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Full Version: World Cup Draw
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i couldn't finish watching the usa game, it was much too painful. We were supposed to be better now, what happened? If they didn't look so adorable in those uniforms i would've stopped watching
anyone watch the games today? Argentina creamed Serbia, and Mexico's game ends in a draw? What are the chances. Tomorrow I'm getting geared up to show my well ingrained Italian pride. Lol, it's true though, Im pretty sure a portion of Italians' taxes goes towards futbol appreciation and education. ;)
O dear. It seems the US have drawn against Italy. Who would have thought. Now if you win your next game, you might still go on - depending on the results of the other match, of course.

Mind you, three red cards in one game seems quite a lot. Did anyone watch? Was it as vicious as it now sounds?

Btw, people here (Netherlands) were going out of their minds yesterday, as we've managed to get into the next round.
I watched...and I was at the Czech Republic match. How torturous! It was so bad, the taste left in my mouth after that trainwreck, that I decided to enjoy Heidelberg further...thus not going through the hustle and bustle of trying to get to Kaiserslautern to watch Italy game. 3 red cards was hilarious! We should have we have to do the impossible which is beat an in form Ghana squad. Ghana looked so good against Czech that I think they'll get to the semi's.

Netherlands Argentina is going to be one hell of a match!
Italy/USA game was one of the dirtiest i've seen. Just so aggressive. It was beginning to remind me of hockey ;) Sorry, Im still nursing my "draw" wound. Watched the Saudi vs Ukraine game today. Poor guys got taken for a ride. Ukraine looks sketchy, but still far outplayed the Kingdom. I'm looking forward to the Italy Czech game myself. So far its anyone's game.
Drive By...

VIVA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!
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