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Hee hee - if I was coming I'd say the same thing, Maddy (I'm 6 feet tall too!)
mermaid-what's your excuse???!!! i need another 6-footer there!

( i'm actually only 5'10 but in shoes......)
gah! i'm going to see ani difranco thursday. what's going down this weekend?
7:30 pm would be ok with me too. Doesn't matter.
thanks for the additional description, maddy, and gumby that's a great idea about sending a link.
I think my appearance is nondescript (5'3", Asian-looking, chin-length straight black hair) but I'll figure out what I'm wearing and
post it tomorrow.
In shoes, I'm 6'1" at least! sad.gif

I had no idea Ani was in town!

I'm going to be in NJ for an old high school friend's wedding.
can i get a yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo for democracy? i'm just sooo happy that kerry didn't win! i can't believe the dems got the house! i can't believe a woman is the speaker of the house! i'm going nuts rihgt now i'm sooo happy!!!!!!
Same here! And Rumsfeld resigned!!!
i am so fucking hyper today i can hardly stay in my seat...i've had the door closed all day so i can yip and squeak with joy and sing along to my music and just act dorkily.

i think we are sooo oclose to taking montana! i'm just waiting to flip the fuck out when it's announced! i had NO hope that we'd take both!!!! shocking...

as for our meet up-what time should we settleon-doesn't matter at all to me......
*does the happy dance too*

Two days ago I was phone ordering a product from someone in one of the red states, and she finished the transaction by asking if I was going to vote. "No, I'm Canadian so I can't, but my husband's American and he certainly is!" i replied.

"I wouldn't normally have brought it up, but it's going to be such an exciting day!" she said. I got the feeling she and I would be complete opposites politically, and maybe she did too, because we just agreed that it was going to be awfully exciting! and hung up. Ha.
i'm also pretty flexible on the time tomorrow......7, 7:30, whatevers. so exciting!

and when i heard that rumsfeld was gone, i almost fell out of my chair at work. seriously.
Let's make it 7:30 then.

Thanks for the link, gumby, that'll definitely help!

I'll be wearing my battered old black leather jacket that goes down to just-above-knee length, and Doc Martens. And will carry a black canvas bag.

Looking forward to meeting you!
Oh gosh, I hope you weren't changing the time for little ol' moi.

I don't know if I'm going to be there or not. I'll decide late tomorrow at work what I'm going to do. I've been so drained lately, all I might want to do after work is go home and curl up on the sofa. But the temptation of all of you being there and the lemongrass tofu might be too great for me to resist.

It's been a crappy few days (and I'm not so sure I'm done stewing).

Catlady, I am already booked here and there for the weekend. It's kind of ridiculous, really. cool.gif
yay, i'm so excited to meet you all. 7:30 sounds great,i'm so excited for yummy food. raisin, don't worry if you feel blahhhh, you can just eat and be, ya know? you don't haveto make sparkling conversation or anything... smile.gif

ok i'll be wearing jeans and a black and grey columbia jacket, where exactly should we meet? i also heard they changed their name-does anyone know the new name?

Looks like it's "Le's" now. The article says "spread over 3 levels"! Here I was planning on wandering in and looking around hopefully as I paused just inside the door. Maybe there's a bench in the lobby where we could wait for each other? Or the first one that arrives asks for a table for 4 in the name of "Bust/Maddy/Gumby," or something, and those who arrive later could ask for that table?
let's meet just outside the entrance-it's in the garage still, right? i think there's a big hallway with ben and jerry's and stuff, so let's meet outside the restaurant door, inside.

Sounds good.

see you soon!
Ladies, did you have fun last night? I'm so sorry I missed it, I was just pooped last night - between the elections and midterms, it was a big week.
I had fun---it was just me and maddy and anarch, and we hung out and had dinner.....hopefully we can do another (larger) one soon!

hey-so great to meet you both! i can't believe i ate that meat. and that he charged me for it...heh. man i love that peanut sauce... smile.gif

we'll have to do another one, maybe after the crazy holiday season-we'll have to find a quieter place-i forgot how loud that place gets!

just remember gumby-love is different than murder... wink.gif
I had a great time meeting you, too. Tasty food & you're both funny & easy to talk to. Looking forward to next time, and meeting the rest of the Boston-area Busties too.

just remember gumby-love is different than murder

I remembered this several times today and smiled to myself.
hee hee smile.gif i had a dream last night where i was standing somewhere, and as people walked by I'd say "busty" in their ear....

