacocks is bradley's current line. i like fall 2005 the best. granted, he's no michael, but he's clearly capable of more than what he showed on the show.
No more PR on YouTube? Nooooooo! Dammit, I would watch the friggin' show live if my stupid cable provider actually carried Bravo.


My BestGalPal has a co-worker who actually likes Tattoo Neck Boy. I wonder what show she's watching. Of course, Time Warner just bought her cable provider, too, so who knows how long it'll be before she can't watch the show, either.

Sorry for the bitching.
thanks for the linkies, mouse!!

I have to say though, I'm not a fan of his stuff on the site. Its all pretty similar, and would only look good on those tall, lithe vintagey women, and I suppose I am not his target market. Nice to see some finished work from him though.

Oh, do check out Bradley's exit interview on the site when you get a chance...its so choppy, he must not have been able to gather his wits at all after he was auf'd - poor Bradley, you just want to pat his scruffy head, and tell him it'll be okay.
psst, RV...

itunes. $1.99 an episode. they put it up every Thursday (the day after the episode airs) and no commercials.

Has the ad with Michael's outfit come out yet, or does anyone know when it will?
Dear Jeffrey,

Wow. Mommy really didn't love you enough, did she? I understand that you're remarkably insecure about yourself (sexuality? looks? intelligence? artistic ability? hell, I'd be worried too if I were you), but goodness, do you have it in for women! Wow, I mean, how dare Laura stand up to you! She's just a chick, after all. And Angela! God! What's with all the chicks who aren't falling at your feet and worshipping you? I think you need to rein it in, 'cause frankly, you are a fucking no-talent bore. You gotz mad construction skills, huh? Well, guess what? So does Laura. So does Allison. So does Angela, to a point...and so do I. And I'm a girl. Icky!

I agree with the judges. And I can't wait until Detroit gets kicked off. I bet he won't take any responsibility.
Thanks, mouse. The clothes looks nice, but nothing I can wear since I don't have the right body type. His latest line reminded me of ladies underwear from the 1700's.
Zoya, thanks so much for the info! I was wondering if they carried the show there, but since I don't have iTunes downloaded on my computer, I couldn't search for it. Guess I'll work on that this week. Thanks again!

Since I woke up much too early this morning, I wasted some time on the Bravo website watching the bio videos that each of the contestants taped in order to get on the show. If you haven't seen these yet, you really should. Quite fascinating stuff. Some of them are sooooo highly produced (Robert) & some are as simple as can be (Uli). And of course, some are just plain embarassing to watch (Malan!). I think my favorite one is Bradley's video simply because it starts with him saying, "My name is Bradley and I have a mouthful of cheese and crackers." Aaaaawww ... I'll miss your crazy ways, Bradster!
ha! I was reading the bios on the website, and Katherine's family owns this restaurant in Minneapolis called Hell's Kitchen, and she works out of a studio in the back room or upstairs of the building. This is amusing because a few weeks ago, fellow Bustie Erinjane posted in the Midwestern Mamas thread because she was going to be vacationing in Minneapolis and asked for suggestions of places to eat. My dad goes to Minneapolis for business a lot, and he told me that Hell's Kitchen was supposed to be really good. Erinjane ended up going there and said it was the one of the best breakfasts she's ever had!

ETA: I'm watching Malan's exit is embarrassing to watch, rose!!
Oh, but you haaaaaave to see the bio videos! From Bravo's main page for PR, click on Videos. In the window that pops up ...
Click on Shows
Click on Project Runway
Click on Season 3
Click Designer Bios
And from there you can watch each contestant's application video.

Malan's is so painful. It's so obvious that he really wants to be an actor instead of a designer. The man doesn't even show any of his designs on his audition tape! What on earth was he thinking?

And I'm starting to notice that when Laura speaks, she mainly uses the right side of her mouth. It's almost as if she has some slight paralysis on the left side.
1) I like the dancing in Bradley's video.

2) Not that it hasn't been said before, but Keith is such a prick. "Who do you design for?" "People who can afford to look good." Screw you, jerky.

