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allright bitches!

this friday at harpers ferry, appetite for destruction! if anyone goes, i'll be wearing a pirate shirt so definately come over and say hi to me!

Ladies! Free YeahYeahYeahs concert in Government Center on Thursday at 6!!!!
That's kick ass...

They put on a good live show, fyi.
Wow, I was going to post that too!!

I'm definitely going. Tonight -- fun laundry!! and then -- Rock Star Supernova and Last Comic Standing.

yup - what a life I lead...

How was Appetite for Destruction?
Any idea how long the yeah yeah yeahs concert is? Cause I don't get out of work until 5 and I work in Tewksbury. So, by the time I get back into the Boston area with traffic and everything, I won't be there until 7:00 or so. Bleh.
My car died this morning. I was planning to get into Boston from Metrowest) around 4:30 but now, if I go at all, I have to wait for my boyfriend to get out of work at 6.

I don't want to miss this but it doesn't look like it's gonna work out. UGH!
Okay -- TV on the Radio is opening, so if it "starts" at 6, what with all the setting up and goofy opening speeches and FNX posturing and all that, you will have a pretty good chance of seeing them if you get here at 7. Or "hearing" them at least. I'm expecting it to be a huge crowd.

My boyfriend is going to have his new haircut -- and---- maybe some people from my work will come.
I'll be there earlyish since I work near Copley. I will have a sweatshirt and an umbrella = dorkorama

Any idea where you plan to set up shop during the show? Where do they put the stage?

If I get there, I'll be in a long white skirt with colorful embroidered flowers and a brown tank top. I'll be with a black-haired guy who will most likely be smoking cigarettes.
If you're facing City Hall from the front, they are on the left side. I'm wearing black --- sheesh, I never realized how non-descript I am. But if I see you I will wave and stuff so you can come over, I will try to snag a good spot with some extra room. Like, SITTING. Standing on concrete or granite or brick is not my idea of a good time. I will have some newspapers to sit on. Let's see -- Dark hair, dark clothing, pale skin. A hipper, more intellectual and unkempt version of office wear.

That doesn't really narrow it down a whole lot. *ssigh!!* With a tall guy whose hair I won't know what looks like.

Maybe it'll help to tell you that *I'm* really tall - like 6'1"

Oh, I hope hope hope I can get there.
Didja make it?! Didja make it?! Huh? Huh?

It was fun -- I was looking for you and, big crowd. Didn't see ya. But, I was sitting on the steps with a couple of guys from work and I finally found my boyfriend when I went and bought some water.

The opening bands were good but got a little boring. Sure enough, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs didn't get onstage until 7:20 or something. They were great though
I didn't! (My car still isn't fixed! Grrr!)

How late did it go?

Also, I was reading an earlier comment about beaches and you mentioned Jersey - are you fromt here? I ask just because I'm a transplanted Jersey girl.
I'm not from Jersey, but I had a good friend from Jersey -- a couple, actually!! What is so cool about you guys? You're cool! And they said Ocean City and some of the other places that were good -- warm water, waves, boardwalk, arcades, rides? That sounds so awesome.

They are actually removing such places from New England because they want to build schmancy condos on every square foot. OR, how bout a nice LAWN with patchy bald grass?! Revere Beach used to be this crazy Coney Island like place.

Ooh, let's make it "respectable" !! Let's keep out the "wrong element"!! BAH! I say -- BAH!!
A little bit of "the bad element" usually makes a place fun and unique. I hate the homogenizing of everything.

Yeah, there are good places for waves (my brother surfs a lot) and plenty o' arcades and boardwalks. Jersey has a thing for boardwalks I think. The town I'm from has a big lake in it and they have a boardwalk around that with restaurants, etc.
Anyone going anywhere for Restaurant Week?

I'm not into Restaurant Week per se, but I hope some of you will come to the Boston Blues Festival, September 23rd and 24th, FREE noon to seven both days, at the Hatch Shell.

Also, even though Fall is pretty, and the air is wonderfully crisp, and all that, I just hate to see summer go. It was all rainy and cold this weekend -- I actually closed a window!!
gah, can i just say- i hate september 1st in boston-all the students move in today, it's insane, there are moving vans double and triple parked, no one knows how to get on a bus, and there are just crowds of people walking around vacantly having no idea where they're going. thank GOD i don't have to move today.
I hear you Maddy - I had to go to Target on Saturday night and it was a freaking zoo. Full of newly acquainted freshman year roommates and couples who have just moved in together. Sections having anything to do with moving or housewares were ransacked!