The bizarre bazzar is on Saturday at the Cyclorama! And it only costs $1 to get in!
did you go? I just meant to take a quick peek at the vendor list and here I've spent half an hour looking at all the fun stuff they have. I'll have to make sure to go next year. Thanks for posting about it.

Going to spend a week with in-laws for the holidays, beginning on Tuesday. Hope you all are managing to find some downtime for yourselves, despite the seasonal rushing around and stressing out!
Did anyone else go to the Lemonheads tonight? Classic Boston band reunited, and it was a lot of fun...
hey there! i was wondering if any of you can tell me about Bedford, Mass.? i will be going there for an interview for an internship. i was just wondering what the area was like. i didn't get much info on the internet. so, i thought i would check with busties in the area. i've been to boston and read it is not far from there.

thanks so much!!
hey stargazer!

Bedford is a somewhat outer suburb of Boston. Unlike most parts of the country, suburbs of Boston are actually old towns, so a lot of them are really cute. My memory of the little time I spent there is that Bedford is pretty cute: old houses, trees. at the same time, it IS the suburbs, so there's not a lot going on. Bedroom community, and so on.

ETA: there's also NEW Bedford, which is a down-at-the-heels old whaling town.
ETAA: Let us know if you want to be shown a good time when you're here - I'd love to meet you!
thanks lunasol!
bedford sucks the public transportation, as in, there isn't any, and it's pretty expensive (next to lexington and concord)...still, there are some nice walks to do, and the minuteman bike trail starts there.....they have a whole foods AND trader joes!

oh, and new bedfod rox my sox.

definately worth the day trip.
Hey Stargazer, just to add to what the others have said, Bedford is not far at all from Boston, but way better accessed if you have a car. There's a stretch in Bedford that has a Home Goods, a TJ Maxx, and a Marshall's all very close to each other (and then when you get hungry and need groceries, you can go to Whole Foods which is on the same side of the street as Marshall's, or a Super Stop & Shop, which is in the same strip mall as Home Goods and TJ Maxx) -- it's a total bargain hunter's paradise. Oh, and I've also had really good luck at the church rummage sales over there, too. Heh.

There's a Trader Joe's in Bedford?! Why do I not know this?

Bedford is quiet, definitely seems like there's not a lot going on there at night. I've ridden my bike around the town a bunch of times and never once did I fear for my life from the crazy drivers like I do closer to Boston.

Oh, if you decide to live in Bedford for the duration of your internship, just be sure to find out that your place of residence isn't in the flyover zone for Hanscom AFB.

And Stargazer, I'm just thinking out loud here -- I seem to remember from several years ago some people at a party talking about how "affordable" real estate is/was in the town; I guess with the history of Hanscom, there are a lot of smaller houses (2-3 bedrooms/1 bath) for those of us less-than-affluent. (Ha!) But these people I'm sure were talking about buying, not renting, now that I think of it, and probably comparing it to its more affluent neighbors of Concord and Lexington. I would imagine that renting an apartment might be harder to do than renting a room in someone's house. It seems to be more of a town with houses, not apartment buildings. That's just my general impression; I could be totally off base.

The nearby towns of Concord (and further away from Bedford is West Concord) are on the Commuter Rail, just FYI.

Luna, I was doing something else the night of the Lemonheads. Did they do "Your Home is Where You're Happy"? It would be fitting, you know...

ETA: Oh, how could I forget about Bedford Farms Ice Cream?! Ride your bike there, eat a big ice cream, leisurely ride around until you can't ride no more; it's a good way to spend a spring Saturday afternoon.
Thanks so much raisingirl and gumby_cc! I have book airline tickets, hotel, and car for this trip now.

lunasol~my interview will be on the 23rd...i think that is a tuesday. i don't know if anyone is available during the week. i will let you know.

again...thanks for the info!
West Concord's cool, they have a delightful bakery with real shortbread cookies and they have a 5 and 10, old wooden building with jacks and coin purses that you squeeze to open, candy necklaces, rabbit foots and the like -- plus the commuter rail stop and great trails and rails through beautiful flowering trees and bridges and stuff.
this weather is freakin awesome! woo woo!