3) For anyone who likes the designs on Bradley's website (like me), carries his line, although they don't have anything of his up right now.
I had brunch at Hell's Kitchen once, and it was They have real homemade peanut butter and jams and even ketchup! I cannot say enough good things about that place.

i am so mad! that is all for tonight. i don't want to ruin it for those in a different timezone.
WTF????? Spoiler:Not her fault she had a "zaftig" model....sarcasm, sarcasm! I'm not sure in what universe that model was zaftig (to quote Margaret Cho, "zafitg! zaftig! Isn't that German for big fat pig?!?!") I can't believe she lost to that crazy-ass hack!

(Edited to white for those in other timezones- thanks for reminding me, falljackets!)
my thoughts exactly, polly. argh!!!!!
Hey, I don't look in this thread until I've seen the episode, and it's other people's choice to do the same-so-I'm spoiling.


Are they just taking pity on him for taking out his life savings to do this show? That was a complete shock.

And once again, Jeffery has proven his psychotic narcissism by being a very poor loser and believing he is the god of fashion design, which obviously he is not since he hasn't won a single challenge. As far as I'm concerned he's no better than Vincent! That being said, his dress was pretty neat, but I don't think he ever deserves to win. Even Santino was more loveable than this asshat. Grr..

I really thought Allison would end up in the final 3 sad.gif
allison!!??????? nooooo she was so cute sad.gif

i haven't seen it yet (it's airing RIGHT NOW here, but i'm not watching it, i don't have cable and i didn't go to the friends' house i usuall watch it at......ive gotten less interested tho now that bradley's off) . man. i swear to god it's rigged this's become a reality show's reality show, where it's played for good tv rather than talent. blurgh.
I am so, so shocked that Allison was auf'd!!!! So sad, too...I really think she has a cohesive vision that is very modern and she has good skills. Dang. Her outfit was horrid this week, for sure, but so was Vincent's.

I think the big-bow hairstyle that Allison went with really hurt her, too. She didn't have the aesthetic down this week, which I think sometimes boosts people up just a tiny bit...maybe that would have been enough to put her above Vincent.

I suppose she broke the cardinal rule of fashion, which is: Don't make the models look fat. Maybe you can make 'em look like shit, but a thin column of shittiness.

*sigh* I'm sad. I really thought she'd be in the top three. I don't really love anyone's style or vision anymore. I like some of them as people/characters, but I'm not as excited about the one is making my fantasy clothes. I thought Uli might, but my love for her stuff has decreased a bit. I think I'm rooting for Michael at this point...I wouldn't want his clothes for myself, but I think he's great.

At least we can still look forward to the big Vincent meltdown!!! That'll be super fun.
Heh, I just go to Blogging Project Runway while at work to see who won. biggrin.gif

I think about the only reason Vincent is still there is because he does make for an entertaining show, even though his designs suck and he should be under psychiatric care. Allison was a good designer, and aside from this challenge, has been making quality work. I have the feeling that she'll be able to land on her feet, sort to speak.

And "zaftig?" WTF?
*sigh*....Last night's results were truly disappointing. They gave Kayne a pass on his horrible alien frock because of past work - they should have done the same. Allison has at least created good work and been a contender for the win in 2 of the challenges....crazy Vincent has yet to create *anything* wearable or well sewn...and all the other designers were calling him on that last night backstage. Vincent is delusional. period.

I just keep feeling sorry for his family, whose secure future he cashed in to take another shot at his dream. Unfortunately, he has not updated his skills or his eye in the last 20 years that he was outside the fashion world.

BUT...I'm always happy to see Michael win, especially if he stole it from DETROIT! was the first dress of Jeffrey's that I actually liked, but I don't want to see him win. ever. Meanwhile, I want MIchael to dig through my trash and craft a fabulous gown for ME! You just know that Michael really knows how to show off any body size and shape...and I *heart* him for that.

