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Full Version: Okay, so what's the BEST product you've ever used?!
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I have been using this GREAT "product" that has made my heels (feet) sooooo soft and pink and pretty!!!! I am just thrilled as I have always been one to go barefoot or wear minimal shoe-age and my feet have SUFFERED!!! I believe this may also rank as one of the strangest foot softening "products" but I LOVE it. It's an
80 GRIT SANDING DISK !!!! from the MR.'s work place. Usually used as attachment for electric metal sander / grinder but I thought it would be perfect to smooth down my heels and OH MY does it ever!!!! I am soooo happy now that I have pretty feet and can wear nice, summer shoes and not be ashamed of my ICKY heels. Of couse the MR. thinks I am completely NUTS and says it's embarrassing (?) but I'm happy with the results so he can be as embarrassed as he wants, as long as he keeps bringing home the sanding disks for me!!!!! WOOHOO for pretty feet!
Anyone know anything about "fresh" products? I see them everywhere but have never tried. I've heard especially good things about their mascara.
The Fresh soaps are sooooo expensive (11 bucks a pop), but sooooo good: lots of lather and the wonderful scent lasts through the life of the bar (the fig/apricot in particular smells like Heaven). I also like their lip-plumping Gloss Absolute in Dahlia (again, outrageously expensive at 24 bucks). Never tried the mascara, tho.
i love Fresh! sugar perfume, sugar lipbalm, sugar face polish, soda shampoo. oooh if they weren't so much $!
Frederik Fekkai technician shampoo - it smells incredible and i have never used anything that makes my hair that soft.
Lush - bath bombs and the marilyn pre-shampoo treatment.
Bobby Brown liptint - has spf and not sticky, has a cool wintergreen feel, and stays on!
Bare Minerals!
Neutrogena body oil, Nivea skin lotion.
Burts bees - lemon cuticle cream!
Rimmel - nail polish w/ lycra.
Almay eye cream w/ kinetin.
my new fave: BLISTEX complete moisture chapstick.
it is amazing and cheap and at cvs or walgreens.

my bad for listing soooo much but i am new and got excited!~

Voodoo, I love it. Hee.
bgirl, I use bare minerals's awesome isn't it? It's not expensive and it works as well as the infomercial says. My first shipment lasted me like 8 months or something. It covered all of my skin problems that I had, and since I started using just that on my face, I don't have any acne for the first time in almost 2 years.
bare minerals here too!
good stuff!
Gain Apple Mango Tango laundry detergent is sooooo good!!! Not really a "product" I guess, but definitely rave-worthy. It is making the whole house smell good.
mirabella - how do you think that deterg. would do for sensitive skin? I want to try it but usually, for me, the better smelling the product(soap and detergent), the more it bothers my skin..... I just don't want to be smellin' good AND itchy, you know?
voodoo princess - that sander disk you're not attaching it to a sander are you? you're just sanding your foot by hand? (hee hee how strange it feels to ask that question) I too have those cranky heels that need lots of attention once take my feet out of socks.
lurvpaint - I am just using it by hand. Attached to the sander might be a bit much, ha ha ha!! I just started using it because the Mr. had them on hand at his shop and it made sense after thinking about it. I was actually going to go buy a pumice stone (?) but I remembered the last time I tried one it just wasn't enough, you know? Since I have also been a metal worker, as the Mr. is now, I remembered the cool little sanding/ deburring disks, and that's all she wrote! My heels are sooooo nice and pink and soft. You would not believe all the dead skin dust I create when I get to sanding! And since I am doing it by hand, I don't have to worry about getting a sanding burn or anything. I sand a little, brush off, sand a little more and work my way around my heel. I am really very happy with the results and the disks last for a long time (all you do to clean is pat them off on a cloth, I use the side of my leg, to knock the skin dust off) and are not very expensive if you're buying them. I use 80 grit.
Much love for Rescue Beauty Lounge's Rosemary Pamplemousse Body Cream. Pricey, but moisturizes nicely, has a VERY subtle sparkle (visible only in bright sunlight), and smells DIVINE. The guy at the convenience store said I smelled "like the forests of Heaven". I am impressed.
Bliss Plum Body Butter is a reason to get up in the morning--and the Soap in a Jar that goes with it is a reason to shower! YUM!
He said "the forests of Heaven"?!?! Wow. I am very intrigued to smell this now.Also, pamplemousse sounds like a Dr. Seuss thing.

