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I love Tim's podcasts, too! He's so great. I posted before I listened, and he talked about how Bradley's dog was barking and whining all the time...they even had to stop taping at one point because of him. So that kind of explains for me the weird look on B's face when he picked up the dog on the runway. Ha. He must've been exasperated.

I haven't totally ruled out an opinion of crazy, though! biggrin.gif
I finally found Tim's podcast, although I still can't find the one from this week's show. What link are you all on? I did love what I heard. Tim is really not a Vincent fan, is he?
I think that only thing that saved Angela's bubble skirted ass this week was that her sewing skills were higher than Katie's, at least in Vera Wnag's eyes.
Does anyone else miss Michael Kors and his nasally little comments? Where is he?
I am on the Michael bandwagon. I was not crazy about his dress this week, but it was just personal taste. It was well made. I really like Laura's stuff. I want to see what else she can do, though.
I was really happy that Uli won. I though her fabric choices were the most risky and she made them work. And I loved her little "Hi Ladies" on the dog coat. When I consider how many Chicago guys seem to use there dogs to pick up girls, I think she could sell a line of dog coats that say that.
Keith needs to go away. What is wrong with him? His dresses are lovely but his attitude is just the pits. I have not read the plagerism story yet, but I really hope it's him that gets booted. Fingers crossed!

This may have been my favorite challange, ever. I am more of a cat person than a dog person, but it was so much fun watching everyone work with the puppies. I loved it.
I think the dogs really helped soften everyone up a little bit, and you got to see the soft fuzzy underbellies of some of the designers and *definitely* the judges - the judges all had such looks of delight as the dogs came down the runway!

The podcast link is weird - you go to the Tim's Take Page:
In teensy white letters you see "Listen Now - Season 3, Ep 3" - click on that, and you can listen online.

My dog is a clothing whore, being a greyhoud and needing warmth, and I would totally buy a hoodie for him, that's for sure!

And I definitely missed Michael Kors this week...Vera just doesn't have the snarky comments that I adore...Michael K. just hangs it all out there - whether I agree with him or not.
Turbo - thanks! You are so right. I have overlooked that link a million times.
I just read that Laura's pregnant again. Just sayin'. Something about her makes it hard for me to believe she was ever pregnant with her other kids. She has such an impenetrable stony/icy image. I love it, but it's not exactly mom-ish. She doesn't seem like anything could grow to fruition inside her.
OMG ....SIX kids...I just cannot imagine having the stamina or $$$ for that AND live in Manhattan, AND have ambition! Unbelievable....I am in awe....she wouldn't be the one they ask to leave though? I can't imagine they disqualify you for being preggers...hmmmm....
Diva, someone on the Television Without Pity boards commented that they hoped Laura didn't breastfeed cuz those kids would be so malnourished. Ha. She looks like she eats 10 baby carrots a day or something. And I read she was pregnant during taping, so if she was in her first trimester when you're usually so tired then that's pretty impressive.

So, after Wednesday's episode, my friend and I are gonna place our bets for the top three and the winner! Help me out, please...right now, I'm working from the pool of Uli, Allison, Kayne, Michael, Robert...and a second tier of Bradley and tattoo man. What's his name? Jeffrey? Bonnie could surprise us, but I doubt it.

I'm feeling pretty sure that Allison and Michael will be two of my top three picks, but can't decide on my third.

Oh, and Michael Kors will be back soon...I think next week. He had scheduling conflicts with the beginning of taping and production of his own line.
I am a happy person. Why? Because I found episodes of Season 3 on-line. So now I'm finally up-to-date with everyone! Hooray!

Vincent has got to go. Seriously. I don't like a single thing he has done and he's irritating as hell. Poor design. Poor construction. The man is bat-shit crazy. I would have kicked him out on Episode 1. Angela is nuts, too, in her own way. But I'd still vote to get rid of Vincent first. And hand him the phone number to a suicide prevention hotline on the way out.

Keith has surprised me. For a person who has so little experience in women's wear, I think he's done a very good job. His tailoring is great. His construction and design skills are far better than I expected from him. I think he can be a bit of an ass, but I wonder if some of that is intentional. If there's one thing we've learned from the early days of reality TV, it's that every show needs a Puck - just somebody who is irritating & arrogant & that some people love to hate. Even if his clothes sucked, the producers might want to keep Keith on for drama. Luckily for him, his clothes are actually very nice. Let's just see if he stays on after the next episode.