Meanwhile, let's all be happy for Uli, that for the *first* time she didn't make a halter dress!!! It's a miracle! And I thought her braiding was really beautifully done too - she looked like some kind of fancy cake, and I kind of liked it.
Same here-shocked! I can't believe they kept that crazy man & let Allison go. Vincent has done nothing good ever. This is the first time that Allison did something bad. Honestly, I didn't even think hers was that bad. If they were going to keep Vincent, they should have gotten rid of Kayne. His was much worse than Allison's.

I lost a little Tim Gunn love last night based on his comments about the "large" model. Ugh.

Though I hate to admit it, I think tattoo neck should have won. I think his outfit was better than Michael's.

Did anyone else love all the cutdowns Laura got last night?? OUCH!

Allison: "good thing you have on your riding outfit in case it's horses...."
Kayne: "well, sweetheart, I worry about your character & that's worse!"
and my favorite one:
Vincent" "why don't you go shove some Harry Winston's up your nose!"

I think Laura is driving them all crazy. I thought her dress last night was boring.
man, i was completely shocked! i was saying it along with heidi: "allison, you're IN" and then i was like, "huh, did she just say that allison was OUT!?" wtf? i still can't get past it. i think amilita pinned it: she broke the cardinal sin of making the model look big. god forbid we make her look fat. shitty, yes. but not fat! good lord. that model couldn't have looked fat with twenty pounds of FUCKING FAT taped to her!!!

COD that makes me MAD!

*deep breath*

i was very happy that michael won. i really do like him and i like his designs. and i agree, jeffrey's dress was pretty awesome as well. but i don't want him to win. he's a fucker.

i just can't believe that they kept vincent. while i was watching the reruns before the new epi last night, iw as just noticing what a freak he is! ugh! hate is all i have for him. he must GO DOWN!

i like the snide comments that EVERYONE is throwing around this season. it does make for a fun watch.
I don't know whether to "whaaaa!" or "grrrrrr" - Bravo's website is hanging up and I wanna read "Tim's Take"!!!!
I really don't think Allison should have been off. I actually kind of liked the idea of her outfit, if not how it actually turned out. That top could have been great if it were made out of fabric. I really thought Angela's was the worst, and not just because I don't like her. It was awful looking.
I thought Jeffrey should have won--the dress he made was amazing--but I am sooooo happy that he didn't. Haha. Take that, dickwad.
I don't want to sound like I am being paid by the Bravo network to say this but Allison's dress was by far the worst. Even Vincent's was better. At least there was a design idea behind it. When Alison started to make changes to her origional idea, I was yelling "No, don't do it!" to the television. I honsetly think she was cut b/c her dress was a mess. Vincent has been bad everytime, but he has never been the worst that I can think of (except the stupid black tunic dress and bike pants from the dog episode. I'll never understand how he didn't get busted on that one.)
That being said, there was some really bad behavior on the show last night!
Shame on Tim Gunn. "Zaftig"?! Really?! I don't even know what he was thinking.
Was anyone else creeped out when Vincent commented that he was turned on that his model couldn't move in her dress? I always figured that Jefferey was into bondage-wear.
I loved that Laura lost it on Vincent. She was saying what I was thinking. She was upset that Alison lost and lashed out to the wackjob.

Even if I didn't like Michael's clothes, at this point I would root for him because he is the only one not behaving like a total diva.
Turbo's right, if they're going to consider how people have done in past episodes and keep Kayne (of Many Colors) on because of it, then Allison should have gotten the same. They were being totally hypocritical. Her dress wasn't that awful - at least it had a damn shape and some texture! Vincent's was a weird-ass column that the poor model couldn't walk in with grafiti taped to it. And doesn't wearability count for anything? That dude is a freak for being turned on that the model couldn't move. I suppose that's the only way Vincent can keep an audience. I wonder if that's what he did to court his wife.

But mark my words, Vincent is going to be in the Top 4. If they aren't going to kick him off for the crap he's made every week so far, they're not going to at all. And dude really needs to learn to vocalize his feelings, not just make a face and hope we translate it.

But that line "go shove some Harry Winstons up your nose" was brilliant. Brilliant.

