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I can't believe Epperson didn't win. I loved his costume. Nicholas's dress was crap. Mcgeek and I were saying it was backwards week on Runway. They sent the wrong person home!

Michael Kors is coming back this week I think.

wait... i thought backwards week had criss cross as the guest judges...
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Sep 28 2009, 05:19 PM) *
wait... i thought backwards week had criss cross as the guest judges...

Epperson's dress reminded me of Firefly too, Rose! I think that's why I liked it so much. I think either he or Christopher definitely deserved to win - I loved Christopher's dress so much and I definitely don't think Nicolas should have won the challenge. It should have been either Epperson or Christopher.

Also, I gotta say that I really liked Ra'mon. To me he just seemed like a really nice guy. I know that doesn't count for much but it's just what I take from the show. I was kind of shocked that Louise wasn't kicked off - her dress was lacking in everything and I could have sworn that the judges said that at least Ra'mon had a vision for his garment whereas Louise really didn't. I don't know. I'm definitely excited for this week's challenge, though!
hola everyone! how's everyone been? i was watching pr last week and thought how of much i missed this thread. ((sniff:hugs))

i, too, hate nicholas.
Hooray for the return of bouncing toast! Good to see you, Faerie!

Was it just me or was Heidi extra cruel to the final 2 - Christopher and Louise - tonight? Right before she announced who was out, she described their designs in a way that seemed much more harsh than usual. I don't think their designs deserved that.
i think you were right, rose.

louise's dress was lacking, but i was sorry to see her go. i think cos i kinda had a tiny crush on her.
Did anyone see last night's episode? I thought it was an interesting challenge. I still think that Heidi was pretty harsh, and thought that Christopher should have gone instead of Epperson. Why is Nicholas still in? He's such a little brat!
Wow... Irina needs to get over herself.

And I can't believe Christopher won over Shirin. His outfit was just... disgusting.
This season has been SO uninspiring! Last night was a perfect example. The designers were told to make a stage costume for a very theatrical, over-the-top performer. And what do we get? Black and silver. NO COLOR! Anywhere! What the hell?!?!? I am so painfully disappointed with this group. I honestly don't care who wins at this time because I don't feel like any of them deserve it.

I have to agree that this seasons to be less amazing than the previous seasons. I'm still watching though, for the occasional great design they might throw out.

I just watched last week's episode on Saturday morning (oh, the joys of not having a television/cable!) and I totally agree with you, rose, this season has been quite unspectacular (is that even a word?). Most of the designs are just so...I don't even have a word for them. I'm just not WOWED when I see them, I guess.

That being said, I really loved Shirin. I thought she was adorable and a relatively good designer and I was sad to see her go. And as much as I love Christopher, he's been in the bottom two for three weeks now. Didn't they kick out the guy in the very beginning because of that? I think his name was Mitchell. But I don't know. I just really think that Christopher should have been sent home.

Also - as for the completely lackluster season - I wonder if it's because of the change of location (LA as opposed to NYC) or if it's change of network (from Bravo to Lifetime)? It just seems odd to me that I loved all the previous seasons and now that they've made these changes the show is losing it's spark (or so it seems). All I know is that they better not ever get rid of Tim Gunn or it's all over. I love that man a little too much for words.
Was anybody besides me glad to hear Nina Garcia (On the Late Late Show) say this week that the next season of PR will be back in NYC & will once again be consistent? I'll still watch tonight, but I cannot wait for the PR of old to return even if it means I have to watch Lifetime!
i just saw the season finale. wtf. I'm disappointed with the winner, mainly because she's such an asshole, but also because I thought her collection was boring (except the hats- I loved the hats!).
I'm late in the game here but I agree, HT - I was really disappointed with the winner. Her clothes were so boring! I'm with you on the hats, though. I did love those.

I really though Carol Hannah should have won. I loved her designs and girl was a trouper - she was so, so sick and she still showed up and worked her ass off. That shows some serious dedication. As for Irena - yes, she was a bitch, but the whole issue with her t-shirts is what put me off. They were copyrighted designs so she couldn't use them, so instead she ripped them off. That's how I felt, anyway. Like, she pretty much designed the exact same shirt but kept out the copyrighted images of the New York landmarks. Are you kidding? She lost major creativity points in my books because of that.

I really, really hope that the return to NYC makes next season better because this season really sucked.
It's sad that it has taken me this long to post on the finale of Project Runway. What an uninspiring season. I felt such a lack of innovative thought and creativity. Part of the problem may lie with the new production company and editors, but I am placing a lot of the blame on the designers themselves. I don't watch this show for high personal drama. I watch it to see creative people doing the things they love. Unfortunately, the quality of work coming out of the contestants is slipping. There was just so little color this season and that carried over into the finale. I realized that the main reason why I preferred Carol Hannah's collection was because she actually used a few colors! But when Irina's work walked down that runway, I knew immediately that she would win. The details looked like the sort of stuff that would make the judges squeal.

