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Full Version: Okay, so what's the BEST product you've ever used?!
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weirdly, Organix sweet orange oil neem soap. it has cleared up both my eczema and some mild acne. yes. on my face, on which i never ever use soap.

other than that, MAC Fluidline eyeliner in Black Track (though i hear amazing things about Blitz&Glitz, a black with gold glimmer)
Can anyone recommend a good facial toner??

I've been using clinique for a few years, but I think I'm ready to expand my options...especially now that the humid weather is coming back to the Northeast.
straight witch hazel is good - you can get it at your health food store. Currently, I'm in love with LUSH's Eau Roma....but that's a lot mroe expensive at $20+ for a does last a long time, though.
I don't really know where to put this post, so I guess I'll put it here.

Can anyone recommend a projection alarm clock that isn't too expensive?

I think I'm getting too old to read the numbers on my LED clock without my glasses.
Doodle, I've never owned a projection clock so I can't recommend one exactly. But! I ran across some that were made by Oregon Scientific & thought of you. :-)
I can honestly say one of the BEST things EVARRR---Dr. Scholl's Foot Cream (cracked skin repair)in the PURPLE TUBE!!!

That stuff has literally worked WONDERS--along with my PEDRO foot tool......AWESOME AMAZING!!!
Modegirl, thanks for mentioning that soap! I've got some mild eczema on my face and have been searching in vain for something effective. I'll give that a try.

Best thing I've used? I'm not sure. Maybe Noxzema. It's the only thing I STILL use after all these years.
Thanks, rose! I bought an Oregon Scientific this weekend! :-)
cellijenni, Mario Badescu toners are really nice.
body glide is *the shit*. i use it on my feet before walks and it helps prevent blisters/hotspots. i also put it on the feet before wearing leather sandals and it keeps them from getting all sweaty/sticky in the sandals. much heartage. (avail. at, or i got mine at a local running store).
I love the burts bees tomato toner. It smells delicious
I love the BB tomato garden toner too, ever since it cleared up a nasty zit in two days for me (I happily had a little trial-size bottle handy). It does smell nice.

Can anyone recommend a good self-tanner?
gluey - I second the motion for body glide! When I did the 3 day walk a couple years ago, Oh, how it saved my feet, and more importantly my nips...60 miles makes for a lot of shifting amongst the girls!
Salonpas, pain reliever stick on pads. I have been having a horrible backache, and these things are soooo great.
Hmmm... not sure where the worst product thread went, so this might be in the wrong place, but i just stopped by to bitch about the Clinique Lip/Eye SPF 30 Sunblock stick. good idea in theory, but it's uber-waxy and made my lips look a deathly white colour. ick. i returned it and got a gift card in exchange. LOVE Clinique Glosswear for Lips Sheer Shimmers though; definitely one of the better glosses I've tried.
Clarins 30SPF sunblock does the same thing... even though it's especially for the face. I splurged on it and it still left me with a face full of white goo that wouldn't blend in.
Ladies- since I've had moxette, 4 mos ago, i've noticed my hair is more brittle and prone to breakage. Not really the "loosing hair" thing some women talk about, but more weak hair. Suggestions for product? Thanks!
moxie, I'm in no way an expert on this....but could it be that you are losing nutrients from breastfeeding? Maybe you need to up your vitamin/mineral or fat intake?
yeah, cept i'm the mom who is killing her kid softly with formula. I think its just the combo of summertime and always wearing a pony, personally.
okay moxie --

I know there are those among us who decry lush because of some ingredient or other (I can't remember what it is...sorry), but their big shampoo has done wonders for my limp, lank hair. so maybe give it a try?
The ingredient you are thinking of is sodium laureth sulfate. It's not just Lush that uses it in some of its products--almost all shampoos, bath and shower gels, bubble baths, etc, use it. It's hard to avoid, unfortunately.
SLS is in most bath and cleaning products because it is pretty safe, effective, and cheap. SLS is not goting to cause cancer or neurological problems. a small number of people are allergic/sensitive to it and it can cause them to get dandruff, but that's about it. this article from snopes explains that most of the hullabaloo over the effects of SLS is unfounded. here is where lush explains why they use SLS in their products. and since the link in that answer is broken, here is the article that they reference.

personally, i really like lush products and have found that my hair has a lot more body when using them. they're very moisturizing without weighing my hair down. most drugstore brand shampoos and conditioners have silicones and wax in them, which leads to buildup that makes your hair lank and heavy. lush products don't have them. for moxie, big could work, or maybe rehab for shampoo. for conditioner, i use american cream. the first time i used it, it seemed thin and not as *slick* or *slimy* as i was used to conditioner being. but it works really well. my brush slides right through my wet tangle-prone hair and makes it very managable. lush products are really expensive, though. i would buy a small bottle first, to see if you like the product before investing in a big bottle. the big bottles do last a long time, though. at least six months, probably more like a year, depending on how much you tend to use each time.