I'm gonna be at the new ICA on Thurs! Free after 5 apparently!
That is good to know!
I went on Christmas Eve day and it was packed...It felt like NYC instead of Boston, probably because it was so new and I never go to that part of town usually.
well, i'll be in the boston area next week. i was wonderin' if anyone was available next monday evening to catch dinner. i don't want to hang out in my hotel. i really want to look around harvard square/cambridge since i didn't get to check it out when i visited boston last year. i'll have access to a car this time 'round.

lunasol-PM me if you're available.

oh, and i hear the weather's been crappy. any improvement?
Today is my baby brother's birthday so I can't go for dinner...but have a great time! Bring a hat!
yah, it's pretty cold. winter has finally hit, although without the snow...bring a hat, gloves and scarf and a warm coat and you'll be fine. although, who knows what it'll be like next week, the weather is being so weird...

definitely wander around harvard square-there are lots of great shops and restaurants.

stargazer - i'm so sorry i missed your post! sad.gif I've been pretty scarce around these bustie parts lately - have pretty much migrated to ljland. I'm bummed I missed you! Did you have a good time when you were here?
it wasn't much colder than chicago. i did go to cambridge/harvard square my first night in. it was so pretty when it started to snow. we haven't gotten pretty snow in the midwest. bedford is very pretty. definitely a family oriented town. the homes are beautiful. i really liked the atmosphere. i've been to boston before, but i wanted to see more of harvard square. after my interview i went back there to have some dinner and a drink. i went to a coffeehouse 1329 (or something like that).

lunasol~i was wondering if you didn't check this place out much. oh well. who knows where i will end up for my internship. but, if i end up in boston, i will let the busties here know for sure.
So how long did it take for everyone to de-ice their cars and get them back on the road? It took us 1.5 hours and 2 miles on the odometer (rolling back and forth). Boyfriend and I thought we were being smart by waiting until today....I don't know why we thought that smile.gif
gah, the sidewalks are SO bad. my bus stop was just a huge sheet of ice. it made me really cranky this morning-elderly people are trying to walk, this woman had crutches, i mean, it's insane!!! they just leave it until it melts. it makes it so hard to get around.

my boyfriend's roommates car is stuck in about 4 inches of solid ice, i don't know how he's going to get it unstuck.......i'm glad i don't have a car, although i'm just a cranky pedestrian now....
i de-iced wednesday night around 9:30. it sucked at the time, but i was glad i got everything off while it was fresh.
Luckily, we didn't need the car until tonight. Went out late this afternoon after the sun had been on it all day and the ice had melted enough so it came off in slabs, and the snow around the tires had compacted so no digging necessary. Phew!

Debating whether to try & get tickets for The Police show at Fenway this summer (tix on sale Tues I hear).
Oh, god, that ice. My car is immured okay? and may the gods of environmentalism and feminism forgive me for buying a big bag of wretched melty crystals, and then getting my boyfriend to chop.


Cause no matter how hard i think I am, if I didn't have the salt and the boyfriend I would have to leave the car there until spring.
gah, i spent an hour friday night with a hammer and a shovel, hammering the hell out of my sidewalk, trying to break the ice. it was SO hard! an amazing workout, i'm still sore. and i got to work out a lot of agression with the hammer.

of course, neither one of my neighbors bothered to do anything at all, so i've got like 20 feet of cleared sidewalk in between 30 feet of pure ice.....

i've been emailing and calling officials and stuff-it's just silly-every friggin' year we go through this!!! today at least they are sending people oout to ticket people who haven't salted or shoveled-even dunkin donuts and the bus stops are all iced up. no one wants to take responsibility-the city is like "it's the property owners job" or "it's the MBTA's job" and "we don't have enough resources."

I mean it's like they are SHOCKED each year when we get snow. why is this a surprise to anyone? It snows every year! But they act like we're in Florida and just don't know what to do when it snows....
Well my fellow Bostonian Busties, it looks like I will be moving to your parts at the end of the summer. I got my residency position in your neck of the woods!!
yay snow! snow that isnt icy!

(btw i hate snow normally but i like it right now)
Welcome, Sybarite! The end of summer is a great time to be up around these parts...wink.gif
anyone going to the free porn conference at wheelock college on march 24-25? i'm going-looks sooo interesting!!!!
you can check out the schedule at

"Thanks for registering for the conference on Pornography and Pop Culture to be held at Wheelock College on March 23-25. We have been overwhelmed by the interest; more than 400 people from around the country, including some from outside the U.S., will attend. The activists, anti-violence educators, academics, and concerned citizens who will be there are ready to confront the pornographic imagery that increasingly invades our lives, our relationships and our cultural landscape."

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