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Oops! Wrote back to you on Friday. Forgot to post here. :-)
Hey NE Busties - I'm going to be in Vermont for the beginning of the summer. Are there any Busties living in Vermont that would like to meet up - PM me.
Mermaid, are you planning on going to Ladies night? This Thursday, right? If it is, I'd like to go...
I am planning to go. I have a three-hour class before that, so I'm hoping I won't get tired and punk out of going. I had fun last year so I was definitely planning to stop by at least this year, even I don't stay for the show part.
raisin- i got your PM, had fun in Boston the limited amt of time I was there. I didn't get a chance to go to the veg restaurant you recommended (i was overruled by the carnivore set) but it sounds wonderful; the drive down from NH was short/scenic/painless, so i'm definitely going to be spending some time there.

(And not to sound like a 14 year old girl, but your city has some good looking young men!)
Anyone making any summer plans?

What is a good beach to go to and how to do you get there?
my favorite beach is manchester-by-the-sea. take the rockport commuter rail line and it's about a mile walk from the train stop. it costs $1 to get on the beach for non-residents. oh, and definately take the train because like all of the parking is for residents only.

the water is fucking freeeeeezing though. oh, i also like going to hampton beach in new hampshire, which is a totally different scene from manchester-by-the-sea. i like hamptom beach because it reminds me a little of the jersey shore.
Anyone planning to go to the NOW feminist summmit thingee in July? It's in Albany.
i like the beaches in plymouth, but you can only reach those with a car and the traffic is awful on the weekends in the summer. there's also a great beach in salibury, near newburyport.
Hello all..

I grew up just outside of boston, but now live in CT.

I'll be on the cape for 3 weeks this summer playing in the pit for a theater company. Are any of you gals down by the beach in late june??
Not me, but that sounds like a really fun thing to be doing in the summertime!
Pathetic little confession: I hardly ever make it down to the Cape. I kind of just stick to the North & South shores. I've never even been to Nantucket.

Cellijenni, I take it from your name that you play... cello? Maybe? What a great gig, though; enjoy your time on the Cape.
Thanks girls.

I haven't lived back in the area that I grew up in for 8 years (i grew up in the South Shore). Now I hardly know anyone thats there. Not that i'll have any problems sitting on the beach by myself. Just curious!!

And yes, its cello :-)
anyone been to crane beach since the floods? went to plum island last weekend (newburyport) and the beach was naaasty with all this trash that had washed up. I want to go to the beach this weekend, but not if the beaches are still nasty.

Where else to go if the north shore is all icky?

does anyone want to try to get together again? i know most of is flaked out except for 2 lovely people, but i'd like to try again-i'd really like to meet you guys! any interest?
i went to halbut point yesterday and it was good. at good harbor (gloucester) there were actually like 6 people in the water. there didn't seem to be any more trash there than normal.
sign me up for being interested in meeting up!
I'm interested in meeting up!
Anyone going to any concerts/shows this summer?

I'm seeing Rancid, The Weakerthans, and Les Claypool.
I'm living in boston until the beginning of september and then i'm moving back to RI...

Where are the concerts, mermaidgirl? I haven't seen/heard of any concerts that I'm interested in seeing.
I just went to Tennessee this week and now I am SO glad to be back in CT, where I will not have to see any billboards saying, "Guns don't kill people, abortions do!"
teehee, hellotampon... that reminds me of Happy Gilmore... the shirt that the one guy wears that says "Guns don't kill people, *I* kill people"

I visited home a week back, and I'm still getting planned parenthood emails about that state and things to do to stop some shitty legislation. and then i realized, it's harder to fight The Man up here, because so far public/legislative opinion in my state agrees with me...

A meet up would be cool, but I have a feeling my freetime is going to die a horrid death very shortly...
yes, hellotampon.

But, now you'll have to look at the billboard that says:

"come to hartford. i swear its fun"
Weakerthans and Rancid are at Paradise.

Chilli Peppers is at Garden in October.
Jack White's new band the Raconteurs is at Orpheum in October too.
There's some GNR coverband at Harpers Ferry sometime in August. My boyfriend saw them last month and said it sounded exactly like Axl during the best performance of his life.
And I'm kind of embarressed to admit it but I want to see Nelly Furtado.
I saw the GNR cover band that used to play Harper's and is now playing the Paradise, and the first show was kind of fun, but now I do not see the point. I would dig up my leather jacket and lace-up pointy boots and put on a ton of eyeliner and be stuck in an audience of little geeky junior stockbroker boys still wearing their work outfits, dragging their annoyed reallystraightgirl girl friends into the dance pit so they could try to get their freak on.