I think the biggest bonus to moving the show back to NYC is that the judging panel will be more consistent. Even so, I have to confess that I'm not as fired up about the next season as I was about the previous seasons.
So with little fanfare (As far as I know, I guess I don't watch enough Lifetime) the new season of Project Runway: Return to NYC drops tonight. Like RV, I am not too fired up, but I am cautiously full of hope that it won't be full of suck.
I watched the premiere last night, and, thank Maude, it seems to be back the way it should be. The runway show was stronger than most seasons' first shows have been, and there's a lot of personality in the group. If you've given up on the show after last season's crap/boring-fest, I suggest giving it another try.
Def agree, Diva. I was hesitant to watch. I couldn't even finish the season last time. I deleted about 8 episodes from my DVR.

The contestants seem much more interesting this time around. Will have to wait to see about the talent level. Agreed with the loser last night. Not sure I was 100% sure about the winner, but I was ok with it.
Y'know, I liked what Ping put out there, I did. But I like those avant garde Asian designers like Miyake, Yamamoto, Comme des Garcons & Hanae Mori

I'm not sure where I stand on the who got sent home thing. True, the gal's skills were not great, but I'd have worn her dress over that hideous *BROWN* leather monstrosity any day. Ugh. It was a luggage dress! I have a vintage men's accessory case that was my pepaw's in black croc & that is what it made me think of.
well, as the designers were to show the panel what their style was.... I agree with what Ping did. and it was runway-material.

AP - I like what you said... 'luggage dress'. **exactly!!!**
hope this season goes well.
Tonight's winning look was fucking ugly. Oh my god.
I didn't get it, either, Hellotampon. I immediately disliked it as it came down the runway.

I am liking the Seth. I like his style & he seems like a good sort.
Ho-lee shit! Has anybody been watching this season? I admit, I have been slacking, but I just caught this week's episode & fuckballs! Intrigue & backbiting ahoy! This Gretchen bitch is a real pill! It was a team challenge this week, she basically declared herself team leader & micromanaged everybody. The collection obviously sucked, BUT she started out all supportive & twenty minutes later she threw her team under the bus. Tim Gunn gave her team such a dressing down about how they let her manipulate & bully them into sucking. It made her cry! And that? Was AWESOME because she is a HORRIBLE person*.

*I know this is reality teevee & that it's editing & there has to be a bad guy, blahblahblah, but she really just sold these people down the fucking river.
Ugh. Gretchen. I have a major *hate* thing going on. I think the best part of this episode was the end when Gretchen would not keep her mouth shut. She went from being "we are a team" to selling everyone out. I loved Tim Gunn's lashing to Team Luxe.

I didn't start watching this season, but, the past couple episodes have been pretty good in terms of cattiness.

Is anyone else watching the show with Santino and Austin? One of my new guilty pleasures to watch.
Tim Gunn is the shit. Call em like you see em Tim.

I do think that they sent the right person home. And am glad to see Casanova pull it together and get a win!
That episode was the cat's ass. I have HATED Bitchen from the beginning, and I SOOOO called it that she was going to throw her team under the bus after all that talk about "standing united." They all acted like a bunch of babies on the runway and I was so happy when Tim yelled at them. And I thought Casanova deserved to win. He's annoying, but kind of lovable, and that was the one good thing he designed so far.

Last night's episode was good too. I kinda thought Valerie was going home for that terrible dress and I was sad, because I liked all her other designs. Peach didn't seem too upset about going home, which I thought was great. She could totally take her ugly pastel halter dresses and open up a shop somewhere in Nantucket and sell them with like a ton of Vera Bradley bags and do just fine for herself. And why is Michael C trying to cover his tracks? It's obvious that he "sabotaged" Ivy. Dude, you're on camera! First of all, if anyone deserves to be taken down, it's Gretchen, and while I feel bad that he got thrown under the bus during the last episode, I also find him so annoying and pathetic, and this little bout of drama doesn't improve my opinion of him.
I do not remember hearing/seeing Michael C. putting down Ivy at the public showing. I think on Jezebel they mentioned the potential for producers creating this drama and telling Ivy or Ivy creating this drama herself. Ivy seems a little off to me so I wouldn't put it pass her.

I think the judges (and Tim) were completely turned off by the contestants based on their behavior at the previous judging.

Btw, wasn't Gretchen's outfit completely fugly? She does not seem to be diversifying her look. Enough with the high boots already!
There was no footage showing Michael C bad-mouthing Ivy. Considering that there are cameras everywhere, if it had happened, someone would have recorded it.
I thought it was more telling that Mondo, in the most recent episode, said that he was wrong about Michael. I do not understand why the entire cast turned on Michael C. Is he stabbing puppies back at the hotel or something?
On the Project Rungay website there is an interview with peach where she talks about how Michael C has two distinct personalitiesl. One for the camera and one for when the cameras are off. According to her he is very unpleasant when he's out of the view of the camera. I don't know how true this is, but I do know that I liked Peach a lot, she seemed like a good sort.

That said, even if Michael C is a total tool, Mondo definitely handled their team interaction well after the initial bump and came off looking like a really good guy even if he was a total butt at first
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