Why does Laura think it's her place to comment on others' things? At least they show some range, she makes the same damn dress every week. Sure it looks good, but that's because she doesn't take any creative risks.

I thought Jeffrey's dress should have won. I wonder if there's a way to let the dress win but shame the designer? Michael's was great, but I thought Jeffrey's was better. But he's still an asshole.

I wish that Kayne and Allison had gone with their original ideas. I didn't mind Kayne's so much, and I loved Allison's stripes. Maybe things would have turned out better.
I didn't understand the Harry Winstons joke. Can someone explain it to me?
Harry Winston makes very expensive and understated jewlery. Lots of the diamonds you see at the Oscar's are HW.

I still like Laura.
I like it when Laura's obnoxious, just like I like it when Kayne's obnoxious back (that worry-about-your-character comeback was excellent). I think they're both strong personalities who I wouldn't want to share a closed space with, but like watching. Illustrating the difference between both of them and Jeffrey, who I think is gratuitously spiteful and self-aggrandizing (still can't get over his whole frigid bitch should have a stroke comment!). Saying Michael's work is "like food for diabetics" -- that's not witty, not accurate, not entertaining. Just boring moaning "wah I am so punk rock, I should win!"

Even when Kayne was saying he'd work with his model only if her mouth were duct-taped, I saw that as exasperated overstatement rather than a desire to actually tape her mouth closed. And his comment that models should be pretty and not heard is sexist and condescending but it is also the job of models in this situation (i.e. of course it's sexist because you never hear that about men, but it would have been just as *true* about a motormouth male model).

I am sad about Allison. She wasn't my favorite (her lispy speech irritated me, and I didn't like that her book was all her modeling her clothes) but she definitely had a strong point of view and was very talented. And I think from the producer's perspective it would have been way more interesting to put her in with the others than "kooky" "turned on" [vomit] Vincent. I switch the channel when he's on screen, and he's a boring designer to boot.
I think when Vincent said, "it turns me on," he didn't mean it in a literal, sexual way, but rather in totally-outdated-slang kind of way. Like, crazy, man! It turns me on!

He is so painfully unaware of how outdated his sensibilites are. And how crap his designs are. Does it seem as if there are more designers than usual this year who send awful things down the runway but are like, "I totally hit it! I love my dress!" etc.?

I wish I could watch this episode again...I've been watching it at a friend's house. I gotta go listen to Tim's podcast!
Boy, I really wish Vincent was the one auf'ed - he was really creeping me out when he kept saying "it gets me off" ew. But you're probably right, amilita, I guess it was just outdated slang. I thought he was saying that the arty-ness of the dress was what got him off, not that the model couldn't move in the dress...

I just took the zaftig comments to mean realative to the other models, not that they thought she was some enormous pig. And that Allison had a design that she wanted to cinch the waist on, but couldn't, since the model's figure was one that didn't have a large waist-hip ratio.

Wah, I'm going to miss Allison!
I'm so glad Michael won two times in a row. He's my favorite, and I love all his designs.

Vincent has got to go. He is so annoying. Allison's design was terrible last night, but his designs are always shit.

I like Laura at times, but sometimes she gets on my nerves when she goes on and on about having 5 kids. I like her bickering with people because she stands up for people.

Jeffrey is so bitter. He needs to get over himself.
Allison's design was bad ... but I just think Vincent should have gone. If they're using past performance to save Kayne, they should have used past performance to get rid of Vincent. I actually thought his dress from last week was absolutely awful, worse than Robert's boring one and Bradley's spacy one. I can't fathom how he keeps getting through.

I love Michael's stuff. And I liked that he beat Jeffrey. Jeffrey has sour grapes no matter what. LIke fucking John Galliano could compete and Jeffrey would be, "Oh, it's so oatmeal. It's not as good as my genius work."

I enjoyed watching Robert and Kayne have dinner. I loved Robert's bit about how his dress really looked like a cocktail dress, although one that a hooker would wear.