It was the wrong kind of disturbing.
ok, i'm going to that gnr coverband-anyone want to go with? i missed one that was in june, becuase my mama was in town. but i am SO THERE at the next one. i saw the real gnr in concert in 93, and yes they are total pigs but they rock.

Oh, I love GNR, past and present, I'm just telling your the audience is pretty disappointing. This is a different one that's playing at Harper's.

The one that's now playing at the Paradise relies on wigs a heck of a lot.
I'm actually glad the audience is not like, "cool" or anything, cause i'm just a big old dork who likes GNR. i felt soooo out of place at the concert-i was like this high school dork and everyone else there was a "bad" kid-ya know, tight black jeans, smoking, drinking, etc.
Sorry for my annoying posts. I realize the name of the band now -- the one called Mr. Brownstone is playing at the Paradise but they've gotten pretty lame. The one I have not yet seen is playing at Harper's.

Also, I'm not snotty about how people dress or what they do - banking or finance careers would actually be pretty cool if you wanted kids or something because they have limited hours while still being a well-paid profession.

I'm not talking about snubbing people if they're not "rock" enough, I'm talking about people who get all prissy and pissy at other people in the bar, act like they are at work or on the green line train and stand there with their drinks posing in hand and not talking to people and not --- respecting the goofy fun of the occasion.

Different kinda thing.

Me, I was a sweet little goody two shoes hippie in high school, drawing and reading, but I loved rock, so broke "bad" when I went to college at 17. It was fun. No regrets.

We don't diss the beige slacks crowd unless they diss us, but, be honest, how often does that happen? Pinched, frowny, fussy little faces at midnight in a sloppy beer club. Ack.

Maybe that is the boston disease affecting katiebelle...

but generally a lot of finance people can be a lot of fun...

you'll see what I mean when a short dude with glasses and a backwards white baseball hat tries to grind against your butt unless you stand against the back wall. ish kaBIBble.

I'm hoping I'm wrong and you get some cuties :-)
oh no! ick. well i'll be dragging my man along, so hopefully my butt won't get grinded on....i sooo don't miss that from the bar scene.

yeah, i'd just be there to have fun and it's just fun and goofiness.

lol about being bad at 17 when you went to college-me too-i realllly made up for lost time! heh heh:-)

cool! hah!! you're making me want to go now!!

I still haven't sat on Great Scott's OUTDOOR PATIO yet though!

Dirty, saggy pressure treated wood and plastic lawn chairs on the large concrete sidewalks, breathing all the exhaust of a major intersection -- how lovely.
Last summer I was sitting on the Common Ground's outdoor patio when a super gigantic rat snuck out from under the fence and ran underneath all the tables to the other side of the patio. People screamed and stood up but nobody left :-)
i've been on great scott's outdoor patio once, after my boyfriend's jamaica plain wiffle ball team played the lower allston wiffle ball team last summer. we all went out for drinks and nachos after the game.

i NEED to get out of the city this weekend and away from people. any ideas?
Sorry laurenann, i don't have any ideas about getting away from people. Usually, on the weekends when I don't feel like being in the city, I go to Rhode Island and spend the weekend there.

I'm excited cause my birthday is next Thursday and I'm going to Jillians! I went last year for my birthday and I don't remember a dress code, but their website says you can't wear timberland boots or work boots? Does anyone know how strict they are on those type of things?
heh heh whammy-we should meet up at the next concert.

gotta love allston dude. once i was walking by Wing It on comm ave, and this tiny little mouse ran out of the wall right in front of me. i was all "EEEKKK". MM, wing it and their "churkey". Awesome

As for getting away, new hampshire is great. you can pick up some fireworks, go hiking, there's so much open space up there, and it's not too far from boston.

plum island in newburyport is great, although some of it may still be closed down because of the birds nesting there. we saw tons of sweet birds last time.

i went on a whale watch last week, that was soooo great! right down at the harbor, it was fun ad they guarantee you'll see whales or you can come back again for free...

have you ever been to the decordova museum? they have 36 acre grounds and there are cool sculptures and stuff all over the grounds.

i'll try to think of more. i'm going hiking at mt. pawtuckaway, it's my easy hike to get me back into it. i'm a sucky hiker but my dude loves it.
oh-about jillians. just don't wear tennis shoes or like nasty old ripped jeans. i wonder who they are trying to keep out with the no big boots dress code.....
i have no eyed deer...

hey what part of boston is everyone from?
i'm in somerville.

eye dear :-) heh heh.
i'e gotten lost in somerville sooooo many times trying to get home!

I'm in brookline..woot!
I'm in Allston Rock City! yea!
But I am a wannabe Brookline-ite.
I'm in JP. I love it here! I wouldn't (er, or couldn't) live in any other part of the city.
I'm a wanna-be Allston-ite cause at least there's overnight parking on the street. I have to park ten minutes away from my apartment and walk. And i'm lazy so that's not a good thing for me. :-(
Anyone know The Weakerthans? I'm seeing them a week from tomorrow at Paradise.