I put off my move-in till this week. Wish me luck!
I am just thanking my lucky stars yet again that I don't live anywhere near the Green Line. I'm too old for this annual ritual of student malarkey.
i hope you chicks will be kinder towards my kidlet when he's moving in, four years hence. *stern finger shaking*

kidding, kidding, just kidding. tongue.gif
altho, he's got his sights on MIT, BU, harvard ... so if figure, he's got bustie aunties to watch out for him. at least i'll have that for solace.

annoying mama mandi: "hi, danny, guess what? i'm visiting auntie raisin & auntie heven again this weekend!"
danny: "oh, god, mom, no! jeez, not again!"

how well i remember The Horror of Moving-In Day in the college town where i stayed on after graduation. eeeesh.
HAH! That conversation would totally rule! You are so welcome here anytime, Mandomyheart. How much would that rock my socks?!

You know, I have a relative only a year older than MandoKid, and he wants to go to MIT as well. He's musically inclined, too. ::eyebrow waggle::
i live about 2 blocks from the somerville target and yeah, it's been INSANE! just students everywhere with giant carts full of futons and stuff. crazy! i'm sooo glad i don't have to do that yearly move anymore. whew.

i'm interested in doing a Boston bustie meet up. anyone else? i suckily flaked out of the last one, but i am determined and committed to making it to the next one. Any one up for this? Ideas about where to meet? What to do?

I'm up for a meetup! hee!
as to what/where, etc....i donno. cheap dinner? bar? houseparty? maybe that last one is a stretch....
yeah, i really have no idea what. just something that everyone will feel comfortable with. maybe a cheap dinner or lunch on a weekend? i've been craving pho pasteur....mmm peanut sauce.

i'm up for pho....whenever everyone else can do it. i'm pretty flexible!
ok cool. where are the other boston busties, dude? maybe back in school? too busy? hmmm. i have no life, so i'm pretty available wink.gif

yesterday was a great day for this state, it was so cool to see the election results coming in. i feel really proud of our state for voting!
is anyone interested in going to this?

Harvard Book Store Event Series Presents Pop Goes the Feminist: A Panel Discussion With Lisa Jervis, Andy Zeisler, Margaret Price, & Lynn Peril

Harvard Book Store is excited to announce that on Tuesday, September 26th, Harvard Book Store and the Center for New Words will present a panel discussion called “Pop Goes the Feminist.”Lisa Jervis and Andi Zeisler, Bitch Magazine founders and editors of Bitchfest: Ten Years of Cultural Criticism from the Pages of Bitch Magazine, join up with Bitch contributor Margaret Price and Lynn Peril, Bust Magazine columnist and author of College Girls: Bluestockings, Sex Kittens, and Co-Eds, for a smart, nuanced, cranky, outrageous and clear-eyed exploration of the places where feminism and pop culture intersect, interact, and sometimes collide. Jaclyn Friedman, Program Director for the Center for New Words, will moderate the discussion.

In the wake of Sassy and as an alternative to the more staid reporting of Ms., Bitch was launched in the mid-nineties as a Xerox-and-staple zine covering the landscape of popular culture from a feminist perspective. Unabashed in its love for the guilty pleasures of consumer culture yet thoughtful about the way the pop landscape reflects and impacts women’s lives, Bitch grew to be a popular, full-scale magazine with a readership that stretched worldwide. Today it stands as a touchstone of hip, young feminist thought. Bitchfest offers an assortment of the most provocative essays, reporting, rants, and raves from the magazine’s first ten years, along with new pieces written especially for the collection. It’s both a recent history of feminist pop-culture critique and an arrow toward feminism’s future.

A geek who wears glasses? Or a sex kitten in a teddy? This is the dual vision of the American college girl. College was a place where women found self-esteem, and yet images in popular culture reflected a lingering distrust of the educated woman. In College Girls, Lynn Peril combines women's history and popular culture­peppered with delightful examples of femoribilia from the turn of the twentieth century through the 1970s­in an intelligent and witty study of the college girl, the first woman to take that socially controversial step toward educational equity.

Charlotte Silver
617.661.1424 ext 2

Event Information
DATE: Tuesday, September 26th
TIME: 6:30 PM
LOCATION: Harvard Hillel
Beren Hall
52 Mount Auburn St., Cambridge

No tickets are required unless otherwise noted. Tickets for events requiring them are available at Harvard Book Store. Please call (617) 661-1515 for more information.

This event is co-sponsored by Center for New Words.

Author Biography

Lisa Jervis is publisher of Bitch Magazine and a regular lecturer on media and feminism.

Andi Zeisler is Bitch’s editorial/creative director. Both women write regularly for newspapers and magazines nationwide.