Laura's dresses are always elegant and tailored, but man, her outfit was not about innovation. It was the same damn thing she does every week! I'm glad she didn't win.

I will miss Allison though. Allison has real talent, as opposed to Vincent, who just does wacky crap that only he finds amusing.
I'm so upset about the turn-out on the last two challenges. I haven't been able to watch either episode, of course, but now I think that may be a good thing. I have actually decided to pseudo-boycott the show until Vincent is gone. I'll read the blogs & check out all of the free stuff out there, but I refuse to pay for one of these shows on iTunes if it means I have to endure Captain Clueless & his crappy designs.

I think the thing that killed Allison was the hair. It was soooo bad & distracting. I think if the hair had been better, she'd still be on the show.

I'm glad Michael won. He deserves success. Although I must agree that DETROIT!'s dress was rather impressive. But can you imagine how he'd behave if he'd actually won? Insufferable. Michael is wonderfully talented and likeable. Even if he doesn't win this show, he's going to have a flood of opportunities headed his way. I don't think we can say the same for Jeffrey.

As for The Sternum ... I have mixed feelings about her. I think that Laura is an excellent seamstress. The woman is extraordinarily talented with a sewing machine & I don't think it's an accident that we see her at the ironing board more than anybody else. The woman knows how to make professional looking garments. But she doesn't have a shred of originality in her bones. Everything she makes is something I've seen before. As I told my BestGalPal, "We already have Calvin Klien, Laura ... the fashion world doesn't need you."

Hooray for Uli not making a halter top! I knew she had it in her!

Have you all listened to Tim's podcast yet? It's clear that his loathing of Vincent continues (I heart Tim!). But he said that Alison's model was actually a plus size model.
What? Excuse me?
Is that really what the fashion world considers "plus size"?!?!? blink.gif
rosev, if I had DVD burning capabilities I'd totally burn you discs of my itunes indulgence...for Vincent IS teh crazy and the vacant staring into space, grimacing, is something no one should miss

Too bad about Allison. Really. I wasn't a fan or anything, and her outfit didn't really work, but it was well made and creative. At any rate it was better than Vincent's. Laura's outburst at the end was warranted and I probably would have done it myself in her position: Vincent's model couldn't even bloody walk in that mess, which frankly looked like he wrapped the paper around his form, taped it closed, and threw up on it. Someone had to acknowledge the fact that Allison's was better. This elimination was probably a producer decision. Crazy is better tv than quality work.

Jeffrey is klassy with a k. Kayne and Robert keep their egos under control pretty well (I wish Robert would quit whining), but Michael is so much the consummate professional. He thinks about his work, works from a plan, and can explain everything he did. He's not just shooting in the dark and calling it creativity, unlike several of the others. It's refreshing to see that in between the "adults" and their catty little outbursts. It must be Jerry Springer-esque production-wise; the tv folk probably encourage the drama.

Was it just me, or is Heidi Klum a bit of sadist when it comes to kicking the women off? Usually she does that little faux sympathetic pouty face, but with Allison and Vincent, she did it when she was telling Vincent he was in, as if remaining in the competition warranted sympathy (it does, but for his fellow designers, not him). Maybe I'm reading too much into it, as I really cannot stand that woman. Her two biggest critiques are "It looks cheap!" and "Your model looks fat!" You maybe a size 4 instead of a size 2. If I ever see her around town, I'm totally going to tell her that she looks fat in whatever she's wearing.

Heh, when Vincent does get kicked off, I wonder if he'll have a freak-out on stage to rival the Andrae breakdown? I bet it'll be even more entertaining, because it will be accompanied by a whole lot of denial.
When I was in a womens studies class in college, we were talking about sizism and stuff and there was a girl in the class who couldn't have been more than a size 6, if that. She had done some local modeling, print ads, etc. and her modeling agency said she could work as a plus size model. Basically anyone who looks "healthy" can do plus size, according to them (that's not literally what they said, it's my interpretation.) It's ridiculous.
yup, polly's right.

my 5'7" (ok, 5' 6 1/2") 120 lb frame was considered too big for mainstream modeling.