About the detergent, I think it would be fine for sensitive skin. I have pretty sen. skin myself and I also washed some of my daughter's clothes in it (she is only 8 mths. old) and we are both itch-free.
Mirabella, strangely enough, it has an overall woodsy smell, like pine or cedar without being disinfectant-y. You can detect the individual grapefruit and rosemary notes underneath. But yeah, I thought "forests of Heaven" was very nice and rather poetic (he tends to talk that way)!
Can anyone recommend an over-the-counter tooth whitener? My coffee habit is making my smile yucky. (just give up coffee you say? curses!)
I really doubted those Crest White Strips, but I decided to try them last summer and they worked amazingly well. Two days after I started using them a friend who didn't know I was whitening made a comment on how white my teeth were. I used them last August and they're still white as they were when I started.

I just used the two week strips because they were cheaper.
in the past 6 months i have become a Bare Minerals junkie.

i've never used a makeup line that looks so natural AND improved the quality of my skin.

i'm in love.
Count me among the Bare Minerals fans. I originally tried it when I was going through one of my "cosmetics are killing me" phases. (Usually followed by a "to hell with it, I'll leave a beautiful corpse whose lips are lacquered with a thick coat of Viva Glam," after being seduced by the Mac counter.)

Less is definitely more, though. It can look a little too opaque. And it works best over totally bare skin.
Wow, don't know what I've been waiting for on the Bare Minerals- hear so many raves about it.

I gave up makeup for over 10 years before I discovered Bare Minerals. Now that's all I'll wear on my face.
Someone please tell me what the BM mineral veil is and why it's so expensive. Is it really worth it?
jungalista - from what I've gathered. Mineral Veil is something that goes on after the foundation to kind of lock in and finish off the "look"...... I think it serves other purposes too, but when I read about it, that's what I understood of it. How much is it exactly? I can not find it in my catalog anywhere.....
dude, i wish i could be in on the bare minerals love, but to me it was like dusting some dirt on my face. it looked wierd and it made me break out. :/
but luckily that lead me to be best product ever which is Lorac oil-free liquid foundation. it blends perfectly and doesn't cause massive breakouts.
OH WOW - check this out! I was doing my online banking thingy today to figure out what kind of spendage I have and I saw this charge against my account that I could not figure out, so I call the bank. They tell me the charge is from Bare Minerals BUT I am not supposed to get but 2 shipments per year and I just got one 2 months ago! So I call Bare Minerals and ask them what's going on. Appearently, my shipping info never downloaded correctly in their system and they were still doing the every 60 days thing with my account. So I told them I didn't need the stuff cause I already have too much and that I had submitted the correct shipping info months ago! They were REALLY REALLY cool about it and said they will refund my money in 5 to 7 days AND they want me to keep the new shipment (for FREE) when it gets here instead of sending it back to them like I was going to do. They got my shipment dates straight so I won't get another now until November.
Soooooo, I get 2 foundations and a mineral veil for free!!!!!!
Ok, so here's the part where I get really cool..... DOES ANYONE WANT THIS SHIPMENT WHEN I GET IT? I WILL MAIL IT TO YOU AND YOU CAN TRY IT OUT FOR FREE IF YOU WANT. I use the light / fairly light foundations and I can't really remember if I signed up for 2 foundations of the same shade or not, but whatever they are they WILL BE light / fair shades! And a Mineral Veil. That is what my usual shipment is. Depending on WHERE you are, it may take me a minute to get enough $$$$ together for shipping but probably no more than a week, if you can be patient. I mean hey, it's FREE right? Ok, so this is gonna be first come first serve and I'm still waiting on the package myself, but they say it's on the way already. To be fair, I'll go with the first email request I receive. Here is the addy: and I'll be happy to unload this stuff on someone as soon as it gets here, barring any postal service disasters or lost shipment. I'll let you know when (if?) I get it.
Wow voodoo - that is so cool!!! I'd defintely be interested in your spare shipment, if its not already spoken for! My skin is fair too! I can swap you some bpal and LUSH too, if that sounds appealing to you....
LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE A WINNER HERE! Yeah! turbojenn.....
I assume the email I just got was from you too (jenn s = turbojenn) Well alrighty. So if you will email me your info sometime in the next week, I will let you know as soon as the shipment arrives. I'll even throw in a brand new (not ever used) Baby Buki Brush from my Bare Minerals set cause I will probably never use it and their brushes are pretty good quality. It is a small brush, hence the name Baby Buki, but it's better than nothing and it's FREE too! WOOHOO! This is like the makeup lottery or something, hee hee hee!
Oh..... and I lurves me some BPAL so your swap offer sounds divine and I will most truely appreciate anything BPAL you wish to send this way.......
I'll email you directly from now on.........
Thanks for takin' this stuff off my hands!!!!!!
I just tried Larenim, another mineral makeup line. Having only used it twice, I'm not ready to marry up, but it does have a lovely quality of non-cakeyness, especially across the nose, where you can have issues with the slightest skin problem.