I think Uli is a sweet person & I think that her eye for fabric pattern is amazing. But design-wise, I feel like she just keeps making the same dress over & over again.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
There are a few variations, but all of these dresses have a very similar structure: halter-style top with an empire waist. They even showed her wearing a very similar dress in the preview show. If she doesn't do something different soon, the judges will catch on & she'll be pegged as a one note designer. And I don't want that to happen to her, so I hope she steps up soon.

On the Bravo website they have a 2 & a half minute long preview of Episode 4. All I'll say is that I think Michael will finally get some more air time! Woo hoo!

(Edited to change "suicide assistance hotline" to suicide prevention hotline". I'm afraid Vincent might not need much assistance in that area. Eep!)
heylady that you posted that uli series, i can't help but think of her daydreams before getting picked for the show...

Tim Gunn: Designers, here is mary kate olsen with your next challenge.
Mary Kate: Designers, what better way to learn style by picking up a copy of Instyle Magazine? Your next challenge is to do just that, and create a womens' garment based on your findings and inspiration.
PR contestants:gasps...snorts...

a bubble falls accross uli's forehead
-- "AN OPEN V-BACK DRESS!!!" yes!!! "zis is vaht ze girls ah vearing!"


i don't know if i like this season.
I am champing at the bit to see who gets kicked off for what infraction. Drugs? Child slavery? Pipe bombs?
I never watched before this season, but I am hooked. Keith is obnoxious, but I like his designs. I really like Robert, Kayne, Michael, Uli, and the young blond woman (wose name is escaping me.) Laura's stuff I like well enough. I can't fathom how Angela and Vincent are still on there.

Next week, Angela's inspiration will be skank Barbie.

I am totally in love with Tim Gunn. He is the best reality television person ever.

Sidecar, welcome to the evil yet tantilizing web that is Project Runway addiction! I think the blonde you're thinking of may be Allison. I really like her. She just seems like a really sweet person, you know?

HeyLady, that's hilarious! laugh.gif

I think I may have to avoid this thread for a few days. The next episode won't appear on You Tube until this weekend and I reeeeeeeally don't want to ruin the suprise.

I know we've all heard about Keith & his possible plagarism, but an evil side of me hopes that he doesn't get kicked off in Episode 4 simply because that feels too predictable. I want to be suprised! I want to be shocked!

And yes, Sidecar, I feel you on the love for Tim Gunn. His podcats make the show even better!
Oooh burn! I am so glad they kicked his cheating ass off. What a jerk. Bonnie...I liked her, but her stuff really wasn't that good. The other low scoring outfit last night was awful too. Ick.

(that was supposed to be the cound of the whip crashing down on kieth)

take that, you lout! i knew it was gonna be him.

not saying anything else until the rerun airs just in case others missed it. don't wanna be a big spoiler!
I'm sayin' that if you didn't catch the show, ya shouldn't come in here if you don't want it spoiled! ha!

I loved how Keith still really kind of dodged responsibility for what he did, like he was some kind of victim, because now his reputation would be ruined, etc, etc. The books were a clear violation - but leaving the set to go out into the real world - he should've gotten his ass kicked to the curb, right then and there!

I was so sad for my dear robert last night, that his design was so dreadful - that jacket - gah, it was straight out of the mid-nineties, with all those drawstrings everywhere, and the outfit underneath was booooring too. It was nice to see Vincent not being so totally weird.

And Angela's design was amazing, I was so impressed - I don't think she could've done that in a million years without the taste and tailoring of Laura and Michael. And I'm really enjoying the collegial vibe between Michael and Laura.

Ooohh....I can read the blog and listen to the podcast at lunch too - hooray!!
and you know he'll wind up telling all his friends that he TOTALLY would have won the show ... if it weren't for those pesky kids. laugh.gif

i knew it was him for sure from the minute the show started and he went to the store and started trying to get a deal on the materials. he even said, "i always break the rules". garrrr!

i agree about angela's design. she would have put those cod-awful rosettes all over the piece if left to her own devices.
oh, lord. well, we certainly saw that coming right?

robert's design was so ugly and bad. i actually didn't really like any of them, but i think angela's deserved to win. teamwork is good for her! i really like alison. i am rooting for her and bradley. i missed the first two episodes, but has vincent done anything interesting? why is he still there?

i think robert should have been auf'd rather than bonnie, but neither of their designs were good. at least bonnie's was better made and a little colorful. robert's deisgn looked like something you would buy at jc penney in 1992.
I was so happy to see that smarmy little weasel go last night! Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, GOODBYE! I thought it would be for trying to get a deal at Mood or obviously plagiarizing his designs, but whatever it took, I was glad to see him go.

