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Full Version: Crash Analysis?!?!?! A Thread for Computer Problems
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Is there a certain kind of virus/adware that *knows* when you're running a virus scan? I swear, every damn time I run my virus scan or adware scan, my computer shuts down. WITHOUT FAIL. Should I take it in to be looked at?
'K, this is more evidence of me being a computer moron, but I can't seem to get my laptop to play video. It's a Sony VAOI with Windows Media Player and Real Player on it, but when I play a video file (TV shows) using either it just plays the audio. When I go to 'visualisation' it just offers me a bunch of different wavy graphics. Any suggestions?
I had the same problem with Windows Media and can't for the life of me remember how I got it to play video. I know I messed around with it for a while. Let me open up Media and see if I can remember.
Okay, under the View menu (in Windows Media), do you have a "Show Video" option? If so, this should be selected. I think you can only see this option on the View menu when the file is playing.
syb, you can try right-clicking on the video file in the playlist and see if it gives you the option 'web help'. if you click on that, there might be a thing you need to download to make stuff work. like, for example, for a few vidcasts i like to watch i need a DivX codec for them to run the video part of the file
Thanks lot49 and tyger. Lot, my player doesn't seem to have a View menu at all, so I downloaded another one (Media Player 10, if it matters) yet this doesn't seem to have a View menu either. It's as if I'm missing some elementary viewing software... but it's a Sony VAIO and came with all kinds of shit, so I doubt it.

It is possible I threw stuff overboard at some point, but again I doubt it... is there somewhere I can check this, or download basic video software? Or is it something else?

Apologies for this and for my ineptitude, but the boy's trying to introduce me to the new series of Dr Who, and I can't watch it!
Syba, you might also want to try downloading and using the free media player available from VLC (

It plays all the common (and some of the not so common) video file types, such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, etc.

I've liked it and it has played some videos I've downloaded via torrents that I couldn't seem to play with any other player.

It is a fairly large player to download (9.2 MB that is self-extracting; 15.4 MB normally) so you may want to try playing with differnt codecs and such in Windows Media Player first.

Also Syba, when you are in WMP, if you hold "Alt" and press "V", you should be able to get the "View" menu to appear.

Out of curiosity, what is the file extension (eg .avi .mov etc) of the vids you're trying to view?

~North "it says press any key: where's the 'any' key?" pole
Northpole, I haven't been able to try out your suggestions yet (I only really go online with the laptop at weekends) but will do so at the first opportunity. Thanks for the help!
View menu doesn't come up in WMP even when I try Alt and V. The file extension on both videos seems to be: ws_pdtv_xvid-fov.(BT) ... um, whatever that means. I will try to DL that player if nothing else presents itself but because of its size I may hold off.

Syb 'son of cluelessness' -arite
Northpole, you are a genius, that player works just fine. Thanks!!!
Yo, I got a question. I own a hp pavilion 4125 laptop, and i watch dvd's on it, the past month the dvd player has been messing up the movies when I attempt to play them, like skipping and sometimes just not working. I check the dvd's, they are scratched at all, my laptop is 5 years old, do I need to clean the dvd player??? If so, how do I do that? Any advice will be appreciated.
Sorry that you couldn't get Windows Media Player to work, Syba. It sounds like the installation of it somehow got corrupted, and even with the new version you downloaded, it doesn't sound like it was fixed.

When I Googled the extension info you provided, it seems like most of them come up with .avi at the end, which normally should be supported by WMP, but it sounds like your installation is FUBAR'd. Ugh.

On the other hand, I'm glad the VLC player worked! I, too, hate downloading more applications than what I need, but also like you, I had vids I just couldn't play with anything else.

~North "once in a while I get a good idea. This was one of those times" pole~
janie, your drive might just be giving up the ghost. they just do that, due to amount of use/age/computers hate the world and want your life to be as difficult as possible. but, hopefully it is just that the lens needs cleaning, in which case you can buy a cleaner (it's usually a set of a disk with brushes on the underside and cleaning solution) at a computery-type store. it'll just give you audio prompts like 'go to track 4 to clean lens' or some such thing. good luck!
If your computer is overheating and the fan isn't working well enough to cool it down, what happens?

I have a 4-year-old Iridium Starbook 505 laptop running Windows XP. I have downloaded all the Windows patches and updates, run spyware and virus scans regularly (admittedly just using the Norton antivirus you can download free from Google) but it is still running slower than it used to... And occasionally it just spontaneously switches itself off with no warning.

When it turns itself off it's always *really* hot, and the fan is always *really* loud, so I'm wondering if it might be an overheating problem. Is there any way I could find out if it is that?

I'm going to get a Mac powerbook when I get to the US and can take advantage of the cheaper prices and educational discount there - I just want my wee laptop to live that long! *strokes laptop gently and lovingly*

Also, nereid - have you tried running your scans in safe mode? Just press F8 immediately when you turn the computer on and it will give you a menu of options for modes to startup in, select 'safe mode' and run your scans from there. It will probably work. I saved my computer from earlier crashy tendencies by doing that, though this time around it doesn't seem to be working so well.
maryjo what happens is pretty much what you describe; your laptop will just switch off to protect itself from overheating. It could be that the fan isn't sucking in enough air. The slowness could be because you've got a lot of stuff on there, so it's having to work harder - first of all try defragmenting your hard drive (it's in the settings box but I can't remember where) and getting rid of anything you don't use - old docs you can save to disk.

otherwise, you might have to replace the fan - don't take my word for it - but take it into somewhere like PC World, where they do a healthcheck, or maybe try Gultronics on tottenham court road (particularly if the does need replacing)

and powerbooks are lovely things. but I'm biased.
Thanks mornington!

