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maddy, i'm going vegas that weekend, otherwise my boyfriend AND I would both be going. It sounds wicked interesting, you'll have to let me know how it was afterwards : )
Re the amendment to ban gay marriage in MA:

"Amendment supporters may have lost one of their legislative supporters, Representative Anthony J. Verga, a Democrat from Gloucester, who slipped and fell in a State House hallway Wednesday. He was carried by stretcher to an ambulance and taken to Massachusetts General Hospital. His chief of staff said last night that the 72-year old Verga was conscious but it was not clear whether he would be able to attend Thursday’s constitutional convention."

Oooo, the schadenfreude! Heh heh HEH heh heh. (Yeah, I'm going to hell for being glad about an old geezer's physical trauma. Doesnt matter cuz I was on the way anyway.)

I may drop by the State House tomorrow around lunch time, to show support.
I was stoked to hear that the proposal was defeated - OBVIOUSLY the right decision - but I'm sick over reading the arguments and editorials and hearing everyone's stupid opinion. That this is even a topic of discussion gives me so much anxiety. Grrr. I can't take it anymore!
Yeah, I second Laurenann, what happened was pretty sweet. I had no idea it was so close a vote, either. I can't wait to hear the lovely words Mitt Romney will have to say during debates about his "heroic defeat."
okay, so i'm going to take my mitt romney rant to the choice thread, but i just wanted to say that i can't hear his name without thinking about what my sister said to me one day when i was being a bit of a pill:

"you're about as much fun as mitt romney at a kegger."
Hahaha -- that's awesome.

Personal stories changed minds:
"Some constituents wrote saying that they had changed their minds, like the elderly woman who said she previously asked Candaras to support the ban.
"But since then, Gale," the woman wrote, as Candaras told it, "this lovely couple, these two men, moved in next door to me, and they have a couple of children and they're married, and they help me with my lawn. And if they can't be married in Massachusetts, they're going to leave -- and then who would help me with my lawn?"

Yeah, they're just ordinary folks, folks. Not Evil Incarnate.

I wonder if personal stories could make a measurable difference with peoples' attitudes toward abortion? We'd need a whole lot of stories out there to combat the "pro-life" attitude demonizing women who get abortions as "using abortion for birth control! getting a late-term abortion because she can't fit into her prom dress!" crap. Like I_am_jan's "Tell Me About Your Abortion" thread in OBOH, but more of them, everywhere, so it stops being a taboo subject.

Speaking of abortion, there's a bill being considered now in the MA legislature, to force anti-choicers to harass people from across the street instead of right in front of clinics. To help the bill pass, write your legislator (scroll down to "Massachusetts" to find out who your legislators are) to tell her/him to support the bill, which would improve on the current, completely unenforceable Buffer Zone law. Under the current Buffer Zone law, protestors aren't legally allowed to come within 6 feet of people entering the clinic, but they violate the law anyway in their zeal to harass patients and clinic employees.

Planned Parenthood's list of who's pro-choice and who isn't.

Latest info on the progress of the bill.

Tips on how to express your views when you contact your legislator, if you've never done it before.
anarch, thanks for the link to the "how to call your legislator" link. i always feel like a schmuck when i call...
I feel like a schmuck too, crazyoldcatlady! Glad to know I'm not alone.
yeah, the last time i did it, they asked for my name and address. when i asked why, they said something along the lines of the congressperson likes to send out a letter acknowledging the call, although as i spit out my apt # i could almost feel them doing a background check. am i paranoid, or is this standard practice? i didn't sound like a crazy old cat lady!

oh, and no letter yet.
Hello Busties!

I'm movin' to the Boston area in early Sept.! I already got a place. Very excited. Perhaps some of us can meet up later in the year. I just thought I would let some of you know.
Woo hoo!

Where are you moving to? What are you gonna be doing? Exciting!
oh thanks gumby!

i'm moving to belmont. i'm gonna be doing my internship for the next year out there. i'm getting antsy to move out there!
I hear Belmont's a beautiful area. It'll be cool to have you out here, stargazer.

crazyoldcatlady: they asked for your name and address? Hmm. I've only ever had to give my zip code, but then I haven't done it very often. Maybe I'll ask them next time. Actually I should probably ask if it's even legal for me to be calling since I'm Canadian and technically am not their constituent (can't vote). The thought crossed my mind before, but then they just asked for my zip code so... /shrug

Mr. Butch freakin died yesterday in a scooter accident in Allston and I am really really really really sad about it.
i heard about that. guess he ran it into a pole outside of twin donuts. allston is in mourning!

Join us [Planned Parenthood] at the State House in Boston on Tuesday, October 30, as we gather to talk to our legislators about the need for a stronger buffer zone law, comprehensive health education in the public schools, and the repeal of unconstitutional abortion and contraception restrictions in Massachusetts.
Stargazer, are you here yet?