I don't think they could have given Jeffrey and Allison the win based on Keith's vision. And was up with the weird stirrups on the shirt?

Angela's group's outfit was lovely, just wish it didn't have Angela's name on it. But I'm really liking how Laura and Michael work together. Very, very strong.

Bonnie deserved to be kicked off. Of course they needed a long-ass shirt to cover up those awful brown pants! And when they put a coat over something that covers everything up, you gotta wonder how bad the rest of the outfit is.

Can't wait for Michael Kors to come back!
Was Keith really so stupid and arrogent that he did not think he would get caught? You could tell that he just did not see it coming. And he did not think that he was getting booted.

I was overly thrilled by anything that I saw last night, although Angela's team did the best job overall.
I am weak.
[hangs head in shame]
I just couldn't wait until the weekend & just watch the show & find out what happened the "natural" way. Instead, I thought to myself, "It's gotta be Keith. That's all there is to it. And if they eliminate someone else, too, it probably won't be one of my favorites." And I was right! So it's all okay.

I'm still a bit confused on why Keith got kicked off. He had some sort of books, yes? Were they pattern making books or something? And why were they illegal? And where did he get them? Was he actually hiding them & then - oh, I don't kow - reviewing them while sitting on the john? I must say that I thought a lot of Keith's work was excellent & I was suprised by that because he said he had no experience making gowns/dresses before. So although I cannot honestly say that I was suspicious of him, I thought that his quality in cut & pattern making was far better than I expected.

But now I'm very curious about how exactly things work on the show. I feel that there are rules involved that weren't explained to us from the very beginning. What aren't they telling us?

I still don't know much about the challenge or who made what, but I'm not shedding any tears over Bonnie's departure. Anyone with that much focus on stretch fabrics was doomed to fail eventually.

I watched some snippets from last season over on YouTube. I miss Nick & Andrae & Daniel V. And even Santino. Sniffle.

[edited to fix Keith's name!]
RV - it was "Keith Michael" that got the boot, not Michael, the hottie with the curve-loving designs, whom I adore!

I'm sure there are lots of rules we don't know about, and really we probably don't need to know about. Do we really *need* to know that they aren't allowed to have pattern books, or leave the set? Probably not - I'm sure they sign big long contracts and are reminded of do's and don'ts all the time by producers and folks off camera. Keith is just a rule breaker by nature, and an arrogant ass to boot.

I do miss Andrae too. sniff.
roseviolet, it wasn't michael, it was keith. he had pattern books, which are explicitly forbidden in the rules, and he also left the premises without permission and, i believe, used the internet, which is also forbidden. so he basically out and out broke at least three rules.
Oopsie! I meant to say Keith! His damn last name screws me up. I, too, am a Michael fan and do not want to see him go.

Okay. I fixed it. smile.gif

And because I luvz y'all so much ...

I want your soul!
Project Runway Season 2 - The Musical
The Anrdae Montage

Ah, but rosie, have you seen the wonder that is Project Rungay?

Sooooo fabulous.......
what about this?? Keith...dude...grow up.

My Webpage

crap...the link does not work, still trying to figure out the new lounge.

There is an article on where Keith denies he did anything wrong.
Total driveby, as I just found the episodes on youtube, but I am in such a state of shock over episode two. The Vincent and Angela thing. Is it just me, or was she NOT asking him what she should do to help and he was completely blowing her off, then blaming her for not helping? I mean, yeah, she was annoying everyone, but he was out of line. Gaaaah. And the "feminazi" comment? Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to air that? And all the guys in the room laughing. It felt like a huge slap in the face, like behavior like that was being condoned. I dunno. Feeling a lot of misogyny from this show all of a sudden.

Blah. It better redeem itself soon.

edited to correct episode number
Luci, who made the "feminazi" comment?

Just got to see Episode 4 on YouTube & was struck by the little announcement at the end. Did you all notice that you can sign up to win a shopping spree at Macy's with Angela? Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the info. I must admit that the $5000 is tempting, but I wonder if it would be okay if I just shopped on my own!

By the by, the tee? With Angela's sketch on it? That they're selling for $29? Puh-leez! Was that really necessary, Macy's? Was it?