I've just ordered an 80GB external hard drive off ebay (£65 and it's teeny tiny and doesn't need plugging in!) so that I can take a lot of stuff off my HD (and put the rest of my music on my ipod, *finally*), so when that arrives I'll hopefully be able to speed thing sup a bit. It's so slow right now that defragmenting would probably take about a week!

I don't want to spend any money on my computer right now since I know I will be upgrading in a few months... thanks for the tips though, I love location-specific advice! :-) Though Gultronics scares me a bit.
You can probably see if it is overheating by going into the BIOS which is where you can probably set the temp it cuts off at...
does anyone, anyone, know how to set dss player-lite to playback more than one recording at once?

this is driving me insane.

The right side of my space bar is jammed. Not a happy bunny.
bunnyb, can you just pop your spacebar out and re-attach it properly? i don't know how to do it, but i know on lots of keyboards you can remove and re-attach keys
thanks,tyger, I probably can. The boy will do it (he's techy and I trust him more!) It's just bugging me; although any excuse to procrastinate! Cannot type essay if space bar broken! Well, not without taking time... Should be easily fixed, just not this minute.
(hi, I x-posted this in the General Knowledge Base)

Hi busties! Any experts with domain registration out there?

My domain expired, unintentionally, and I have been unable to renew it or transfer it. The current registrar's website says that expired domains cannot be renewed online through their site -- you have to call or email. Yet my emails to the company go unanswered and I haven't been able to reach them by phone (they're in Singapore and the phone just rings, even if I call during Singapore business hours).

When I tried to transfer the domain to another company, I received a message that the transfer had failed because:

"the current status of the above domain name(s) is:
REGISTRAR-LOCK, clientDeleteProhibited, clientTransferProhibited,

The message instructed me to contact my current registrar to resolve the problem, which I have been unable to do.

Also, the current registrar's site also says that domains that have expired for more than 15 days will require a $150 fee to be reinstated. WTF?
Does anyone know if you can set up a dvd player to play on your computer monitor? This is a hypothetical player and monitor, so I don't have specs, but could anyone tell me what kind of cable/outlets they would need to have, or if it's even possible?
Bumping the computer thread.
Thanks AP! smile.gif

I have a question for Macbook users (the nice white plastic kind). Yesterday, I noticed that after a night of my computer charging that my computer was not recharged. I thought maybe the little magnet end did not attach properly or was knocked off by kitty. I then noticed that the light on the cord was dimly light. My computer reads as the computer is connected to the power cord, but the battery is still not recharged. I can't use my mac right now without the power cord.

Does anyone think I should get a new battery? A new powercord? I've had my macbook for 2 years now.

LeBoy says it could be either. He suggests taking it to the Apple store and have them look at it. They won't charge you just to test it, only if they have to fix it.
Thanks polly and leboy! Maybe I can get those natural wear and tears on my laptop taken care of too.
Y'know, I'm having the same problem with my old Dell laptop, too! Thanks for bumping this thread...I didn't know it existed.
Power cords always die before the actual computer. And batteries slowly deteriorate as time goes on. I work in a computer store and people always come in looking for our "Universal Power Adapters." Unfortunately, they're not actually universal, and people get upset. It sucks, I know. When I had an iBook I had to replace the cord three times. Those magnetic clips were the best idea ever. That iBook went flying across the room more times than I can count.
I should printed out your post, lananans. I went to the Apple store and the clerk sold me a battery. I had my mac with me and mentioned the power cord. She didn't want to check it out. Of course, the battery was dead because the power cord wasn't fueling it, dummy. Now, I need to go back to the Apple store and get the power cord. Damn.
I hope your power cord is working now! My boyfriend's is broken too to a certain extent, he fixed it by taping it back together with electrical tape. Good old technology.
My mac went wonky last night and now will hardly reboot up. *sigh* I think I might need a new hard drive. Did I mention that I still didn't get to backing up my computer yet? Ugh.
I've had my mac for nearly 3 years and it seems like every time I want to close a program I have to Force Quit. Does anyone else have that problem? Is there any way to fix it? Also, this is pretty bad but I have no idea how much memory my computer has or how much is currently being taken up. How can I find that out? Also, is it possible to defrag a mac?
I would have the same problems before too, ccg. Not sure what that was about. I would suggest you drop by your nearest Apple store if you can or ask through their online chat support.

I will say that I was superimpressed with the Apple store for repairs. I needed a new hard drive which was covered by their extended warranty. Also, they replaced the keyboard d/t reported wear and tear with the model I have. Best thing of all, it was free! I paid nothing for my visit yesterday. Even though, scheduling an appointment made it a pain to have to go to the store, I did like the personal attention and their willingness to explain what was happening to my 'puter.
I have a question regarding laptops, iPods and cell phones. Is it the general consensus that you should let these items lose all of their power before recharging them as opposed to say, letting them go down to half power and then recharging? I hate the idea of something dying on me because I'm trying to use up all the energy. Also, I keep my laptop plugged in like, 90% of the time. Am I killing my macbook by doing this?
That's a myth that you need to let them die completely every time. The first time that you use the device it's good to let the battery die and then charge back all the way (for whatever reason) but after that you can keep it plugged in as often as you want. I always have my laptop plugged in too... mostly just because it's easier than having to get up later and look for the powercord...
Well, it just made me wonder because this past semester I decided to bring my macbook to class and it died after less than two hours!! And my iPod doesn't have the battery life that the website says it should. All of my friends said it was bad to have my macbook plugged in all the time so that's what made me wonder about it.
Computer batteries die on their own even without being plugged in all the time -- battery life will never be what it was when you first bought your computer one or two years down the line... same with iPods... I used to work in a computer store, and that's what the techs always told me.

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