I had a mouse experience on the patio of Our House.

I don't think Jillian's is that strict.
next week is gnr cover band at the paradise-who's with me??!!
next week is gnr cover band at paradise-who's with me??!!
feh. allston is right next to brookline, so if you want to walk past pretty houses and gardens you still can. Tons of on street parking, unlike brookline, also - if you want to spendy spend in shiny stores in brookline you still can!! but allston has the cool home goods stores, the funky hipster and japanese stores, some little bodegas, and MUCH BETTER restaurants than brookline.

Also -- I LOVE to tell you -- I see plenty of rats, snotty yuppies and students in Brookline AND Cambridge. yes. Allston has cheaper rent and better transportation no matter whether it's walking, biking, driving or taking the T.

grrr on women thinking brookline is more snotty womanly. grr I say!

I had a mouse in my apartment in Brookline, so it ain't all that snotty.
did anyone go last night to Mr Brownstone at the Paradise last night? Anybody still got it in them to see Appetite for Destruction at Harpers on Aug 4th?

By the way, I went to Crane's beach on Friday and even though we were soaked in bug spray, the green head flies still got to us and we left early. It was wretched.
I didn't go. I spent saturday at the beach and was sooo tired when i got home. then i had a fun fight with my boyfriend and went to sleep. Hmmm, August 4th? That could work.......

I went to wingershaek beach on saturday and it was pretty nice. sooo crowded but luckily we got there at 9:00 am so we got a nice spot.

i think the bugs are extra bad because of all the rain we've had. i got a bunch of fly bites, blech.
sorry to be defensive about allston, I just heart it.

I think it is sophisticated and lovely. And some people IRL have been a bit "I'm trying not to brag" but I live in Cambridge and Brookline. Arrgh.

Lived in Cambridge -- over it.

Every neighborhood has its charms and drawbacks of course.

I could get a cool space for cheap in eastie and there's some cool people there but the stores and public transit suck, so I'd be dependent on the car -- a major no no for me since i'm from sticksville. So, ditto Malden and Everett and Revere and most of Somerville.

Davis Square is now the way Harvard and Central Squares used to be, but has tripled in price and has an air of looking down on the townies, a wee offensive

Brookline -- pretty houses, nice theater, cool bookstores, but where have all the tough old hipster hippie beatnik family funky small jewish businesses gone? Chain store shiny glass yuppie hell.

JP -- cool bar nights, but yech on trying to get in or out by foot, car, bike or T

Anyway -- I live in a brownstone townhouse right next to the Super 88 market, the Shaw's with a lot of cool stuff, a ton of restaurants, some intersesting street art, and a ton of transportation. It's pretty. There's still some rawk happening. Never manage to make it to the cool record store for punk stuff, but go to great scotts --- went there friday and danced like a demon and will go this friday.

I could WALK to the Paradise -- so, figures -- i never have!!

Wow I was going to suggest wingaersheak!! It's hard to find! (and, apparently, to spell!!)

Also, this weekend we had a good time at Revere Beach!!

If you like beaches in New Jersey or if you like Salisbury or you like New Hampshire, like Weirs, you will like Revere. It's not lovely and remote, it's more like, shaggy arcades, bars, pizza joints, scads of people and cars, radios -- but dig, you can get off the subway (Revere Beach stop!!) and walk a block!! You can park, too, for FREE up and down the street! And all the folks of all countries and races go there so it's not -- sometimes Crane is beautiful but also preppie skinny girls take pointed looks at my bloated pale whale belly. Hey!

And the Brazilians dig it - there's a ton of Brazilian bars and stuff. And people are NICE -- everybody has happy little kids and no one is going to steal your stuff -- having that many people around is a deterrent -- sometimes it's fun to get fried scallops or pizza or even some drinks and then just mosey back to the beach -- hearing some tacky song all weird and distorted from somebody's radio while boiling in the sun half asleep is almost the essence of summer for me.

There aren't nice rocks and shells to collect but the waters actually pretty clean and they dump sand there every spring...

anyway, if you can't get to a nicer beach give it a thought.

Probably my favorite most lovely is Chapin and Mayflower (they're next to each other) in North Dennis on the cape -- it is tucked right inside the inner curve so the water is usually warm, and you can walk on the big fluffy white dunes freely because the tides and winds actually build UP sand instead of taking it away. I used to see colored starfish there as a girl -- annnnd there is a little road that winds through the dunes and stuff -- long drive -- arrange an overnight stay capeside and also use a map. Worth it, though.

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