Margaret Price is an author, activist, and teacher whose work brings together issues of queerness, disability, and race. Her writing has appeared in Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture; Creative Nonfiction; the Gay and Lesbian Review; the Michigan Quarterly Review;and Ms. Magazine. She teaches at Spelman College in Atlanta and is currently at work on a novel titled Knocking Alex Up.

Lynn Peril is the founder and editor of the online 'zine Mystery Date and the author of Pink Think: Becoming a Woman in Many Uneasy Lessons. She lives in Oakland, California
maddy, thanks for the heads up! i would love to go but have to check my schedule. that's right near me tho. and it looks awesome!
Oh man! Maddy, wish I was free for that, but I'm not. Looks good.
oh, sad! that's the same night as the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah/Architecture in Helsinki show, which I am going to and which I am SO EXCITED about!!!!

BTW, tonight i saw a really interesting film by a local filmmaker at the Brattle St Theater, Mutual Appreciation. Good stuff.
I can't go to the thingy tomorrow night but am still up for a meetup....pho sounds good. Weekends, Tuesday or Thursday nights?
Yeah, I still want to do a meet up. I could do a Thursday night, or a weekend lunch/late lunch or something. Is it just going to be me and gumby, or are other people coming? Come on y'all, good food, good company, what more do you want?!

anyone want to do this?

Sunday, October 1, 1:00 p.m.

Stand Up for Womens Choices!
Stand Up for Womens Lives!

Every fall, Massachusetts Citizens for Life sponsors an anti-choice
rally in downtown Boston. This year, they are celebrating the 20th
Anniversary of their so-called "Walk to Aid Mothers and Children."

Join the Greater Boston Chapter of NOW as we STAND UP FOR WOMEN'S LIVES
and show our support for women's autonomy in all of their
decision-making. As reproductive rights continue to be eroded in the United States,
it is important that the pro-choice community comes together to make
sure that the voice for women and reproductive justice is heard.

Bring your friends, a sign, and your voice.

Meet at 1:00pm @ the corner of Beacon and Charles St., in front of the
Starbucks, between the Boston Common and the Public Garden in downtown

Take the Red Line to Charles/MGH stop, walk up Charles St., which will
intersect with Beacon St.

For more information, call 617-254-9130 or e-mail

gumby-if you want to meet up,m aybe we should just pick a day and time, and then see if others can make it. IF not, more yummy food for us!
ok, so i'm definitely going to this, with my two roommates. we are also going to try to check out the anti-war march that's happening around copley at around the same time, then go get some food. anyone want to join? my roomies are nice feminists:)
Normally, I would be there in a heartbeat but I'm working the booth for this animal shelter at a local town street fair in metrowest from 1-4.


Glad you're going and supporting these causes!
hey folks- i'm having a mixed drink competition party on saturday night-i live in somerville in union square-let me know if anyone wants to come! i know that might be a weird way to meet up, but, lots of food, lots of booze=fun.

otherwise let's plan a meetup at pho pasteur in harvard square during the week-for dinner?
flirting with clueless men is fun:)
ok-seriously now people, lets set up a meet-pho pasteur, i'm thinking the first week of november? (since next week is halloween....)

tuesday nov 7? oh that's election day. thursday nov 9? to hopefully celebrate our new governor?

9th Thursday----yes!!!!!
ok we are on! i am totally committed to not being a lazy ass this time, and actually showing up!

what time is good for you? i have thursdays off, so i could actually go anytime.....
well, i live in allston, and i can be there by 6:30....(get out of work at 6)
ok cool. so it'll be thursday november 9th at 6:30 at the Harvard sq. pho pasteur (they might have a new name but it's the same)

uhhh. let's make it 6:45 @ harvard, i thought you meant the pho pasteur in allston, hee!
I wish I could make it this time around!
I think I can make it. At the restaurant - how do you figure out who's a Bustie? (Maddy I know there's your picture, but I have a hard time identifying faces from photos.)
i can pm you guys a link to my myspace page so you know it's me
::pops in after longish absence::

Hey ladies - don't forget to vote today! If you need to know where your poling place is:

Where Do I Vote?

Go Deval!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I will try really hard to make it to the Boston Bustie meetup - this has been a crazy couple of weeks, between campaign work and midterms, but I'd love to meet all of you!
Hey Busties, I just might be able to make an appearance on Thursday night, but I definitely will be late. But I can spot Lunasol from 50 paces, so it shouldn't be a problem to find all of you (assuming you make it there as well, sweetie dahling). wink.gif
yay! people come and meet us!!! should we make it later-like 7:30?

i am like 6 feet tall, so i'm pretty easy to pick out of a crowd. just look for the head sticking up above everyone else smile.gif other than that, chin length brown hair, i'll be wearing a dark grey knee length coat.
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