Also still using the Olay Regenerist thermal polisher - I've taken to using it in the tub so I can keep wetting my face for maximum thermal-ing, though I still believe that's more a gimmick than genuinely effective. It feels nice, good grapey scent, and it does leave my skin very nice.

And I finally bought Neutrogena's microdermabrasion kit. Have also used this only twice (bought everything on Friday, y'see), but I think I will be happy.

The last happy purchase was L'Oreal's self-tanning spray. Though it seems to work fine, I have been having issues with the spray button. It seems to me really hard to work, and I wonder if I am missing some sort of funky operational quirk or something - from the copy on the package, it seems like it's supposed to spray nonstop, but I can hardly hold the button down to *start* it. And I don't think my arthritis is THAT bad. So I was wondering if there might be some trick I am missing? I know, dorky - but I've missed shit like that before ...
Thanks so much voodoo!!! And you shall have plenty of bpal comin' your way! So mineral makeup artistes, is there a particular technique to applying, a particular brush that you especially like? I think I may make it downtown this weekend, so I could stop by a Sephora if I needed to....

I've got a Brazened Honey LUSH mask drying on my face right now....I love BH so...its really done a wonderful job of starting to clear up my acne scars...and now its off to the bathtub!

Thanks again, voodoo!
i'm not supposed to tell anyone this but my beauty-product addicted friend heartily endorses the cindy drawford meaningful beauty skincare.

also, i know they are probably cancer in a jar, but i so heart the coffeemate flavor things. so far, french vanilla is best. has anyone tried good flavors?
Ok, I know I said before that salicylic acid moisturizers (for acne-prone skin) are all the same, but I was wrong. After a year's experimentation, I can say hands down that Vichy's NormaDerm kicks ass over all the others I've tried. Usually my skin gets oily really fast, my pores look huge, and I always have red bumps somewhere...but not when I use this stuff. It costs a lot, but it's sure worth it...

"cancer in a jar", glowy! We call it "powdered death" here at the women's centre...and use it anyway!
hehe. powdered death. oh yheah and that was supposed to be cindy crawford.
oooh the hazelnut coffeemate flavor i love. i only have it when i visit my step dad and he happens to have some. i eat all organic/natural, so it's a delicious, guilt filled treat.

turbojenn, the buki brush works the best to apply the foundation. dip it lightly in the foundation, then swirl it around in the lid and tap it off to get the excess off, and apply it to your face in circular motions. that works. if you have any blemishes, i recommend finding a mineral concealer too.
Turbo, Larenim sent instructions with the samples I bought (which seem to be set to last impressively well!), but I have to say, I tried for myself instead. The sheet said to start at the jaw and work inward - but I haven't worn makeup that far out on my face for years. I wear as little as possible, and mostly only on chin, nose, under-eyes. I still use a teeny-tiny dot or two of concealer (their powdered concealer didn't work as well as I'd have liked), but then it's basically just powder and go, skipping foundation altogether.

I have used both my puff and a brush, and each method works well. Having the samples gives me confidence to just experiment, knowing I'm not wasting money, but you feel your way quickly with this sort of thing I think.

I've had great luck with a fat, flat brush I have; my rounder brush was not well enough shaped to hold on to or deposit the powder. The flat one is tighter-bristled. I think a fairly dense brush is probably best - soft, but thick.
thanks for the tips maimy!

