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Full Version: What's the worst product you've ever used?
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I received an pack of trial size Matrix Curl Life products as a gift and they are the absolute worst thing I've ever used on my curls. Seriously, these products suck much ass. The shampoo made my hair tangle up and feel dried out, the onditioner was like using nothing, the styling creme made my hair limp and lifeless. They are supposed to define your curls and instead they ruined them. My hair went wavy, limp, and super frizzy on the surface. I had to get back in the shower to rewash and deep condition my hair, it was so bad.

I ordered a subscription from them 14 weeks ago and have heard nothing. Their customer service licks.
I got an order in from Lush, and the La La Lavendar soap was awful. It looked like I was pouring grape juice all over myself, didn't smell that good, the pieces of dried flowers got all over my tub, and the whole chunk only lasted for 5 showers. Totally not worth the cost plus shipping.
I'm a newbie; but am so not new to bad products! My entire teenage years were dedicated to bad products...and every few months or so I torture my poor body with something it doesn't like!

My "stay very far away from" list includes:
-Body Shop (except their perfumes)
-those hair removing products that "dissolve" your hair, I can't remember the name but Nair and Sally Hensen make it and makes my upper lip and legs bleed! I'll stick with the other options thanks!
-L'Oreal hair color, nothing makes me happier than watching my $200 trip to the salon wash down the drain in 3 weeks...My colorist (/best friend)and I have made a pact to not put their products on my head again.
-both Matrix "volume" line and Olay acne bodywash make me have to jump back into the shower as I am limp and greasy after using them ...Definitely not the sexy, big haired, smoothe skin godess I was hoping for!

That's it for now, I'm sure I will remember more or try some "new" product that my sensitive skin doesn't like before summer ends!
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