Also, did anybody notice Uli's design? There were pants and a jacket, but the top? You guessed it. Halter style with a V neck. I worry about her
who made the "feminazi" comment?

it was tattoo neck. fuckwit. ever since that comment, i've been gunning for him to GO.

is anyone else warming up to angela? she kind of charmed me this week. yeah, she has a crazy aesthetic but hello? santino?
I've had a hard time adjusting to this season of PR- I mainly watched last season for Santinio. I still enjoying doing my own Tim Gunn impersonations, so ladies "Carry on"
'Kay, I'm all caught up now.

Agree re-Vincent. Man is crazy.

Keith is a textbook sociopath.

Laura is a good seamstress, but sort of dull. Everything she's done looks like it could come out of Ann Taylor or something. Bland. And while I can appreciate that she's comfy with her body, I really wish she'd wear more clothes that cover her sternum. I think it would be more flattering.

Why won't they let us get to know Michael? They never ever discuss his designs, and I love what he's doing.

Jeffrey got away with what hate-speech and tries way too hard to be alternative. Be gone!

Allison is cute and edgy - like her.

Heidi Klum has no taste. If something "looks expensive," then it's good. And looking "cheap" is the ultimate insult. Yikes.

Uli is okay. Doesn't really inspire anything in me. The halter dresses look like ready to wear pieces from Charlotte Russe or H&M. Her construction skills rock, though.

Angela isn't capable.

I probably forgot someone, but whatever.
I was struck during Week 2 that Angela wasn't the problem with she and Vincent. In fact, I can't figure out how Vincent is still on this show.
And let's not forget The Tim Gunn Network!

I though it was weird when Tim was talking with Keith, Vincent just stayed on his bed drawing.
ooh! ooh! PR contestant sighting!

My BFF met Katie and hung out with her! she said she was very sweet and down-to-earth (hey, she is a Minnesotan!). She quit her job at Target.

when my friend told me about it, it was all i could do to not start screeching I NEED TO HANG OUT WITH HERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I'm such a dork.
I just entered the Macy's sweepstakes. Maybe if I win, I could blow Angela off and hide. I'm pretty good at hiding from weird people.

I had an idea the other night that I might email Robert about. If there was a talking Tim Gunn action figure, would you buy it? Robert works for Mattel, so maybe he could pitch it. If I had one, I'd take it with me everywhere I went.
I'm guessing they let her hold onto the credit card, knowing that whoever wins could try to make a break for it smile.gif

Ha, Tim Gunn action figure! Maybe the company that makes the librarian and barista action figures (among others) could do it.
wow, time-delay double post!
Ok, I was just able to catch up on all the episodes, so I can now discuss with everyone! Yay!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alison...I think she's adorable and her designs are sooo nicely put together.

And I also like Michael, and I'm not sure why as someone else mentioned, they're not showing him more.

I'm also a Kayne fan.

And for some reason, when I first started watching the show, I wasn't all that into Uli, until the episode with the dogs. Her design was awesome. I really liked it. So, she kinda won me over.

I don't like Vincent. He just annoys me. And the tattoo neck guy (don't remember his name) is just lame. I don't like his designs all that much. He's just an arrogant person.

I also don't like Angela. She annoys me because I feel like she tries way too hard. I don't know. Perhaps she could grow on me eventually, but right now, I'm just kinda waiting til she gets booted off.

As for the last three people on the show, my vote is for Alison, Uli and either Michael or Kayne. I hope to see some more interesting designs...I LOVE this show!
I love Alison, too. There's something about her that reminds me of my friends in elementary school, so I feel compelled to giggle with her & pass notes & sing little rhyming songs while clapping eachother's hands. She's just adorable!

The guy with the tattoos on his neck is Jeffrey. I'm thiking about refering to him as DETROIT! because every time I see him, I can't help but stare at his neck & the scrolly stuff that says DETROIT! At any rate, he is starting to annoy me. Especially his whole I-just-don't-understand-why-I-haven't-won-a-challenge-yet thingy. Whatevs, buddy. The rest of us know you aren't making it to Olympus Fashion Week. Best thing you can do right now is save your reputation by behaving like a professional.

I love Kayne. He lives in my home state. Gotta support the home team, right?

Although if Vincent was from my home state, I would not be saying this. Vincent must go. The sooner the better.

Which reminds me ... Do you all remember the scene in which Kayne & Vincent are talking about Keith & his books? And they call Robert into the room to ask him his opinion? And Robert is wearing that white tank top & showing off his huge biceps? I think the man fed a million fantasies in that shirt. I suspect that he was showing off his studly arms for Kayne. My BestGalPal thinks the two of them are destined to skip off into the sunset together.