ETA: if you are lucky enough to live near a lush store, they are very free with the samples. they will advise you on what would be best for your hair and give you samples of several kinds to try. the only problem with visiting lush stores is that it's really difficult to leave without buying something, at least a bubblebar. smile.gif
I think a lot of people don't like SLS because it can be drying to has never really bothered me but I *prefer* shampoos without them b/c my hair is dry and prone to breakage anyways. I like using Creme of Nature, very affordable SLS-free shampoo.

Right now I am infatuated with:

**Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion
**Tone Water Lily & Sugar Cane Body Wash (Smells so good, wouldn't think a floral/sweet scent would combine so well, but YUM!)
Ok, having moved back the US I've now had to leave the nearby Lush store behind, and with the Body Shop now being owned by L'oreal, I need a replacement for the BS body butter I was using. I personally liked the coconut and the nut varieties, but I just need something of a simlar type to use for elbows, feet, etc. Any suggestions? Nothing with mineral oil or other petroleum based products, though.
anoushh - I love the shea butter products from Shea Terra Organics quite alot. Their foot cremes are to die for, and I hope they bring back their mint tea double butter foot cream, because that was the very best for my feet ever. But their regular lotions are fabulous too!
I'm loving Benefit's Get Even concealer powder designed to take away redness and shine. The difference it makes is amazing!
Day essential moisturizer, by Shiseido. It smells wonderfully and makes your skin softer.(for how much it costs it better be doing something good!)
QUOTE(moxiegirl @ Aug 4 2006, 05:33 PM) *

yeah, cept i'm the mom who is killing her kid softly with formula. I think its just the combo of summertime and always wearing a pony, personally.

No you know what Moxie - this is a post pregnancy phenomenon. I have super thick hair and lots of it and at about 4 months started losing it in chunks. It's cause while you're pregnant so don't lose your hair and it's all super lustrous and after you have the baby the hormones change back to before so you lose all the hair you were hanging onto for those 9 months that you probably would have lost then. It's a drag but only last a couple of months.
my mom got me hooked on this face serum called true blue spa take your vitamins serum. she told me she got it at bath & bodyworks, which astonished me, cause usually I don't like their stuff. and THIS. was SO GOOD. I was skeptical of the vitamin serum idea, I really was, but oh my gosh. it made my skin smooth! glowy! not greasy! delightful! dewonderful! now they've discontinued it and I'm hoarding my last drops and pouting. a woman I work with told me clinique makes an antioxidant serum that she loves, but I looked it up and it's $125. whoa nellie. if anyone knows of a cheaper-but-equally-awesome vitamin/antioxidant face serum, tell!
i'm sure this has been mentioned in here before, but i just received my shipment from aveda:

sap moss shampoo and conditioner is the bomb - the MUTHA-FUCKIN' BOOOMB, ya'll.

seriously. i've never felt my hair so lustrous after shampooing BEFORE putting the conditioner on. i followed it up with their phomollient and let it air-dry (which usually spells disaster, but i'm lazy so i had to try it). it looks awesome and FEELS so great. i could hear my processed hair thanking me as i wrapped the towel around it.

i love their peppermint stuff too, but this stuff is rocking my world.

hey mox, this might be what you're looking for. it's supposed to nourish dry hair and mend split ends, so it would make sense that it'd prevent breakage too...
QUOTE(anoushh @ Aug 11 2006, 10:22 AM) *

Ok, having moved back the US I've now had to leave the nearby Lush store behind, and with the Body Shop now being owned by L'oreal, I need a replacement for the BS body butter I was using. I personally liked the coconut and the nut varieties, but I just need something of a simlar type to use for elbows, feet, etc. Any suggestions? Nothing with mineral oil or other petroleum based products, though.

Body Shop is now owned by L'Oreal?! Interesting...
I didn't know Body Shop was owned by L'Oreal now...weird.
Just bought 5 new bath bombs from Lush and one bubble bar.. yay! I so wish they would hurry up and open one in GA!!! sad.gif
My vote goes to Benetint by Benefit. It looks like red nail polish but is actually blush. I don't wear much make-up at all and this stuff makes my cheeks all flushy and sun-kissed.
Re: the Body Shop being sold to L'oreal, here's a couple of articles:,,1733470,00.html,,1749829,00.html

It was just earlier this year.
i wouldnt say the BEST.. but they pretty damn cool. these foamy wirey hair curlers that literally take minutes to use. love it. here's a picture of them, i think you can pick them up at sallys or any beauty supply store. if your hair is long, i suggest getting two packs. but one worked ok for my shoulder-length hair.

they're called springz, as you can see..
and.. immediately after taking out and doing a quick little tousle..
Clinique moisture surge facial moisturizer!!

ahh when i first put it on...heaven in a jar.

but it's $40 and im in college haha...

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