Anything exciting going on around here lately?
hey gumby, yeah i'm here!!

thanks for checking in!

i don't know what's goin' on around here. blink.gif do you know? i still feel like i'm learning about the boston area.
"The Massachusetts House is expected to vote **tomorrow** (Thursday Nov. 1) on legislation that recently passed the State Senate to create a 35-foot fixed protest-free buffer zone around the entrances and exits of all reproductive health facilities in Massachusetts. Please take just one moment today to tell your State Representative that you support a stronger, more enforceable Buffer Zones Law!" (from Planned Parenthood)

Not sure who your State Representative is? Click here. Enter your zip code and click "find". The next page shows your elected federal officials (starting with Bush). Click on "state" (to the right of the "federal" button) to bring you to the "Elected State Officials" page. The person who needs to hear your voice is under "Massachusetts House" - "Representative xxxx". (The Senators already passed it, last week I think - though if yours voted for it, it doesn't hurt to send them a thank-you).

The PP example letter is here.

My letter is below (yours doesn't have to be this long - I just had things to say. The PP person I talked to yesterday said the legislators just want to know HOW MANY are for or against a bill, so emailing just a few lines would help, or phoning to say "I am a constituent of Rep. xxxx, my zip code is 00000, and I want him/her to vote for the Buffer Zone Bill tomorrow because the current law is unenforceable and enables harassment" or something):

Dear Representative xxxx,

As your constituent, I am writing to ask you to vote for the Buffer
Zone bill when it comes before the House tomorrow, Thursday November

The current Buffer Zone law technically establishes an 18-foot space
around clinic entrances within which protestors are not allowed.
Protestors are allowed to be within six feet (the "bubble zone") of
clinic patients or employees if they have the individual's consent.

However, I know a woman who, in attempting to walk from her parked car
in front of the clinic to the clinic doors, had her shoulders grabbed
by a protestor. This understandably upset and frightened the woman and
angered the friend who accompanied her, so much so that the only thing
restraining the friend from, as she put it, "punch[ing] out" the
grabber was a clinic guard who advised her that punching would make
things worse.

When I have gone to my local clinics, protestors have come within
touching distance of me. I consider that I evaded protestors' hands-on
expression of their views only due to parking blocks away, walking
back to the clinic as if I were merely a regular pedestrian, and only
at the last second, darting into the cluster of clinic escorts at the
entrance. However, protestors, presuming that they knew exactly what I
was there for, have typically used those seconds to shout things like
"Don't go in there, they're evil!" and "Why are you murdering your

The protestors have at no time made any attempt to ask for my consent
to being within six feet of me, much less being within touching
distance of me. At no time have any of them cared to find out if my
purpose in entering the clinics was for an affordable pap smear, a
bladder infection treatment, an abortion, STD treatment, a birth
control prescription, the blood test I required to obtain a marriage
license (this was prior to January 28, 2005, when the blood test
requirement was dropped), or any of a number of women's reproductive
health issues. They simply tried stop me from going in.

Protestors do not demonstrate respect for the current Buffer Zone law
in any particular. The law's gradations of acceptable proximity to a
moving target *if* they have the moving target's consent, has proved
unenforceable: the only prosecution attempted under this law was
thrown out by the courts due to the law's confusing terms.

Under the Buffer Zone bill which I am asking you to support tomorrow,
protestors would be free to express their freedom of speech from
across the street (it is unclear to me why protestors' right to
"freedom of speech" requires hands-on proximity). At the same time,
the crystal clear terms of this bill would not only be easier to
enforce; they would contribute much more to public safety than the
current law, by minimizing occurrences of high tension situations with
rapid escalation potential in the first place (such as that involving
the grabbed woman and her angered friend).

I urge you to vote for it. Either way, please let me know your response.

Thank you for your time.

Street Address
City, State Zipcode (they need the street address because that's what makes your their constituent, I gather)
Thanks, Anarch!
"House lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved a bill to expand protest-free zones around abortion clinics.

The bill would give Massachusetts among the strongest "buffer zone" laws in the nation, creating a hard 35-foot perimeter around a clinic's entrances and driveways."

/does the happy dance!

Take that, you puritanical judgmental control freaks!
Happy Thanksgiving to all the NE Busties!!

I'm thankful for some of you taking the chance to meet up with a cook-y latina from the midwest!

Much Love!

Oh, and if you are in the NE area, and i haven't heard from ya....well, send a PM... wink.gif
for my new england layyyydieeees:

M-V. Martha's Vinyard, Hollaback!

and, for mouse, 'cos she's repping the west coast:

if you're looking for Buffy, she's with me
omg crazycatlady, you rock me like a hurricane! hilarious.
nice ones, crazyoldcatlady!
green Christmas gift: "the City of Boston is offering the gift of trees, a gift that could ultimately last a lifetime. For $50, the City will ensure that a tree is planted in Boston as part of our Grow Boston Greener campaign, which will plant 100,000 trees in Boston by 2020. Trees will be planted on both public property and private property to reach our goal."