As for Angela, I think the results of her earlier challenges scared the shit out of her. That's why I think she was nicer during this episode. Plus, she had Michael and Laura to protect her from herself. I wish those two had gotten more recognition. Her design would have been dreadful without them.

I kinda liked seeing Laura get angry during the last episode! I especially loved when she was bitching about Angela's granny circles & Michael started laughing. And can I say that it was a relief to not hear about her 5 damn kids for a change? This was the first episode in which they weren't mentioned. I totally understand that it's a big deal to have 5 children, but she is much more than a baby making machine & I was sick of them bringing it up over and over again.

I want to see more of Michael. More!

I still think Uli is sweet, but the girl needs to try a new neckline.

Bradley. Poor sweet Bradley. Did he call himself "a squid without an ocean"? Poor love. He won't last long, I'm afraid. But he better last longer than Vincent.
Speaking for all of Detroit (even though I don't exactly live there anymore) - Oh hell no.

(I think I read somewhere that "Detroit" is his kid's middle name? Seriously? Does he think that's some kind of badass thing to do "oh hey, I'm so badass punkity rockity my kid's middle name is Detroit"? Dang, that guy is the human form of offense!)
Oh I know. And that's such a weird place for a tattoo. It might look cool on the right person, but it just doesn't look right on him. And even his other tattoos, they just look like scribble.

Like someone took a needle and ink and was like, " I go!"
I feel sorry for Bradley-I think he just needs more time to create something fabulous-I know if I had construction skills, I would be able to make beautiful clothing with enough time. I'm always surprised anyone on this show can make something in 12 hours!
Oh, cod, polly...he's reproduced? fabulous

I agree about Bradley. He's not speedy, which unfortunately is an issue. Of all the dudes on all the seasons, though, he's the one I want to hang with.

I need a wolf dress form, dammit. I hate patternmaking. HATE IT. I'm much better at draping...

Now, to exit, as I won't be able to watch this week's episode until it's on youtube and I don't want all y'all ruining it for me. I want Vincent to stay so he can keep laughing at his own jokes in that maniacal and alarming way of his. I want Michael to stay because I'd like to hear the man talk, and Laura can go for the opposite reason.

Did anyone else read the little interview with Keith on the bravo website? He didn't do anything wrong, poor baby, and everyone is persecuting him. Weep! As I said before - textbook sociopath.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no no no no no no no NOOOO NO! robert's outfit was SO MUCH WORSE! at least cher might have worn bradley's outfit--no way jackie o would be caught dead in robert's! nooooooooo.........

michael SO deserved to win though. he's been turning out stellar pieces and not getting enough recognition for them. angela suprised me, again, but the most impressive thing about the dress was the fabric, not what she did with it. kayne's was mostly beautiful, but the model's butt looked awful in the dress. i don't like him though. he's so goddamn smug, and he looks like he has cheek implants.

oh, bradley...i'm not going to say poor bradley because he has an assistant now, and his website is getting tons of hits and he has more orders than he can keep up with. not to mention national recognition (and televisionwithoutpity luuurves him).

on the bright side, my friends and i can watch the show without any emotional investment now. much less painful! they're going out for drinks now--i'm going to bed because i've been up since 4am and feel like i'm getting a cold--and as i was leaving they were texting him....maybe now he can talk about it a little.
Oh, they probably didn't want to break up Team Jolene (as TWOP refers to Kanye and Robert) just yet.

Still a little bummed, though. I liked Bradley.

(Oh, hi. I have a slight addiction to this show and decided to come out about it. Carry on.)
welcome lilac, to the cult of bustie PR following!!! So glad you decided to join us!

Really, I am so glad Bradley got the boot...sorry mouse. That outfit was seriously waaaay too close to what I wore for a halloween costume with my cousin when we were 8 years old, and going as Jem and the Holograms. So icky. And badly sewn. Bradley just seemed bewildered - or high - all the time. No instincts for competition, that one. Still, I wanted to give him a big hug and protect him from himself, but his leaving really is for the best...though I would have been just as happy if they chucked Vincent last night...that outfit was embarassing AND stuck in the 60s.

Personally, I don't care if Kayne has cheek implants - he's in the pageant business, afterall, and if he wants the cheeks of a pageant girl, that's fine by me. Dude has the chops to back up those cheeks.

I LOVE Michael, and am so glad he won - he always has really innovative designs, and they always fit so well - I think he and Kayne are battling it out for the best fit award, though I think Michael gets the edge, 'cause he *knows* how to dress a woman's curves. And I love that he talked to his momma, and that he said he's not "captain save-a-ho" - that really cracked me up...he's just all about getting his stuff done.

