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Full Version: Waking Sleeping Beauty: A Reevalution of Gender, Cultural and Social Politics in Children's Literature and Beyond
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i really don't want this thread to die :-(
i also just remembered the dido twite books by joan aiken, which are AMAAAAAAAAAZING. absolutely fantastic. well written, weird as hell, elaborate and awesome, and the main character is this tough little completely capable of everything including saving the day (or king's coronation, as the story might go), going off on independent jaunts for years at a time, and being admired rather than ostracized for her nongirliness. seriously, brilliant, fantastic books. i don't even remember all of them and i need to find them again. battersea, the wolves of battersea, dido and pa, etc. i think. man i need to read those books again.
Does anybody remember "Like it Is: Stories for Girls", published in the early seventies? My mother got me that book when I must have been seven or eight. I don't have it anymore, but I remember it being pretty damn progressive for its time.

I just recently found a copy on the internet and ordered it. I'm patiently waiting because the shipping got screwed up and it went out third class. I remember my favorite story was about a school where they try to implement a dress code and it says "no girls shall wear blue jeans". so our progagonist begins to wear wheat colored jeans.

I wish the postal service were a little faster! At least I got a refund because I had ordered it priority shipping.
has anyone else ever noticed that in disney movies, the only good mother is a dead mother? i mean think about it: bambi, snow white, lilo and stitch, the little mermaid, beauty and the beast, aladdin. the only noteable exception that comes to mind is the aristocats. and of course that's not just a disney thing, it's how the stories disney's telling have been written and told for i don't know how many years. i really don't have anything intlligent or insightful to add to any of that, it's just something that i've noticed and wondered why it wasn't more obvious to everyone.
look what I found! so, to get discussion started: referring to the post below, it doesn't seem to be just in Disney where the good mother is a dead one but a trope from fairy tales. I've just completed my Master's dissertation on motherhood in literature and it's amazing how many dead mothers there are haunting books.
anna k
I noticed in a lot of Don Bluth's animated films from the '80s how much sadness was expressed.

The Secret Of Nimh: Sickly little boy mouse. The mother mouse trying to save everyone from being annihilated by a tractor razing the fields.

An American Tail: Little boy mouse is seperated from his family and is assumed dead.

The Land Before Time: Earthquake creates a split in the ground, seperating little dinosaurs from their parents and they have to go on a major journey to reunite. Also, one of the dinosaurs' mothers is killed.

All Dogs Go to Heaven: Main dog is killed, but comes back to Earth via a special watch. Orphan girl is looking for new parents and is held captive by a 1930s dog mafia. Main dog ends up being killed again and does go to heaven permanently.

I know these aren't fairy tales, but I was surprised at how dark and sad the stories were.

(It also makes it worse that the woman who did the voice of Mrs. Frisby in The Secret Of Nimh killed herself in the mid-80's and the little girl who did the voices of AnneMarie and Duckie was murdered by her father when she was 10, who killed her mother and himself in a sick family homicide/suicide.)
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