Tax deductible too, it says.

dammit, the link goes to an error page. Well if you're interested, go to the City's home page and click on "News and Press Releases."
hey NE busties, i know this time is awful with the holidays and all. i was wonderin' if in the future any of you would be up to getting together.
There are two events taking place in the next month that I thought some of you might be interested in. I have commitments on both nights, so I won't be able to attend them.

Madeleine Albright speaking/book reading on January 14, 8pm, at the First Parish Church in Cambridge. It's sponsored by the Harvard Bookstore, and tickets go on sale December 26 at the bookstore. And your ticket can then be redeemed at the bookstore for $5 off a purchase.

And Susie Bright (Best American Erotica series) will be at the Brookline Booksmith on January 24 at 7pm. I believe this one is free since it's in the bookstore.
Stargazer, I'd love to meet up with some New England Busties.

Rasingirl, I would totally go to the Susie Bright thing! Thank you for posting it!
sweet mermaid! just PM me when you want to do something. i'm down.

not sure if gumby has been 'round. blink.gif call me up when you get the chance.
anything going on in the near future? i need to get the fuck out of dodge for a while.
we can make something happen, cocl... wink.gif
hm. what's going on next weekend? ph34r.gif
(barge, barge...)

Hey, Bahston ladies, just wanted to butt in and let you know that I'll be at the very feminist and totally righteous Center for New Words on Friday, March 7, to read from my upcoming book, HAVE YOU FOUND HER. The Center is at 7 Temple Street in Cambridge, the reading is at 7pm, and it's free. I'd love to see/meet some of you there -- or anywhere, really.

Hope you'll all find fun things to do next weekend...

awesome girlbomb! let's hope i can meet you this time around. i missed my chance last year in chicago. let's see if we can make it happen in boston....
aw crap, I'll be out of town until mid-March. Best wishes for your reading, girlbomb. Your first book is awesome. I kept thinking to myself as I was reading it, "Yeah, I've got lots to learn from this woman's writing."

I came in here to post a couple of things:
1. If anybody has a cat or has friends with cat(s), I've got a bottle of catnip-oil-infused bubble solution to give away. I blew the bubbles at my cat and they freaked him out. He ran away and hid under the couch.

2. FYI, movie screening at the MFA (got an email about it from CARE). I can't go, but figured others might find it of interest:

"I’m writing to let you know about the Boston premiere of an important new documentary, “Beyond Belief,” directed by local filmmaker Beth Murphy. “Beyond Belief” opens at the Museum of Fine Arts this Saturday, February 16th with a special pre-release screening, reception and filmmaker Q&A. (See full screening schedule below.) The film tells the story of Susan Retik and Patti Quigley who lost their husbands to terrorism and decided to break the cycle of violence by helping war widows in Afghanistan. It is a rare story of hope and reconciliation at a time when the world seems increasingly divided by politics and religion. Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, calls it “a moving and beautiful film.” You can watch the trailer here: To purchase tickets:

Saturday February 16 / 7:00pm (pre-release screening with reception and Filmmaker Q&A)

Saturday, March 1 / 12:00pm

Sunday, March 2 / 10:30am

Thursday, March 6 / 12:00pm

Friday, March 7 / 8:00pm ***co-presented by CARE***

Saturday, March 8 / 12:30pm

Sunday, March 9 / 11:00pm

Sunday, March 16 / 5:00pm ***co-presented by CARE***

Wednesday, March 19 / 5:30pm

Saturday, March 22 / 10:30am

Sunday, March 23 / 11:00am

Wednesday, March 26 / 5:30pm ***co-presented by CARE***

Thursday, March 27 / 3:30pm

Saturday, March 29 10:30am

Thursday, April 17 / 3:15pm"
anyone going to see girlbomb's reading on fri. march 7th? unsure.gif

i plan on attending.
Looking forward to seeing you there, stargazer. smile.gif
That looks interesting - which days/events are you going to?
i'm definitely going to be there fri nite for the leslie and the ly's thing, but i haven't decided yet on which events to go to yet. depends on how early i can sneak out of work fri blink.gif
Hello ladies -
I will be visiting to the Boston/Salem area in late September, and so far on my to-list are to go whale-watching, possibly visit Provincetown, the Lizzie Borden home, The Institute of Contemporary Art, and Museum of Fine Arts.

I will be there for one week, and was wondering if any of you have suggestions for other fun things to do in that area?

Thanks in advance! Olive
If you're in Salem the pirate museum and the House of the seven gables are my favorite tourist places to go. Depends on that type of stuff you like. Also, right next to Salem is Beverly where Montserrat College of Art is and if you want to see some art they have a bunch of galleries around town (I went there) that you can see some student art and alumni art. They usually have good things on display that you can see for free.
Those are great suggestions Tankgirl, I'll give those a try! smile.gif
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