Voodoo, doll, you blow me away! Thank you SO much for the minerals and brush and balm!! I just applied the minerals, and OMFG, my skin looks radiant! I am totally sold on mineral makeup! And the cute mini buki works so well!! I may head over to sephora tomorrow and see about some blush...ah, another product addiction! At least the minerals last a long time, and once I make a little investment, I should be good for quite awhile!
You are So SO So very welcome turbojenn..... I am just thrilled that YOU are thrilled! Makes me Oh so happy.... I assume you checked out the catalog too.... got some awsome blushes I want too. Something lighter than the WARMTH is what I'm going for..... something peachy and sparkley.....
Joining in on the Bare Minerals love...

And on that note, I cleaned out my bathroom cabinets this weekend, and found two unopened containers of Bare Minerals: a Fairly Light foundation (the second-lightest shade, but too dark for me!), and a Mineral Veil. Inspired by the lurvely voodoo, I will happily send either or both to whomever PMs me first!
The Bare Minerals have been claimed!
yes yes bare minerals is one of my favorites too... as for hair products, when my hair was long and full, i liked the way it looked with got2be spray in wax in the purple bottle.
i have to come back and restate my badger balm love. i've had one tub for 7 years, and it's still exactly as it was when i bought it. it lasts forever, and i end up mouth-breathing a lot at work (occupational hazard of walking as fast as i jog for a few hours straight, i guess), and it totally stops chapness. also, i used to get a crusty chin from the chinstrap of my face mask when i played ringette, and it totally made it go away.

i love my physician's formula mineral loose powder, but i can't wait to try bare minerals from all the rave reviews it's gotten in here
Jason's Vitamin E lotion. My uber-sensitive skin loves this stuff, it's mostly natural (any lotion has to have some preservatives in it), and it's pretty cheap.
Curel Restore & Revive, Bioterm Hydra Detox and Neutrogena Acne Body Wash (the orange one with the little beads).
Those are my absolute best no matter what climate, time of year and whatever other variable you can throw in to reek havoc on one's skin. Mine is really sensitive as I have eczema and break out whenever I treat it. I don't know how much $ and time I've spent trying to figure out what works! But, for the past few years those have been my "go to's"... I think I should be one of those product testers for a magazine, that way they could foot the bill!
bare minerals is amazing. i use there all over shimmer color in rose radience on my cheeks and i look all glowy and i actually get sleep.

i also love avenno continued radience moisturizer. it makes my skin look like i am actually hanging out outside and it makes my skin sooo soft.
hi ladies,
I think it's time for me to finally grow up and start using SPF moisturizer. But the ones I've tried in the past have been so... greezy. Ew.
Any recommendations for a good SPF facial moisturizer and a body lotion?
hsmith - Its expensive, but I do love the Origins Have a Nice Day facial Mosturizer - its not greasy, *and* it smells like oranges! For body, I like the Aveda Daily Light Guard...again, a little on the pricey side, but not greasy, and the smell isn't like walking into a rum and coconut bar. ;)
hsmith, also i like md formulations sun sheild. it is for oily or breakout prone skin so it is not greasy at all and makes your skin soft. but i do agree with turbo about the origins. all there stuff is all natural and smell delish.
Hsmith, Oil of Olay do a 15 SPF moisturiser that I like a lot. Nice texture, keeps my face moisturised all day and isn't too pricey.
I have super sensitive oily break-out prone skin and I use the Cetaphil facial moisturizer with spf 15. I find it does the job well and doesn't leave me all oily. It doesn't build up either. In fact it's one of the best face products i've used in a long time.
OMG, my employers got me the 'Fresh Memoirs of a Geisha'gift box and it is SO unbelievably luscious. Sake bath bubbles, rice facial wash, rose petal facial mask and Sake perfume. It has the most decadant, vagely (real,not that faux perfume crap)peach scent andit is to die. To die .the yalso got me a Philosophy 'Pure Grace' bath bubbles and pefume gift box and it is divine....le swoon....I LOVE Fresh and Philosophy everything.
ooh, my mom bought me the "memoirs of a geaisha" rice face wash, perfume, and face pallette. gorgeous!!
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