maybe that's why i'm so bitter.

meandering, but still on topic:

i wish i had more details, but i saw some teaser the other day for entertainment tonight or one of those type shows saying that ms. klum herself was shunned by a designer/runway show lately because she was "too large". i think it might have even referred to her as "plus". it was before this week's epi of PR, so i don't think they were referring to the episode, but i guess that's possible . i tried googling, but never found anything. did anyone else here this?? please tell me i didn't dream it.
Thanks to one of my favorite blogs, I found the on-line portfolio of Alison's model.
She wears an American 4/6.
Pardon me, but I thought plus-sized models were usually 8s or 10s(?). Still not "plus", but definitely more realistic than a friggin' 4. Grrrr.
Yeah, I think I saw that somewhere too, fj. Sad. Now, I'm the first one to wish the Klum-bot off the show - give us Iman, who was so articulate last season as a judge, and really had something to say! I would love to see the seasoned models with clout like Heidi and Iman and Tyra really make a case that their bodies have a deserved place in fashion...they're no where near "overweight" - they look sort of more like real women now, and what's so bad about that?

Personally, I would love to see, for one episode, the designers really design for REAL women, women with a little pudge, a little roll, and all the curves a woman should have. I have a suspicion that my dear Michael would be more than up for that challenge. I want him to make *my* booty look HOT!
It's just what's so counterproductive and just weird about the fashion world. Arguably, fashion design is meant to be artwork one can wear, yes? For purposes of display, it must be placed on a body without any unexpected bulging or shaking, in order to show off the artwork to its best advantage.

However, fashion is also something that average people should be able to wear for utilitarian purposes (ie, must be serviceable and comfy). The average woman is not 5'10" and 130 lbs. So designing solely for a very narrow range of bodies sort of guarantees that your clothing is not marketable to the largest demographic of consumers.

In otherwords, yes! Make them design for someone short and sturdy...or at least short...I think that would really separate the talent from the posers. I really don't think Vincent or Laura or Angela would have a clue if they had to accomodate wide hips and large breasts (making busts fit correctly requires some skill if your model isn't flat-chested). Michael could do it, Kayne could do it, (grudgingly) Jeffrey could do it...

turbo, I know you totally didn't mean it like this, and it really is just semantics, but wouldn't "average woman" be a better term to use than "real woman"? I know it's media whores, not an uber-pc thread, but models are real women...genetically really unique, certainly, but no less women. It's the same problem I have with the title of the movie "Real Women Have Curves." I'm not picking on you!

*luci is sensitive to the new definition of woman as brought to us by the US government, whether for purposes of the legislation or not, it's bullshit*
heh, luci, you are so right - "average" woman would be much more appropriate than "real" woman...sorry, the gears are moving slowly in my brain this morning....

OMG, Allison's model is HOT! Never noticed that on PR before...

Back on topic - I do agree w/ you all on the ridiculousness of it all.

What I still don't get is how could someone measuring 36-24-36 could be described as having no waist...
Wow. I can't believe her model is considered plus sized. I think she is absolutely gorgeous. The photos of her in a bikini do not show an ounce of fat on her body. NOT that there is anything wrong, or not gorgeous about being a plus sized model, but the fact that that she is considered not thin enough to be a 'normal' model. Boooo!
QUOTE(humanist77 @ Aug 18 2006, 12:05 PM) *

Wow. I can't believe her model is considered plus sized. I think she is absolutely gorgeous. The photos of her in a bikini do not show an ounce of fat on her body.

yeah, but you can't make out ALL of her ribs... she's definitely not mainstream model material.

*hoping the sarcasm was obvious*

thanks for that link, she really is hot. and she's got some fantastic images in her book!
Found an interesting article about the backlash Ms Klum has been facing in Germany after calling a model fat on Germany's Next Top Model. A model who is 5'9" and 114.5 lbs was kicked off for being "too fat" (in Ms Klum's words). Oddly, another model on the same show who is the same height & weight was told that she is too thin. Hmmmmmm ...
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