I wish the judges would really call Laura out on her one-style far, she has only designed for herself in the challenges. Granted the quality is great and the fit immaculate, but its boring. And, I can't believe that she's doing the show while pregnant....she is a powerful woman indeed.
I must agree, Bradley's outfit was not very good. The pants were cool, but the shirt really did look like a homemade costume. I am glad to hear he is doing well since the show though, he seems like a super nice guy. Maybe he has a lot of skills but just wasn't cut out for that type of competition.

Robert's outfit...blech. What was he thinking? It did not look like Jackie O and it was not pretty.

Tattoo neck is so gross, I did not like how he kept walking around without his shirt. Ick.

Kayne looked crushed that he didn't win. I loved his dress.

I am so happy Michael finally got the attention he deserves! They focused on him a lot this episode. His outfit was kickass, his model looked beautiful. I was really happy he won.

I enjoyed the twist of having the models choose the designers. Kayne's She talks and talks and talks.....
i was sad for bradley that he was auf'ed, but i knew it was going to happen. come on! what was up with that freakin' mylar shit? i agree that he just doesn't seem to have the competitive spirit in him. he made some nice pieces but just wasn't fierce enough to win.

but i do think it could have been different had his model made a move when they were choosing the icons, instead of just getting left with what was left. if he were more familiar with cher, perhaps his design would have been better? i dunno. it could also be asked how anyone on planet earth could NOT be somewhat familiar with cher.


kayne's dress was stunning. i loved it. and his model sho' nuff knew how to work it. i too thought the ass looked a little funky but thought maybe the seaming was just twisted after the way she sauntered down the runway in it.

i was very happy that michael won. i second all the good things that were said about him. he def knows how to dress a woman's curves. his model gets props for choosing the right icon for the designer she was working with.

i DID like laura's outfit. yes, it was a little understated compared to the rest, but that's what KH would have been. very menswear-inspired. hell, at least it didn't have a fur collar... oh, and i like how she got all over tatoo boy in the sewing room. "if you're so good, why the hell are you in this contest, freakboy". paraphrasing of course. wink.gif

i was really hoping that vincent would be kicked off. his dress was hideous. i love how ms. von furstenberg reminded him that, ahem, twiggy IS still alive. i think he'll go next.

robert should have gone with his first instinct with the blue material he'd picked out. i liked the camisole thingy under the jacket. and *i* would have worn the outfit myself for the right occasion. but i'm no debutante/former first lady/style icon. and now that i think of it, what occasion might that be appropriate for?

WooHoo! Michael won! Too be honest, I was so torn b/w him and Kayne that I would have been happy with either, but Michael has been doing such fab work and getting no attention so yipee! And it was so right for the challenge. All it needed was a thigh-strapped gunhostler and Pam Motherfucking Greer would had totally worn it as Foxy Brown.

I know she isn't a Busty fav., but I love Laura's clothes. I would wear everything she has sent down the runway. Even when she auditoned the judges noticed that she designed for herself, but I see nothing wrong with that. And I love how snotty she gets with the designers who deserve it (Jeffery, Keith.)

Robert needs to pull it together and quick. I am beginning to doubt him.
I'm so happy for Michael! I personally thought Kayne's dress was better, but if Kayne wasn't going to win, then Michael was an excellent choice. And Michael has the absolute cutest smile, and I like to see him show it. I'm just really surprised that hot pants were the winning ticket.

and I'm really glad to see that Bradley the Squid has been set free. He's been really struggling for the last few weeks and it was painful to watch. And what kind of self-respecting designer doesn't know about Cher, or at least about Bob Mackie? That model looked like she wanted to beam up to Mars sometime in the '60s.

So happy to see Michael Kors back!

Laura is one of my favorites because she is such a strong persona. She seems to do everything and it's afraid to call someone on their bullshit. I'd like to be like that someday. And I love the exaggerated waistline on those pants last night.

I've come to the conclusion that Vincent is going to be in the top 4. If they weren't going to kick him off for all the other crap designs he's made, they're not going to kick him off until the very end. What he made last night looked like a glorified painting smock from 50 years ago, not what a fashion icon would wear.

I was hoping Pam Grier would have been the guest judge, but no, it was tired old Diane von Furstenburg again. She scares me a little.

Tattoo Neck's updated Madonna dress was fug-sgusting.
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